Matt Lauer Confirms Billy Bush's Today Ouster on Air — Watch

Matt Lauer began Tuesday’s edition of the Today show by confirming the ousting of Billy Bush, who on Monday was terminated for his role in the Donald Trump tape scandal.

“NBC News announced last night that Billy Bush would be leaving the Today show effective immediately, noting that he was a valued colleague and a longtime member of the broader NBC family,” Lauer said. “A statement Billy released separately last night read in part ‘I look forward to what lies ahead,’ and of course, all of us here at Today wish Billy the very best.”

NBC had previously announced that Bush was indefinitely suspended on Oct. 2, but it wasn’t until Monday that the Peacock network formally parted ways with its co-host. Prior to his initial suspension, Bush had released the following apology:

“Obviously I’m embarrassed and ashamed,” he said. “It’s no excuse, but this happened 11 years ago — I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along. I’m very sorry.”

Bush, who has been with NBC since he joined Access Hollywood as an on-air correspondent in 2001,  is leaving the network with an exit package some unconfirmed reports have put in the neighborhood of $10 million.

Watch Lauer’s confirmation of Bush’s exit below, then tell us if you agree with NBC’s decision to let him go.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ten years ago he was 34. He really can’t use the young/immature card. Most men his age are married with kids.

  2. Tracy288 says:

    I heard a quote on CNN last night – if he wasn’t fit to host the 9am slot of the Today show and cook with Rachel Ray after this, how will Donald Trump still be acceptable for President of the United States?

    • Mary says:

      Agreed with their statement but look at Trump minions and you know the answer to that.

      • Mike says:

        Are you paying attention to Wikileaks? Hillary Clinton has emails which show her campaign was going after Obama for voter fraud in 2008 and was polling to see if the birther conspiracy would help taint his reputation. Both parties has real turds running for office.

        • Steven says:

          That’s politics though. Hillary dropped the birther issue, Trump carried it on for YEARS!

          • Mary says:

            Bingo, even after the evidence came out. Now Trump wife immigration status is in question and what does she do, sue instead of proving it. Ummm Double standards don’t you think.

        • Mary says:

          Yes I have and there really isn’t a smoking gun there so I stand by my statement. Look at this logically, Trump and his supporters are bringing up Bill’s affairs, which he has paid the price for, and yet Trump proves he is just like him he gets a pass. Perfect definition of being a hypocrite.

        • JScout says:

          Interesting, Mike, that you seem to happily get your information from Russian hacking and don’t even question it. Whether the emails have been doctored by Russian or not, what is really interesting is that there has not been any “smoking gun” from any of them. You must be disappointed, but keep going to that Russian source because that’s what you’re candidate does.

        • Temperance says:

          You do realize that Assange is a cyberterrorist and that hackers can edit documents, right? Nothing release by wikileaks can be trusted.

    • Whatevah8 says:


  3. Lisa Camp says:

    I think it’s BS that NBC has terminated Billy. The conversation he entertaIned happened 11 years ago. Even some crimes has a statue of limitations against prosecution. If he had been involved in this type of conversation with a Clinton member he would still be on the show. Good luck Billy hope to see you soon on another network.

    • Mary says:

      Seriously! He was 34 years old not a teenager. The tape shows one character or shall I say lack of. It’s sad that people try to justify grown men, not boys as Melania kept stating, actions. No wonder we have a sexual harassment, rape and bully problem in today’s Society. People making excuses for this is part of the problem not the solution. It is obvious they aren’t teaching their children right from wrong. Sorry statue of limitations don’t apply he wasn’t arrested but fired. If you look at the demographics of the show Today was right in canning him if they didn’t want to loose viewers. Maybe now, though I doubt it, he will learn that everything has a reaction and think before he speaks.
      Sad really that people would consider voting for a President with such lack of character.

      • Lisa Camp says:

        My reference to Statue of Limitations was in reference to after time you can no longer be persecuted for crimes. Locker room talk is not a crime. We all have said things in the past that we regret but are not crimalized for it years later. I just don’t understand how so many women are saying they are offended when they use the same words Donald used and grope themselves and this does not offend anyone. I personally despise the “P” word no matter who is using it, male or female, but you hear both sexes saying it. NBC had this tape long before they hired Billy for they job. I feel they used him which is just terrible injustice to him.

        • Angela says:

          It’s not the fact he said the “p” word that is upsetting people. The word choice is not at fault here. It’s the fact that Trump was bragging about grabbing and kissing women without their consent that has people upset (and claiming he can get away with doing that ’cause he’s famous and rich and can do whatever he wants as a result). And Billy Bush laughs along with his offensive comments and then encourages Trump to hug the very woman he was just making horribly rude comments about. THAT is the problem.
          I just don’t understand how so many women are saying they are offended when they use the same words Donald used and grope themselves and this does not offend anyone.
          ….uhhhhh…surely you can understand the obvious difference between a woman touching her own body and a man randomly grabbing them in intimate areas without their say so, yes?
          Seriously, what the heck kind of comparison is that?

        • Mary says:

          Sorry my inner circle never use those words, or grope and if they had I would pick better friends. It is not only the words he used but his statement of how because he is a celebrity he is allowed to do it. This is a classic definition of sexual predators. You cannot be that naive and think Trump has not acted upon his statement, in fact several Women have come forward. Actions have consequences as Billy is learning. The demographics for the Today show is what. NBC would loose viewers if they kept him on.

          • Lisa Camp says:

            My Inner circle does not use this type of language around me, they know how offensive I find this word. All celebrities think they are empowered to act this way, there have been many accounts reported but none has lost their jobs over it. If these women who are accusing DT were so offended by his touching, kissing, etc. why has it taken them so long to go public with their accusations? If he really did this to them they were probably flattered by it and were thinking that he would help them with their careers. No one has ever touched or kissed me that I did not allow them to do so. I do not condone sexual aggression and stop it when I see it.

          • Mary says:

            The reason many don’t report it because who is shamed and attack the victim. Have you been keeping up with the Crosby case? If any of those Women reported it what exactly do you think would have happened? Do you think it doesn’t happen because it is not reported. Look at the statistics on sexual assault and you will get your answer. It is easy to say you never would have allowed it or reported it but unless you are in that situation you never know. Also, Do you work in TV. So do you blame the Women when they are raped because they didn’t stop it or say no? Bottom line is every action has a reaction – Billy received his.

    • A fan of TV says:

      He didn’t entertain it, he was frickin telling women to hug Donald Trump and himself. that is pervy, predatory behaviour that puts women on the spot to either comply or be looked down on. He was invoking touching with requests that sounded a lot more like demands than questions. “Come on, give us a hug!” Blech, he was guilty not just by association, but by his actions, too.

    • AngieD says:

      I don’t think it was just the Trump tape. There was also the incident between him and Al Roker over Ryan Lochte. Billy’s opinion of Lochte’s actions mirrored the boys will be boys attitude that is being questioned as ‘why are will still accepting these poor behaviors?’ Also, neither Trump nor Billy were young kids 10 years ago. Any locker room talk at their ages then and now is just crass and gross.

    • John NYC says:

      Entertainment contracts have no “statute of limitations”.

      So they booted him with a nice fat check gripped in his hands.

    • Temperance says:

      I think it’s fantastic. Perhaps Bush will grow up and act like an actual man.

  4. Madeline Yllescas says:

    I feel he shouldn’t of been fired!!! As a lady I was offended by Trump. Yes Billy Bush played along. I wondered if the Today show family has ever done anything stupid. Are they all perfect. One person in particular who claimed to be Billy Bush friend. Hypocrite!!!! I’m not watching today show anymore l!!!!

    • Kat says:

      Yes, they are hypocrites. Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales had an affair. That is why she is co-hosting Access Hollywood. Matt Lauer is the sleazyst std-spreading host ever. He has broken up several couples, including Giada DeLaurentiis’ marriage. He is so gross. NBC is a racist show since they have had classy Al Roker yet still won’t make him the main host of the third hour, which is at the very least what he should get. He needs to take laser’s place and make it a classy show again.

  5. Laura Andrew says:

    Really liked Billy Bush on your show, he was a bright spot! Won’t be watching you all now?

  6. sandy foxx says:

    I don’t condone his behavior or really even like the guy, but do not think he should have been made the scapegoat in this situation. Most men in this position would have done the same thing. All men say this is not typical behavior but my high school student says it is typical. In a situation with a powerful person, the little guy is not going to say Stop, Mr Trump. I am offended. And even Trumps wife blamed Billy! #billymademedoit

    • Green15 says:

      You do understand the difference between a 15 year old high schooler and a 35 year old man right?

      • JScout says:

        And a (then) 59 years old man who wants to be president. Trump’s idiot wife said Billy egged him on. So you should trust a 59 year old man who can be egged on by a light-weight intellect like Billy Bush?

        • Brigid says:

          Thank you! All of my Conservative friends keep screaming about taking responsibility for your actions and stop being a victim and here they are accepting Donald Trump as not having to do that. Insane!!

    • Mary says:

      Bingo, Men who grow up and mature don’t think this is typical behavior but obviously high school students have a different mentality. Both Men were adults. Yes he is being made the scapegoat but unfortunately Trump supporters are allowing him to. Sorry Trump’s wife statement made her look foolish but if she chooses to support him that is her business.

  7. auntiemm says:

    This is a payoff to Bush for a hatchet job to his reputation. Yes the comments were vile but why now? I don’t care for Bush but he was a ‘yes man’ reporter doing his job. Why wasn’t it brought to light earlier and why weren’t others (producers and staff present) also called to answer or asked why they hadn’t come forward? Most importantly, why did NBC continue to do business with Trump since they knew of the tape? NBC should fire itself.

    • A fan of TV says:

      He solicited hugs with requests that sounded more like demands than questions. “Come on, give us a hug!” This tone is taken on by grandmothers and perverts, and he is not that actress’s grandma.

  8. Robin Ucich says:

    NBC’s Today show has a long history of stabbing their employees in the back. NBC owns Access Hollywood NBC leaked the tape to the media then they dump Bill Bush. If Billy said something to Trump back then NBC would have destroyed him for correcting their Apprentice star. No more Today show for me GMA is my new morning show.

  9. Judiwb says:

    Really people? Not going to watch the today show because of what happened to him? Do that at work and see if you aren’t dismissed without pay. Don’t feel sorry for Billy. He is still walking away with $10 Million. I will never make that much in my lifetime. So I would love to get paid out like that for poor behavior.

  10. sunshine says:

    If it had been him and Clinton he would have made a contrite apology and that would be it. The media forgives its own even though they know Bill and Hillary have a reputation for being quite profane, crude and vulgar. This is a hatchet job plain and clear.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Except it wasn’t him and Clinton so nice conspiracy theory. Add it to the list of conspiracy theories promoted, supported, or invented by those who desperately oppose her.

    • JScout says:

      Clinton’s do not have a reputation for being profane, crude, and vulgar. That’s is just alt-right nonsense that’s been going on for years. Get your head out of Fox News and you’ll see that no one else believes that nonsense. Or . . . provide some proof, be specific.

  11. While I didn’t care one way or another about Mr. Bush being on the Today Show, I think he is the scape goat to all of this. I do not condone his behavior at all but Trump was the one who was speaking and it sounded like to me that Billy was confirming what he said. But anyway… they do this those they don’t like. I am still pissed about the Ann Curry hatchet job they did. She was the best and did nothing wrong.

    • John NYC says:

      NBC is responsible for their own house. So they did some cleaning.

      Which happens to be their right as his employer.

  12. luisa rebelo says:

    NBC sucks! I won’t be watching it anymore…….If we look into oneself we all have either gone along or did stupid things whith powerful people. i like Billy Bush and hope he gets another job with another net work…….Let’s mot forget Donald Trump is running for PRESIDENT!!!!!!

    • JScout says:

      How could we possibly forget that a white supremacist is running for president and many idiots across the country are voting for him. Hard to miss that one.

  13. David New says:

    Matt L needs to be fired.

  14. Melissa Emig-Hess says:

    NBC you are idiots !!! Are you all above reproach and have never had a stupid moment? Girls do the same thing. Your crazy for, oh…your first stupid moment? Yeah I think not.

  15. Jan says:

    I’m sure Billy is a nice guy, and has learned from his mistakes. But, this ‘boys will be boys’ mentality has to stop NOW. Women have made significant strides into the work environment, but the corporate/network world is still lagging. It’s like racism in that it’s a cultural mindset. I’m sorry you feel like a scapegoat, Billy, but it’s time for men in the workplace to be proactive, and not ‘play along’.

    • Coop says:

      The thing is, it’s not about men playing along, it’s about someone in the entertainment industry trying to get the best material out of Trump. It’s pretty common to stroke their egos, play along with them, etc. because it helps you in the long run. Not only in good material, but future interviews with these kinds of people. At the end of the day, he got 5-10 million for being a scapegoat, so that’s pretty cool.

      • JScout says:

        Admitting to sexual assault and ‘playing along’ with it is not ‘good material’. It’s criminal and they should both be ashamed and Trump should be in jail.

      • KCC says:

        I keep seeing people calling Billy Bush a scapegoat. Who is he taking the blame for? No one was involved except Bush and Trump. If the soundman was blamed for what Trump and Bush said he would be a scapegoat or the cameraman or the bus driver. Both Bush and Trump are being blamed for their behavior. No one is being made a scapegoat.

  16. Kim says:

    I like Harry better anyway. Wish you could fire Trump too.

  17. Deborah Price says:

    I have watched Billy for a few years now with the NBC family and recently on the Today show. I think he adds alot and I enjoy his personality & I think he has good morales. I don’t agree with him being let go, I think what he adds to a show far out weighs how he responded to Donald Trump years ago. You have unnecessarily caused a void in the NBC family. I really miss him. You moved him the whole way across the country to what???? Drop him like a hot potato?? I’m glad all of you are so perfect!!

  18. MLO says:

    I’m sorry – a broad generalization here but… men are pigs. We know this. We should not be surprised by this. We know they’re pigs from things they say in the presence of female company and can only wonder WTF they say when just among other guys. And not just celebrities – your husbands, brothers, fathers and BFFs – all capable of being pigs. But we still love them. I am in no way defending him, but have to wonder… should he really lose his job over this? Should all men who talk like this lose their jobs? Talking is one thing – doing is another.And while I think BB was in part just playing the entertainment host sycophant role, I do think Trump is probably guilty of sexual abuse/abuse of power, and should be investigated and prosecuted if appropriate.

    • KCC says:

      Except that part when they got off the bus and the woman was going to shake Trump’s hand and Bush said something like “give Donald a hug” and “how about a hug for Bushy too.” After the comments made on the bus, that is creepy to the nth degree. That goes beyond talk and it looks like Bush is giving Trump the opportunity to grope the woman.
      It might not be fair but people that make their living as TV personalities are held to different standards than the rest of us pigs. And they know it and even sign contracts with morality clauses that state embarrassing the Network is cause for termination.

  19. Anita says:

    I believe that Billy Bush should not have been suspended because this happened 11 years ago. He should have been given an opportunity to apologize on air. He should have gone back on the air. I believe this was just an excuse to fire him because of his comments about
    Matt Lauer.

  20. He got fired for doing what they wanted …getting celebs to talk uncensored.

  21. Debbie says:

    As a host of a tv show what was Billy suppose to say to a very powerful guest on that show??? How would NBC react to upsetting a guest at that time? To be fired for something that happened 11 years ago is wrong. Anyone who as watched Billy on Access Hollywood knows he is a good family man with young girls and would never think Trumps actions were ok!! Let go of Trump inthis presidential race too then…

    • Joanna McPhatter says:

      I think Billy Bush was canned because he showed by allowing Donald Trump to discuss his fixation of Nancy O’dell unchallenged, that he himself showed a total lack of respect for his married colleague and co-anchor of Access Hollywood. Bush, even in his apology never mentions O’Dell. Which indicated to me that his relationship with her wasn’t good. Not to mention his sleazy behavior towards Arianne Zucker, the soap actress he insisted give Trump and himself a hug. i think that NBC and alot of women, myself included found Bush’s decline to speak up for Nancy O’Dell by at least reminding Trump she was married, the most inexcusable.

  22. jupoch says:

    I’m sorry. Trump is scum, but Billy Bush is a valued colleague? I can tell how much he has

  23. jupoch says:

    I’m sorry. Trump is scum, but Billy Bush is a valued colleague? I can tell how much he has matured by the irresponsible, unethical interviewing of an inebriated Ryan Lochte just 2 months ago. Good riddance!!!

  24. Josh says:

    Being fired for something that happened 11 years ago is ridiculous

  25. Pauline says:

    He should not have been fired!! end of story…he was not working for the Today show at the time and it was 11 year ago!

  26. Carole Brusen says:

    I don’t watch the Today show, however, Billy wasn’t the person who made the remarks. He was hosting Trump and I assume Billy would have been considered rude if he hadn’t listened to Trump. It doesn’t matter what type of person Billy is, he isn’t running for President. I think the man was in a bad situation. No, I don’t believe Billy should have been fired. I’m a 73 year old white woman who doesn’t appreciate that type of language, but men talk like that. However, if a man is considering running for President of the United States, he should have good moral standards from the very beginning. AND, Trump does not. It’s the GOP ‘s fault for every allowing Trump to get to this point in the process.

  27. putito says:

    10 million dollars. Must be one helluva of reward being a liberal; being a liar, a hypocrite and a two-timer not withstanding.

    All you have to do is just pretend you care. You understand and feel with the downtrodden; especially those homeless, killed by police, live on welfare, kneel for the National Anthem because they were discriminated etc.

    But don’t tell them you live in a luxury lifestyle behind gated communities with armed bodyguard, enjoy posh restaurant and parties etc. etc.

  28. Bobby says:

    I totally agree but don’t feel he deserves severance. Let the Bush family or Donald support him.

  29. Mary Kay Brooks says:

    no big deal. Private is Private!! Poor Billy. feel sorry for him. If he is such a valued person then give him a second chance. No room for mistakes in the world anymore?? He was a fun addition to Today Show and should be measured on all he has contributed as a whole also. People are so ready to slice and dice. I don’t really feel for NBC. I will hold this against the network that gave Brian Williams a second chance. Anyone going into a business with the public should watch what they say and do and be a saint. We know that is not possible. Maybe the election year has everyone super sensitive lately.

    • John NYC says:

      Private? They were miked up, recording, and a running video camera was trained on them for a National Television Broadcast.

      Talk about too stupid. Or, in Trump’s case I suspect, too entitled to think straight.

  30. Marjorie says:

    I don’t understand why Billie Bush got the sack but Donald Trump isn’t held accountable for his predatory remarks. Trump was an adult, new what he was saying& in fact doing to women and still not even a charge. Is he any different than Bill Cosby? Trump is on tape. Was Bill Cosby ever on tape?

  31. Westindiesgirl says:

    They should’ve fired Matt Lauer too. He’s just as bad,

  32. Scott Hingley says:

    Al Roker must LOVE this.

  33. Maxx says:

    I’d had a feeling that he was rather a crass individual, but figured I had no business judging anyone. I’d never heard of him until appearance on the third hour of Today. I think NBC had no choice but to let him go, especially when the female staffers were upset at the prospect of him being given a reprieve.

  34. Tbear62 says:

    What a gutless company NBC is. I can tell you that 99% of people in entertainment do exactly what Bush and Trump did and the WOMEN are STILL doing it too. Making a fuss over Magic Mike and the men in the movie to TV ” sizzling men” of day time. Give me a break on the double standards and YES 11 years ago made a difference because women were STILL Playing the seduction game at getting ahead and in 2016 a great many are still doing it- just l9ook at how many boobs hang out of dresses and when I can see your home address because your skirt is so damn short. Women have to quit playing the victim and wise up. Be treated decent- act, dress and carry your self as intelligent – not some dim witted reality show tramp whos only claim to fame is sex on a video tape.

  35. Sherry babb says:

    I am very sadden that Billy Bush was fired unfairly. I am sure that there is not one person on the Today show that hasn’t said something that they would not want the public to hear. I know I sure have and I thank God that he forgives me everyday. This was all Hillary Clinton trying to slams Donald Trump and now a good man has lost his job, you know it is true. Lets hope the Mic isn’t on when one of you say something. Your show has promoted Hillary Clinton and been against Donald TRUMP FROM THE BEGINNING. I USED TO WATCH THE TODAY SHOW EVERYDAY, AND I WILL NOT WATCH IT EVER AGAIN. BE FAIR AND UNBIASED AS A NEWS SHOW SHOULD BE!

  36. Temperance says:

    I wouldn’t know since I’ll never watch a show with that hack Lauer again.

  37. Teresa Miller says:

    I think it is awful because of something that was said 10 years ago and we don’the give someone a second chance. Who of us can throw a stone, I’m sure we could dig up from anyone’s past things that were done or said without thinking of what is going to happen in the future. Do I think that is really how he When did we become a people without grace.

  38. Mary says:

    Omg I can’t be level you let billy bush was a private conversation although not very nice but private. You have let other people stay and you fire billy for something that happened years ago. come on give me a break. This is not right. Companies pick and choose who they will let go. Look at what happened to tom bradey then they players who have beaten their wife’s stay make any sense to you.look at it and figure out why you’ll see. It makes me sick

  39. Jimmy says:

    Matt Lawer you are a jerk, you enjoy telling people they get fired example Ann Cury, etc…you should go we are tired to see you hypocrit face.

  40. Judy Wilhelm says:

    To bad it wasn’t matt Lauer