Scorpion Recap

Scorpion Recap: All Is Fair in Love and War — Plus: Grade the Premiere!

For a full recap of what went down during Monday’s Scorpion premiere, you needn’t look further than the episode titles: “Civil War” and “More Civil War.”

Throughout the super-sized Season 3 debut, just about every character was at odds with another, thanks to the multiple cliffhangers that viewers were left clinging to last May. Happy and Toby? Not speaking. Walter and Paige? Kept apart by Paige’s new beau, Tim. Sylvester? Loyal only to Super Fun Guy.

Of course, there was also a much more literal civil war going on during these two hours, thanks to a team of Bulgarian hackers. They commandeered America’s defense system, turned military members against each other and threatened to end the lives of thousands of citizens.

But thanks to a few games of baccarat, a confetti cannon and some, uh, giant balls — it’s not what you think, pervs! — the safety of the United States was, of course, restored.

As for the other kerfuffles…

Scorpion Season 3 PremiereHAPPY DAZE | Toby, still reeling from his rejected wedding proposal and the knowledge that Happy is, in fact, married, decided to dig into his girlfriend’s records to track down the name of her hubby — to no avail. At first, Happy tried to assure Toby that she has nothing particularly special to hide; she’s simply trapped in a loveless marriage to someone she doesn’t have a future with, and if Toby can promise to trust her, she’ll take care of everything and return to her stable relationship ASAP.

Later in the premiere, though, when Happy got a moment alone with Walter, she surreptitiously asked her friend if he’d wiped her marriage records before Toby got a peek at them. “Absolutely I did,” Walter responded. “Do you want Toby to know who you’re really married to?” We didn’t get any further intel on Happy’s marriage after that — but be sure to leave your best guesses of the husband’s identity (and/or casting suggestions!) in the comments section.

LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD | Walter, having worked up the courage to tell Paige how he feels about her, showed up at her and Tim’s romantic Lake Tahoe weekend… only to find the pair engaged in a full-fledged make-out sesh. Feeling silly, Walter tried to skedaddle, but when Homeland Security wrangled Team Scorpion for their next case, Walter, Paige and Tim all ended up on the same emergency flight back to Los Angeles. “Awkward” does not even begin to cover it. (Walter tried to convince the couple that he was merely visiting Lake Tahoe for the jazz festival, but Paige and Tim certainly knew better.)

But wait! It gets worse! Halfway through the team’s mission to save America, Paige discovered that Walter had tried to sabotage her entire weekend with Tim. He was the one who called the hotel and messed with the reservation, forcing Paige and Tim into separate bedrooms. He was the one who filed a complaint with the health department and got Lake Tahoe’s renowned 24-hour restaurant shut down before Paige and Tim could eat there.

Paige, rightly furious, told Walter he was being “a jealous infant” and dismissed him. But once she was out of earshot, Walter admitted aloud, “I came to Lake Tahoe to tell you I love you” — and everyone on the communications feed heard him. Including Tim. Awesome.

Later, once Team Scorpion had successfully saved the country, Walter steeled himself to finally confess his feelings for Paige. But just before he could, Cabe stopped him from doing so, telling Walter in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t deserve a woman as emotionally mature as Paige — not when admitting his love for her could ruin the team.

So, having had his ego bruised more than a few times that day, Walter apologized to Tim for creating an uncomfortable love triangle with Paige. As she and Tim left the Scorpion garage for a dinner date, Walter dialed up the health department to make a complaint about the restaurant… but then, thinking better of it, hung up the phone.

With that, I hand it to you, Scorpion fans. What did you think of Monday’s season premiere? Grade it in our poll below, then hit the comments with your full review.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dmac says:

    Hated it. Too much angst and love triangles, too much Tim. This isn’t why I watch this show.

    • Bob says:

      Yeah same here gave it a C because it’s getting old with the angst with Walter and Paige, also can’t stand Tim.

    • suzi says:

      I agree. Love the show but really hate how they are are handling this relationship. Walter was acting like a child, and Paige should know and understand why–they have discussed their feelings in the past.

    • tvloverSA says:

      Same issue also I loved everything but the romance crap….i gave the episode a C because of that..Tim is really getting annoying I can’t wait for him to exit the show we need another genius maybe someone in biological studies. .

    • It was totally unrealistic with the lives of millions hanging in the balance that the team would focus so much on their personal stuff. It would have been OK to have a little at the start and the end of the episode but not all night long for the full two hours. I was very disappointed.

  2. can’t say exactly why but that exchange about walter messing with the records i think he’s her husband

  3. Iz says:

    I just want them to get together please omg

    • BadPenny says:

      Considering that Elyes and Kat broke up months ago I can’t really see them becoming a couple in the show now. That’s probably why Tim was even added: so they could add angst and keep the actors from needed to do romantic scenes together.

      • JC says:

        Nah, I saw a bunch of season premiere interviews yesterday with Elyes and Kat and they seemed very close and friendly (if I hadn’t known I’d think they were still dating, lol) and both of them, Kat especially, was saying how much of a fan of Waige she is.

  4. Coco Abbott says:

    Tim needs to go away now. Wtf is this sh*t?

  5. Adi says:

    I just want Walter to tell Paige he loves her already. Although deep down, I think she knows. As for Happy’s hubby….hmmm can’t wait to find out.

  6. Scott says:

    This episode was a slap in the face . With the way the second season end and to start the third season this was was pathetic and to have Walter told your too immature was the weakest way to keep them apart . I know it’s to much work to come up with stories with them as a couple but dam you writer and producers showed had sad you are with your story telling . I’ve seen some stupid story ideas to keep people apart but this is the dumbest not much though put into it . Then there is Toby and Happy thing . Could you have waited for Bones to go off the air before you stole there idea . This will be a long sad season with know good thought put into the story lines .

  7. Bella says:

    I would have rather they had the Walter and Paige relationship on a slow burn, as long as they’re going to drag this out. Walter’s emotional q is at about 7th grade level right now. I enjoy the show, because it’s fun. Please don’t turn it into a soap opera.

  8. looks like another action drama with a back story is going to become another night time soap opera

    action hard to write and film…jr high drama easy to write cheap to film

  9. TomC says:

    I agree with all of the comments about Walter, Paige, and Tim but at least they were silent most of the time. Toby with Happy drove me up a wall. This is getting ridiculous with these two. Almost want to see Toby get written off.

  10. laurelnev says:

    Weak start to the season. Happy is obviously involved in a Green Card marriage, and the way (Irish) Walter said what he did, he almost came right out and said it was him. ;) Yeah, infighting is NOT why I watch this ensemble show. Weak opener. And this Tim dude has never really contributed or fit in, so can we just get rid of him already?

    • John NYC says:

      Except Walter was heavily recruited by the U. S. government: they’d just have waved their red tape and dropped citizenship on him. If for no other reason than having more leverage for their intelligence needs.

      • laurelnev says:

        Despite the fact Cabe “recruited” Walter young, they were estranged for years while Walter was assembling his motley crew. It makes sense when he ditched the Feds, they’d try to deport him or yank his visa, and I could see Happy stepping up to the plate for her new boss…

  11. COI says:

    Pretty poor stuff. Scorpion is telling the same story told by every single show in the history of television – angst, angst, angst. How about doing something different and putting the people together. This is just dumb; and quite frankly, it’s lazy.

  12. Lilly77 says:

    I had the same reaction as most. Ridiculous love triangle is just making everyone look immature and making the fact they supposedly work on high level high pressure cases seem even less plausible. I used to love this show, but I kept catching myself thinking about how annoying and pointless it seemed at the end of last season and certainly with these episodes.

  13. Terry Ray says:

    I not going to watch it any more, I wanted to see it happen with Walter.
    I really enjoy the drama of saving the day but not the drama of Paige and Walter. I quess you think it important for them not to get together and have a healthy relationship.
    To me that was depressing I could hardly focus on the events of the hacking.

    • BadPenny says:

      Keep in mind that the actors broke up months ago and perhaps they don’t want to do romantic scenes together. Maybe that’s why Tim was even added: so they could eventually have a healthy relationship on the show without actor drama.

  14. jj says:

    I gave it a D. Couldn’t even watch the whole show. Tim is not necessary for the team. As far as Walter and Paige is concerned. Don’t really care, either put them together and be done with it or just stop the silliness already. I much rather see more of Ralph being an awesome kid and genius.

  15. meme says:

    In the beginning the new found feelings between Walter and Page was cute but, enough already! Putting them together as a couple would enhance the show. Lose the Tim guy he sucks!

  16. TS says:

    Mark Collins will be the husband to Happy.

  17. Sean O'Keefe says:

    My problem with the show isn’t the machinations between the characters, it’s the incredible abuse of science. The holes in the story were big enough to fly the Valkyrie through. It doesn’t take an above-average IQ to know that half the stuff that went on in that episode isn’t even remotely plausible, yet we’re supposed to believe these guys are geniuses! Sorry, you’ve lost all your accumulated points and the dinette set! Before you shoot this stuff, how about asking somebody if the plot points are plausible? Then you won’t have someone like me switching off because I’ve been asked to SWITCH OFF MY BRAIN!

    • RedinNJ says:

      So this is your subtle way of telling us your smart? To some extent the very nature of fiction requires us to switch off the reality button and just enjoy the story. I am smart enough to know that dragons aren’t real and princesses can’t survive a burning hut – but I still like Game of Thrones. :) Ok, but more seriously, I do understand there can be frustration for some when TV takes liberties. If that’s you. Fine. For those that like it, though, I think most of us understand that there’s some measure of belief suspension required in most programming. I never though MacGuvyer really could save the day with a paperclip and bubble gum – at least not always. I never did think everything I saw on ER and House was real, either. It’s fiction. It’s acting. It’s make pretend.

      • BoomKing says:

        I cannot speak for the person you replied to but the science aspects of the show were much better in Season 1. By Season 2 the show had turned into Team MacGuyver: campy action and romantic angst dominating everything. Season 3 has turned up the dial of campy action and romantic angst to 11. I can tell you I am out. What you do is your own business.

  18. angeltg424 says:

    Walter has actually loved Paige for a long time!! They need to find their way back to each other!!! I love this show and hope it lasts for many years!!!

  19. LB says:

    Too much relationship drama in the midst of all the real drama.
    I truly like this show, but found myself annoyed that Toby was talking relationship stuff during crisis moments.
    I really don’t like Tim.
    The relationship stuff should be a small part of this big show.

  20. auntiemm says:

    Show had an interesting premise but I stopped watching when the premise took a backseat to the hookups.

  21. Ared says:

    well,I easily guess Happy was married to Mark Collins-remember their former partner who almost killed Toby in last season’s finale. I think that’s who she must have gotten with.

  22. fiberlicious says:

    I must be crazy – I loved almost every minute of the episode.

    • QYW says:

      Well, that makes two of us–I thought it was great, typical Scorpion. It’s a fun television show, no more, no less.

  23. Tim is someone no one will miss

  24. John Corbae says:

    Totally agree with Kay. Walter needs to grow up and learn love is more caring about others than yourself. Kay wasn’t telling him that for the good of the team, but Walter’s own sake. He needs to learn how to put others before himself.

    • JC says:

      Yeah Walter has always been very egocentric! Paige finally snapped and had enough of him, although I don’t really blame her lol

    • laurelnev says:

      I like the autocorrect. :) Took me a minute to realize you were not referring to another commenter. :) And frankly, I found that speech a little out of character for a surrogate father. But Cabe also seems to be supporting the character no one likes (Tim) over Walter this season, which is also out of character.

  25. Will says:

    The romance angle has to go. Too many disconnects. Walter is in a boat getting shot at while Toby and Happy are arguing as if nothing is on. Walter and Paige. If they cut out their squabble the 2 hour opener would be 1 hour without skipping a beat.

    Gave it a fail. If it doesn’t pick up soon I would be more interested in dusting my toenails.

  26. Ted says:

    In California you cannot shut down a restaurant with a single, anonymous phone call. The county Health Department would send an inspector out, run some tests in the kitchen, and take action only if the tests confirmed a health problem (this would take a few days unless there were vermin running all over the place, I guess). Mitigating circumstance: It’s just a teevee show. Nitpicking, I admit.

  27. Another Poster says:

    Two XB-70 Valkyrie were built; one crashed, the other one is at the USAF museum in Dayton, Ohio. The whole episode was really dumb with a lot of down to the last second suspense moments that defied belief and the sub launched missile that did a complete turn around in mid flight was absurd. I will not be watching this show again. It was supposed to be serious, (and when the first F/A-18 Hornet was shot down and pilot killed it was), however, the rest was too much nonsense.
    The series finale of Person of Interest when Samaritan hacked into a destroyer and launched a cruise missile at 1133 Avenue of the Americas where a satellite dish was located, (and it struck it’s intended target), was much better than this episode.

  28. Dee says:

    Didn’t the showrunner at the end of last season say that Walter and Paige would be together this season? Honestly, I am not particularly interested either way. But coming up with an obvious way to keep their story stagnant rather than move fwd is sloppy storytelling. Put them together and the relationship in the background ir drop it and move on.

  29. Mr. Smith says:

    I understand the need to keep the audience wanting more, but let’s just get the Walter/Paige thing going on and get it over with. DID NOT LIKE TIM.

  30. JC says:

    I really enjoy enjoyed this episode, it was what scorpion always is to me – silly and fun and nothing to take seriously. I don’t get people saying theres too much focus on the relationships etc because it’s always had that, and one of the reasons I like it, because I like the emotional side of the show as well as the action. I also think that, realistically, Walter is still way too emotionally immature to date Paige, but having said that, I blame the writers for moving Walter’s development on so glacially. He even regressed last season and became a jerk. I get that they want to drag Waige out so that they’re end game but the back and forth is getting a bit annoying. As is the focus on Walter’s development. Not sure that’s a pull for writers the way they think it is!

  31. James Heinen says:

    technical comment: how do you dump fuel when hackers have control of the plane?

  32. Cindy says:

    Enough of Paige – let her go with Tim. Walter’s feelings should matter to her before Tim’s but….and Happy & Toby….enough already on that too. Can we go back to having a good show again.

  33. Michael Hester says:

    Fantastic show, lots of action. Just wish that Paige would tell the new guy hit the bricks, and I want Happy and Toby to get together also.

  34. anjsoha says:

    Tim needs to go ! I actually thought about not watching this show anymore. Im sick of the I love you I don’t love you . I like Paige and Walter together . Either put them together or take one of them off the show .

  35. sandra says:

    it’s awesome

  36. Lorraine says:

    Just out Walter and Paige together. Happy and Doc as well. It’s crazy not to have them happy . your makingitlike a soap spread took Walters sister away from Sly and that sucked too..

  37. Shirley Langston says:

    What was that song playing in the background in the second hour?

  38. Leonard Burningham says:

    My son and I have watched this show together since its premier. He is 16. We both believe the new name of the series should be “Soapion.” Maybe your writers ought to stop spending the day watching soap operas and take a few minutes to watch NCIS’s first season or its latest season; it has only been on for 14 years; I expect this to be your last year, unless you quit with all of the relationship drama. If it continues, we will not be watching.

  39. Wanda says:

    Come on, this thing between Paige & Walter has gone on long enough! Just put them together because the “romance” doesn’t make the show…’s a great show already don’t do this and ruin it. Just put them together and go on with my heart show.

  40. Mantra720 says:

    Thanks for recapping this so I didn’t have to burn two hours on a show that doesn’t deserve a two-hour premiere. Knock it off, CBS; just carry the extra episode before Christmas rather than forcing us to endure two hours during the fall premiere season where there’s too much on.

  41. nikki bell says:

    As a Scorpion uber fan, I hated it.
    1. Everybody acting like they couldn’t figure out why Walter was in Tahoe
    2. Tim – really why are you even mad you and Paige hadn’t been together that long
    3. Paige – you only went out with Tm because you thought Walter and blind date girl were getting close
    4. The scene with Walter and Cabe where he essentially tells him he’s not good enough for her when it took a lot for him to get to that stage.

    All in all, still love the show!

    Happy marriage has to be Mark. Because Walter said would you really want him to know who your married to. i don’t really think he would be upset if it was Walter.

  42. Becky says:

    I love this show , but Walter & Paige really need to get it right and come together as a couple ,and go on to more adventures,tim just needs to permanently exit ,he brings nothing to the show

  43. Ed says:

    Sylvester needs to grow a pair. He’s sickening.

  44. Becky says:

    Tim needs to leave scorpion and Paige .He just seems like a boring reincarnation of her ex husband.Walter & Paige need to work out and become a couple ,besides Ralph needs Walter,not Tim. I’m getting tired of the Tim & Paige thing, my husband and I are about ready to quit watching it !!!

  45. Jenna says:

    My guess about who Happy is married to is Mark Collins (the unstable former member of Scorpion who kidnapped Toby in season 2).

  46. sam says: