Once Upon a Time Season 7 Date

Once Upon a Time Recap: Mad Scientist

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, a “final twist” put Belle’s life in peril, all leading to a harsh truth for Regina.

Having learned that Hyde was sprung from his cell by the Evil Queen, Rumple showed up at the docks to cast a protection spell on the Jolly Roger — one that confined Belle to the ship as well (and screamed of being a bad idea). Hyde and the Evil Queen meanwhile made a beeline for Jekyll’s makeshift lab, to steal the serum the doc has been working on and then trash the place. When Rumple later shows up with Regina, Jekyll reveals that he kept a secret stash of the serum, which Rumple forces Regina to drizzle onto his Dark One dagger, for the sole purpose of dispatching with Hyde.

Jekyll is painfully predictable, though, so Hyde survives his stabbing by Rumple, because he had swapped out the serum sample earlier. Worse, he pulls Rumple’s dagger from his chest and uses it to compel the Dark One to take him to Belle. Once at the docks, Hyde points out to Rumple that he is not the monster to worry about. Rather, Jekyll — who “sought safe harbor” aboard the Jolly Roger after his lab got trashed — is plotting to kill Belle, as revenge for how years ago Rumple’s encouraging of Hyde resulted in their lady love Mary’s accidental death. Belle can’t leave the Jolly Roger when Jekyll attacks, and Hyde compels Rumple to stand idly by and watch the terror unfold, but Hook arrives to save the day, kicking Jekyll backward onto the business end of a harpoon. Hyde in turn also expires, leading Rumple to observe to Regina that the way to kill one’s doppelgänger (e.g. the Purely Evil Queen) is to kill the original.

Upon hearing that news, Emma assures Regina that she is stronger than Jekyll, and that they will find another way out of this. But Regina makes Emma promise that, in a reversal of their deal back in Camelot, if push comes to shove she will do whatever is necessary to protect their family.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* As part of her bid to reclaim normalcy, Snow White returned to teaching, where she now has an aide named Shareen. When the students (Huck Finn included?) don’t cotton to Snow’s old-school approach, Shareen tells of how the unnamed princess in her unnamed kingdom didn’t rise to the occasion in the face of an unnamed menace. Thus, Princess Snow should embrace who she is now versus her Mary Margaret days, and to that end she uses her bow and arrow to learn the students some physics. That night, the secretive Shareen meets up with the seer who weeks ago warned Emma of her dire fate. The young woman assures Shareen — aka Princess Jasmine — that the man she seeks is with the in Storybrooke, and that together they will find Aladdin.

* Henry and Violet? Going strong!

* The secret to David’s pancakes? Nutmeg.

* As part of his “fresh start,” Rumple switched to a sleek (and rather fantastic) new ‘do, earning kudos from both flavors of Regina. But even after Rumple explains to Belle how he sought out Jekyll back in the day because he hoped the serum would mask his growing feelings for the maid, she stands firm that no amount of lopped locks or “protection” will sway her in the wake of her latest scare aboard the Jolly Roger, one which resulted in so much “death and destruction.” After this umpteenth kiss-off, Rumple assures Belle that she will need him again, seeing as their child is going to enter the world with the mark of being the Dark One’s son. Belle says that won’t make her love him again. Aye, but necessity will, he counters.

What did you think of the episode “Strange Case”?

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  1. Lindsey says:

    I think that episode marked the end of my time watching the show. Take care everyone. I’m out.

  2. steven says:

    And another show goes “Felicity” on one of its main characters.

  3. Claire says:

    I wish I didn’t like Belle, then I wouldn’t have to watch Rumple’s disgusting behavior towards her. This isn’t romantic, it’s just gross.

  4. Jss0058 says:

    So that’s the end of Jekyll & Hyde?! Disappointing. Was hoping for more Witwer

  5. What did I think? I think Once needs to fix Rumbelle and bring them back to how they used to write them prior to Season 4 (even late 3B) where this entire show started to really go downhill, IMO.

    I want to love this show again, and fixing Rumbelle is pretty much the main way to do that for me. I think most of the rest of the show’s characters aren’t salvageable for me because they are all props for Hook. I really wish that Rumbelle weren’t used to prop him up too. So anyway, fix Rumbelle Once Upon a Time. Write them more in character. Write them in a way that does justice to the BatB story.

    The best part of this episode for me was Karen David as Jasmine… and there was a flicker of the old Rumbelle that I love, but then the destruction continued. Fix it Once. Please, fix it. I’m dangerously close to not wanting to watch anymore, and I don’t want to feel that way about a show that I’ve invested so much time in…

    • jj says:

      so you want a delusional Belle who believes in a “redeemed” Rumble while he is secretly doing evil things? Because that’s how they were previously written. They are finally writing Belle as a strong character. why would you want them to take that away from her?

      • Lindsey says:

        They’re finally writing her as a strong character!? Are you high? They literally had Hook take “poor Belle” in a few weeks ago and come rescue her tonight. She’s no stronger. She’s just running off to another man for help now.

        • Heather says:

          Good lord, you Rumbelle fans REALLY hate Belle, don’t you?

          • Lindsey says:

            Not at all. I’d love to see a strong independent Belle, but relying on Hook isn’t that. Good lord you Hook fans can’t find a single flaw in scenes including him can you?

          • jj says:

            Lindsey, nobody else is talking about Hook. only you. We are talking about Belle. But because we don’t agree with you we must be biased Hook fans? Sounds like you’re the one who is high. Do try to stay on topic, your own biases are showing

        • jj says:

          She is being written as strong. Strong and independent are two different words. Look them up.

          • aryal says:

            Umm actually Belle IS or at least SEEMS strong now, strong doesn’t mean having muscles… she acted strong against Rsk, everyone can need help from friends also Hook or Swain or Snow need help sometimes it doesn’t mean they don’t act strong or take strong decisions

          • jj says:

            Aryal that’s exactly my point.

          • Lindsey says:

            I’m talking about Hook in relation to Belle. That keeps us on topic. Many of you are biased Hook fans. Like you, I’m allowed to be biased about tv characters. Also, strong women have at least an iota of independence from the men in their lives.

          • jj says:

            That’s the point. You are talking about Hook. Heather wasn’t yet you label her as a biased Hook fan. You are so biased against Hook that if someone doesn’t explicitly write something negative about him they must be Hook fans. You are allowed to be biased but take off your Hook hating glasses to actually read what people write. Regarding Belle, she is making her own decisions without letting Rumple bully her in doing what he wants…There’s your iota of independence.

    • LeGal says:

      Oh goodness.Well, we all have our wishlist I guess. I dig your passion but agree with almost none of this. It obviously would work to reinstate your interest in the show, but not everyone’s.Certainly not mine. Bringing one couple back to how they were wouldn’t solve anything. Besides, there’d be a whole mass of people ranting that the characters aren’t evolving; and they’d be right. So I disagree wholeheartedly – “fixing” Rumbelle would not re-set the show for me, thus making it good again. In truth, I’m not even that invested in the couple’s outcome, save Rumple’s motivations.

      I love how we all see things so differently, so much so that I believe we’re not watching the same show. I get from your post you don’t like Hook. That’s cool. We all have at least that one character we loathe. (Hi there……I’m Legal…. I hate Emma. “Hi Legal, welcome to tonight’s meeting….”) It astounds me to the point of giggling that you believe all of the other characters are props for Hook. I can’t see that at all – and I really like Hook!. And I can’t see & didn’t see last night night that Rumbelle were props for Hook. I agree that all of the characters are “props” to one character, but I think that character is Emma. Rumple may be the puppet master, but everything revolves around Emma. I hate this, but it’s true.

      As for Belle……And Hook & Belle. I think that she is strong, or at least getting there. She’s lived so long with self-placed rose-colored glasses that her strength will come back in increments, little by little. And her independence is the same way. She’s standing on her own now, her legs may be shaking but she’s doing it. She’s scrappy. Have faith. She’ll get there. While few in number, I’ve always enjoyed the scenes with Hook & Belle. They seem to always have an easy rapport with each other that’s great fun to watch; and if you dig deep, stand back & really look at it, their rapport makes fantastical sense. A friendship between Belle & Hook would be lovely in it’s logic. They have so much in common and each has such a deep, winding history with Rumple that a friendship between them would make sense. Plus I think I might relish Rumple’s reaction at Hook & Belle becoming tight friends!

  6. Ana B. says:

    Man, what the heck!! Why did they have to kill off Mr.Hyde so quickly, the guy was awesome and totally not evil.

  7. JenE says:

    Major step back from last week’s awesome episode. Although the prospect of killing of Regina perked me up. Yes please!!!! Loved seeing Hero Hook again though. He is just so damn awesome. Could care less if Rumbelle find their way back to each other. They are so toxic and his trapping her on the ship screams abuse. Hope next week is better.

  8. Katie says:

    This show’s situation with Rumple is really odd. He’s the “Beast,” so it’s not as though the show would actually end Rumbelle completely, yet they write his character doing the most un-redeemable things. Like Snow and Charming,Jasmine and Aladdin, and Cinderella and her prince, there’s just no way they’re not going to wind up together. Just makes me wonder how they’re going to salvage that relationship.

  9. CK says:

    I’ve never been so unattached to a season of OUAT as I have with this one. It just feels like they’re wandering around aimlessly at this point, which is a change from their more focused seasons. Whether it’s a change for the better or not is another matter.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      When she said Aladdin, the husband groaned, “Oh, no!” since he was just saying he was getting tired of these offshoot stories and was glad DJ-MH was over. He’s with you on the aimless point. I just wish Snow would wear her long wavy locks again. I had decades of long locks to short hair and back again. A permanent bathing cap is just not the style for her head shape. I miss Hyde. Wandering is a good description.

      • Coleen Madison says:

        To CK’s point, I agree, they do seem a little aimless these days. And PatriciaLee I couldn’t agree more with the short hair on Snow–it’s so harsh. But–I still love anything fairy tale and will continue to watch no matter what direction the show takes. Don’t know why the haters keep watching and commenting instead of just changing channel.

        • Andrew says:

          @ Coleen Madison – People pointing out the show’s flaws aren’t necessarily “haters,” they’re just fans who remember how good the show was during the first 1-3 seasons.

          As a fan in general, it’s hard to watch a show decline in quality year after year. I can’t fault other fans for voicing their opinions. The show hasn’t been that great since the start of Season 5, at least to me.

          To echo what others have said, yes, it does feel rather aimless this season. To that end, how may times are we going to hear, “These stories must play out,” before it actually happens? It just feels like the show is spinning its wheels every week without actually getting/going anywhere.

          Unfortunately, people are going to tune out, but: I can’t say that I blame them.

          • James says:

            To be fair, that was Hyde foreshadowing *his own* story playing out – even if we didn’t know it at the time. That’s two stories down by my count: Cinderella’s stepsister’s and Jekyll/Hyde’s.

  10. Queen Snow says:

    I called the plot twists when the Queen survived. How? Common sense.

  11. laurelnev says:

    Can’t believe they pulled out the dagger trope yet again! I used to be such a rabid fan who loved live chatting during the eps; now I time shift and find I am losing interest. This season’s arc is just plain dull. Hope this series regains its fire soon!

    • Jimmy says:

      I know, why doesn’t he try hiding that thing? It’s not as if he needs it to do anything.

      • Oz says:

        In the beginning he guarded that thing to no ends and we barely saw it. Now he whips it out at any chance he gets…I thought it was weird he was just cool with stabbing him and leaving it in his chest.

  12. Jenna says:

    This show has jumped the shark. It’s formulaic and predictable. I’m done.

  13. Benji says:

    This season is better than last season, still can’t understand why they won’t pull the plug on rumbelle already. It’s so abusive and revolting. Belle was my favourite princess. I love beauty and the beast, but this show has completely ruined the taste of that for me. Rumple has had so many opportunities, even had a taste of his own medicine yet he still won’t change. He won’t even change for his own children. It’s just a lost cause. I liked it when belle and WILL were a thing.

  14. Butch says:

    It is interesting that people on the board complained in earlier seasons that Once should go back to the way it was in Season 1. This season has been like Season 1 where you meet people in Storybrooke and then find out their backstory in flashback rather than a serial story like Peter Pan or Dark Swan. Regina and the Evil Queen and Emma and her shaking will probably run through the season, like Henry trying to convince Emma that everyone in Storybrooke is a Fairy Tale character in Season 1. Now people are complaining that the writers are repeating themselves. Funny thing is the writers do listen. People complained when they made Hook a hero saying how can he be a hero when he socked Belle when she was a prisoner of Regina. The writers addressed this last week with him apologizing to Belle and she forgiving him. Apparently people were not happy with this result. I guess they wanted Hook to suffer for what he did.

  15. ninergrl6 says:

    Good balance between storylines/characters again. The “kill Regina to kill EQ” twist was predictable. I could do without Rumple having a hand in yet another backstory, but it is what it is. I don’t see how anyone could ship Rumbelle at this point. He’s so awful to her, but thank goodness she’s standing up for herself and her child now. I hope she stays that way. I’m enjoying the Belle/Hook friendship. It came out of nowhere but it gives both of them another dynamic to play, which both characters need in order to be less one-demensional. Are Emma’s hand tremors gone now? Or did that just get dropped for this week to be revisited later? Same with David’s quest to avenge his father? They set up all of these storylines and then don’t consistently follow through. Even just a line about Emma’s hand or David’s father would help with the continuity.

  16. Hope Hyde survives..Best villain ever what a waist…

  17. aaj says:

    I totally get why people post lamentations. In response to those who are all like “why are you even here if you didn’t like the show???” – some of us don’t want to give up on a show but decry the poor writing because to us sometimes it’s so obvious how flawed the stories get and we want to see if others feel the same.

    For example – Emma not telling Hook or other loved ones about seeing a vision of her death Why do we have to revisit her past flawed behavior? Booooring. She hasn’t learned in 6 years to trust her family? Or she hasn’t learned in 6 years that maybe the bad guy isn’t telling the truth? Maybe someone’s trying to deceive her? All that turns her into an unlikeable person. Why not have her grow up, tell someone, and then come up with a new storyline where they try to figure out if what she saw was actually a vision of the future or perhaps just a trick. Seems like an interesting dilemma to me . .

    But no, the writers went back on old plot devices, and we are forced to revisit the same character flaw, making the story tedious.

    Oh, and that whole Snow White teaching subplot thing? ridonkulous. I totally agree we should have moved forward with Hook and Emma. So I read the comments to make sure it wasn’t just me, and I wonder if the writers see what we see. Yes, it is their story to tell, but do they ever regret what they write?

    • Andrew says:

      @ aaj – I agree with everything you sad about the show rehashing stuff we’ve already seen.

      Emma not telling everybody just made me roll my eyes, which is exactly what I did when Rumple trapped Belle on the ship. Really? After all this time, he’s still treating her like s*** and acting as if she’s one of his trinkets. How many times have we seen that already? Granted, they’re letting Belle stand up for herself for once, but STILL…

      Another annoyance, as you already said, is Snow White. She’s been away from teaching so long you’d think she’d realize that she’d have to change teaching methods, but—no—she has to be told that by another character, which makes me wonder if she even has a brain at this point. It was so BORING to watch.

      I’m also tired of hearing, “These stories must play out,” EVERY week. Ok, we get it, but: Once again, how many times are we going to hear that before they actually let it happen?

      It’s become such a chore to watch every week, but—like you said—some of us point out what we feel is wrong because it’s obvious. It’s not that I hate the show, I just want it to be great again.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Maybe it’s human nature (or the nature of online message boards) to criticize rather than praise? Maybe it’s easier to point out the flaws we’d like to fix rather than complimenting what we like? I still enjoy the show a lot but find my posts focusing more on the negative than the positive. I’m not really sure why. Thanks for the reminder to “accentuate the positive” and hope for the writers to “eliminate the negative.”

  18. RedReddington says:

    In other news..how good does RC/Mr.Gold look with short hair? I love it. 😍

  19. Bill klepps says:

    Love the show have watched it from the very first show great job keep it going