The Flash Spoilers

The Flash EP Previews Barry's Messy New Reality, Joe and Iris' Family Rift

Barry Allen has broken the bond between Joe and Iris — and that’s just the beginning.

During this Tuesday’s The Flash (The CW, 8/7c), the titular speedster discovers that his time-hopping altered more than just the beautiful father-daughter relationship.

“Every single character has been affected,” executive producer Todd Helbing tells TVLine, adding that Barry’s friends and family “will certainly start to realize that things were changed.”

“It’s a hard concept to wrap your head around,” the EP continues. “It’s like, ‘What do you mean I was X, as opposed to Y, in that other timeline?’ They have to process that information, and then each of them reacts in their own way.”

Will Barry learn not to mess with his loved ones’ lives? What’s got the Wests on the outs? And is a surprise return possible post-Flashpoint? Read on for answers to those big Qs and more.

The Flash SpoilersTVLINE | What can you say about the source of conflict between Joe and Iris?
All I can say is that it’s something that was born in Season 2.

TVLINE | By changing the timeline, Barry is sort of responsible for whatever is causing this disconnect between Joe and Iris. How is he handling that burden?
Not well, at first… When he comes out of Flashpoint, there are a lot of things that have affected him personally. A big thing that he has to deal with for the rest of the season is, “What am I going to do here? Am I just going to go back in time and change things every time something is different? Or am I going to be a hero that deals with the consequences?”

TVLINE | Has Barry’s relationship with Iris also changed? Do the events from the end of the Season 2 finale still hold true for both of them?
Most of them. I think in the promo, we even show that he says, “I erased both times I’ve kissed her.” [Laughs] Everything, for the most part, is the same. Relationship-wise, they’re not starting from scratch.

TVLINE | Is there a shift in their relationship?
It’s not so much a shift with them. It’s a shift in that trifecta of Joe, Iris and Barry. Now it’s like, “I have the woman I’m in love with. She and I are starting this relationship, but there’s a huge problem because she and her father don’t speak.”

TVLINE | We’ll meet Tom Felton’s character, Julian, in the next episode. How does he fit in?
We realized Barry had all-access as the only CSI in that lab. When he investigated a meta attack as a CSI, he could use that [information] to help him stop these people as The Flash. But now he has this guy who is sort of his boss, and who is on to the fact that Barry has these weird disappearances. We’re really excited about this idea of having a workplace antagonist.

The Flash SpoilersTVLINE | What can you preview about Jay Garrick’s return this Tuesday?
At the end of Season 2, when we revealed who the real Jay Garrick was, it obviously had an emotional impact on Barry. What that provides us [with] is a lot of opportunity to have Jay Garrick return and give Barry advice.

TVLINE | Finally, is dead still dead in this post-Flashpoint world? Could Eddie or someone else that’s been killed in the past be alive?
Certainly, people that were taken care of in the past could still be around, yes. But the way we’re playing with the events that have happened up to this point… the villains were all taken down the same way that they were before.

Flash fans, what do you think happened between Joe and Iris?

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  1. So is Flashpoint the reason why Laurel is back on Arrow

  2. ahmedimran1 says:

    Since the Flashpoint version of Thawne has his speed after killing Nora then that means he didn’t have to kill the real Harrison Wells from Earth 1, right? So there should be two Harrison Wells, one from Earth 1 and one from Earth 2.

    • Luis Roman says:

      We don’t know everything that’s been changed by Flashpoint, but I’m assuming the basics of Barry’s Season 1 origin story – Thawne killing Wells, creating the particle accelaraator and giving Barry his speed remain the same, especially since Tom Cavanagh is coming back as Earth 2 Wells in Ep. 3

    • xyz says:

      Think of it as parallel time lines.

  3. Joey Padron says:

    Good preview interview about new episode. Excited to watch new episode tonight!

  4. myrcellasear says:

    I really hope the rift between Iris and Joe is due to his lies about Francine last year. It was sweet of Iris to forgive him so quickly, but I’d like to see them give that story line the attention it deserved.

  5. N says:

    I am curious to see if Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow experience any subtle changes as a result of flashpoint as well, though if were to believe Reverse Flash purposely changed some things to mess with Barry, then I suppose Arrow and Legends would not suffer any timeline effects. It would be cool though if we saw a butterfly like effect on the who CW DCTV Universe, except Supergirl as shes in another universe, as a result of Barry and Reverse Flashes actions. Its kind of hard to believe something wouldn’t be effected by Flashpoint on Arrow or Legends.

  6. Lauren says:

    I am so intrigued to see this Joe Iris rift play out. Wad so disappointed with how the mom storyline played out, so keeping my fingers crossed this will be better. Love the chemistry between JLM and Candice Patton so I’m sure they will totally nail it. This season has gotten off to a great start trusting the trend continues tonight.

  7. Kat says:

    I would like for the friction between Iris and Joe to be Francine related. I think it’s great Iris is so forgiving but it was swept under the rug. When in reality him lying was a huge deal. I love the West family dynamic but I’m all for exploring this side of them. Candice and Jesse will tug at our heart strings.

    • Azerty says:

      I came here to say exactly what you said about the conflict between Joe and Iris and Francine being in the middle of it. Totally agree.

  8. Luis Roman says:

    Are we saying that after everything that happened with Zoom last season, they didn’t seal the rifts between universes after everybody was gone? Does that make sense?

  9. taran63 says:

    I don’t know about others, but I have a feeling that I’m personally going to find all the scenes with this new workplace antagonist more annoying than interesting. As in I’ll just skip or fast-forward through them.
    Because apparently to show-runners, when I’m watching a show about superheroes, what I really want to see is scenes of someone in the office monitoring how long your coffee breaks are, how many office supplies you use, and so on. That’s so much more interesting than heroes and villains fighting, or watching Barry and Iris finally build a relationship, or any of the much more interesting character interactions.

  10. Ian says:

    Interesting that he keeps referring to Felton’s character as a workplace antagonist. Obviously he’ll be a major player at some point.
    And this show would do to bring back Cosnett as Cobalt Blue. What are they waiting for.

  11. Carni611 says:

    I’m so excited to see how the Iris/Joe relationship will play out, so long I’ve been praying for the father daughter scenes & storyline that focus on them. I hope that we get to see more of Iris ‘badass ace reporter’ West. I also can’t wait to tune on Arrow 5.10 on how Laurel Lance will be introduced back to the show.

  12. Nan says:

    So far I am not on board with the way things are going. In fact, I was pretty bored with the season opener and I really irks me when they change the formula for the show and it seems to me time after time that Barry has not learned anything through this but only thinks of himself. We all have to deal with life as it happens or happened and there is no amount of changing the past….

    • ndixit says:

      I don’t get this complaint. Prior to Flashpoint, Barry has never changed time intentionally and it has never been for the worse. So it’s only natural that he wouldn’t have really learnt his lesson about not messing with time until now.

  13. CLV says:

    I’m nervous about the Joe & Iris story. After the Francine druggie story line & how they handled it I’m not sure they’ll give it the attention it deserves. It was the most solid relationship & if they’re going to pull them apart, they’d better do it justice. If they don’t I will be super upset

  14. CalebFillion says:

    wait, that was the whole Flashpoint? 30 minutes of episode 1? talk about underwhelming. i really hope tom cavanagh returns soon.. there’s something missing without him.

  15. Marc says:

    Barry refused to save Cisco’s brother because of the timeline; but he was the entire reason that Dante even died because he himself went to go save his parents. The irony and hypocrisy is real with this one. I WOULD HAVE NEVER FORGIVEN HIM! And his apology to Cisco was far from humble. Plus he let his parents die, merely because he was losing his powers. Is it me, or is Barry “the most selfish man alive.”