Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Premiere Recap: Roamin' Times

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow opened Season 2 on Thursday with its sextet of titular heroes scattered throughout time, then closed with a new mystery and the threat of … doom.

Setting the Season 2 “reboot” in motion was Dr. Nate Heywood (played by Nick Zano), a historian/academic/self-described “time detective” who barges into Mayor Oliver Queen’s office with his theory that the “legends” are trapped in specific parts of the past, as evidenced by altered archival paintings, scriptures and what not. Nate brings this discovery to Oliver knowing that he is Green Arrow — having observed, as many frankly should have, that the “hood” showed up just when Oliver returned home alive — and thus he might want help his super friends. Especially since they seem to have vanished after the Germans detonated an A-bomb in NYC circa 1942, years earlier than should have been possible.

Tracking down the remarkably water-resistant Waverider at the bottom of the Atlantic, some 70 years after it was submerged, Oliver and Nate find Mick Rory “in stasis.” After rousing the giant from his slumber, Mick relates how in the wake of the Time Masters’ demise, the Legends took charge of correcting “aberrations” in the past, as enacted by an unknown entity. Mick’s narrative sets the stage for multiple flashbacks to amusing capers, during which the Legends try but fail to not use future tech (and or sex) during pivotal historical times. Once the Legends got wind of a “time quake” (aka a major aberration) in 1942, they ignored JSA member Hourman’s prime directive to never visit that period. Once there, they deduce that the Nazis must have kidnapped Albert Einstein and fast-tracked the A-bomb development — so they grab the horndog physicist first. When that doesn’t fix the aberration, they realize that Einstein’s wife/secret research partner had actually assisted the Germans against her will. That leads to first a dockside shootout, during which Sara’s thirst for revenge against Damien Darhk (for Laurel’s murder) goes unsated, and then an underwater chase, at the conclusion of which Rip elects to “time scatter” his shipmates and put wounded Mick in statis, just before steering the Waverider into the atomic missile’s path.

As a result, Ray landed in prehistoric times and Sara bewitched the Salem locals, for example, while Rip… therein lies the episode-ending mystery. For all the rescued Waverider crew has left for them from their captain is a video message seemingly full of sad resignation, but also his faith that they can continue their mission — with Dr. Heywood now pitching in, at Oliver’s encouraging.

The premiere closes back in 1942, where Damien Darhk expresses to his Nazi comrades not just his frustration but that of his partner — who then arrives in a flash to gut the failed Germans. “Hello, Eobard…,” Darhk says to Reverse-Flash.

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  1. Some parts were laughable.Unintentionally I am sure. The special effects of the show are just so low budget that I had such a hard time not snickering. The ending looked promising. I will miss Rip though.

    • Jason says:

      The show is making a point to embrace the weirdness this year, which is a good thing.imo

      • Dave says:

        I agree there was something wonderful once you realized that its supposed to be weird and silly lol. Rip is probably testing them to help make them into a team and follow directions

    • Plllover says:

      Last season their budget was so exorbitant that they were on the verge of not doing a second season….big cast, big effects and so on. The EP said they’re trying to do things a little different and making stories lighter and funnier and rely on that instead. Apparently, The Atom’s armor alone cost the same as a descent house, and now they still have the ambition to introduce the justice society and legion of doom. Lots of cast members, lots of money. Don’t be surprised at all if the effects look like they’ve been done on the iphone…5s.

    • jr. says:

      As The Doctor is the driver of the Tardis, so is Rip the “driver” of their timeship.Seems like they lost the character, who knew all the secrets, to how to accomplish their quest.

  2. Mike says:

    Really hoping Rip is dead because he is the worst part of the show! Great setup for the rest of rest of the season!

  3. G says:

    Is Rip really gone for good?

    This show is so dumb, and yet so entirely awesome. And I can’t wait for more Justice Society.

  4. Karen MT says:

    The Doctor can’t go back to 1938, Rip can’t go to 1942. I’m snickering over here.

  5. Drew says:

    I loved this episode, and it makes me think we’re in for a good season. Nick Zano is a great addition to the cast, and counting the chairs in the “modified” bridge, they can add a couple more new crew. (Well, we know one who’s being added so far.)
    Looking forward to the search for Rip and also looking forward to back-story on how Darkh met Eobard. And of course how Malcolm will play into being another foe for the Legends …

  6. jrex says:

    I hope that’s not the last we see of Rip Hunter/Arthur Darvil. I liked him though the first season makes him seem more than a bit annoying at times.

  7. Joey Padron says:

    Season premiere episode was good. Nick Zano did good in his first episode of the show. Good to have the team back together have being separated in different time periods. I’m sure Rip Hunter will be back on the show. Like seeing Justice Society of America showing up at the end. Excited to see more of them and Hourman in next week’s episode!

  8. Lala says:

    Solid start to the season.

  9. This episode felt more cohesive than most of last season. The group we have now feels right together. Last year there was some forced stuff with Hawkgirl, and I think removing her is a step in the right direction for now. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the story of the Hawks, and would like to see them again eventually. I’m very curious to learn whether Rip is gone for good, or if he’all just be back next episode.

    I’m already impressed with the villains and the basic premise of season 2. Can’t wait to see more DC characters come to life.

  10. Shaun says:

    Severe lady shortage on the team so far.

  11. Luis Roman says:

    I have long wondered how overpaid the Star City PD is when they couldn’t say to themselves, “Oliver Queen comes back from the dead after five years, and five minutes later, a hooded sociopath starts ventilating the criminal populace with a bow and arrow. Do you think there’s a connection there?”

    • jj says:

      They did say it. Quentin questioned it numerous times. But Dig dressed up as the Arrow to throw them off. Roy confessed to being the arrow to clear Oliver.

  12. Red Snapper says:

    The premiere was good but I just want it to be next week already. I am very excited for the JSA and can’t wait to see them in action. I’ve always loved the JSA and wished they had saved Hawkman/Hawkgirl for this or had at least done them right. My favorite episode of Smallville is “Absolute Justice” that Geoff Johns did. I loved Michael Shanks’ Hawkman. I thought Nick Zano was a good addition to the team. I am looking forward to the excitement of him being a historian and traveling through time, which would be my dream.

  13. badgamer 1967 says:

    I miss smallville they did it all so much better.

  14. DD says:

    You forgot to mention the JSA showing up at the end …

  15. Eric says:

    I want this show to be good and I am rooting for it but… sigh. When you do a sci fi show you need to set up some structure on how this world works and have some logical consistency within that structure. You need this to ground the fantastically elements of your story. Unfortunately you do not have this with Legends. Characters behave inconsistenty in order to serve whatever plot point of this weeks story. Stein punching Einstein for example. The stories themselves contradicts itself in each episode. Example the Wave Rider is getting heavily damaged by the U boats torpedoes yet 10 seconds later it absorbs an atomic bomb explosion. Not only does it survive but remains intact at the bottom of the ocean for 70 years. Also the Time Scatter deceive used to “rescue” the crew. First splitting up the team and marooning them across time seems the best way to get them all killed. Second what was it suppposed to rescue the from in the first place? It is just lazy story telling to get characters from A to B to C.

  16. Dominique says:

    the story itself was okay, but the execution was a mess. too many things happening in one episode. the premiere should’ve ended with mick and nate going on their mission to find the rest of the legends, and have the next episode focus solely on that. instead, they reduced what could’ve been a very interesting story, to a laughable “montage” of less than 2 minutes.
    i am curious to find out what happened with rip. i certainly hope this wasn’t the end of arthur darville in a lead capacity,

  17. Mary says:

    I believe that Rip is in the future, since they couldn’t find him in the past. Or if he is in the past they couldn’t find him because he knows what he’s doing and is possibly with Jonah Hex.

    What I was left wondering last night is what happened to Oliver after Mick finished telling his story. He just seemed to vanish without any mention of him going back to the sub (that I noticed anyway) and Mick took off in the Waverider.

  18. Ninamags says:

    This was great!! I loved that the team was scattered about and I thought this would be what the majority of the season would be about: getting everyone back. It was over too quick.

    I do hope Rip comes back soon.

  19. Jake says:

    Loved the premiere. So is Rex Tyler a part of the JSA in 1942 or present day ? Also, I found it kind of funny when Oliver Queen said he didn’t have time to help, like they don’t have access a time machine. That could take him back a few minutes after he left. That bugged me a little. But excited for this season. Suspect Rip is chilling with Jonah Hex in the old West and this is just a test for the team.

  20. Sarah says:

    How is it that The Flash changing things in the past causes havoc in the future, where people have no idea something’s different, but in the same universe the Legends can make all kinds of changes and only make minor changes to the present, that people can recognize as changes?

  21. ahmad says:

    I think rip is alive because future Barry Allen from 2056 has send a secret message to rip which means he is alive in that timeline.