greys anatomy season 13 episode 3 recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: True Lies

In Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Nathan suggested the unthinkable to Meredith: Why don’t they just tell Maggie the truth about them? Instead, Derek’s widow doubled down on her lie and came up with a pretty funny alternative way to defuse the situation. What was it? Read on and find out!

‘BE A SISTER, SISTER!’ | As “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker” began, Maggie was complaining to Mer and Alex that she’d “ruined work” by asking out Nathan. Now “his ‘no’ is always going to be there like a bloated corpse,” she said. Grey, a little too obviously, didn’t even want to discuss the matter. “This isn’t a real problem,” she insisted. “You’re making it one.” Later, after Riggs threw out to Mer his “crazy” idea about being honest with her half sister, Grey decided that he should go out with Maggie after all. Only, on their date, he should turn off the charm. In other words, as he put it, “be a jerk… with bad breath.” Yes, exactly! Funnily enough, even as Mer kept her one-night stand at arm’s length, sparks flew between them. They even bonded on a deeper level when he admitted that he dreamed of waking up to find Megan alive and well, and she reluctantly confessed that in her version of the dream, Derek knocked at the door and apologized for being gone so long — he’d just lost his keys was all. Finally, toward the end of the episode, Amelia — having been filled in by Maggie on Mer’s disinterest in discussing her love life —instructed her sister-in-law to start lending an ear… or else. “Don’t make me move back in,” the new Mrs. Hunt playfully threatened. (Of course, no way was Amelia moving back in since, she noted, “married sex is dirtier than I expected.”) Alas, Grey passed up yet another opportunity to be straight with Pierce when the latter asked, “Any guy you’re into?” Oh, Mer!

‘DO I NEED TO MOVE?’ | Back from visiting Callie in New York, Arizona was awkwardly reunited at Grey Sloan with Andrew, who told her that his condition was “better than it looks.” Later, her roommate revealed that, although no one said it aloud, he could tell that everyone was mad at him for getting Alex in hot water. Assuming that Robbins was angry with him, too, he feared that she’d want him to move out. To reassure him that that wasn’t the case, she gave him a sweet hug. Alex, on the other hand, she was ticked at — for not returning her calls and texts, and on top of that, risking “the career that I helped you build.” Initially, Karev was so sick of being lectured that he told her to “shut up and back off.” But, as the hour concluded, he promised her that he was “gonna do whatever it takes” — including do his time at the clinic — in hopes of getting back to work at the hospital.

‘THE HAMMER WILL FALL’ | As the victims of a seven-car pileup were brought into Grey Sloan — of all things, a funeral procession had been hit — Miranda asked Ben to go pick up Tuck from school, where he’d struck another student. When Warren protested that the ER had been transformed by the accident into “a hot mess of art,” his wife stopped asking and instead told him to go get their son. Once the boy was at Grey Sloan, Ben couldn’t understand why Bailey wasn’t punishing him. She would, she said. She was just tired of dropping the hammer at work and at home. “You need a bad cop,” he deduced. “Deputize me.” Turned out, Warren was a pretty good bad cop. Exaggerating the story of what happened when Alex attacked Andrew — and using pics of DeLuca’s initial injuries to illustrate his point — Tuck’s dad seemed to convince the kid never to hit anyone again.

greys anatomy season 13 episode 3 recap‘TODAY I FROZE A WART’ | As Alex did his best to combat the monotony of his work at the clinic, April, too, yearned for the rush that she got from the ER — so much so that she showed up at Grey Sloan with Harriet in tow. Since the new mom’s incision had healed, she was supposed to move around, so why not move around the hospital? she reasoned. Also, as she confessed to Jackson, “I did not know a miracle could be so boring.” Naturally, things in the ER were anything but boring. In fact, at one point, the widow of the fellow whose funeral procession had gone so awry keeled over and died herself. And then came back to life! And it turned out that the couple’s long-estranged, pregnant daughter was the driver who ran into the hearse. So ya kinda had to feel for Kepner. How could changing diapers compete with that?!?

So, what did you think of “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker”? Glad to have Arizona back? Befuddled about why Mer isn’t doing damage control with Maggie by fessing up to her tryst with Nathan? Hit the comments.

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  1. Jill says:

    Why can’t Maggie go away? Has she ever had a scene where she wasn’t whining? I’d take Izzy back over her. She is horrible.

  2. Kathy Bergeron says:

    I really want to like Maggie– I do– but she is not being written well. The only character less likeable is Jo– but it is a close race. Meredith also could be showing better judgment. I have hopes that things will work out, but it feels like this season is having trouble getting off the launching pad.

    • JM says:

      Totally agree. I get Maggie is a bit of a sensitive character, I do. However, for someone who has stated herself she was engaged to a guy she felt was “just kinda there” and then dating another doctor, who was not interested given her type of personality just doesn’t show that type of sensitivity. She met Andrew who she cared for deeply, then they just ended, without any further meaning. All of a sudden, she falls for Nathan. Sorry, but all I am seeing was the writer’s room saying, “I’ve got an idea for drama, drama, drama”. This type of nature of how Meredith is going about it just not very Meredith. And Maggie’s statement in the season premiere to Meredith of, “don’t ever lie to me again” was such a way of saying, “well, I am gonna find out about Nathan and we’re gonna fight for half a season but then we’ll be over it”. Sorry, but we’ve seen this before. Get it together Greys!

    • Sme says:

      Ok This is what annoys me.. Maggie is ANNOYING, I could not agree more – she’s completely selfish, whiny and thinks of no one but herself. And her problems are so childish. Yet some people at still defend her.

      But Jo gets ENDLESS ridiculous hate, and people seem to completely disregard her perspectives or even try and understand her. What Exsctly has She done that other people haven’t done before, or that’s so bad people can’t see her side? The girl was abused for god sakes, and her only crime is being too terrified to tell the person she loves the truth. She is the only one people cut NO slack for, and it’s beyond unfair.

      • Sarah says:

        It would help if she would stop whining for 5 minutes. She is simply too much. She needs to leave already and stop with the non stop pity party.

      • Jamie says:

        Nah, dude. Maggie is annoying on a super basic level (like eyeroll, can you stop talking), but Jo is mess with people’s lives crappy. And while Maggie may be a whiner, Jo throws napalm on situations and then turns around and plays the victim when it suits her. And still finds time to whine. She did it with the Alex/dad situation, she did it when she tried to blow up Steph’s working relationship with Amelia last season, she did it with the situation that she and Alex were in before he went crazy on DeLuca (the violence was 100% his fault though). And holy crap, the entirety of season 12 was her whining to everyone about Meredith instead of doing something about it herself. She even got angry at Alex at one point for not fixing her work problem for her. Now that’s pathetic.
        I can completely see her side of this current storyline as someone who suffered abuse. But that doesn’t excuse her behavior. Just like Alex’s history of growing up in a physically abusive household doesn’t excuse his violence. And the worst part is she is acting like Alex’s actions exist in a vacuum and that he is the only person who messed up. That’s why people don’t like her. Not because they don’t see her side, but because she has been ridiculous for a long time.

        • Ariah says:

          Jamie you are absolutely right. I don’t blame Jo for the mess that Alex created. but I do blame her for being in a relationship with Alex this long, when she KNEW that she couldn’t trust him with her past. She wasted his time. He wanted kids, a marriage and she could not give that to him, so why be in this relationship?????? And you are right Maggie is the kind of annoying that is cute and bearable, and that’s because she is much younger than most of her colleagues and she never got to have a proper childhood, she was a child prodigy, she is still maturing. But Jo has been horribly written and acted out since she was introduced in season 9. She has never owned up to her mistakes, when she nearly ruined Stephanie and Amelia’s relationship, when she whined about Meredith for an entire season before doing something about it. When she was completely insenstive to Stephanie’s pain after she was dumped by Jackson… and all Jo could talk about was if she was engaged to Alex or not.

    • Kaya says:

      I assume the writers are remembering (and writing appropriately) that Maggie is very young. She was some kind of child prodigy, which is why she heads up the cardio dept now but she’s at least five years younger than Meredith (based on how old Meredith was when she was born). She never bonded with her peers, so she has an immaturity about her. Brilliant doctor, but not so much with the social skills.

  3. Zee says:

    Meredith has always been a bit selfish. Remember her temper tantrums when her so called best friend Christina was besting her in her research work? This is such nasty behavior, yuck!

  4. DarkDefender says:

    Someone else needs to come in for Maggie and they need to let Mer and McKiwi sizzle.

  5. Zee says:

    As much as people dislike Maggie. Please admit when Meredith is in the wrong. I liked Maggie but Tate way they a writing her has not been good. She’s like a little boy-crazy teenager !

  6. Zee says:

    Damn spell check!

  7. Jake L. says:

    OK so…how long until we find out that Megan is alive and well? Presumably that’s the next thing after Mer and Nathan are eventually outed, right?

  8. A3rynSun76 says:

    I feel like Maggie is gonna have a rough year which totally sucks for everyone. She had a few great episodes where I really bonded with her, but I want her to shut up as much as Mer wants her to. On that note, Mer should have told her she slept with Riggs. It would have been a really easy conversation if she told Maggie when Maggie shared her feelings about him. Now that Mer has let her stew in weird pain for weeks and that could be irreparable (it won’t be, but I’m going to be annoyed by the six episode rift arc).

    Regardless, I feel like Grey’s came back tonight. I laughed and cried. I think I was concerned about Grey’s with Arizona but w/o Callie. I’m not anymore. Arizona’s dealing with the roommate v. Karev was absolutely what needed to happen to put the situation in perspective. The woman risen from the dead was classic Grey’s style and Stephanie’s enthusiasm reminded me of the original interns.

  9. flick says:

    knicker elastic graze anatomy

  10. As says:

    How long does c-section incision take to heal. My laparoscopic hernia scar took two weeks to heal and I know every case is different but still. Because previous episode said April won’t be able to hold baby for six (?) weeks. Is it been six weeks in grey’s universe. There was a whole scene/point about that and April & Jackson moving in.

    • Anna says:

      It wasn’t a regular c-section though. Ben sliced her open at Mer’s house using kitchen tools without any medication or supplies he would have in an operating room. And then her incision opened up later, and she needed wound therapy.
      Also a laparoscopic surgery has a tiny incision site compared to a c-section. I believe a regular c-section takes around 6 weeks to heal, but that’s given ideal circumstances, which April did not have.

    • Lisa Echerd says:

      8 weeks is the typical maternity leave for a C-section and as pointed out, this was hardly the typical delivery.

  11. fiberlicious says:

    This ridiculousness with Meredith refusing to tell Maggie the truth must stop. It’s insulting the viewers’ intelligence. Intelligence apparently not possessed by the writers of this track.

  12. Esther says:

    Meredith has always been a psycho she’s not going to change as far as I can tell because people keep watching her crazy ass. I think the new guy should run!
    she’ll treat him worse than she treated poor McDreamy. Gosh i miss him!!

  13. Amurp says:

    That episode was really not worth watching. I was expecting something much better.

  14. Tennisnsun says:

    I am not responding to the Meredith that seems to lie about everything these days. I personally feel little or no chemistry between her and Nathan so I don’t see him as a big deal. It’s obvious that the best thing would have been to tell Maggie the truth about her having had a casual relationship with Nathan when he was being discussed. That keeps him no big deal. When Maggie finds out later that Mer lied to her again it will make for a very big deal.

  15. Lisa Echerd says:

    If Alex wants to make amends, the first thing he can do is play Delucca’s medical bills. That is the least he can do to try to set things right.
    I still don’t see why Meredith can’t just tell Maggie what happened between her and Riggs. Of course now she has been scheming so she’s created a big mess.

  16. I am also frustrated by Maggie’s constant whining and the “love triangle” arc of ridiculousness we are caught in! Mer was better with the surgeon she met last season. It’s also depressing to have Mer act like a 20 something, when she should be more mature. Where are her kids? It was refreshing to have Arizona back, who at least acted lIke an adult. I also enjoyed the April/Jackson scenes because they were being reasonable and not yelling at each other. Need some new, more interesting story lines. And break up Alex and Jo forever. Her character needs to go now.

  17. BetsyBoo says:

    (Ben is Tuck’s *step-dad.* Not at all saying he isn’t a parent, just pointing out that Miranda deputizing him to discipline Tuck was a big deal.) (Also, PLEASE bring back Cress Williams. He’s pretty.)

    • Anna says:

      Eh, not really though. Bailey and Ben have been married for around 5 years now, and Tuck primarily lives with them. If Bailey expects Ben to act like a parent in every other way (including leaving work in the middle of the day while his hands were literally full to pick Tuck up), it’s hypocritical to exclude him from disciplining Tuck.

      • BetsyBoo says:

        Oh I agree — I was just pointing out that Bailey had yet to give up control to Ben in this regard. I absolutely agree that up until now Ben has been acting as a father to Tuck – but we haven’t seen it, and Miranda hasn’t necessarily acknowledged it, IMO. I would love to see a little Cress Williams – Jason George cross talk tho……

  18. tallia says:

    The chemistry between Merthan is the only good thing that happened with Meredith this episode. I hate the silly, silly storyline that involves her being devious about fessing up to Meggie. OMG I’ve just realised how close the name Maggie is to Megan. The miracle Nathan referred to makes me think Megan is gonna turn up very soon and we’re going to have a quadrangle not a triangle. Although it’s clearly Merthan’s relationship that is going to be a slow burn, and Maggie needs the new ortho surgeon to distract her.

  19. BeckyBoo says:

    This was a very underwhelming episode of Greys. The main medical drama, with the woman coming back to life among all the family drama was farcical – and not in a particularly funny way.

    Maggie behaves incredibly immaturely. Banging on and on about her crush on Riggs as if it means anything. Mer comes across as cold and superior in most of her scenes these days, and i honestly don’t believe she gives a flying fig about Maggie. Maggie is constantly with the ‘we’re sisters, we’re sisters’ and it’s so grating, I’m pretty sure Meredith just puts up with her. This whole Nathan / Meredith / Maggie thing is so…pointless.

    Jackson and April remain my favorite pair on the show. Loved their scenes.