Supernatural Recap

Supernatural Recap: The Many Unexpected Faces of Sam Winchester

Forget Game of Thrones‘ Hall of Faces. Our gallery of the best moments from Thursday night’s Supernatural is a parade of visages, from a sexed-up Sam to a surprised Sam to a shocked Sam. We also threw in a grotesque Lucifer, for good measure.

“Mamma Mia” — which felt like it should have been the season premiere, yes? — brought us several long-awaited scenes, including Sam’s reunion with his brother and his alive-again mother, who started to make an impression. (Perhaps like mom, we just needed some time to adjust to her resurrection?)

Amidst all the Winchester family time, the brothers made the case for why they’re hunters in such a loving way that even the screencaps of those exchanges are bound to make you a little emotional.

Elsewhere, Rick Springfield made a memorable — and bloody — debut as Lucifer’s new vessel, the grief-stricken rock star Vince Vicente.

Click the gallery above to relive the episode’s highlights, then hit the comments with your favorite scenes.


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  1. Linda says:

    “including Sam’s reunion with his brother and his alive-again mother, who started to make an impression.” That was no Winchester reunion, that was a let down! There was so much missing from this episode. The whole mind raped, sucked. Sam has had his mind messed with again and again and making it ‘romantic’ DOESN’T MAKE IT BETTER!

  2. Debbie says:

    This was a much better episode than last week. I’m so glad they didn’t choose to keep the brothers apart longer than necessary. This is looking like it’s going to be a good season.

  3. Excellent episode. LOVED the many faces of Sam. And Dean is just happy and confused at the same time. I liked that final scene as all three are trying to process what is happening.

  4. I haven’t watched this weeks episode, but after Lady Toni’s rant about how awesome British Men of Letters are, I can’t stop wondering, Does she realize how much BIGGER the US is than Britain? I mean honestly. Britain is a collection of islands, that put together are about the size of California. California isn’t even 5% of the US’s land mass. I’d imagine that if all the US Hunters had to deal with was California, they’d be monster free too.

    • Jude says:

      Awesome comment ! I was thinking the exact same thing when she made that superiority claim.

    • William Wallace says:

      Excuse me!!!

      Why is it when the US boasts about how much better they are then anybody else its ok, yet the minute us British have something to say you lot wanna brag about how bigger your country is?

      NEWS FLASH,, my tiny island conquered the world, we was the empire of the world oh and we ruled the waves and ruled the skies, what has America done…oh wait you dropped a bomb, so…America is so much bigger then us but you hide behind a shiny red button whereas the British gets on with things.

      Anyway, how is it that a script in a great show causes you to boast about how big your up country is? And you all wonder why we all call you egotistical, gun totting maniacs!!!

      • baitkinblog says:

        You’re taking this waaaaay too serious. Geesh.

      • Val says:

        This show is fiction, and should be watched as such. If you are taking offense by what it said then maybe you should be watching something else.

      • Sandra Williams says:

        OK William – let me pretend you’re serious and not a troll and explain in a way you’ll understand. This isn’t “boasting” about the size of any country – it’s logic. Let’s take a simple animal like a Horse and pretend they all have to die. Now – Could Britain remove all horses from their country right now? Yes, I think they could. Next let’s say that Britain still included, for example; Australia, Canada and India. Could you then remove ALL Horses from all of of those territories. And by all I mean every single one not a single horse left anyplace. Maybe not; that’s a lot of territory to cover and a lot of empty land like the outback. THAT’S what we’re talking about here – the BMOL thinks they removed all supernatural threat from England and that the American hunters could/should do the same. But what this discussion is saying is that by the sheer size of the area it can’t be done. If you really think about it the USA’s size is a detriment to “saving people hunting things”. So again, it’s not bragging, it’s logic applied to the goal the BMOL set within the confines of the show.

      • Razzle says:

        William my boy, I love your rant. So much I lifted it and used it in my story, Cadet Novac. You glorious bastard you!

      • Katie_Mead says:

        Oh, Willy, you’re one of those old codgers that voted for Brexit, and still hasn’t learnt enough to regret that ridiculous decision, aren’t you? Get back to your sheltered housing (the over-worked staff might not yet have realized your escape) where you can finger your fascist, imperial moustache and wait for the tide to obey your commands, you goatish old Cnut (sic … nah, nevermind). Btw, you’re also one of those people that needs to allow spell-checking on your comms devices.

  5. Leslue says:


  6. Dan says:

    I have never been more thoroughly disgusted by this show as I was tonight. Lady Toni drugs Sam and puts a spell on him to make him believe that they’re lovers, really? And new showrunner Andrew Dabb thinks it’s appropriate to call it “romance.” No. That was rape, and if it had been a female character being victimized by a male character that way everyone would be calling for his head right now. But since it’s Sam — who let’s face facts here — has a long history of being violated in both body and mind, it’s glossed over and treated as insignificant. How awful. As for the rest of it, I thought Rick Springfield did a great job as Lucifer, but other than that I want that hour of my life back.

    • Scribe says:

      Who on earth called it a romance? Sam, the audience and everyone else calls it for it is – rape. I don’t think the show runner ever intended to imply romance, just a violation.

    • dave says:

      Oh please, it was an hallucination.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dan is right about the spell Toni used on Sam. It was a violation as much as what Lucifer did to Sam’s soul while it was in the cage. And she was proud of it. If the roles were reversed, there would be an uproar. There was one last year because of what Crowley did when he was possessing the soccer Mom and in season 9 because of what happened with Cas and that reaper April. The entire thing lasted way too long as well. Having said all that, I enjoyed the rest of the episode (much more than last week’s episode).

    • baitkinblog says:

      You’re taking things way too serious.

    • Yep. It was rape no matter how you dice it. And even if we were to believe that, after being water-boarded, and burned and cut and drugged (last ep.), the lady had Sam long enough for the Stockholm Syndrome to set in, which seems highly unlikely since Lucifer had him for what 100-ish years, even THEN it wouldn’t be remotely romantic.

    • Jess says:

      Toni is trying to torture information out of Sam. I think this violation is in line with that. Is it wrong? Yeah, it’s wrong, that’s kind of the point.

  7. Jude says:

    So disappointed in whatever this write-up is supposed to be….. Did you only watch the beginning intro and the last 10 minutes ?!? There was soooo much more meat to this episode.

  8. Sarah says:

    What an underwhelming episode and reunion. It killed almost all the new-found excitement/hope that the new showrunner would make Spn great again. But then what can you expect from the worst writing duo on the show (whom unfortunately have connections instead of talent.)

  9. ninamags says:

    The reunion wasn’t what i was hoping for. Sam should have had a bigger reaction or even maybe thought he was still hallucinating.

    It’s interesting to see the awkward moments between Dean and Mary.

    The scene where Sam gives Mary the journal is so heartbreaking. That hug was beautiful.

    The show hasn’t felt the same compared to other years. Maybe once Sam and Dean start with the MOTW cases and are back together and working all will be okay.

    • Seriously. Sam should really really have thought that Dean and Mary are hallucinations, as far as he knew Dean was planning to suicide and Mary has been deader than dead for 33 years… and the lady was injecting him with hallucinogens. His disbelieving/vary reaction should have been given more time than that whole mind rape thing.

    • CurlyGirly says:

      Well, Sam was half-dead from being tortured, so I didn’t really expect him to jump up and down for joy. Plus, he was probably in shock and disbelief…I mean your mom comes back from the dead after 30-some years, how would you react??? I thought the response was appropriate, though I did get misty-eyed at the hug between them at the end.

  10. LOVING Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester. She is utterly perfect and everything I always imagined Mary to be – both as a mother, and as the hunter we barely saw a glimpse of in season 4. Her interactions with Dean, and also with Cas, are especially great. I really really hope the writers do NOT go back on their word and make Cas/Mary into anything romantic. Yes, I’ve shipped Dean/Cas since the beginning, and Mary is his mom-in-law, but gross-factor aside, SPN doesn’t have a great record of romantic relationships, and I don’t wanna see Mary come back from the dead only to be relegated to a damn love interest for her sons’ best-friend (yuck!). [It would be awesome if she played the wingman to Cas and helped pull Dean’s head out of his ass and made him see how perfect him and Cas for each other… but that is a pipe-dream and best kept to my fanfiction]

    I really would love to see them explore her relation with Sam, tho’…coz he NEVER had a mother, and barely had a father, so I cant help but wonder how he will deal with suddenly having a parent for the first time in his life. How will Mary act when she finally realizes that the only reason Sam came back to this life was because her deal with YED ended up killing Jess and, with it, any chance Sam had at normalcy.

    That said, m HATING the Brit MOL story-line. All the characters are annoying as f**k. I had high hopes that Sam’s peen of death would strike upon the Toni-lady, but alas! Well, we still have 20/22 episodes to go. I really hope they wrap up the whole “oh… the BIG BAD is a HUMAN” storyline asap, it’s becoming a cliche at this point, and get on to the good stuff…like filler eps, coz for once, m looking forward to decent one-shot filler episodes with hunter-Mary.

    Rick Springfield as Lucifer… uh.. I wanna wait before saying anything. As much as I loved Mark P. as Lucifer, I loved Misha channelling Mark as Lucifer even more. So, m gonna keep my judgment to myself until a few more eps.

  11. Carrie says:

    This was a really good episode. I liked it a lot more than the premiere, but I couldn’t stand Lady Toni. I loved it when Mary and Dean finally kicked her a$$. I also loved it when Sam finally got to hug his mother.