2017 Renewal Scorecard: What's Coming Back? What's Getting Cancelled? What's on the Bubble?


America’s Got Talent: Officially renewed
American Ninja Warrior: Officially renewed
Aquarius: Officially cancelled
The Biggest Loser: A sure thing. Officially renewed
The Blacklist:
A safe bet Officially renewed
The Blacklist: Redemption:
A long-shot Officially cancelled
Blindspot: Could go either way. Officially renewed
The Carmichael Show: Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
The Celebrity Apprentice: A long-shot
Chicago Fire: A sure thing Officially renewed
Chicago Justice: A safe bet Officially cancelled
Chicago Med: A safe bet Officially renewed
Chicago P.D.: A sure thing Officially renewed
Emerald City:
A long-shot. Officially cancelled
The Good Place:
A safe bet Officially renewed for Season 2
Great News:
Could go either way. Officially renewed
Grimm: Officially cancelled
Hollywood Game Night: Season 5 premieres Aug. 7
Law & Order: SVU: A safe bet. A sure thing. Officially renewed
Little Big Shots: A safe bet
Marlon: Premieres Aug. 16
Midnight Texas:
Premiered July 25; Season 2 too early to tell
The Night Shift:
Season 4 premiered June 22; Season 5 a safe bet
A long-shot. Essentially cancelled. Officially cancelled
Shades of Blue: Officially renewed
Superstore: A safe bet Officially renewed for Season 3
A long-shot. Could go either way. Officially renewed
This Is Us:
Officially renewed for Seasons 2 and 3
Timeless: A long-shot. Officially cancelled. Officially UN-Cancelled!
Trial & Error:
Could go either way. Officially renewed
The VoiceRenewed for Seasons 12 and 13
The Wall: Season 1 expanded to 30 episodes
World of Dance
: Renewed for Season 2


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  1. Donna Salvi says:

    Isn’t this way too premature? I don’t understand why you are even starting your predictions when shows haven’t even been on a month.

    • KLS says:

      If that! Click-bait. (Got me though :) )

    • It’s not like it used to be, if ratings aren’t at a certain point, networks don’t keep shows around. It’s not too early.

      • Bartimeus says:

        Networks are way, way more patient now than they were 6 or 7 years ago. CBS may be the exception. Fox used to yank a show mid-run and you’d have to go hunting for unaired episodes, and they almost never do that anymore, ABC has gotten better with that as well, and The CW is exceptionally patient compared with UPN and The WB.

      • Jerome says:

        I can’t believe that Grimm is not coming back, you don’t need writers, that had so many good story lines that could have been pursued. They could at least moved it to SYFY. Every one of them were being into much deeper characters. The show started with the Captains role being tied to Europe and the Royal Families. Nick’s mom had to hide the coins, so they were still out there. And TRUBLE…She was so good as a Grimm, more like Nick’s Mom was.Adeline’s mother was a good side character, so there could be more Hexinbeasts, causes around Portland. You put HEROES on Monday night. That is where Grimm should have been put. If that is a larger marked. I found out that Nelson controlst he whole thing. I am much closer to Gainseville ,but have to get Orlando chanells, because Nielsen said that all of Marion county had to be marketed though Orlando. I wrote my Senator,he contacted the Fcc and told him tough luck buddy. This is just like political parties set the boundaries of who votes where..

        • I know, I love that show, can’t believe it. They need to rethink this and put it back on

        • Gypsy says:

          I agree. GRIMM should be renewed!

        • Lisa G says:

          I’m going to die with this one. I love the show and I hope that they will do a spinoff show from the original show and pursue your dreams.

        • Barbara West says:

          I completely agree.There are SO many shows on tv that I can’t even IMAGINE anyone ever watching…..really stupid shows..and they get renewed.This one required you to pay attention…had great actors..and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything….even bought all the seasons so I could replay the prior seasons at the beginning of the new season so I didn’t get lost.They had MILES of material to use for story lines.

          • Rebecca Hagan says:

            Grimm was one of the best well written, well acted shows in a long time. It stood out among all the garbage that is on. I can’t imagine anyone being interested in all those ignorant, boring show out there that stay on and on and on!

          • Cheryl Hall says:

            I agree 100% that the good ones get axed and the stupid ones stay. There’s no justice

        • Nora says:

          I agree Grimm was a great show

          • Grimm lover says:

            Grimm needs to come back… They replaced it with a show that is going to be somewhat like it but more zombie, vampire. That was one of the reasons why I they were saying they were taking it off we it was gross unrealistic… I am a Grimm lover so much more they could had done with this show!!!

        • Pam says:

          Amen I agree I hate almost all the net works any more

    • Noibha says:

      They do the scorecard relatively early, that way us AusHoles can keep track early. Some shows go QUICK. Remember Emilys Reasons Why Not? Me neither.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Inevitably some or a chunk of new shows will be gone in a matter of weeks, if not days. It’s not too early for many of those shows, and also how early it is makes a game of watching things slide from sure things to safe bets to gone…just have fun with it or you know, wait to read the post for a month or two :)

    • Jim says:

      The page is going to be running all season long, so might as well create it with the start of the season. To early to put much stock in the predictions yet, though, for sure.

    • LaDonna says:

      First cancellations will start any day now. Networks are so quick to pull the plug anymore, that if a show doesn’t show some promise after 3 or 4 episodes, it’s gone. It’s really not too early.

      • xyz says:

        We had the first cancellation already

      • donald marazo says:

        LaDonna is spot on about promise after 3-4 episodes. Like your common sense comment.

      • Michelle says:

        I know and it is obsured! Why can’t they give them better shots. Sometimes people don’t even know they exist until a few episodes in or even until the 2nd season then they binge watch the first season. People have their favorite shows which usually come before new shows so they tend not to know about them right away until they hear about it from someone or see an ad for it especially if they normally don’t watch that particular channel. Keep Quantico, Conviction and Notorious for another season. I think they will do great. They r great shows!! Watch them and u will see for urself! I think shows should at least run for two seasons unless it completely tanks(which means almost no one is watching it!). They need to relax on their standards a little especially with people now a days not watching things on tv as much as they use to and watching more online and on apps like Hulu and Netflix.

        • Patricia Coleman says:

          I agree they also need to get rid of some of the reality shows that are dumb and makes no sense then you wonder why the other shows don’t get rating.

          • Robin says:

            I agree! They keep these horrendous reality shows (The Bachelor, The whatever Paradise, etc) all extremely stupid and about nothing other than sex but inexpensive so they remain.
            Great shows get cancelled because ratings for the night of airings are low…so many are like me…I don’t have time to watch night of but I typically always watch the next day or two. Then you have stations that pull shows from Hulu, like The Blacklist, Quantico, Arrow and The Flash which used to play in Hulu the next day and then I can’t watch until next season since I can’t watch the night of.
            Makes no sense…we keep getting more crappy shows because the pull the good ones before they even have time to be seen or they are up against other extremely popular show and they don’t count DVR or HULU counts.

          • Lisa G says:

            Amen to that!

          • I totally agree! Why is Big Brother still around? Why has Survivor & Grey’s Anatomy not retired by now? I think those shows have been around for like 20 seasons!?

        • Jerome says:

          I just stumbled on to FreeForm, and found Shadow hunters, Stichers , and other great shows!

          • Patrick says:

            Me too! Love Shadowhunters!

          • Jenni says:

            Shadow Hunters is absolute drek, nothing remotely like the books and far from interesting even on it’s own merits. Nothing but CW wannabe teenage angst and pretty people doing mysterious things. The only mystery is how anyone thinks this is a good program.

        • Kimberly Avery says:

          I agree! Also I think Ransom and Pure Genius should be brought back for at least a 2nd season. These are all unique shows. I get tired of all the sex shows. I honestly don’t know if networks even read our comments or if we just get to talk to each other.

          • Sharleen says:

            I’m with you on both Ransom and Pure Genius. I really liked both these shows because they were different, but as usual the shows I get interested in are pulled. I also liked Timeless and Time After Time, but both on different networks were both cancelled. It makes you wonder if you should even start watching anything until it has made the 2nd season and then catch up with Season 1. At least that way you know you haven’t wasted your time getting interested for nothing.

          • Dee says:


          • Shawn Hardy says:

            I agree complely i love those two shows give them the chance u gave some of the others like izombie so stupid but got renewed

          • I agree; I’m devestated!

          • Pure Genius was my favorite and I was looking forward to seeing where they were going with it! Ransom was a good show as well and I was just getting into it!

          • Timeless isn’t canceled.

          • Datta says:

            I totally agree. But in todays world Sex Sells. I love Pure Genius! I love how they help people that have given up. But just cause no one is taking their clothes off and tonguing someone down.. They call it bad t v

          • Jacque Schwarzenbach says:

            Loved loved loved pure genius it needs to come back also timeless

    • John NYC says:

      Once things start to get canceled why not start keeping score?

    • Election watching affected everything for many people. Not me . Watched and on
      DVR every week.

    • Kim Austin says:

      Secerets and Lies should get a chance and be picked up for another season !!!

    • Noibha says:

      I’ve been trusting this list less and less every year. I know scream queens isnt the same as last year, but i still die laughing every week. KEEP SCREAM QUEENS!

    • Thom says:

      One of the categories is “Too early to tell.”
      The renewal scorecard is a year-round feature.

    • GregJ. says:

      I hope Scream Qeens gets renewed. I know it didn’t do well in ratings, but it’s still a great show.

    • Zelena Rabbit says:

      Also, how come stupid OUAT is a ”safe bet” when they’ve been saying for a months that show is on the bubble?


    • I keep looking for Timeless and don’t see it.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      It’s May, so now it makes sense. Too bad there isn’t a way to read the newest comments first.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      How come Supergirl was only a safe bet instead of a sure thing when Supergirl was getting better ratings than Arrow and Supernatural?

  2. Jan says:

    What about Braindead on CBS? Silly but fun.

  3. GraceM says:

    Most shows haven’t premiered yet in the fall but you’re already predicting whether they’ll return next year?

    Shouldn’t you wait until early next year for predictions?

  4. Drew says:

    I love these renewal score cards but always find them hard to read. Would you consider grouping the series by “category” under each network with headings for your 8 bullet items: Too Close to Call, Safe Bet, etc.? When a shows’s status changes, the show just moves from one grouping to another. (The prior status can remain as you do it today, with a strikeout, when you move the show.)
    This would make it SO much easier to see status at a glance: “oh, Fox canceled 3 shows already”, or “oh, NBC has 6 shows on the bubble”. This would be a lot easier for this reader (me) and hopefully many others, so I hope you consider it…

    • opus says:

      I disagree completely. Most people are looking for specific shows. Your way, they’d have to search through each category until they found their show. This way you go to the network, then find the show right away. Much easier!

    • slo mobile says:

      Drew, very good idea. That would make it much easier to extract useful data. Also, when a show changes categories(strikethrough, lighter shade text), the date of the change and the new category should show on the same line. For consistency, so that every listing has a date, shows currently in a category, should show the date they entered.
      This way we can see “3 networks cancelled 8 shows within a 2 day period”.
      opus, it will still remain just as easy to find the specific show you are looking for. You will still go to the network, then scan down the list for the specific show you are looking for. Just ignore the category headings and any strikethrough text.

  5. auntiemm says:

    Wasn’t NCIS renewed for 2 seasons?

  6. El S Boy says:

    Why does CBS have Good Wife spin off and not Star Trek Discovery ?

  7. Drew says:

    CW: Significant Mother. Yes, it’s from last year, but its fate is still listed as “on hiatus/TBD” at other sites so I would love an update!
    (I may have been one of the few, but I really enjoyed this show for it’s simplistic charms and the often nearly-nude Nathaniel Buzolic.)

  8. Libradino says:

    Why is Timeless left off of NBC’s list?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      DOA……jk, I noticed that also. Probably just an oversight.

    • Ilona Diva says:

      Timeless IS listed under NBC–see third from bottom of list.

    • Billie says:

      It is on there as a Long Shot. I really like it. I wasn’t going to watch it, but decided to online. Will miss it, if it is cancelled.

      • Alichat says:

        I hate that it’s labeled as ‘A Long Shot’. I really enjoy it. The cast has great chemistry, and they are just starting to dive into the big mystery of the show.

      • George says:

        It would really be a shame if NBC cancels Timeless. My wife and I started power watching the show during the holidays and stuck with the show through the remainder of the 1st season. We ended up getting hooked. It is a wonderful show with a great cast. The chemistry of the main characters is perfect and the concept of time travel and the ability to change both the past and the future is fascinating. We LOVE this show and truly hope NBC will not base their decision solely on ratings. It would be a huge disappointment, especially after we ended up getting wrapped up in the show.

        • Kay says:

          I agree, I caught up with the episodes, very interesting, not ridiculous like the Good Place and Superstores, you can be entertained and learn history too!!!

    • castiel82074 says:

      Timeless is up in the air, it might not be renewed. It’s on the list though.

  9. i dont see to tell the truth where is that

  10. Brooke says:

    why is Designated Survivor and Speeachless listed as too early to tell? it got the full season pick up

  11. Carole Harnoff says:

    Blue Bloods could go either way? I thought that their ratings were really good…please advise…

    • MMD says:

      That could be because Tom Selleck only resigned for one season and may want to see how he feels next year. Just a thought,…………………………..

      • drhenning says:

        It 100% depends on whether Selleck wants to continue… He has to fly in to shoot the show where as all the other actors pretty much live around NY anyway… makes you wonder if it’ll continue long enough for Danny’s kids to grow up and want to be policemen.. not sure if it’ll make it that far.. The CBS shows on Friday skew older but that’s who’s home watching TV…

        • ronlake28 says:

          If you have caught any of Tom’s guest appearances on talk shows, he is all in for doing more of Blue Bloods. The too early to tell is TVLine hesitating to commit itself; nothing else.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Don’t forget Harry’s Law that had high ratings, but not in the demo. Drat, love them both.

      • Tm2Bee says:

        Omg, loved Harry’s Law!

      • Kate says:

        Loved Harry’s Law too. Networks don’t try to put their good shows up against bad shows on other networks like they use to. I hate reality t.v. because it is not real it is fake. Who cares. What needs to stay on is Code Black! Great cast and very realistic. Characters are good…older experiences cast and there is good tension. Just a great show. Pure Genius is another very good show. Good strong acting. Good stories. These two are probably gone but Superior Donuts stays??!! Stupid tired comedy. There is more trash on television than on trash pick up day.

        • PatriciaLee says:

          I saw an interview with Meryl Streep, years ago, and she slid by a quick sentence observation of reality shows, “All the lines go up at the end.” (indicating some kind of training?)

        • Kay says:

          I agree, I like these shows too…can’t believe some of the shows canceled.

  12. kmw says:

    Most of FOX’S shows should be it could go either way given how they are struggling. Empire and their cartoons are their only safe bets so far. Gotham should be a safe bet as well but since FOX doesn’t own it I understand its designation. Even though its early in the season you never know when a network will pull the plug on a show

  13. natalia h says:

    I just realized that 80% of the shows I watch are on the CW.

  14. chiguy79 says:

    You all do realize this is the post that gets updated throughout the TV year, not just a one-time post looking into a crystal ball. They refer to this post (the yellow link up in the very top) whenever anyone asks about a shows status.

  15. Couch Mom says:

    Already? Wow!

  16. Michael Andrews says:

    What about Whose Line is it Anyway?? Has it been renewed for next summer??

  17. iHeart says:

    can you please revise the Cable scorecard and remove a good chunk of the shows that have been cancelled for more than 2 years?

  18. Kristina says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is saying that Notorious is dead. It’s doing low 1s, which is what all of Thursday’s scripted fare are doing except Grey’s, which is doing better, and Rosewood, which is doing worse. Plus, isn’t it a lowest man on the totem pole type thing? A number of ABC shows still have to premiere. I know that these days shows can get cancelled quickly, but ABC historically takes their time with these decisions. Also, Notorious didn’t go down in week 2, which almost all new shows do. So I don’t get why we’re all giving up on it.

    • Liz says:

      I just started watching and love it! Hope it doesn’t get cancelled. Although it reminds me of their other failed attempts like Into the Deep and Off The Map.

    • amy Fuhrmann says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Love this show. Quantico is on the bubble too. Bummer!! All the good shows get taken away. I loved mistresses too and they left that on a cliff hanger. Not happy

    • Nancy says:

      Yeah, me to. I just came into this page trying to find out when a new episode would be arriving in my dvr. sad. I hope it comes back.

  19. Jason says:

    I thought that the good wife spinoff was supposed to be online only.

    • Billie says:

      It said it will go to online CBS All Acess. I guess it will premier on TV then go online. Get you hooked then make you pay extra for it.

  20. Ray says:

    My Diet is Better than Yours?

  21. Still in mourning for Grimm :(

    • wrstlgirl says:

      At least we get an ending and they didn’t just cancel it. Glass half full.

    • Lee says:

      Me too!!! But I agree, at least the way they did it allowed the writers to end it properly and not a cliff hanger

    • Diana Harrin says:

      Oh I love Grimm . I wish they would move it to another night and try it . I am so upset over that one and I don’t watch many shows on NBC now and after Grimm I want be watching anything that I can think of ,

      • Doris Blankenship says:

        I love Grimm, too. Wish they wouldn’t cancel it. Try to do whatever it takes to keep it on

        • Diana says:

          I love Grimm and I am so upset that they are taking it off it has a lot more years it could run also I am a big Supernatural fan on CW channel and it is in its 12th yr and already renewed for season 13 and if it can run that long then Grimm could to I am blaming NBC for it being cancelled I am hoping with enough comments CW might pick it up and I cant think of much that i watch on NBC so they will go to bottom of my list for watching

        • Judy moore says:


  22. mooshki says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t list ‘Man With a Plan’ as ‘likely cancellation’ based on what people are saying about it. ;)

  23. Nick says:

    That The Family dig was tres harsh!

  24. I wish the CW would pick up Grimm. There are a lot of us out here that love it. It is at least original and I am always glad to see Supernatural that is always fresh and is always great!!!Thanks ‘CW’ for getting it!!!

  25. John NYC says:

    Wow the preview copies that bad eh?

    Yeah I suspected such.

  26. Sarah says:

    Why does Bones have “Officially cancelled…” and not just “Final season…”? There’s a difference between a show “ending” and a show being “cancelled” (imo) and Bones is ending.

    • John NYC says:

      Perhaps the difference in where the conclusion decision originated: the show or the network.

      When it’s the network then that’s “canceled”.

      • Sarah says:

        @John NYC
        To me, cancelled is when the decision is made halfway through the season or at the last minute.

        • CaliGalLA says:

          the show was cancelled last year, some sort of legal royalties thing. they are allowing a final, half season. since it wasn’t the show’s choice, but the network, cancelled seems the most appropriate word.

    • kmw says:

      i noticed that too and you are right it should say final season. I thought it was a mutual decision to end it not that it has been ” cancelled”. Oh well I guess it doesn’t really matter anymore But I am still saddened nonetheless that we wont have Bones around anymore

  27. Trent Thorne says:

    i love conviction already i hope it doesn’t get canceled

    • Larry Hester says:

      Scorpion – killed it.

      • georgee says:

        In that 10 pm time spot for ABC the only show that did good was Castle. One of the reasons it was canceled in May was poor ratings. Even with the train wreck of a story line had in season 8, the ratings were much better than Quantico. In February of 2016 Paul Lee ABC President step down because of poor ratings, and was replaced by Channing Dungey. Ratings have not changed much since she taken over. Would it be fake news if Castle was canceled for low rating and she does not cancel Quantico?

        • jane770 says:

          Castle was canceled because the stars hated each other. I loved Pure Genious. Haven’t much hope for Hawaii five o. Really like the actors who are leaving. Will miss Doubt. It was very good and ended on a cliff hanger. The Catch was very good as was Criminal Law. I guess I am too old.

  28. Larry Hester says:

    Well here is my 2 cents. Bull – BORING – Cancel, Blackish – Cancel, Law & Order SVU – PAST IT – CANCEL, Big Brother – BORING – CANCEL, Bachelor – PAYING FOR SEX – CANCEL, Bachelor in Paradise – PAYING FOR SEX – CANCEL, Quantico – RENEW, Modern Family – CANCEL – PAST IT, Madam Secretary – CANCEL, Scandel – CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL, Grey’s Anatomy – PAST IT – CANCEL, Elementary – SHOULD HAVE BEEN CANCEL LAST SEASON.Dancing with the Stars – PAST IT – CANCEL.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      So I take it you’re a Quantico fan??

    • ronlake28 says:

      Actually with those comments you gave us less than 2 cents.

    • amy Fuhrmann says:

      Wow. That’s a mouth full. A lot of those shows are awesome! Grimm rocks and I’m sad they are ending it, but at least they are giving it an ending. Madam Secretary is awesome, law and order awesome, big brother is a summer tradition, love it, scandal is good, elementary is amazing, bull was just ok but could care less either way, love the bachelor but hate the paradise one and dancing should have left years ago. But a lot of the shows are great if you see them through.

    • Jeanne says:

      Here’s my 2 cents – I love Bull, it’s different, and very interesting! it’s not going to be cancelled!!!!

      • Carole Hirth says:

        I find Bull boring too! Loathe Dr Ken and Blackish and any of the Bachelor or Survivor!

        Love that American Crime will return and Criminal Minds Beyond Borders

  29. Kelly says:

    Dear TVLine- much love because your awesome- but please refer to your own article on September 6, Hells Kitchen has been picked up for two more seasons

  30. Chloe says:

    Shouldn’t it be Season 3 for The Carmichael Show?

  31. Mark says:

    Shouldn’t The Amazing Race be noted as a “Premiers at mid season” since it isn’t on the air yet?

  32. Ruth says:

    Oh come on..give Nortorious a chance. I like it and I have sure seen a lot worse. It’s only been on twice!!

    • ronlake28 says:

      Unfortunately, early ratings, even just two weeks can doom a show because it scares away those who might have watched it but now say what’s the point.

    • greysfan says:

      THIS! I love Notorious but Americans don’t as usual. I’m sick of the comparisons to Scandal. Its NOT SCANDAL! You guys never give it a chance. I’m sad it is unlikely to survive. The casting is perfect and the chemistry is there. If ABC cancel it i hope Netflix or cable pick it up because it deserves to stay.

      • Patricia Hale says:

        Love Notorious also! Networks are not giving the new shows a chance. I’ve gotten hooked on a lot of the new shows & see most of them are being cancelled. Agree with the person that said they should at least give a new show 2 seasons & why bother to even start watching a new show the first season because u get hooked & they cancel it. And I don’t understand these ratings now a days because it’s a world of technology now & im sure a lot of people are like me & record them so they can watch them at their convenience. Do they consider that when deciding to cancel a show before they give it a chance? And when they leave us with a cliffhanger & just cancel how long do these networks think we will even consider watching a new show. At least Bones, Castle, & Grimm will give us some closure. If these local networks want us to continue to watch shows they need to rethink what they’re doing! And I agree with so many others….get rid of all these stupid reality shows & give the spots to a show worth watching! So many good shows are getting canceled without giving them a chance! And I’m sure there are others like myself that pay extra each month to receive the so called local channels only to have the shows we like to be cancelled without a chance. Maybe we should rethink if we want to keep paying for these channels! Sorry for the long rant but I’m disabled & alone most of the time & these shows are something that I look forward too!
        Pure Genius
        Code Black
        Just a few I enjoy that are sure to be cancelled….but let’s keep the stupid reality shows & keep adding more!

        • Kay says:

          Didn’t mind your rant, everything you said is so true. I watch all shows on DVR and they need to quit adding reality shows and get rid of them.

        • SHERRI says:

          Oh I so agree here. Code Black deserves many more seasons. It’s a great show. And still no word.
          I loved conviction too. It was a but different in ways that mattered to viewers who like series to stay on the air.
          Just started watching APB. In a way sad to cause I don’t yhink it will get renewed.

          All these dang awful and horrendous reality shows need to go. I mean how many seasons of survivor do they really need? Wash, rinse, repeat. And big brother oh that’s just a disgusting one.

    • Wanda says:

      Me too. I like the show

  33. parstl says:

    I think it’s a month too soon

    I agree with others about Brain dead
    It was my favorite show of thr summer.

  34. ToyCannon says:

    Match Game and Pyramid are listed, but where is To Tell The Truth?

  35. j says:

    Isn’t bob’s burgers already renewed through season 8? Shouldn’t you update that?

  36. dman6015 says:

    Two weeks into the new season, with some Fall shows not even premiering yet, and the Death Watch list is out. Jumping the gun a bit, Michael.

  37. bluemalak says:

    Cannot cancel Elementary! Love that show. Really liked American Gothic too, would love to see that one come back.

  38. drhenning says:

    Let’s hope that when TV Line does a post like this for cable/internet shows, it doesn’t include show that were cancelled 2-3 years ago..

  39. Lange says:

    This list was eye opening for me. I realized that I watch little or nothing on ABC without Castle and almost nothing on Fox.

  40. m. smith says:

    Thank God for other networks, ABC, CBS, FOX, and the CW shows sucks. What have happen to good tv shows, they are not being shown on either of these stations. Day and night time programming sucks. It use to be one of the other but know they just suck, so tired of boring talk shows, reality fakers, and new shows that make u laugh hard at the attempts of pathetic writers. I will stick with HGTV, National Geographic, Discovery, and Spike

  41. Steve Barnes says:

    It seems like every year I find less & less network tv to watch. I have my returning favorites but there is only one new show that has any interest to me and that’s MacGyver…and that’s a reboot (topic for another day). The CW has a lock on the tights brigade and NBC is trying to make us weep…constantly. Netflix and British tv. that’s the answer.

  42. Robert Quade says:

    Thank God I gave away my TV—Three minutes of program, fifteen minutes of commercials, three more minutes of program, back to the same commercials. I now have Netflex on my computer and it is wonderful to watch a program from beginning to end without any interruptions.

    • ncmacasl says:

      so… Streaming Exercise videos?

    • ronlake28 says:

      a little bit of tipping the scales unfairly with the difference in show vs. commercials, but I get your point and I agree; commercials are a burden but unfortunately a necessary one for the networks.

  43. BAM says:

    How is Big Bang Theory a sure thing when all of the casts’ contracts are up at the end of this season?

  44. Dee says:

    dr ken is missing

  45. I liked Conviction. I didn’t think I would. liked the supporting characters more than the main character who seemed more like poor little rich girl.

    • Laura C says:

      Me too, I don’t care for the lead but like the supporting characters. I’m only watching for the premise of the show because I am in to the work of The Innocence Projects & others who work on behalf of wrongfully convicted. I know there ARE cities that have developed Integrity Units.


  47. lucy says:

    Like the Supernatural. So glad to see it made it for another season. I would love to see The CW pick up the series Grimm.JMHO

  48. Laura C says:

    Wow, the season JUST started and they are already predicting? Give it a rest, some of the NEW shows have only had 2 airings. Geez. That said, Blue Bloods BETTER be renewed.

    • ronlake28 says:

      There is no doubt that the mighty Friday Night Slayer will be renewed and you can take that to the bank and deposit it

  49. ncmacasl says:

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend won EMMYS & Golden Globes for the CW – It ain’t going anywhere!

  50. Mike Mudd says:

    The Good Place hasn’t been officially renewed yet? That is forking bull shirt.