The Flash Recap

The Flash Recap: QuickTime!

This week on The CW’s The Flash, Barry & Co. dealt with a vengeful metahuman as well as the arrival of a new (but familiar) speedster.

Taking a break from the Flashpoint-iness of the season’s first two episodes, “Magenta” ultimately felt a bit filler-ish, basically just reiterating Doctor Alchemy’s modus operandi, though (finally) bringing back Harrison Wells and his newly empowered daughter Jesse.

The new speedster news has Harry on edge, to the point that he repeatedly begs Team Flash members to talk his little girl out of wanting the hero life, while Wally is perturbed, to say the least, that his own brush with dark matter didn’t land him in the fast lane as well. Upon hearing how Jesse one day on Earth-two “jump-started” her powers, Wally goes so far as to put himself in harm’s way, only to have Jesse save him from becoming pavement pizza.

Meanwhile, a new meta is making mayhem — “Magenta” aka Frankie, the foster daughter of abusive John Kane. At Alchemy’s urging, Frankie’s power (to manipulate metal) surfaced, and she aimed to use it to snuff A) her foster dad and B) her mild-mannered personality. But when she went to drop a tanker (!) on the hospital inside which John (and Iris) had been entrapped, Barry heaped enough psychobabble at the troubled lass to avert disaster, while Jesse — with Harry’s blessing — sped to the scene to assist.

In the end The Flash(and after talking-tos from “Dad Cop” Joe, Jesse and then Barry), Wally seemed to be “OK” with his non-speedster status, while Harry had a heart-to-heart with his daughter about embracing her fate — how she has always been his “hero,” but now she can be one “for everyone else” as well. Dubbing her “Jesse Quick,” Harry ultimately gifts her with her own speedster suite c/o Cisco and Caitlin.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Julian continued to be a world-class todger to Barry, which you have to admit is refreshing.

* Harry was quick to deduce that Barry had been time traveling again, as evidenced by the altered timeline the Wellses arrived at. Cue several tsk-tsks and an overuse of the snarky “Not!” retort.

* The hour was bookended by dating attempts by Barry and Iris, who the first time around bored themselves with non-Flash talk. Things warmed up, though, once Barry decided that they need to accept who they are now versus before, and let Flash-iness filter into their love life. Though I hope Barry at least called Iris a cab after ditching her at wherever he had romantically whisked her off to!

* At episode’s end, Joe showed Barry and Julian video of Edward Clariss getting brutally and fatally lobbed around his Iron Heights cell by an unseen entity. Alchemy, invisible meta or ghost, they wonder…?

What did you think of “Magenta”?

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  1. Robin says:

    Loved the episode. I love that WestAllen are starting off by being sweet, but clumsy. They are starting a romantic relationship after years of knowing each other. Expectations can be overwhelming when you know so much about each other before Date #1. Candice and Grant are wonderful together. I am enjoying the twists brought by FlashPoint and the Flash team interaction. I always have FUN watching The Flash.

    • jj says:

      yeah definitely would expect it to be awkward to date after years of knowing each other as siblings!

      • myrcellasear says:

        Cute, but everyone who pays attention knows they’ve never seen each other that way. Trying to be on a “first date” with your best friend whom you know better than anyone would be awkward regardless.

  2. I hope Violett Beane and Tom Cavanagh don’t go home to Earth 2 anytime soon.

    My only quibble is that I wondered where the flying tanker went when Frankie’s personality returned to the surface, as it kinda looked to me like it was being pushed farther inland. That scene needed to be just a little longer to show it going back into the water (or not).

    Great semi-comedic work from Danielle Panabaker tonight, as Caitlin tried to give a “non-powered person to metahuman” pep talk while concealing that she’s now a metahuman. If Jesse hadn’t been hangry at the time, I think she’s smart enough she would have picked up on Dr. Frost being a bit more anxious than usual.

    • herman1959 says:

      I had the same question about the tanker, but that aside, I enjoyed the episode. I loved every time that Magenta’s eyes glowed purple. Hopefully, after the talk with Barry, she can come back as an ally.

    • jj says:

      haha while I was watching, I thought “I’m just going to assume that tanker made it safely back to the water somehow” lol

    • AnnieM says:

      Isn’t that hospital really close to the docks?

  3. gina says:

    I am so angry that Wells is back……NOT!

  4. jerry says:

    Another great episode. Loved seeing Wells and Jesse back. Wells is no fool. He knows Barry messed up big time. Julian is hilarious. I love Barry but to have someone not be his cheerleader is refreshing. Great casting. Not to crazy about magneta. Little girl had issues. Liking the progression of Barry and Iris. It is natural and it feels earned. Not like that other show that will not be mentioned. I really missed this show.

  5. Jim says:

    I don’t know what place there is for them on the show anymore as regulars rather than guest stars, but I hope Wells and Jesse stick around a while. I guess Barry can train her a bit causing Wally’s jealousy to increase to the point where he seeks out Alchemy trying to gain speed. We all see that coming a mile away, right? I have to say, given the way they wrote him in last season and how he’s obviously going to come into conflict with the team this season (Alchemy’s not going to do it for free), it would be easy to hate this version of Wally, but Lonsdale brings an earnestness and well meaning to the role that doesn’t let that happen. Oh and Magenta is an important person to Wally in the comics (she has the same mental illness issues) so I wonder if they’re going to follow up on that at all or if they just used her as a one-off. Great start to season 3 so far!

  6. TomC_Bost says:

    Good episode. Started off interesting with Julian “working” with Barry and trying to be a boss. There is speculation that Julian is Alchemy. Perhaps then he knew who Magenta was, provoked her, and let her drop the wall sculpture. Was this done to determine if Barry is the Flash? Knowing that Flash will attempt to save him and see if Barry has disappeared at the time. If it happens many times in future episodes than it could be Alchemy is trying to find out who Flash is, much the same way Patty Spivit did.Too obvious? Or was Julian just being an out of control command freak?

    It was good to see Barry and Iris trying to make a go of it. It removes a lot of the tension that existed between each other before. Speaking of which, Barry has changed his appearance for this season. It does seem to give him a more serious look. Having Harry back is welcome and adding Jesse may make some interesting twists. But, yes, Wally is all bent out of shape that Jesse has powers and he doesn’t. We know that he becomes Kid Flash but when and will Barry be as accepting of Wally as Harry was finally of Jesse. Barry really takes off on Wally when he learns of the stunt with the truck. One question to be answered is when and what happens to Caitlin. Supposedly her mother is to be coming and that will probably be when Killer Frost appears. This may be a good season and bring the show back from the darkness of season 2.

    • Lynne says:

      I hope Julian isn’t Alchemy. That would literally be the same thing that was done in S1 and 2, Wells/Thawne was RF and Jay being Zoom: Someone already familiar with Barry being Big Bad. No. If that happens again, then it will not be surprising because its already been done twice.

      • White Rook says:

        Note: the following sentence should be read in a extremely sarcastic and derisive tone)
        Thawne and Zolomon pretended to be Barry’s friends, Julian is a jerk to Barry, that’s like completely different.

        Julian is likely Dr. Alchemy for a few reasons, 1) as TomC_Bost mentioned, Julian seemed intent on upsetting Frankie which would bring about Magenta. 2) Julian is the person investigating the husks left by Dr. Alchemy. 3)Tom Felton wouldn’t have taken this role unless it was a big one like the seasons Big Bad.

        Tin foil hat time, I’m figuring based on the believing in ghosts bit at the end of the episode that Julian is Dr. Alchemy and that he is a product of Barry messing with time and is himself a ‘ghost’ (time remnant) from a timeline that no longer exists and he is bringing back ghosts(time remnants) to haunt Barry/The Flash The husks are a likely a byproduct of merging the time remnant with the current version of that person, Magenta likely didn’t have a husk because the girl had a mental illness that would allow her to support two conflicting personalities. With Julian investigating the husks he’s in the perfect position to obfuscate the truth.

  7. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was good. Good to have Wells and Jesse back on the show. Happy to see Jesse with speed powers. Poor Wally feels left out with not being a speedster like he was in Flashpoint. Not good Barry said alchemy’s name in front of Julian. Can’t wait for next episode!

  8. James D says:

    good episode even if it was filler-y. Please can Tom remain on the show as Harry for ever he is the best. Barry and Iris were cute and awkward exactly what I wanted them to be.

  9. Shaun says:

    Pretty sure Sarvitar killed that guy,Alchemy and him be feuding.

  10. Zodinga says:

    good eps…..keep going

  11. hureyicudu says:


  12. myrcellasear says:

    So glad to see Flash back to its lighter tone. Barry and Iris were adorable dorks, and it was a breath of fresh air to Jesse Quick. I even loved how complicated and sympathetic Magenta was. Hope Wally starts exercising more caution, but I have a feeling he’s gonna get his powers from Alchemy soon…

  13. Isabella says:

    I hope they put this WestAllen crap out of its misery really fast because it is painful to watch. How many times does Joe have to point out that Barry is one of his kids for everyone to get that Barry and Iris are step siblings? Iris is bored when he’s not the Flash and he runs out the first chance he gets!

    • Terry says:

      You said it but no, let’s pretend the couple is great and flood all sites with positive comments to make the showrunners believe they work. Luckily, ratings speak louder than fangirls.

      • myrcellasear says:

        “Ratings speak louder than fangirls,” and yet flash remains cw’s #1 show while every network is experiencing year-to-year declines. Do you think Westallen is to blame for ABC and FOX’s ratings drops, too?

        • Terry says:

          No, but it’s to blame for The Flash’s drops, though.

          • edyn says:

            I love WestAllen because they are married in the future, but maybe the writers should have waited longer. Let Iris have a few more boyfriends, Barry more girlfriends. Maybe one can be a meta, not a speedster though. A good one, like Caitlin helping Barry with her frost. It is like with Supergirl, they introduced Jonn and Superman too quickly instead of having her fight on her own along side the DEO, not knowing he is a Martian.

    • myrcellasear says:

      Barry and Iris are not step-siblings, that’s not how language or law works. Iris is not bored when Barry isn’t the Flash, that’s just you willfully misinterpreting their scenes.

      • Isabella says:

        When Barry refers to Wally as his step-brother, Joe refers to Barry as his son and occasional second daughter you can deny that they are family but they are family! Remember the season 2 finale when Zoom took Joe and Barry tells Wally that he will do everything to get his dad back and Wally replies with..”OUR DAD” Look, I understand that you don’t want to hear this because they are iconic in the comics but this is TV and things don’t always work they way they do on paper. Don’t blame the audience, blame the writers for making Barry grow up sharing a bathroom with Iris.
        Ratings are dropping and it’s not just WestAllen. It’s the excessive time traveling too. Most people don’t read comics and just want a fun tv show with a romantic storyline that doens’t give off any creepy vibes.

  14. edyn says:

    This episode was very good because Jesse and Harrison are back. They make an awesome team when with Barry and the gang. I hope they would stay for awhile and help Barry. Draco Malfoy does not need to be there and honestly, that ruins it for me. They could have had someone else, a no name, working with Barry now. I just do not think a royal a needs to be there. Barry has enough working with someone who he needs to act normal around, Jesse Quick, Wally wanting to have speed, and metas. He does not need to have a donkey beside him.

  15. DD says:

    Wally told Jessie he dreams about having speed – that could be actual dreams, like Frankie was describing about Magenta, not metaphorically like it sounded when he said it. That would also explain his interest in Frankie’s description.
    I assume he will figure out that he had powers in Flashpoint and will approach Alchemy himself, or Alchemy will seek him out when he realizes his connection to the Flash.