american horror story roanoke season 6 episode 6 recap

American Horror Story: Roanoke Recap: C'mon, Baby, Let's Do the Twist

After weeks of speculation about the big game-changer that American Horror Story had planned for its sixth episode of Season 6, Ryan Murphy spilled the beans on Tuesday, and a day later, we did the twist, so to speak, leaving behind the format of My Roanoke Nightmare to join the series’ producer (Cheyenne Jackson) on the other side of the camera. But, this being AHS, that was only the beginning. Read on, and we’ll go over the other ways that “Chapter 6” flipped the script.

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT | As the hour got underway, Sid (Jackson) pitched to the network a follow-up hit to My Roanoke Nightmare. What was it, exactly? Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell. He intended to bring not only the Millers back to their former home — which he now owned — but the actors who’d played the couple and Lee. What’s more, “they’re gonna be living in that house over the blood moon,” he explained. Unfortunately, he soon learned that Shelby wanted no part of the sequel. (Which might just be the first sensible decision she’d made over the course of the entire show, eh?)

Still, 10 weeks before the blood moon, Mrs. Miller did sit down for an interview with Sid to set the record straight. (That was fast.) During their ill-advised get-together, we learned that she and Matt had split up, she’d had a fling with Dominic — the actor who’d played her husband — and she’d changed her mind about taking part in Return to Roanoke. If she was trapped in a house with Matt, she figured he’d have no choice but to talk to her. Her one condition: no Dominic. Later, Sid oversaw the rigging of the house with pop-up scares, did a dead-on Leslie Jordan impression, and discovered that someone had arranged fetal pigs at the site.

LIFE INTIMIDATES ART | Continuing to film BTS footage, Sid discussed with Agnes Mary Winstead, aka The Butcher, the incident in which she was charged with assault for going on a rampage in costume (complete with cleaver, obviously). “I dove too deep in the part,” she understated. But she was fine now and “excited to start the new season.” Alas, Sid had no intention of including her. Rather, he accused her of setting up the fetal-pig welcome mat and slapped her with a restraining order. Displeased (to put it mildly), Agnes began raving once again as if she was Tomasyn.

Meanwhile, Lee did in an interview with E! in which she revealed that she was also taking part in Return to Roanoke — in hopes of proving that she hadn’t murdered Mason. And no sooner had Sid found out that Monet, who’d played Lee, had developed a serious drinking problem since the original series struck gold than he was called to the set because a crew member had, erm, run afoul of his own chainsaw. Nonetheless, Sid didn’t want to shut down production, and accused his right-hand woman Diana of letting her imagination run away with her. In response, she smartly hit the road… which turned out to be a mistake. Mr. Piggy, hiding in her back seat, did her in.

american horror story roanoke season 6 episode 6 recap sarah paulson evan petersGAME NEWLYWEDS | At halftime, we met Audrey, the Englishwoman who’d brought Shelby to life in My Roanoke Nightmare — and learned that she’d married Rory, the actor who’d played Edward. “He is a whirlwind, that one,” she said of the “handsome young stud” she’d landed. (Hilariously, in his wedding vows, he promised to “love the s—” out of her.) The twosome had just arrived at the Roanoke house when he was called back to L.A. to screen-test for a Brad Pitt movie. Before he could leave, strange things began happening, which Audrey attributed to Agnes. “If she shows up again, we will get the police involved,” Sid promised.

As we headed into the last 15 minutes, we were informed that, over the course of the three days that Return to Roanoke was taped, every single participant in the production was killed… except for one. What we’d be watching from here on out was the never-aired series’ found footage. Toward the episode’s conclusion, Monet got her drink on, Mason’s charred remains stalked Lee, Audrey and Rory warmed up the hot tub, and Shelby pleaded with Matt to talk to her. When he did, she didn’t like his suggestion that they might not survive the production. Certainly, their marriage wasn’t going to — when Dominic arrived, Matt attacked him. Finally, Mr. Piggy surprised Audrey in the bathroom. When Rory investigated, he wound up being stabbed to death by Bridget and Miranda — thus giving them the R, Matt pointed out, to finish spelling “murder” on the wall!

What did you think of “Chapter 6”? The midseason switcheroo? The big reveals? Hit the comments!

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  1. katedfw says:

    This episode show just how amazing the writers and actors are on this show! Wow! I loved it!

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  2. Spence says:

    That was atrocious. Glad I got to see the “twist”, but I’m not tuning in any further. The writing has gone so far off the rails and the acting was trash.

  3. Mark says:

    So the huge, mind blowing twist was the thing everyone was predicting since episode 1?

    • plukasiak says:

      The twist wasn’t mind-blowing–in fact, I’m among those who predicted after the first episode that the “real” people and the “actors” would wind up meeting each other, and even more horror would ensue. What I didn’t predict (and what impresses most of us) is how well executed the twist was…..

  4. DJ says:

    American Horror Story: unREAL

  5. steven says:

    At least there’s only 4 episodes left.

  6. Kate says:

    That was fun (and I am glad we will still get bts stuff because Sidney is fun) and, well, at least they will likely have a ghost on their side in Rory though I am not sure how long that takes.

    I’m wondering how they deal with Lady Gaga’s character as she is playing the same role as I understand.

    • Kevin says:

      From what I undest and Lady Gaga is supposedly done with this season due to her new album & film “A Stat is Born” so my guess is that Taissa (sp) is back to play the role of the real witch in the woods, considering Murphy stated this character turns out to be the original Supreme that connects to Season 3 Coven. Just my guess….

  7. Simon says:

    The first 20 mins I was unimpressed but after that the show turned into exactly what I wanted. However Murphy shouldn’t have teased this huge twist because it wasn’t really a huge twist was it?

  8. Alisa says:

    I loved it! Best episode ever. Completely great from start to finish. More hooked that ever!!!

  9. Jill L says:

    Sarah Paulson is always left standing… I’m thinking she might be the sole survivor. Plus with RM confirming that Lady Gaga is the original supreme and Sarah Paulson being the supreme in Coven……maybe another connection?

  10. Eric says:

    This by far has been my favorite season since season one I absolutely love it!!

  11. Kevin says:

    Wtf Ryan Murphy?!? I dint think any season could get worse than Freak Show but boy was I wrong! I don’t know if the whole “mystery” hype totally blew this season for me or if the this show actually just down right sucks. Which ever it is I’m not impressed & feel robbed & let down. By far the worst season of this fantastic show, but of course I’ll ride out the remaining 4 eps. I’m sad😢

    • dude says:

      You clearly didn’t watch Hotel then. Come on, this is at the very worst, the fourth best season of AHS. I’d put it at third best but that’s just me.

      • Kevin says:

        I’ve watched every season & thought Hotel was close to being the best season thus far, next Murder House of course!

        • Moe says:

          Totally agree with Kevin! Hotel was amazing, scary, and engrossing! Murder House was mind-blowing! Roanoke is pretentious at best. Where is the horror? Way too much emphasis on the “actors playing actors” and not enough emphasis placed on getting us (the audience), to connect with the story (which still seems shrouded in mystery). I am weary of the document-drama and just want horror! I feel ripped-off watching this!

  12. Wade says:

    The acting was sub-par but for me, what really turned me off is that I ‘hate’ found footage/reality TV crap. I thought AHS was above that.

  13. Daniel J Whicker says:

    Derivative? Yes. Reminded me of the remake of house on haunted hill meets Blair witch project. Will I keep watching? Yes. I prefer it over Hotel by far.

  14. Summer says:

    Was really hoping that Paulson was going to end up being Billie Dean Howard.

  15. HeyThere says:

    My favorite scene was when Lily Rabe looked into the camera and shouted ‘F You Sidney!’ That felt like a true reality show moment

  16. abz says:

    I got so scared when the pig-man jumped out from behind Diana in the car and killed her.
    Thought it was a pretty good episode overall, but damn Ryan Murphy hyped it up for nothing. I actually had a feeling since the start of the season that they might do something like this with the story. Ryan Murphy needs to stop being so overly chatty in his interviews. He gives so much away. It would have been better going into it not knowing he hyped up episode 6 so much. I kept hoping the twist he hyped up would be something different than what I expected, but it wasn’t. Anyways, still eager to finish out the season, and see how Finn Wittrock, Taissa Farmiga, Matt Bomer, and Lady Gaga’s characters play a role in the rest of the season.
    And Sydney’s imitation of cricket was hilarious lol

  17. JEN says:

    judging from the people either loved it or hated it. I liked it. I didn’t like Sarah’s terrible British accent though

  18. The first 5 episodes were dumb,the big twist promises something even dumber than season 1 of “Scream Queens” for the rest of the season.(I know, it seems impossible)It’s obvious Mr.Murphy is just doing too many projects and has reached the nadir of his career.If there really is going to be a season 7,as threatened,Mr.Murphy should start working on it now to avoid further embarrassment.

  19. Et al says:

    I. Love. This. Season. So. Much.

  20. Vanya Vikav says:

    Ok, I’m honestly over the ‘mind-blowing’ twist, Im just kinda pissed off that Evan Peters is actually in a hot role now and he dies the first episode he gets to show it off? :(

  21. TRUTH says:

    bitter bettys. best episode in a long time.

  22. Diane says:

    It was great! So impressed with this season. Last season was very disappointing.

  23. s00042782 says:

    This is a recount not a review.

    Show was good but what’s the point in writing a review which just retells the events of the episode?

    Where is the analysis of the episode? Did you like it? Why or why not?

    The conversation about links to the first part of the season? Did the real butcher put the pigs heads there?

    Questions the episode raised? How did the short dude from season 3 play a part that was simular to his role in season 3? Does that mean the witch season was a tv show in the American horrory story universe?

    • sammyfinbar says:

      This is a recap not a review. Some writers on this site add their own thoughts but it is not a requirement of this type of article. The idea behind recaps is to provide a quick refresher of central plot points and then leave it to the readers to discuss these in the comments. The point is to provide a basis for social conversation, not necessarily lead the conversation.

    • Marco Piazzo says:

      The title identifies this as a recap, not a review.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Where is it labeled a review…?

  24. Piper says:

    I wonder how wierd it was for Sarah and Evan to kiss each other? Honestly this show lost me for the most part after season 3 but I am totally back on board for this season. I love it. I really do. Do I think this was a huge twist? Not really but I enjoyed it. I am sad Evan is already dead. I would have liked to see more of him and Sarah. I am sad there are only 4 more episodes. I think Sarah did a fantastic job as Shelby and Kathy Bates was amazing. I love Lilly so glad she is in this season so much. And I was pleased to see Cuba on the show. The only thing that would make this season better is a cameo by Jessica or Connie I miss them so much! I am predicting now Sarah survives and I hope she does!

  25. sammyfinbar says:

    I honestly thought there would be an actual twist not just confirmation of what we already assumed. If they really want to blow our minds, they should surprise us with Jessica Lange playing the butcher! Also, my money is on Shelby being the last one standing!

  26. Steve says:

    A few thoughts
    – Its so refreshing to know there are only 4 episodes left this season instead of 7, ive been saying for years AHS need to be cut down from 13 to 10 episode seasons as the previous seasons tended to run out of steam as they struggled to fill 13 episodes, whereas this season has had a much better flow, using the 10 episode structure to its benefit

    – Im glad to see how they are now using Kathy Bates, seeing as how it would have been odd for her to keep going on as the butcher when everyone on My Roanoke Nightmare was a reenactor, with that said, im curious to see what they do with Lady Ga Ga and Wes Bentley, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ga Ga is still the witch.

    – Sad to see so little of Evan Peters this season, hope it isn’t a sign his days on the series are numbered, as its always been fun watching him play all this different characters over the years. My gut says his reduced role this season was just a result of his role in X-Men Apocalypse, and he will be back fill time net season.

  27. Kate Shoop says:

    I was hoping that Angela, Kathy, Cuba, Evan and Sara were playing themselves not random actors. It would have been a much better twist.

  28. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Even tho. I didn’t watch the 1st three seasons, I started with Freakshow…….THIS SEASON IS THE BEST ONE!!!! I really love it can’t wait for next wks. episode.

  29. Twisty twist twist says:

    I absolutely loved it. This is the first season that has been truly “scary” without all of the campy garbage that bogs down and distracts from the horror in other seasons. Other seasons have relied on sex, gore, and weirdness to attempt to be horror while maintaining an overall light heartedness. This season is cold and brutal and real. Yeah, you have to suspend disbelief a bit to buy into Shelby and Matt going back into the house (Lee I understand in terms of clearing her name, plus she has a tougher edge to her), and also that this show would be that huge of hit or that the network would be interested in putting both the actors and the real people in the house. But this season has allowed for a really fresh take on the show that makes it much more unique and compelling than anything that came before it.

    As far as those complaining about this twist goes, I don’t get the gripe. It was extremely predictable that the show would begin to follow the behind the scenes stuff and become real rather than a television show, but who cares?! I think it is fun watching the actors be their real selves and talk about how they played their real life counter parts, and seeing their attitudes about everything come out. I am so excited to see how this all plays out, but I am a little worried that they may have rushed a few things this episode that might force them back into the same old end of season vomit that normally comes out at the end of a season of AHS. We know everyone but one person dies, and someone is already dead. How can they possibly stick around the house for 3 more episodes? I know episode 10 is supposed to “flip the script” again and be another “twist,” so at least it won’t stretch for 4 episodes, but we’ll see if they can maintain the great pace they have been going at so far this season.

    This is definitely my favorite season of the show to date.

  30. Brian says:

    This season is so good. It’s close to being my favorite.

  31. Kerry says:

    I’m really enjoying this season and i’ve not been a fan for years. But did they really have to tell us that only one person survives! Really takes the tension and suspense out of the show. Awful decision.

    • plukasiak says:

      Kerry… The point is that “we” are not the audience for “Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell”, THAT audience already knows that “everybody dies” — it would have been in the news, considering the success of the “first season” of “My Roanoke Nightmare”, and thus nothing is being given away.

      We’re watching a season of AHS called “Roanoke”, and its all about meta-horror. Its Ryan Murphy doing another version of his amazing film “Cabin in the Woods”, which was wildly entertaining while still acting as a horror film.

  32. tybabb says:

    I absolutely hated this. The twist was obvious from the first episode. The only thing I didn’t see coming was that i’d have to deal with the absurd reasons they come up with for constantly filming things, the complete suspension of logic for why anyone would go back, and the obnoxious “issues” people had after filming.

    To top it all off, no horror documentary would ever get a 14 on the 18-49 demo and for what reason would something so successful be followed up with a weird Big Brother-Real World-Marriage Boot Camp reality show? How is that the logical sequel? That’s like if they said People vs OJ Simpson was so successful, we’re going to lock Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr in a court room with OJ Simpson and Marcia Clark. What?

    Removing all logic for the sake of a twist is lazy and dumb and the twist was obvious from a mile away. Top it off with dumb found footage and this season was officially a waste of time. Sorry to the actors, you’re doing great.

  33. Rem_Marshall says:

    Loved this episode ! Finally, AHS is back. They were right to tell only one strong story, and not a story per character. It really makes me want to see what’s next for every episode.
    We could have seen that twist coming, but it’s a pretty huge one and I’m looking forward to see the mess that’s going to happen. At the beginning of the season we knew that pretty much all of the characters would be safe. Now, we know that all of them will die, except for one ! Great idea !

    And I’m under the impression that what we’re seeing is completely fake. They want us to believe (and the audience of “3 days in Hell”) that it’s true and totally, that the actor did die.But I think that all the characters are in on it (maybe true Shelby, Lee and Matt are also actors by the way… because I don’t get why they would accept to come back.) And episode 10 will reveal us that we were completely blindsided from episode 1 to 9.

  34. Johnna says:

    I think the finale is going to be that this isn’t real either. It’s going to turn out to be a Blair Witch type endeavor and all the actors will still be alive at the end and that episode will be the only truly real footage. That’s my prediction.

  35. S says:

    Wow! I was giving up on this show. My favorite season is Asylum, but ever since I couldn’t really feel it. Twisty got me scared for a moment in Freak Show, but still not good enough. However, I think this episode has been the best since season 2. The key is that it actually felt real. I love such type of horror. Overall, this season is cleverly thought of and set up. I believe the best is yet to come. I also love how they told us only one person will survive, so we can keep guessing ‘Harper Island’ style.

  36. plukasiak says:

    This was so meta — and included one reference that I didn’t even get until I looked it up.

    Now, the single best moment for me was when Kathy Bates/Agnes said that there were only two great roles for an American actress — Mary Tyrone from Long Days Journey Into Night, and The Butcher. I loved that moment.

    Then, I sort of remembered that Jessica Lange had actually played Mary Tyrone (in a London production in 2001). AND Lange had written the forward to a critical edition of the play that was published in 2014 (which of course, was the last year she did AHS)

    And in that forward, Lange pretty much sounds like Agnes describing how amazing it was to play the Butcher. And then there is this…

    “No part I have played on stage or in film has ever captured me more. Actors can fall in love with characters they play, obsess over them, cling to them . . . sometimes we’re haunted by them.” (emphasis added)

    Does anyone think this was a mere coincidence? Or was it a (not so) subtle dig by Murphy at Lange?

  37. People either loved it or hated it, either way youre still talking about it, which is what they want. For me? I thought it was great. Except Sarah Paulson’s accent, that wasnt good at all. I think that the real Matt will be the one left, because the goddess took a liking to him. Plus he is the only “good” one of them and usually its the “good” one that survives.

  38. Chris says:

    Really have hated season 6 from the start. And episode 6 they are way off the wall how they are doing the dumb reality segment oh big surprise they are going to now have the supposed real people be killed what by the supposed cast or by soooooooo demons bottom line sure hope they do better with season 7 if they even get a season 7 after this crap

  39. Chris says:

    I think this season is insulting to American Horror Story’s rep. It really is ridiculous. Prior to season 6 it was great. Lucky if they even get a season 7 after this crap. Hell after the first episode only reason I kept watching was to see Lady Gaga

  40. Yoko says:

    This season has been scary. Didn’t think I’d like it this much but it’s certainly grown on me. Perfect for October!!

  41. TRETRE says:

    WTF WAS THIS??????????????

  42. deadringer says:

    The only one who seems to survive this show is angela bassett. she’s in the credit as director, clearly all the production crews died including Sid, so when the other production house found the footage (brad and ryan) he contacted Monet (angela bassett) as to take in the role of director.