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Legends of Tomorrow Boss on Death of [Spoiler], Nate's Superpower Struggle

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Thursday’s Legends of Tomorrow

The Justice Society of America is down one team member, as of this week’s Legends of Tomorrow.

During the episode’s closing minutes, Reverse-Flash stole an artifact of value to Hitler from Hourman (Patrick J. Adams) and then killed the hero. Just before he took his last breath, the JSA icon delivered one final message to his friend Vixen (new series regular Maisie Richardson-Sellers), which will give her reason to be suspicious of the Waverider’s time-hopping crew.

As executive producer Marc Guggenheim points out, “If you’re Vixen, and you’ve got Rex Tyler dying in your arms, and you hear the words ‘time traveler,’ who would you think is responsible?”

While Vixen keeps tabs on the Legends, the show will find other ways to incorporate the JSA, even as it leaves behind their 1942 stomping grounds. For starters, “we do go back to 1987, [where] we’ll meet a much older version of Obsidian, who’s going to be played by [Millennium star] Lance Henriksen,” Guggenheim previews. “Then we have another device up our sleeves that I don’t want to spoil because it deals with stuff that is mythology-based in the back half of the year.”

Elsewhere in the hour, Nate’s origin story kicked off when Ray injected the new recruit with a “serum” in order to save the hemophiliac’s life. In the process, he gave the JSA legacy — Nate’s grandfather was Commander Steel, while he becomes Citizen Steel in the DC Comics lore — abilities that manifest in next Thursday’s episode, which “really shows how difficult it is for Nate to get his powers under control,” the EP teases.

“In the evolution of a hero, there are all these fun, seminal moments that we wanted to put our Legends spin on,” just as The Flash did with Barry Allen in Season 1, Guggenheim explains. “Part of that is discovering you have powers, learning how to control those powers, the first time you go out in costume, the first time you fail, the first time you realize you have a weakness. We wanted to be able to tell all those different kinds of stories.”

Legends fans, what did you think of Hourman’s demise? And are you excited for Nate the superhero?


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  1. QueenB says:

    Loved it. Such an improvement over season one. Vixen and the JL were awesome and Zano is a great addition to the cast

  2. Lysh says:

    That was kinda cringey. I mean I watch Once so normally I don’t care about CGI quality when I love the characters/story, but super Hulk Nazi guy was not good. And the bombs coming out of the plane. It’s a lot of new people all at once and I miss Ciara and Captain Cold (they haven’t even been mentioned) and Rip. I like seeing people evolve into a hero, so I’m excited for Nate, but I’m struggling with LoT’s sophomore season so far.

  3. Linda says:

    The JSA were all awesome . I would love to see more of them. Vixen was so great . Can not wait to see what Nate does with his new powers . Also love that Sara is the Boss Until Rip comes back

  4. I sure hope Hourman comes back

    • Jim says:

      I noticed they didn’t have him fight at all. I figure that’s because they didn’t want to show his powers, which amount to “takes drugs, is awesome for 60 minutes.” Problematic nowadays.

  5. Jason says:

    please do not make vixen a love interest for ray

    • Lala says:

      The mistake the show made was to make Ray and Hawkgirl an item in season 1. They were incompatible and it was so forced. That rship was hard to watch. Ray & Vixen actually have organic chemistry and they have great back and forth. But I agree they should not have Ray & Vix rush into a r/ship just yet…slow burn will be best if the writers are set on making them a couple.

  6. Liked this episode a lot more than 2×01. I hadn’t been all that excited about the JSA when it was announced, but I had been worried that the characters we already knew and loved from S1 would be shortchanged to make room for the new additions. With the exception of Mick, I didn’t feel that way in watching the episode. Great, great moments for Sara & Nate, Stein & Jax and Ray & Amaya (and I didn’t get the pending romance vibe with those last two).

    This episode sold me on the JSA idea, and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  7. M says:

    I am mad we didn’t get to see Hour man in action…so I truly hope his death isn’t permanent!!

  8. Lala says:

    I’m glad I started tuning into the show again…Season 2 is amazing so far, the JSA was incredible and Vixen and Nate are great additions to the team. I’m so glad they cut out everything that was problematic from season 1.

  9. peterwdawson says:

    Bit of a rollercoaster because I love that they’re having some fun and everything while trying to incorporate all kinds of stuff but it keeps feeling like they’re both running too long with scripts and running out of money. Last week and this it felt like there was a scene or two missing, and this one in particular had some pretty bad effects for the Nazi Blockbuster thing as well as the blowing up of the motorcycle. I know TV budget but cripes.

  10. JCPrime1 says:

    Great episode. I disagree with the gripes about the CGI.

  11. Dominique says:

    this was a really good episode, much better than the premiere. loved all the action and the difference between JSA and the legends, who are still so new to all of this. can’t wait to see what will happen next.

  12. Brody77 says:

    Random, but why bother putting (spoiler) in the headline if you then tell us in the first line of the recap what happened? That is shown on the homepage so right away anyone trying to avoid spoilers knows one of the JSA buys it.

    Thankfully I watched before visiting.

    And nazi super soldier looked awful.

    Liked the JSA way more than the Legends!

  13. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was so good. JSA team did great in episode. Glad Nate got to meet his grandfather. Victor’s singing was good. Glad Sara became the leader of the team. Sad Patrick’s character Rex died at the end. Excited to see Vixen with the team in next episode!

  14. dancmh says:

    In the Columbus market, Legends is being pushed back to 10pm and Supernatural to 11 to make room for 8pm High School Football. It sucks.

  15. yuka says:

    The problem with this episode is there is no team leader. Some one will have to step up in the future. All teams need a leader.

  16. ToyCannon says:

    My problem with the episode was the way they introduced the JSA. They should have at least spent a couple of minutes letting us know who was who and what their powers are. Also maybe explain the absence of Dr. Fate, the GA Green Lantern (Alan Scott) and Jay Garrick.

  17. Joshua Croft says:

    For god’s sake, it’s impossible to read a damn article on this site without being bombarded with thousands of ads! There’s floating videos now, too?

    Talk smart about TV my a**.