Billy Bush Apology Donald Trump Video

Billy Bush Apologizes for Role in Trump Video: 'I'm Embarrassed and Ashamed'

Billy Bush has regrets about playing along with Donald Trump.

The current Today show co-host, seen laughing along with Trump as the Republican presidential nominee makes sexist comments on a just-released video, issued a statement of apology on Friday.

“Obviously I’m embarrassed and ashamed,” Bush said in a statement. “It’s no excuse, but this happened eleven years ago – I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along. I’m very sorry.” (Note: Billy Bush was 33 years old when the video was made.)

The video currently creating a political firestorm is from 2005, when Bush was a host for Access Hollywood and Trump was doing a guest spot on the NBC soap Days of Our Lives. In it, the newly married Trump talks openly about hitting on a married woman (“I did try and f–k her”) — who turns out to be Bush’s Access Hollywood co-host Nancy O’Dell — and says being a celebrity allows him to do whatever he wants to women: “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the p—y.”

Bush, for his part, giggled throughout the conversation and even threw in a few questionable comments of his own, saying Trump’s Days co-star Arianne Zucker was “hot as s–t” and asking her to hug Trump and himself when they met.

NBC, Bush’s current employer, had no comment on the video or Bush’s role in it. But a Today show source speaking with CNN called the situation “brutal.”

Should Billy Bush keep his job at Today following the release of this video? Hit the comments and make your voice heard.


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  1. Wtactualf says:

    Billy Bush is a pig too.

  2. TJ says:

    Today show needs to can him. I stopped watching the 9 o’clock hour (or at least having it on in the background while I do other things) because they hired him. If he ever fills in at the 7 o’clock hour, I will switch channels. I refuse to watch him. He is the reason I didn’t watch all of the Olympic coverage this year too.

  3. HiFromNNC says:

    I think he really appeals to the younger generation; I’m a Matt Lauer fan, but that’s me. I think when he and Al go, I’ll probably move to another new source.

  4. Tyler says:

    If this footage were current I would agree his actions should most certainly be penalized. While he is a pig, if a person cannot be charged with a felony after 11 years, he shouldn’t be laid off from a new job over this. I will choose not to watch the Today show but I don’t feel like the network has the right to can him.

    • padraicjacob says:

      I would agree, except at the time he was the host Access Hollywood, which is also an NBC show

      • Fairmont1955 says:

        Except this isn’t just about charges. Supporting rape culture should be against any morality clause he had to sign. And, given that morning show’s key demographics are women, this is a terrible way to try to appeal to them.

    • dman6015 says:

      “I will choose not to watch the Today show…”

      That is why they may fire him. Lose too many viewers and your job is definitely in jeopardy.

  5. Eileen Muellet says:

    I am appalled by Bush’s adolescent snickering he should be fired immediately
    It is disgusting and abusive and despicable Trump should disappear

  6. Jakay says:

    They can fire his not-so-hot butt anytime they feel like it. And they should do that immediately. He’s an embarrassment to Today. Buh bye!

    • tvfan says:

      He should be encouraged to resign, saving the network the backlash. Seeing him still on the Today is so inappropriate, he needs to disappear for awhile.

    • Liz says:

      Totally agree with all the comments above. This is not about being a hater, but about being offended since the 60’S by male piggies.

  7. LaLa says:

    Aww… the snowflakes are all atwitter, as if they are all prim and proper in their own lives. What a joke. Men talk smack, and women are just as good at it. This goes into the ‘whatever’ file.

    • Fairmont1955 says:

      Sweetie, sorry you don’t understand what rape culture is or how enabling it is wrong. And, guess what? Guess many of us were raised WAY better than you because we know that’s wrong.

    • wgsecretary says:

      LaLa, you are wrong. No one here is claiming to be perfect because we don’t support sexual assault or sexual harassment. You don’t have to be prim and proper to know that sex crimes are wrong.

    • NJGIRL says:

      You are clearly clueless. If you think that conversation was “smack” maybe you are watching/ listening to something different than the rest of us.

  8. Mar Felix says:

    Billy Bush should be fired. I have no respect for him and will never tune in to his show.
    As far as Donald Trump is concerned, I hope anyone who thought about voting for him, will think twice.

  9. GeoDiva says:

    If he had any class he would resign.

  10. Doris Brown says:

    See ya, Billy. Good bye.

  11. Luis Roman says:

    Less mature? He was thirty-goddamn-three!! Get him off the Today show!

    • Barbara Allen says:

      Who watches the Today Show anymore? Good Lord. They have Billy Bush on that show? Not for long. What a pig.

  12. Chaz says:

    Fire him. He never should have been hired in the first place. He is annoying and the reason I refuse to tune into the Today show.

  13. ste says:

    give me 1 minute with this Bush Guy in a room alone and he would be crying for His Mommy
    what a sad sack !

  14. Dr Geneva Harris says:

    Perhaps that was a bit of Bravdo to empress other men, I think he feels different now. He should apolize now,

  15. Carla says:

    Never have been a fan of Billy. Don’t like him on The Today Show, fired him today! He didn’t have to join in with Donald Trump!

  16. Cas says:

    I think the real issue is everyone wants him canned but Trump is off the hook? I think this coming from a potential President is way more concerning than some 30 something talk show host.

  17. Anne says:

    And this is the problem with toxic masculinity and men like Trump. He’s the loudest in the room so everyone follows. When misogynists do crap to women (like in the video), other men follow.

  18. Collette says:

    This is so much ado about nothing. No one has any illusions about how guys talk when they’re stag. The Clinton wiki leaks are more damaging. I’m no fan of Trump, but Hillary can’t be allowed to appoint the next 1-3 Supreme Court justices. As for Billy, he’s a paid glad hander/yes man. No biggie.

  19. just pisseed says:

    Oh, Christ, who cares. They are men talking like most MEN talk. If you’re a guy and say you haven’t ever talked like that, you’re a flat out liar. If you’re a woman who is married to a man and are upset, you should go home and slap your husband. He has said it too.

    • Dryden says:

      I am a man, and part of the reason why is because I have never thought nor said anything like this. I expect better from my friends and family, too.

      Sad people like you keeping the cycle going are the problem. MEN stand up to this and demand better.

      • Bob Lamm says:

        Thanks, Dryden. As is clear above, some men can’t even imagine men who don’t love and join in rape culture. That misogynist world is all they know. Sad.

      • ggraves says:

        Mr Dryden thank you for your comments. It is very important that complicitous behavior be called out. Most men wont call out other men. Sir you are a decent human being among men and I applaud you and feel quite ashamed of women and men saying boys will be boys.
        They will as long as they get a pass.

    • Joey says:

      Oh a supporter of rape culture on the internet. How did it take you so long to comment?

    • Ben says:

      +1. Where did all this hypocrisy come from?. It was all a really stupid joke! (funny or not that’s subjective.. but it was just silly talk in a informal context, just like when we childish men talk in PRIVATE with REAL friends about everyhing.. and i state REAL friends ’cause with real friends you are able to say anything WRONG without censorship)…. and come’on!… they don’t even give them the chance to LIE and ACT extremely PC like the rest of the media does in front of camera. I’ll always preffer “real people” that make this kinda dumb mistakes 10 years ago (in another era, previous the current pc dictatorship) instead of fake politicians. With a simple apology is more than enought IMO…there is no need to make an inquisition about it.

  20. Roxanna Chalfant says:

    Lose his job. They let Ann Curry go for being to nice. Billy Bush will keep his job. (Bad boys always do) No more Today Show.

  21. S says:

    Fire him because of a comment he made 11 years ago? Seriously??

    Everyone in this comment section requesting his head, get a grip for god sakes. People talk, people joke, people are sometimes offensive, especially in this day and age when everyone is offended by everything including private conversations. Sometimes people are going to say things that might offend you. Grow up, brush it off and move on. Or retreat to your safe space and stay there.

    • Fairmont1955 says:

      Rape culture isn’t a joke. Men should be better than that – and if they aren’t, then women shouldn’t be subjected to it. Sorry you lack values.

    • Bob Lamm says:

      Sorry, but you’re the one who needs to “grow up” and face the ugliness of rape culture.

      • S says:

        Bob, please follow fairmont over to buzzfeed as well. There’s nothing wrong with not being politically correct ALL the time.

        • Bob Lamm says:

          Sorry, but I don’t take my marching orders from anonymous strangers. There is nothing wrong with not being politically correct all the time. But there IS plenty wrong with your offensive comments.

    • Joey says:

      Here, let me translate what you said: “I fully support Donald Trump after he has admitted to sexually assaulting countless women over his 70 years of life.”
      Let’s start with the “more benign” part of his statement. “I just kiss women. I don’t even wait.” If you kiss a woman without their permission, that is sexual assault. You can argue all you want, but that’s the law.
      “You can do whatever you want. You can grab them in the p***y.” Now, if you didn’t think that kissing a woman against her will was sexual assault, I can only assume you would agree that groping a woman’s genitals against her will definitely is. And you seem to be okay with that. Remind me to turn around and walk the other way if I ever see you in real life.

    • Jamie says:

      I personally am not calling for him to be fired for statements he made over a decade ago, but your employer absolutely has the right to get rid of an employee that taints their message or their brand – NBC is not known for being cool with things like sexual assault or harassment. In addition, if they decide that this is sufficient evidence of harassment against another NBC employee (Arianne Zucker), he will likely face consequences (quite possibly termination). You can claim all you want that people are offended by everything, but you also can’t say whatever the hell you want at work and not expect consequences. The individual who doesn’t understand that is the one who needs to grow up.

    • TodayWatcher says:

      No, fire him because he sucked as the 9a host. This piggish controversy just helps the decision to can him as he will cause Today to lose even move viewers than they already have since they brought him on. Why they moved Willie and/or Carson out of this role makes no sense as they are two funny, likeable, sharp-witted normal guys. Billy is a weak wannabe.

  22. Fairmont1955 says:

    Thanks for supporting rape culture so you can kiss ass to famous people, BB! You are no better than Trump.

  23. TW says:

    Bring back Willie Geist. Replacing him with Billy Bush was the worst decision ever. I love Tamron but that wasn’t enough to keep me tuned in at 9.

  24. Kathie says:

    He should be fired. I stopped watching the 9:00 hour when they hired him. I also change the channel if he is covering for Kathie Lee. this makes sure I do not watch even if bored with the competing channels.

  25. Debbie Paez says:

    Bush is just as bad and he encouraged and perpetuated the conversation ! He was old enough to know better! At least Trump doesn’t pretend to be anything but what he is: a total pig! Bush acts like a descent person on the outside but the inside heart is vile. Will never watch anything that he appears on again!

  26. Paloma says:

    Embarrassed and ashamed because he got caught. He certainly didn’t seem embarrassed or ashamed at the time. Let us hope, as it was 11 years ago, that he’s grown and matured and become accustomed to the idea that woman are people. Trump certainly has not.

  27. Tony Lang says:

    2 men talked smack in private about a woman who’s paid to be eye candy on TV 11 years ago. In other news, thousands of people’s homes and lives are being destroyed by a massive natural disaster. But enough about that, back to the scandal of guys being guys.

  28. Cassie says:

    Why do people seem to have regrets only when their awful deeds are exposed. If you do it, own it. That’s the real you.

  29. Michael says:

    Gross! They’re both gross!!!! Women deserve much better. Bush’s comments when they got off the bus are reprehensible!

  30. Barbara Allen says:

    You are not sorry. You are done. Over. DWTS cannot hire as a contestant because you are below their bottom. Go be an asshole in another country.

  31. Sienna says:

    Any other “The Soup” fans hear the name Billy Bush and think of that clip they would always show where he says, “It’s gross”? Seems quite apropos at the moment.

  32. Georgia sands says:

    Talk about bill clintons actual rapes, not trumps words, and why hillary didnt feel this was ‘horrific’ when her husbsnd was in the white house and she was demeaning the women he raped while previously defending other child rapists

  33. Joe says:

    Eleven years ago. ELEVEN YEARS AGO, an off color joke was made, by SOMEONE ELSE, and this guy has to apologize. This country is an insane asylum.

    • Jenna says:

      I didn’t hear an off color joke, but rather admissions of repeated pattern of sexual assault. Anyone who laughs and jokes around when someone confesses to them that they regularly assault women is not a good person in my book.

  34. Georgia sands says:

    CNN spending hours only on this video ignoring the release of clinton wall street speeches. Ignoring hillary clinton defense of child rapists, ignoring actual violations and rapes by her husband while in white house. So trump in private conversation 11 yrs ago demonizing women is worse than her husband raping women and having sex with 24 year old interns while in white house? And her defending his rapes and calling his victims bimbos and looney toons and liars is not horrific? Give me a break.

    • Collette says:

      Hillary supporters don’t watch news channels. They watch sports, QVC, soap operas, The Talk, the CW or Real Housewives of wherever. Or the TV is babysitting their gov. benefits qualifiers.

      • Carm says:

        Don’t watch any of that stuff. Also have a very good but demanding job so no time to watch this stuff. Also not getting any of those government benefits that you seem to know more about. I did take the time to vote however.

      • ninamags says:

        Oh, honey, you have that COMPLETELY backwards. It’s the Trump followers who are the white trash. Uneducated, bigoted, uninformed and racist.

  35. Mar says:

    Less mature? He was 33. At what point do you become mature enough to know that isn’t right? When you are caught?

  36. Dansza says:

    His character as most tv personas are lewd and lacivious as a norm. It’s just illusion what we see on the tube. Still we need someone to take the fall so, off with his head. Billy Bush ya gone.

  37. TV Gord says:

    When I was 17 (1979), I worked in a convenience store and this guy would come in many nights and go on and on with his bravado stories that seemed mostly like bullcrap. One night, though, and came in and was ranting and raving about his landlord, whom he said was in a wheelchair, and that he was an a-hole who was bugging him all the time. He said he was going to kill that guy, his landlord.

    I listened to this guy every night and never gave his tough talk much thought. When he said he wanted to kill his landlord, I didn’t give it any real consideration. I figured it was just another story among hundreds he had told.

    I got home that night, though, and it was on the late news that a landlord (who was wheelchair-bound) had been killed by a tenant. It was that guy (whom I never saw again).

    Damn, I thought. Should I have tried to calm him down? Should I have called the cops? All of the armchair-quarterback thoughts went through my head, and I have never really gotten over the thought that I could have somehow stopped it.

    This Billy Bush story reminds me of that. He was “playing along” to get the story that his bosses wanted him to get. Should he have done something? Sure, but how many of us would have at his young age? We can be all brave now, with the benefit of hindsight, but when you’re in a situation, you just have no idea what consequences are around the corner.

    I’m not a fan of his, nor have I ever watched his show, but I don;’t think he is deserving of the pitchforks-and-torches crowd who are so prevalent on social media these days. Take a breath and walk a mile in his shoes.

    • Sara says:

      Young age? He was 33 when this interview occured. And it is particularly hypocritical to me considering he was just saying that Ryan Lochte needs to grow up for drunkenly peeing in bushes and ripping a poster then embellishing the details (when quite frankly Bush didn’t do his job as a journalist and make sure his interview subject wasn’t drunk) while he himself was condoning sexual harrassment and assault when he was one year older tham Lochte currently is.

      • TV Gord says:

        Excellent point. I didn’t realize he was 33. I purposely don’t watch any of those quasi-entertainment shows, so I know very little about him. I think when I was 33, I wouldn’t have stood for Trump’s garbage. I appreciate your comment, Sara. Thanks!

        • Bob Lamm says:

          So next time–before you trash the “pitchforks and torches crowd” who have been so critical of Billy Bush, of whom I am one–how about checking your facts? Or do you prefer to trash people first and check the facts later?

  38. CK says:

    No wonder he was so lenient on Lochte. Apparently, he thinks that 30 year old men are adolescents.

  39. Tom says:

    Billy was wrong. He needs to apologize on air. Fired? Who cares? The issue is Trump. You can’t show your disgust by changing the channel on the president. Worrying about if Bush keeps his job or not takes away from the important side of that conversation

  40. John NYC says:

    “When you’re a star, they let you do it”

    Extraordinarily fine Christian role model. A Republican woman Senatos say’s so. For “the children”.

  41. Sharon E Mulloy says:

    He’ll probably keep his job but he can also probably kiss being the next Matt Lauer goodbye

  42. Robert J Garcia says:

    Yes it was wrong! It happened 11 years ago & now we are just hearing bout now because of Trump running for president now. Just like his taxes which everyone is making a big thing bout, there’s a lot more serious stuff need to be talk bout than a 11 year old video & taxes!!! That’s why everything is so mess up in today’s world because people rather worry bout things that really don’t matter. This video should’ve been dealt with 11 years ago not now it’s irrelevant!!

    • Jamie says:

      It’s irrelevant that a presidential nominee was caught on camera talking about the ways in which he sexually assaults women?

  43. MLD says:

    Billy Bush is a jerk for going along with Drumpf’s disgusting comments but it would be a travesty if this tape didn’t once and for all convince people that Trump does not have the temperament and basic moral compass to become President. I am borderline if Bush gets fired but he should not be the scapegoat with teflon Donald getting away with his misogyny and egotism .

  44. parstl says:

    Bully Bush was a public figure and journalist (though not a good one) and he should face the music. It’s certainly an embarrassment for his employer and family. He should at least be suspended for a period, forced to undergo counseling or sensitivity training and demoted if he is ever reinstated.
    Trump is simply disqualified from the office he seeks. Enough is enough. Bill Clinton was never this bad and at least supported women’s rights in his policies and legislative agenda. He was an admitted sex addict and I can’t recall his extramarital partners ever portraying hin in this type of predatory manner. I think he at least least likes women, and it is clear Trump doesn’t.

    • Independent says:

      Bill Clinton was accused of rape by more than one woman and paid a huge settlement to another for attacking her. Then his wife, rather than kicking him to the curb, vilified the women involved calling them bimbos and basically trying to ruin their reputations and life. Bill Clinton is not running for President and when he did people didn’t care and gave him a pass. What Trump did/said was reprehensible. What Hillary Clinton did/said in her most recently released speeches was likewise reprehensible. NBC has gleefully pointed out that Trump is horrible but he had a cohort Billy Bush who gave a weak apology. Let’s see how that is reported.

      • grazelled says:

        Bill Clinton will go down in history for getting impeached for his actions so something did happen to him. Lots of people cared throughout his presidency.

  45. Terry Joyce says:

    At the Christmas dinner for the Bush family I think Billy will get greeted very warmly. A Bush took Trump down…..Nice!

  46. tahimar says:

    Both should step down. Pigs!

  47. Marie says:

    I have disliked Billy Bush ever since he personally attacked Mackenzie Phillips for revealing her truth about incest. Not wanting to hear it does not make it a lie.

  48. G.schroer says:

    Birds and their feathers flock together Billy bush is just as guilty as Donald Trump. He was amused by Donald Trump’s comments he should resign from television

  49. I am glad Trump is willing to issue an apology, the bigger issue is the lasting effects for his campaign. Donald Trump will be subject to harsh criticism by Hillary Clinton. It may be too late for him to turn this around.

    • MLD says:

      The half-hearted apology is not sincere, just something his campaign told him to do. Whether he wins or loses, he’ll continue with the same abhorrent behavior, just not be stupid enough to say it on video. He thinks he can get away with anything because he is a celebrity. He’s not sorry for how he habitually treats women, just for being caught

      • Joey says:

        If he was actually sincere in his apology, that’s all it would have been. he wouldn’t have turned it into an attack on the Clinton family halfway through. It was disgusting, and it reeked of sounding like a plea bargain to me. “Okay, I’ll apologize. I mean, I didn’t do anything wrong, but I’ll do it. But I’m going to say something about the Clintons too! That’s the only way I’ll do it!”

    • NH says:

      The half-hearted apology is not sincere, just something his campaign told him to do. Whether he wins or loses, he’ll continue with the same abhorrent behavior, just not be stupid enough to say it on video. He thinks he can get away with anything because he is a celebrity. He’s not sorry for how he habitually treats women, just for being caught

  50. MMD says:

    I’m sure that Billy Bush’s 3 daughters and wife are really impressed with Daddy. Great way to set an example. smdh
    As for his young age, well he has been married since 1999 so he thought he was mature enough for that.