Quantico Recap Season 2 Episode 2 Lipstick

Quantico Recap: Chakra and Awe

Need to catch up? Check out last week’s Quantico recap here.

The final frame of this week’s Quantico is enough to make you wanna scream, “Not again!”

Because in that final frame, which comes after a relatively quiet hour (well, at least quiet by this show’s standards), someone we know and esteem — and, more importantly, have always believed to be one of the white hats — appears to sell out Alex moments after Agent Shiny Hair calls in the first real intel on those creepy terrorists.

Knowing Quantico, my shocked suspicion will be negated in the first five minutes of next week’s episode. But for now, I could use a good yoga class to calm my anxiety and restore my inner poise. I hear the practice is good for ogling half-naked trainees as they twist themselves into otherworldly poses… I mean, restoring calm. Yes, restoring calm.

Read on for the highlights of “Lipstick.”

IF THE SAFEHOUSE IS ROCKIN’… | This week, let’s handle the past first — because not much happens, except that Alex proves herself the Worst Spy of All Time, with Ryan and a few of her classmates tying for second. At the beginning of the hour, Ryan and Alex are having some naked funtimes at the safehouse when they get word that Miranda will be there in 10 minutes. When Ryan starts waxing all romantic about how they should use those 10 minutes to their fullest potential, I start wondering about Ryan’s idea of how long aforementioned naked funtimes should last.

When Miranda arrives, she announces that Alex and Ryan are getting separate handlers, and that they have to look out for themselves — not each other. “You may be on the same mission, but you are not on the same team,” she says before taking off.

JAKE MCLAUGHLIN, PRIYANKA CHOPRANAMASTE ON YOUR TOES | So how do Parrish and Booth begin their clandestine, “We are in no way a couple” subterfuge? By showing up late (!) and together (!!) the next morning when the class gathers for a yoga session led by Owen. Guys, I’m gonna need to you at least try. But they are very pretty and everyone is nearly naked, so I’ll allow it.

Important to know: Dayana is chilly toward Alex, her roomie — and she totally knows that Alex didn’t sleep in their room the night before. Lydia has a rather impressive crow pose. Owen is watching Ryan. And not a single one of the trainees (hel-LO, Léon!) would be out of place at a Lululemon catalog casting call.

The lesson of the week is surveillance and how to avoid it. When Alex goes into town, she realizes she’s being watched by members of her class, including Ryan (who takes from the Alex Season 1 School of Disguise and merely pulls up his hood and dons sunglasses). She manages to evade most of them, but as she’s celebrating her victory with Harry, he reveals that he was the “trigger” who was tasked with keeping her in his sights all day… something that I think most of us probably called the minute he asked her for a ride into town?

MAKE NEW FRIENDS, BUT KEEP THE OLD | Luckily for Alex, Dayana messed up worse by repeatedly taking “work” calls on her cell while she was supposed to be watching Alex. So the human rights lawyer winds up at the bottom of the murder board, and Alex gets a rare bravo from Lydia. (Don’t trust it, Parrish. In fact, why are you trusting anyone?)

Along those lines, Shelby is assigned as Alex’s new handler, and Alex allows herself a brief breakdown in her pal’s arms as she laments how much the new assignment is messing with her and Ryan’s relationship. P.S. Ryan’s handler is Nimah.

RAINA’S BAD IDEA | In the present, the Citizens’ Liberation Front puts wire collars on all the hostages and threatens to tighten them remotely if anyone does anything hinky. But when Ryan and Raina realize that the terrorists are cycling out hostages and then returning them, possibly with undercover terrorists mixed into the ranks, Raina scratches one of the terrorists on the wrist so she can identify that person as a baddie if he/she changes clothes and removes the mask.

Too bad the terrorists are smarter than she is; they put a small scratch on everyone‘s wrist, making her plan moot. “Why haven’t they killed me? They should have killed me,” she says, agitated as the CLF tosses her back into the mass of hostages. Ryan’s face says it all: Damned if I know!

MIRANDA’S BOLD MOVE | Meanwhile, a wounded security guard helps Alex gain access to a communications bunker in tunnels under one of the occupied buildings. (He loses his life in the process, so… thanks man!) She gets a call through to the FBI, where Miranda asks her to gather as much intel as possible and report back.

Then, Miranda sends a text via a satellite phone (or something like it), and the message goes directly to one of the terrorists: “Alex Parrish is inside.” Et tu, Miranda? Are you just Liam O’Connor in a kickass suit and with the deputy chief of the national security council (his name is Paul, we learn) as a boyfriend?

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Nina says:

    I know the rules are not to go off topic but please, you guys are hilarious. You are your own entertainment. I laughed all through this recap. But that is a compliment. Ahh!

  2. Anna says:

    Miranda must have texted a 3rd undercover FBI agent, charged with investigating Owen and his recruits.

    What happened to the president? His wife was killed but what about him? This show is too over the top. Why would the terrorists be speaking Swahili while it’s obvious they’re non-speakers at all?

    • yeah i think it’s someone undercover too

      • gs says:

        They probably are still speaking Swahili so no one understands them. It keeps confusion and makes people scared. Also, they probably don’t realize that Nimah knows they’re not native speakers- because honestly who recognizes all the dialects of Swahili? And speaking English would give away their nationalities, and Booth might recognize the CIA agents’ voices.

    • jazzyt2u says:

      That’s what I was thinking as well. If it’s not I’ll be sooo disappointed.

      Maybe they are speaking it because fewer people would understand them. More of a controlled environment having only one person understand them than many?!?!?

    • gts says:

      They probably are still speaking Swahili so no one understands them. It keeps confusion and makes people scared. Also, they probably don’t realize that Nimah knows they’re not native speakers- because honestly who recognizes all the dialects of Swahili? And speaking English would give away their nationalities, and Booth might recognize the CIA agents’ voices.

  3. Mark says:

    There’s no way Miranda is also evil. Clearly, one of the “terrorists” is working undercover for Miranda.

  4. Jim says:

    I’m pretty sure the picture on this article is the only reason this show is still on the air.

    • M3rc_Nate says:

      I honestly wonder how true that is, because for me, my interest starts and ends with Priyanka. She is the only reason i gave the first season a shot and while I have no interest in watching the show for any other reason, I want to see this episode because of that picture. Jeez she is fine.

  5. Connie says:

    This show is ridiculous. New York was literally just bombed a year ago but okay it’s getting bombed again and once gain only Alex can save everyone bc that’s realistic.

  6. Dave says:

    It is almost as though the writers head into a room and must check off the following points with each episode…
    Have someone we trust look suspicious, if only for one episode.
    Have the hot cast in ridiculous states of skin showing.
    Include some mission/test where there’s a twist at the very end
    Have the present day scenes include as much preposterous nonsense as possible
    Have Ryan and Alex be happy and then miserable in the same episode
    They follow these key points each and every week with little to no variation.

    • Stacy says:

      ROFL! This is exactly why I don’t watch the show anymore. But it would definitely make for a good drinking game.

    • saraelizabethheller says:

      you forgot how in every episode alex and shelby are either best friends or not speaking. there is no in between.

  7. Lala says:

    I stopped watching this show mid first season…and read the recap for s1 finale to find out who the terrorist was. Thought I should give it a try again & just watched both epis of s2 and I must say there’s a vast improvement to s1. Can’t wait for the next epi

    • dan says:

      I’m the opposite. I watched the whole first season hoping it would get better. It didn’t. I watched the season 2 premiere and decided I was done. Just read the recap for episode two to see if there was any improvement. The recap makes no sense (no reflection on the reporter) and I’m convinced I made the right decision. Good luck to all who are sticking with it, but I’m out.

      • mikefrommarkham says:

        Except for hanging in for one more episode than you, I am in complete agreement with your reaction to this show. I am also done with it.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Same, took it off my DVR after last weeks premiere and I didn’t even miss it last night. Saw this review and decided to read it, it’s the last one I will read, this show doesn’t interest me at all anymore. Sadly I’m kind of feeling the same way about Blindspot.

  8. liame says:

    Why do I have feeling this is the final season of this show.

  9. Drew says:

    Best part of the episode was Harry calling out how Alex seemed to always be just out of a salon, with perfect hair, while on the run after the Grand Central bombing. The rest … SMH.

  10. Bobo the monkey says:

    Finally gave up on this series. So tired of the flash back dependent story telling. Lasted two minutes into this episode and then another flash back. Learn to tell a linear story and this show might survive.

  11. dglnl says:

    Are we sure the first lady was killed? I may have been half asleep but I can’t recall any mention of it…that’s why I read this recap in the first place. Can someone help me with this?

    • zee zee says:

      yeah. When the British chick said it doesn’t make sense that they went through with it after the President met their demands, Miranda said the terrorists planned to go through with the assassination all along. So good bye first lady. Nice knowing you. Have the terrorists even made any demands yet? Why take all those important hostages if you’re not going to make demands? The show is just a guessing game – trying to get people to guess who the baddies are. Whoopie do

  12. bridyyc says:

    Who could she have texted? Hmm. Is there anyone we haven’t seen yet? cough*Caleb*cough

  13. Lizzy says:

    i think that the person miranda texted is raina’s sister. but then again i’m not really sure who else it could be.

  14. rania95blog says:

    I really think it’s caleb that got that text. He must have infiltrated them as well, probably to take down his mother who was suspected in playing a part in the bombings the year before. God I can’t wait for the next episode.

    As for those of you making fun of how this show is still running; Why you trolling? If you don’t like the show, if you think it isn’t worth it, if you think it’s unrealistic, or even if you think Priyanka is just some sex symbol to attract viewers, then why in the world are you on this website wasting your time trying to troll and incite annoyance. Go away you trolls.

  15. All I’m going to add is..NOTHING is ever as it seems. Yes, I was shocked at the end with the text message, but i’m not concluding that she is bad…NOT YET! Too obvious!