Fox News Civil War: Sean Hannity Rips Into Megyn Kelly on Twitter

If Ryan Murphy is looking for source material for Feud Season 2, perhaps he should turn on Fox News.

On Wednesday, Sean Hannity lashed out at colleague Megyn Kelly on Twitter for a comment she directed at him during her broadcast earlier that night.

It all started on Wednesday’s The Kelly File when Kelly accused both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump of only doing interviews with friendly journalists. “Donald Trump, with all due respect to my friend at 10 pm, will go on Hannity and pretty much only Hannity and will not venture out to the unsafe spaces these days, which doesn’t exactly expand the tent,” she said.

Hannity quickly responded on Twitter, saying Kelly “should be mad at Clinton” because “clearly you support her.” He then reminded Kelly that Trump “did talk to you” during her Fox special last May.

Check out the Hannity’s tweet below:

Whose side are you on? And what’s the over/under on how quickly Hannity will delete his tweet? Vote in our poll and then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Geo says:

    Two scumbag journalists, yeah I’m not taking sides.

  2. maregolden says:

    Where is the “Neither, they are both morons” box?

  3. Brian says:

    Megyn Kelly just meant that lately Donald Trump has been going on talk shows that are more friendly to him. That won’t help him win over independent voters.
    Ir is true that Sean Hannity will and has gone easy on Trump because he’s running as a republican. It’s the truth that Sean Hannity is a partisan political commentator and it looks like he has thin skin.

    • Carrabus says:

      I think she said that both candidates – Trump and Clinton – were only going on shows with “friendly” journalists.

  4. Joey says:

    Kelly is not a particularly good person by any stretch of the imagination, but Hannity is a loathsome excuse for a human being.

  5. peterwdawson says:

    Not a shock, no one wants the often talked about October Surprise, so hanging around on shows considered ‘safe’ is pretty much a given at this point.

  6. Rob Horine says:

    I am getting quickly tired of Hannity’s crap the last few months. If he’s not careful, he’ll join Keith Olbermann is shopping “Two dudes in a bathtub” talk show.

  7. Bella says:

    That’s all that Hillary does, to. Both candidates are an embarrassment. I might take up drinking.

  8. Erica says:

    I think you have a pretty loose definition of “rips into”.

  9. Kamille says:

    Glad to know that Fox News is not an echo-chamber like the rest of most mainstream media where dissent is heresy.

  10. Ella says:

    Um, I hate Sean Hannity for being the bigoted moron he is but Megyn Kelly calling anyone out for being easy on Trump is a joke. She was a soft, soft touch during her interview with him.

    • Jerri says:

      That’s probably because Trump only agreed to the interview if she wouldn’t ambush him with any hard questions and he only goes on shows whose interviewers will ask only soft questions. Where the heck are all the journalists who *would* put both Clinton and Trump on the spot with the harder questions?

  11. Well, Kelly is a journalist. Hannity is not. Said so himself. He’s just an agitator w/ a TV show who now tagged his services to Trump. So *his* bias here is clear here, not hers.

  12. Looking for the ‘neither’ option..

  13. David Hess says:

    Although I don’t consider this story newsworthy, I picked Team Megyn. I’ve always been a fan, but Hannity can suck it. (Oh wait! He’s too busy sucking Trump)

  14. Temperance says:

    Non one sane supports Trump, so the previously known to be brutally buts Hannity was simple accusing Kelly of being normal? I know… at FOX? Yup. Normal.

  15. drb999 says:

    Hannity has been sucking up to Trump for over a year now. He fawns over him like a 12 year old girl fawns over Justin Bieber or any other teen heartthrob. It’s really quite gross how he adores the Big Cheeto faced con man.

  16. dancmh says:

    I didn’t feel the need to pick a side that time Freddie Kruger fought Jason Vorheiss, either…

  17. Megyn Kelly is the undoubtedly the most beautiful and most intelligent newscaster on television. If you don’t believe me, just ask her.

    • dean says:

      Megyn Kelly is undoubtedly the most beautiful and most intelligent person in the room when alone with Sean Hannity.

  18. johnc says:

    I stopped watching her a while back. She is poster child of “white woman privilege”. She and Hillary are twins except for their political beliefs.

  19. Preacher Book says:

    I am on neither team as they are both propagandists and not journalists.

    • Collette says:

      Kelly is a woman and a lawyer. She is, like Hillary, a shark. Professional courtesy applies. Sean is a bully and an alpha male as is Trump. Pretty easy math.

  20. Belle says:

    Clearly strange things are afoot at Circle K, I mean Fox News. The organization is imploding on itself…Roger Ailes really did a number running that place for so many years, I watch them all the time, but because on one side is a Dem and the other is a Rep with the host in the middle…fair and balanced sure, but the On-Air talent are getting too big for their britches! Put a pin in it, the American people are so ready for this to be over. We’re screwed no matter who are next 4 presidents are :(

  21. Mary says:

    Neither one are worth watching or hearing, but Hannity is the lowest of low. He is so far up Trump’s backside that it is almost comical. I often wonder how much he is being paid but then again he is nothing more than a lap dog and Trump will swipe him away as soon as the election is over. What I think of Trump and Hannity tweedle dee and tweedle dumb.

  22. Terry Medlin says:

    I am begining to wonder if Megyn is fair and balance. I used to watch her every night but she leaning my left. Just remember every who you elect for President, Megyn, thats what you will be under for the next 4 years. If you want Hillary this is your decision, God help us all!

  23. dman6015 says:

    Eating their own already? Didn’t expect that to happen for a while. Guess Ailes really did keep a tight grip on things.

  24. It’s this kind of story that’s driven me to TV Insider as my default TV resource.

  25. Fairmont1955 says:

    My God, she made a valid point and he blew up over it. He’s terrible.

  26. Leanne Whitley says:

    Hannity is beating The Kelly File in ratings so she clearly had to instigate something. She looks ridiculous complaining to her audience about not getting an interview!!! Nothing Trump does will ever top the destruction Clinton has caused and Kelly doesn’t complain about not getting an interview with her!!!!

    • Mary says:

      You obviously didn’t comprehend the article. She complained about both Clinton and Trump being interviewed with their safe chosen ones. Hannity is the one who made a big to do about it. It is obvious you can’t be objective but a clueless loud mouth ill manner man can and will cause more destruction. I suppose you would allow him to perform surgery on you right.

  27. Douglas from Brazil says:

    Why gossip became part of TVLine?

  28. GraceM says:

    I’m in Canada and I’m glad our politics don’t get as ridiculous as this.

    Either way I’ll be glad when November rolls around and someone is elected.

    • Collette says:

      To be fair Canada has only one tenth the US population and is 90% + white. That brings far fewer issues. Canada has no border with any country that has a direct land bridge to another continent. That being said, those Syrian refugees could create some problems.

  29. JScout says:

    Donald Trump, bringing people together just like he does everywhere!

  30. Mr. Smith says:

    “Whose side are you on?”


    News reporting should be NON-BIASED. It absolutely kills me that when I turn on Fox News it leans to the right and when I turn on CNN it leans to the left. Just present the friggin’ facts and let people decide. Not all of us are sheep.

  31. Aeol says:

    Sean Hannity is a talking head who has appeared in literal campaign commercials for Donald Trump. Many prominent republicans have publicly supported Clinton. Perhaps Hannity should be apologizing for his friend Trump demeaning and belittling Kelly in his typical childish way for months.

    • Mary says:

      He wouldn’t do that because he has the same type of personality and beliefs. Both him and Trump are insecure little men who talks big but whines when people point out the truth. Birds flock together.

  32. Alec says:

    He talks like if it was prohibited to vote for Hillary Clinton if you work on Fox News…

  33. HAP says:

    Kelly is a lawyer with privileges in two states. Only in America can a two time college dropout like Hannity become a multi-millionaire by spewing hate and division.

  34. popeye013 says:

    Both are massive asshats who work for FOX News, so its kinda moot on who to support because neither are supportable!

  35. reid summitt says:

    I use to like megyn but she has gotten so high and mighty she is just like HRM she was ticked off with Trump on debait she should have let someone else ask that question hanity I agree with you reid

  36. Phillip Timothy Faltus says:

    I saw Newt Gingrich rip Kelly a new one tonight, and she needed it. She can no longer be unbiased in her reporting and is in the tank for Clinton. I go to OAN at 9 EST because I will never watch her show again. Clinton never gave her or anyone on FOX the time of Day. Trump made himself accessible and vulnerable! She is not reporting the horrible email scandal as she dedicates her time to beating Trump!

  37. Phillip Timothy Faltus says:

    I saw Newt Gingrich rip Kelly a new one tonight, and she needed it. She can no longer be unbiased in her reporting and is in the tank for Clinton. I go to OAN at 9 EST because I will never watch her show again. Clinton never gave her or anyone on FOX the time of Day. Trump made himself accessible and vulnerable! She is not reporting the horrible email scandal as she dedicates her time to beating Trump! This is my first commnent, ever

    • reid summitt says:

      she has gone overboard not being a good newscaster as gretta hanity and bill after last night with newt I am threw with her reid summitt

    • sheena81 says:

      I agree that Kelly is so much into herself that she can no longer be unbiased. I refuse to watch her anymore. Fox should fire her.