Ratings: Quantico Slips to Series Lows

ABC’s Quantico returned on Sunday from its one-week debate hiatus to 3 million total viewers and a 0.8 demo rating, slipping 17 percent and two tenths to series lows.

Opening ABC’s night, Once Upon a Time (3.5 mil/1.1) dipped to tie all-time lows, while Secrets and Lies (3.5 mil/0.9) held steady.

Elsewhere on the night….

NBC | Sunday Night Football (12.7 mil/4.5) is down 15 percent from last week’s fast nationals.

CBS | NCIS: Los Angeles (10.8 mil/1.3) slipped two tenths, Madam Secretary (9 mil/1.1) held steady and Elementary (5.3 mil/0.7) dipped to tie series lows.

FOX | The Simpsons (7.5 mil/3.1) and Son of Zorn (3.8 mil/1.5) were up sharply, Family Guy (3.7 mil/1.6) ticked down a tenth and Last Man on Earth (2.7 mil/1.1) rose a tenth.

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  1. Brian says:

    Go Simpsons! And yikes at Quantico already hitting a 0.8 this early in the season.

  2. Nan says:

    I haven’t watched this Quantico episode yet but I’m not surprised. Since it’s return it’s been pretty dang boring….

  3. Nath says:

    If I was NBC I would be very worried!

  4. kmw says:

    Ouch for Quantico and Elementary. Good for The Simpsons, at least FOX can get some decent numbers on Sunday sometimes. First two hours of CBS doing ok and then the bottom drops out. I am afraid Elementary is done.

    • Patrick says:

      Elementary, Quantico, and OUAT are probably gone.

      • I remember when OUAT was in the 3s. To be fair, Elementary still has the best chance out of those despite lower ratibg because of its 3 million syndication deal.

        • Patrick says:

          Elementary has a relatively high production cost which hurts its chances of continuing. Ditto OUAT, with its huge cast and high production cost. Quantico isn’t near syndication, and is flat lining ratings wise.

          • Agree, though at 3 million per episode, it surely makes them consider every possibility.

            I thibk Priyabka Chora alone costs more than half of OUAT cost, which they could considerably lower if they, as you said, cut down half off the cast. Most people wouldn’t miss them if they cut the right people. I gave up on it quite a while ago. It’s been a sad downfall.

  5. Brody says:

    Anyone else thinking ABC will cut their entire Sunday Night block and replace them with new shows next season?? Those numbers tho…ouch

  6. Max says:

    After the first episode, I turned off the DVR for the remainder of Quantico’s season.

  7. Shaun says:

    Need to cut the flashbacks off quickly on Quantico if they want to save the season.

  8. Doug Henning says:

    Be curious in FS1 ratings for baseball last night with LA and Chicago involved.. They did big number on Saturday night… I suspect Sunday will be bigger.. Got lots of promotion during the late NFL Fox games…

  9. Bob C. says:

    With a show as detailed and complicated as “Quantico”, I think it’s suffering from the “too many commercials” effect. You basically get one scene with a lot of information, and then it’s interrupted by as many as eight 30-second commercials and promos. When it comes back, it’s often difficult to remember what just happened 4 minutes ago, and it’s frustrating. In this age of streaming and VOD, with limited or no commercials, people are getting turned off by live TV, and I think we’ll see constant erosion of viewers.

  10. Aziz says:

    It is boring and more confusing. .I will not see it anymore

  11. Boiler says:

    Would have to think baseball ate in to some of these. 2 huge markets. ABC paying for awful decisions of new programming head. Move Elememtary back to Thurs please

  12. fernando933 says:

    ABC needs to get rid of their whole Sunday line up, I love Once but they need to announce this as the final season. ABC needs to return to the Exterem Make over, Desperate Housewives, & Brothers and sisters Sunday’s. I think How to get away with murder should be moved to Sunday’s at 9/8 pm next season and see if it can do better from the 10/9 pm slot and maybe away from Thursday. TGIT can try a new Shonda show after scandal next fall.

  13. Carol C says:

    I’m very sorry to see Elementary’s low numbers as it’s my favourite of the returning shows.

  14. TvLover says:

    I stuck with Quantico all last season but now it got replaced by Elementary, Westworld, and soon The Walking Dead! Or football/baseball in my house. I usually watch Quantico On Demand but for whatever the reason, I haven’t been that interested in this season so far.

  15. Gwen Loomis says:

    I’m not surprised. We enjoyed the first season, but after watching two episodes of this season, we have given up. We can’t take all the “time-shifting” that’s going on.

  16. Gwen Loomis says:

    Didn’t “Elementary” do much better in the ratings when it was on Thursday nights?

  17. Iakovos says:

    What happened to Sundays? Was broadcast’s jewel of a night! Such low ratings. Shame as CBS is offering MADAM and ELEMENTARY, both good shows. QUANTICO has pretty people but, ugh, the convoluted plotting. Guess football and cable win. ABC needs to revamp its night. ONCE is done now. SECRETS & LIES just doesn’t attract a crowd and QUANTICO does not seem to hold its buzz.

  18. Ray says:

    I really like Quantico but it has become a show like Alias and Lost were. People want guilty pleasure TV not a show they have to study for. I don’t like NCIS or SVU but you can miss 2 seasons of those shows and not miss a thing. Miss 1 episode of Quantico and your lost.

    • TraciWellz says:

      There is never any reason to miss an episode of any show in 2016 with all the time shifted options. Many binge after the season. U can no longer tell the popularity of a show for about 6 weeks after it airs.

      • ScottJ says:

        Of course there’s reasons – the main one being that there’s too many shows. We’re barely a month into the new season and I’m already a week behind with most shows that I really want to watch. Unless I can somehow double the number of hours in the day the only way I can ever catch up is to hope for a long Dec / Jan break or just forget about any missed episodes.

  19. TraciWellz says:

    Who cares about live tv ratings. Survey last week says only 25% of those 35 and under even watch live tv other than sports/award shows. Channels like the CW let’s u watch new app for free without any cable subscription or login. Old folks cbs procedurals do well what that older audience by are non existent in the 18-49 demo. Cord cutting, dvr, hulu, on demand, Kodi, etc. Not to mention NFL n MLB playoffs. Not many r watching live tv shows. I’ll watch Quantico at some point this week.

  20. Ronnie Sargent says:

    That is so disappointing because it is SO GOOD this season!

  21. Even though I watched every episode of Quantico last season, this season has been unbearable. I had thought they were done with the constant flashbacks of FBI training and finally were ready to do some real work. Here came all with boring CIA training garbage. Each episode only carries a few minutes of the main story. What a waste!!!

  22. ScottJ says:

    Hardly surprising with the Simpsons since it was both episode #600 and this year’s Treehouse of Horror. I barely watch the show anymore but I always watch the horror ones.

  23. Lisa says:

    I loved Quantico last year…for about 2/3 of the season. Then it got a bit worse and then picked up. This year is so-so, and it’s less cant miss and more same old, new day.

  24. Nero tTVfiddler says:

    Regarding the ABC Sunday night lineup, OUAT may be closer to the end than the beginning. ABC may feel they’ve gotten all they can from that show. Secrets and Lies may be better served (and ABC better served) at 10pm Sunday nights.

    The question is what to do with Quantico? It did well enough last season to earn this second season. But is it worth moving to another night? Or does ABC just leave it at 10pm Sunday and watch the number go down? How many shows can someone DVR at one time at 10pm Sunday nights? Sunday night is not what it once was for television, but 10pm is still a very competitive time slot – for both broadcast and cable.

    I believe ABC has a star in the making in Priyanka Chopra, but is that enough to ensure Quantico gets a season three? Perhaps not. We’ll see what ABC does at 10pm Sunday.

  25. Ally Oop says:

    I loved Quantico but I hate the Flash Forward theme they have going. In the first season it’s annoying and now in the second I am starting to get really annoyed.

  26. I liked Quantico, but it was pulled from Hulu for the second season. Sorry, not watching it anymore ABC. Same goes with Jane the Virgin. Yanked from Hulu and I no longer watch.

  27. Susan says:

    I don’t like the back flashes so frequently. Makes it hard to follow and I have lost interest in the program.

  28. Walter says:

    The constant crying of Ms. Chopra has become so boring and unbearable to watch