Samantha Bee Calls Paul Ryan a 'P---y' for Response to Trump Tape Scandal

Samantha Bee on Monday was nearly as upset with Paul Ryan as she was with Donald Trump and Billy Bush for his response to the Trump Tape scandal.

The Full Frontal host put the Speaker of the House on blast for asking that Trump “treat this situation with the seriousness it deserves,” while still refusing to strip the Republican nominee for president of his endorsement.

“[Y]our petri dish of a political party allowed America’s misogyny and racism to coagulate into a presidential nominee,” Bee argued. “In the past year, you’ve condemned Trump’s disgusting stance on Muslims, the KKK, Gold Star families, Latino judges and now women without ever withdrawing your support for his presidency. You don’t have the courage of a single one of your convictions.”

In reference to a fundraising event that Trump was supposed to attend prior to the release of the now infamous tape, Bee said Ryan was “smart to disinvite [him]… He wouldn’t have been able to resist grabbing a p—y like you.”

Watch Bee scold Paul Ryan above, then tell us if you think he’s done enough as Speaker of the House in wake of the #TrumpTape scandal.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mary says:

    Love her show she points out just how much of a hypocrite those supporting Trump really are.
    Scotty should stop talking because her ignorance is clearly. I will vote for a sexual predator before I vote for a liar, forgetting that Trump is one also. She should just be women enough to say my hatred and jealousy for her is greater than a man attacking a women.

  2. DL says:

    It’s incredible how low these supposedly devout men and women like Ryan, Pence, Ayotte, etc. will stoop just in order to ram more tax cuts for corporations and billionaires down the American people’s throats. Republicans like to talk about our high corporate tax rate, but they leave out the part where corporations still make way more money here than anywhere else in the world. The most lucrative markets are right here in the U.S.A. The arguments don’t make any sense. You create long-term growth by reinvesting, not by wringing every last drop out of your business for yourself and leaving your employees struggling.
    And before someone jumps in with “but Hillary, but Wall Street,” look at her actual record. She has always supported tax reform, Wall Street regulations, and her voting record supports that! Just saying she’s in Wall Street’s pocket doesn’t make it true if there’s no voting record to back it up. And there isn’t. She has a history of going after them and reigning them in. Here’s a little revelation: Wall Street doesn’t want our economy to tank again, either. And most intelligent people working in finance understand we need to shore up our economy, not set it up as a paper tiger by exploding the deficit the way Trump would do and letting corporations run more rampant than ever before.

    • LOL! says:

      Hillary supports “Wall Street regulations”? LOL! That’s total B.S.

      Hillary’s political game is backed by Wall Street 100%. She is a bought & paid for pawn through & through. There is so much proof, it’s funny how ignorantly dense society is in believing this woman after 30 plus years of immense & countless political scandals she has gotten away with. This woman is Satan.

      Trump maybe many things, most of all, just a bunch of talk. The Clintons on the other hand, historically say one thing then do another behind your back like the two faced scandalous frauds they are & have always been. People forget how Bill Clinton was literally hanging by thread from being impeached.

      • Lorenzo Garner says:

        Buck of DEPLORABLES

        • Unknown says:

          Buck of deplorables. Yep, that’s the Clintons for yeah.

          Thanks for proving the comment on not only showing how a Clinton supporter (which I’m assuming you are) is deplorable but even showing the hypocrisy of it.

      • Paloma says:

        Being impeached for absolutely NOTHING that had to with official government business or misconduct and that was after spending $39.5 million dollars for Kenneth Starr to investigate the Clintons. In the end it came down to the fact that Bill Clinton lied about cheating on his wife.

        But, really, why bother getting into a political argument with someone like you. Your mind is made up regardless of the facts. Just like the person who posted earlier who won’t vote for Clinton because she lied, but seems perfectly happy to vote for a Trump, who lies as easily as he breathes, with a sniff or two in between, who brags about sexually assaulting women, who has ripped off most of the contractors and small businesses that he hired to work on his properties, who declared bankruptcy multiple times after first transferring assets among his LLCs so that he came out richer and everybody else lost their shirts, who cheated on his wife and lied about it, who has bilked people out of their money through a phony university, who uses his foundation as a private piggy bank to enrich himself, pay legal judgements and avoid taxes on earning. I could go on but you probably stopped reading after the first paragraph.

        Look at Clinton’s actual record. Look at her actual Senate voting record, the official documents and not through the lens of a political web site.

        And I’m done.

        • HAP says:

          The true villains in the Lewinsky scandal were Linda Tripp and Ken Starr. The Bill/Monica thing was consensual, and there is evidence to support the idea that she started it by flirting with Bill. Her downfall was confiding in Tripp, who she thought was a friend. Tripp blew the whistle, and the rest is history. Ken Starr should be waiting tables at IHOP.

        • Jeffery Brown says:

          Thank you

      • Mary says:

        Trump is a loony mentally challenged individual and obviously so are some of his supporters. No arguing with stupidity. People who do not understand history is doomed to repeat it.

      • Annie says:

        “There is so much proof.” Please, provide it, and don’t forget to list your sources.

        • LADY_in_MD says:

          +1 for Annie’s comment
          All Trump supporters say there is so much proof 30 years worth but have no evidence to back it up

          • Joey says:

            They always insist that the truth is out there somewhere and you must be lazy if you want it given to you. But its like….Trump supporters, you’re the ones making the claim, so the burden of proof is on you. If you say something is true, then provide the facts that prove your point.

      • Temperance says:

        Actually, your comments are pretty inaccurate: it’s the same tired propaganda FOX puts out all the time. Every single elected member of the GOP in Washington has as many tries as Clinton, and they’ve been bought and paid for long ago. Stop the ludicrous false equivalencies.

      • I wasn’t aware Bill Clinton was running for president. I was also unaware that Bill bragged about his behavior the way Small Hands did. Nor was any Clinton the POS that reports show Trump was, including the stiffed contractors and rooting for the housing crisis. Good luck, LOLI, you’re really backing a loser!

  3. Unknown says:

    Samantha Bee is a far left lunatic one sided joke who spews hypocrisy & ignorant liberal bias out of her rear. Why doesn’t she talk about Bill Clinton’s numerous sexual predator advance assaults that he actually acted on? Or how about Hillary Clinton making personal threats to one of Bill’s sexual assaulted female victims? Yeah, she don’t talk about those now? Samantha Bee is a hypocritical & prejudicial fraud.

    • Gwen Loomis says:

      I am beyond tired of people who talk about things that may never have happened. Hillary made personal threats? Where’s your evidence? We have plenty of evidence on tape and video of all of the vile things Trump has said, and yet there are still people who think he’s Presidential material. Who wants to leave a daughter or granddaughter in a room with him alone? Nobody I know. But then I know a lot of smart people.

      • Unknown says:

        Where is the evidence? Go do the research. Hillary’s threats are vastly well-documented. If you can’t do your own research & it must be fed to you? Then you’re exactly the problem on why political leaders & the media get away with what they do. But then again, you probably don’t believe the Email scandal, the Clinton foundation scandal, & the countless other things the Clintons have done & continue to do. Nope, you just keep believing what the media wants you to believe. Go educate yourself for a change.

        By the way, when did I say Trump is Presidential material? I never did. Proof, that you are ignorant in what you know & what I said.

        • Mary says:

          The only Clinton foundation scandal are what is reported by Fox news and alt right TV. They have A+ rating. Maybe you should get some education because the only one found guilty of pay to play is the Trump himself. Have you forgotten about paying off AG in Florida. I could go on but it is obvious you believe in Trump’s smoke and mirrors. Vote for the clueless man behind the curtain because by the looks of it he is going down.

          • Chris says:

            To be fair, Charity Navigator itself a member of the Clinton Global Initiative between 2012 and 2014. Kinda like a teacher checking her kids homework.

        • Funny, but I was under the impression that Donald Trump was the Republicans’ choice for president of the United States. If you’re not a Republican, then congratulations. BTW, there is no proof that Clinton broke the law in either the e-mail fiasco or the foundation’s problems. Of course, this may not register with you….

    • Mary says:

      BILL is not running what part do you minions not comprehend. Deflect, deflect, deflect.
      Hate to break it to you but your good leader stood by him and criticize the women so again he is a sexual predator. The hypocrites are people like you trying to justify this chauvinist pig with mommy issues.

      • Lorenzo Garner says:

        They part of that bucket of deplorables, not able to understand

        • Collette says:

          Hillary called Trump supporters a BASKET of deplorables. She called Bernie supporters a BUCKET of losers. Just to clarify.

          • Paul D says:

            Why doesn’t she use the expression “radical tub of idiots” instead of basket of deplorables?

          • Mary says:

            Because deplorable sound more intelligent than idiot. She apologize but quite frankly I think she gave them more credit than she should because I think it is more than half. Many probably had to look up what the word meant.

      • Unknown says:

        Of course Bill isn’t running fool but if you can’t grasp the hypocrisy then clearly, you’re not bright.

        Also, who said Trump is my leader? I didn’t. I didn’t even state anything about Trump. You are just ignorantly assuming I’m for Trump just because I’m ripping into Hillary & Bee.

        Thanks for proving my point in showing your deplorable ignorance. Oops…the hypocrisy yet again on your part.

        • Mary says:

          I don’t know the name calling and insults usually is the first clue. Personally I don’t care who you are voting but I stand by post. Maybe one should do some self reflecting.

        • Lala says:

          So if u clearly know that Bill isn’t running…so why is Hillary being attacked using BC’s supposed, unproven actions! Hillary was not wrong when she said deplorables smh

    • Paloma says:


    • Annie says:

      Not exactly sure what’s hypocrisy she’s spewing, much less why she’s ignorant. Why doesn’t she talk about Bill Clinton’s past and this supposed Hillary accusation? Well,
      A) it’s already been well documented, Bill Clinton was already impeached and acquitted of perjury and obstruction, his law license suspended, and anyone alive in the late 90s saw it all unfold on tv and in the media. Voters should already know their history, and if they feel this is relevant to their vote on Hillary Clinton’s competency as President, they can already make a judgment call.
      B) the only people reporting on Hillary threatening the women Bill Clinton was involved with is Trump and Fox News. Unless you count Broaddrick (whose affidavit during the Bill Clinton case denied any sexual misconduct to begin with).
      What can be found is the June 2016 filing of a federal lawsuit in New York accusing Donald Trump (and Jeffrey Epstein) of rape of a minor.

  4. Chris says:

    Wow, her ratings are going to crash November 10th. No one will want to watch “Hillary is great” TV, and no one in Hollywood will dare to criticize the first female President of the United States. .

  5. Tom says:

    Does she point out how much of a hypocritical pivot she is? Does everyone like that? Everyone ready for her to be pushed off the air because of her negative insults and backhanded negativity? No? Huh. It is funny how “bad people” get the harsh treatment, but it is always “who” is getting the shady that determines the level of outrage. If this was a story about the provenue criminal and liar that is hillary clinton …. you guys would be screaming about how it is a small deal and we should not get personal. But I guess when your own attics are thrown in your face …. you react like poor losers with the most sour of grapes

  6. Lorenzo Garner says:

    I think he should totally stop all support for that maggot

  7. Djohnson says:

    Someone fire this dumb bitch.

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      Wow really? So it’s ok for the Fox News and Breibart and Drudge to go after Hilary and her supporters but if Samantha Bee does it against Trump than she is a dumb b****???

  8. The entire episode, Sam Bee was in top form. Everybody was looking for her to take the issue home and she did it brilliantly. It was hilarious. I might have to watch again for the subtle stuff you almost missed like in the PR firm bit having Clarence Thomas as “a friend on the court.”

  9. Coop says:

    I really can’t wait until after this election is over. It’s pure torture all the way around with the two worst, most disliked Presidential candidates in history. Regarding Bee, she’s just not funny. As for Ryan, his only focus as Speaker is to ensure Republicans retain control of the House to check a Clinton Presidency. Trump is a lost cause and everybody knows it. Now the Congressional leadership just has to avoid rocking the boat so there’s not a split among Trump/non-Trump voters on election day. If there is, not only would the Presidency and Senate go blue, but should could the House. Now that would be a disaster. I’ve always believed Trump was a plant and had one goal: destroy the Republican party from within. He’s done absolutely nothing to suggest otherwise.

  10. Gary Stautzenberger says:

    Reading all these comments makes me sad that people are getting so angry over these two idiots. Hillary has lied about the emails and other things and Trump is exactly what he has been since day one. Our counrty os more divided then i have ever seen and this election is like watching Jerry Springer. For the next debate i think they should put a chair on stage. That way trump can say the 30,000 emails are avout him and Hillary hooking up and bill can hit him with a chair. This election is a joke.. 350 plus million people in the United States and this is what it comes down to.. I feel sorry for us as a country. People are laughing at us and its just not funny anymore