fear-the-walking-dead-season-2-episode-14-15 recap

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Recap: For Better or Much, Much Worse

If it’s always darkest before the dawn, daybreak must be right around the corner. As Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead drew to a close Sunday, not only did the Grim Reaper make off with enough characters to populate a whole other series, but we were introduced to the volatile “new” Travis that EP Dave Erickson teased back in August, learned along with Nick and Luciana that there was more to Alejandro than met the lie eye, and watched a little sadly as Alicia completed her transformation into a post-apocalyptic survivor. What did you think of the two-parter? Let’s review the major twists of plot, then you can grade it and hit the comments with your critique.

‘GAME OVER’ | As the first episode, “Wrath,” began, Nick and Reynaldo snuck off to deliver the Oxy that Marco was expecting, only to be informed that he’d made a deal with a bigger drug lord in exchange for the location of the colonia. So, instead of supplies, the scouts went home with a warning: “Leave now or die.” While Nick tried to sell Alejandro on a plan to pack everyone up and run for it, a patient in the infirmary turned and went on a rampage, biting three people, including the pharmacist. “Estoy bien,” he insisted. Only he was anything but bien, and Nick knew it. Finally, he convinced Alejandro to admit to Luciana that he was not immune. The previous bite that he’d survived hadn’t come from a walker but from the junkie he’d tried to help. The legend only came about afterwards, he said, because “people told the story they wanted to believe.” Though Luciana was hurt enough to call Alejandro dead to her, she still refused to leave the colonia with Nick.

‘YOU BELONG HERE’ | At the hotel, Alicia and Travis took turns apologizing to one another — her, for potentially pushing Chris further away; him, for not having recognized that she’d needed protection from his sick son. Later, Madison realized that the jerks who’d arrived the previous evening were the jerks with whom Travis had left Chris. Since they reported that their teenage companion had died when their truck had rolled, Madison took Strand’s advice and was sending them away in order to leave Travis with hope that his son was OK when — damn the luck! — he spotted her escorting them off the premises. In no time, he caught the lowlifes in a lie about how Chris had died and got the truth out of them: Chris’ leg had been busted in the accident, so Brandon had shot him a la James. Flying into a Rick Grimes-worthy rage, Travis proceeded to brutally murder both Brandon and Derek, leaving Oscar with a serious head injury in the process.

‘THEY DESERVED IT’ | In Episode 2, “North,” Strand argued that, since Madison had decreed that anyone who raised a hand to somebody else in the hotel would be exiled, she could hardly fight for Travis to stay. Alicia agreed — but, rather than just banish him, they’d leave with him, she suggested. “We found this place, and we’ll find another.” Naturally, Maddie asked Strand to come along, but he declined the invitation. That night, as Andres was forced to perform brain surgery on Oscar with a box cutter, Travis warned Maddie that he’d changed. “I’m no better. I’m worse,” she replied, adding that she’d killed Celia to protect Nick. So “I’ll understand when you do it again… We will have to.” After Oscar died in surgery, Hector attacked Travis, and Andres went so far as to pull a gun. “Why does he get to walk away?” asked the brother of the deceased. But, before Andres could exact his eye-for-an-eye revenge, Alicia (!) stabbed him, and, with Strand’s help, she, Madison and Travis made it out of the hotel. Even then, Victor refused to go with Maddie. “I’ll be OK,” he promised. And, when Strand says that, you can actually kinda believe him.

fear-the-walking-dead-season-2-episode-14-15-recap‘THIS IS NO PLACE FOR BOYS’ | Back at the colonia, Luciana — hoping that faith in a fraud was better than no faith at all — instructed a dying Alejandro to give his flock one last pep talk. Or, as she put it, “Lie to them again before you go.” And by God, he did manage to give a pretty rousing speech. At the same time, Nick — getting the hell outta Dodge — spotted a chopper just across the border to the US and made a U-turn back to the colonia. There’s an encampment, he informed Alejandro and Luciana. Everyone could be safe! So, ultimately, to lead the colonists across the border, Luci did take off with Nick, leaving behind Alejandro to “die a beautiful death” by driving the bus through the gate to sick the walkers on Marco, Antonio & Co.! Unfortunately, that meant that, by the time Madison, Travis and Alicia followed the clues from Marco’s former HQ to the colonia, Nick was gone. All that remained were walkers and Alejandro, who — thanks to apparently the slowest-working zombie infection ever — was able to tell Maddie before croaking that her son was headed for the border.

‘WELCOME TO AMERICA’ | Speaking of Nick, as he, Luciana and their entourage got within a coupla hours of the refugee camp, men in military gear began shooting at them. (Unless my geography is all wrong, this meant that the guy who shot at and apprehended Ofelia in “Wrath” was also part of this troop.) While the colonists scattered, Luciana was shot, and Nick, kicked unconscious. So Season 2 ended with the newly minted lovers’ fate very much up in the air.

What did you think of the finale? Did they kill off any characters that you’ll miss? Grade the two-parter below, then hit the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Was a GREAT finale after a pretty mediocre scene. Based on what I’ve been reading on Twitter, Travis finally took the next step. Madison continues to be annoying AF while the “cliffhanger” with Ophelia and the Nick group makes me at least look forward to Season 3. Before the 2-part finale, I didn’t really care about anything. Bravo to writers!

    • Bud says:

      Wow dude, I’d love some of that stuff you’re on because that is quite an exaggeration there. Ending was predictable, it made no great leaps from previous episodes and it was still a sad depiction of a sad little show. For crying out loud people, this is not Grey’s and friggin Anatomy, zombies were never designed for soap opera garb, if you want that, there are an abundance of those sort elsewhere but I do not approve of y’all trying to promote and turn my favourite zombie show’s spin-off into soapland!! What is happening to sci-fi tv these days!!! This is the exact reason why netflix is bound to outlive cable television.

      • not ur friend says:

        bud no one cares the series is good if u do not like zombie apocalypse with a little soap opera in it i thing it makes a little sense even tho its not the most awesome of things it does not make the series bad if u … for example did not even see the walking dead original then ….. this s**t here is ur favorite series with zombies. but as u are a mindless person who only handles 1-2 things happening at the same time then ur gonna rage at me for saying this …..series was one of the best thing so far ..fear the walking dead was better in a wey but i thing in a future this willl be much better .done

        • Ian says:

          Uh oh, looks like we got ourselves one of those hater people you were talking about, the ones who are in denial about certain aspects of this show being bad and feel the need to slam others for having honest opinions that critique it in any way. Well there’s no need to be so bitter towards others. I’ll be honest with you, that’s your opinion and I don’t agree with a damn word of it but I say it solemnly. What happened, did you read the reviews yet or something because obviously you have insecurities about how the show is doing if it made you come on here to sprout out such abuse. Otherwise, why would you care less? You are busted kid. And TWD has been on for years and years and has a very loyal and permanent fan base so I don’t know what makes you think you can critisize it for that. Fear on the other hand was a show many like me wanted to like and were generous enough to try and be patient but ultimately, I feel it has failed in it’s ‘efforts’. The huge downfall in ratings for Fear doesn’t lie by the way so you don’t even have to take it from me. There are a lot of signs that indicate that there is still too much wrong with it and you should face the facts. It may not be able to ‘get better’ in the future, we are already too far in. Also, the ‘future’ of this show is ultimately still very much in the air. You can state your view all you want and that’s fine but if you continue your abuse I will not tolerate you.

  2. Lilly says:

    At the risk of repeating myself… the ep was suspenseful, action-packed, dramatic, and full of zombie gore. Problem is, I don’t care about Travis or his melodrama. I can’t stand Madison. And I’m stunned they killed Chris in a flashback Travis is imagining! Nick was impressive. But are we okay with our teenaged heroine (Alicia) killing a DECENT human being to save Travis? Frankly, in my opinion they killed the wrong characters tonight. I’ve said it before: TWD is full of (albeit flawed) heroes. We respect and love multiple characters. 100% opposite on Fear. These morons ruin everything they touch. They deserve to die. And the writers think we will accept them now because they’ve become badass and killed GOOD people?

    • MelodyAZ says:

      Pretty much agree. Its like they’re rushing everything. Not surprised Chris is dead. It was obvious he was dead just by how the actor sounded last week on Talking Dead.
      I think it would have been more powerful to have seen Chris turned. Instead he was a prop for Travis’s rebirth.

      They need to make some serious changes with this show.

      • Jenna says:

        I predicted that all along too btw. Obviously he was doomed, actor got a better deal on Agents of Shield, good for him!!

        • Chd says:

          Aside from the fact no one watches agents of shield, sure.

          • Ian says:

            Well that’s a complete lie. Everyone knows that show, it is more well known and yes, deny it all you want but guess what; it gets BETTER ratings than Fear. The facts are the facts, there you have it.

          • Coop says:

            Uh, Ian…you might want to go look at the ratings. ;)

          • Coop says:

            The episode overall was average at best, but it gets bumped up a little bit with Chris’ death. What a relief to be done with one of the worst characters I’ve ever seen on a television show.

          • Bud says:

            I agree with Ian, Agents of Shield is a solid show. Don’t know much about ratings but it’s very well made, has been on for years and unlike Fear, at least it can say it did it on it’s own. Lorenzo will have all the ‘Mizz Marvels’ swooning after him now on that. So don’t be such a bitter old crab ‘Chd’, I bet you’re just jealous cos you would love to be in his position right now. And who wouldn’t! Kid made the right decision for himself I believe. He’s much better than this show, cut him some slack.

        • Pal_om says:

          I like AoS, but being the handicapped brother of a well-known, probaby non-permanent character in AoS is in no way a step-up from a regular character in Fear the Walking Dead.
          I imagine he was getting killed nonetheless (his character was a prop for Dark Travis, leaving Rosarito and such), and he has a good agent that booked something decent afterwards.

          • Anna says:

            Actually, I think he will do better in AOS too. If nothing else, it will at least give him more exposure. The Marvel universe is huge and is one of the most iconic brands ever. Sure he’s starting off with a smaller part but everyone must start someone, you don’t automatically get cast as Captain America or anything. AOS is also watched by lots of people so I’m sure he will do well. I’m happy for him, at least the actor will no longer have to endure the nasty hate that people gave him too in Fear.

      • Mike Robison says:

        Yea I knew he was dead because I saw the actor on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. earlier in the week. He confirmed his new gig on TTD.

    • Agree – I was yelling at my TV “They killed the doctor”… this family is a black plague.

      • Bud says:

        Yeah that Alicia has gone a bit cuckoo alright. She seems to think she’s in Battle Royale or something but in truth she’s just an arrogant brat and karma will get her good for being a murderous little she-devil. She needs to be annihilated.

        • Lilly says:

          Well, if you’ve ever had a teenaged daughter, they ARE arrogant brats. But I was becoming a fan of Alicia because she was maturing and was much smarter than her own mother in her apocalyptic decision making. Then they turned her into a murderer. So how is she much different than Chris now, FTWD writers?!

          • Neena says:

            No she’s not. And wow, speak for yourself, not all teenage daughters ARE like that. She’s just a bad egg.

          • Lilly says:

            Okay, no need to be ugly. All I meant was Alicia was playing the part of a normal, selfish teenaged girl the first season. (And if you’re gonna say you know several teenaged girls who aren’t self-absorbed and often bratty, I’m gonna call bullsh*t on that one.) I was saying I thought she was doing a better job of maturing and smart apocalyptic thinking than her mother in season 2. But now the writers try to make her badass by killing a decent PERSON! Not heroic or admirable, imo.

          • Neena says:

            I agree that what Alicia did in the finale was disgusting and not heroic at all, of course. But I do find it quite offensive that you try to brand all teenage girls as “self-absorbed” and “bratty”. You know, there are some girls who have literally come through their own personal hell since childhood and yet, despite the odds, have turned out as fine young women. Also, it is up to the parent to raise their daughters (and sons for that matter), to behave in a certain fashion and to teach them what is right and wrong. In this way, they will demand their child’s respect continuously throughout their lives and they will get it. It’s not easy but it’s also not impossible and yes actually, I do actually know several fine young teenagers, both male and female who respect their parents and who can in no way be compared in their mannerisms to that character Alicia. I find it a very narrow-minded thing for you to say Lilly and would you actually endorse your own teenage years in that way? You are crossing the lines between fiction and reality here it seems, you are watching this show and seemingly taking everything and everyone in it as gospel, as a true representation of reality. But clearly you’re not the only one. The difference is that I can detach myself from it and see the world for what it really is rather than trying to morph it into the mediocre zombie spin-off on television.

          • Lilly says:

            Oh my gosh!! Let me be perfectly clear: I raised a daughter who is now a self-sufficient 25-year-old and my best friend. I’ve always loved her dearly. She NEVER got pregnant, did drugs, or got arrested. Because we had serious financial problems when she was in high school, she didn’t get her license or a car until she was 22 years old. Yet she still worked her way through high school and college as a waitress. I said all that just to illustrate that I raised a “good” girl. But there were still times when she was 14-18 years old that I wanted to throttle her with her selfish attitude and smart mouth (which was washed out with soap more than once), and I wanted to smack that smirk off her face (and no, I didn’t strike my daughter). She is not a spoiled brat by any stretch of the imagination, but I would have described her as “bratty” during those years. THAT’S what I meant about all teenaged girls being bratty. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a more self-centered creature than a girl that age – whether it’s because of a boy or body issues or parent issues or whatever. Are there varying degrees of rebellion – or brattiness – by teens? Sure! But anyone who wants to argue with me that MOST teenaged girls go through being “bratty” is either delusional, is being successfully fooled by their kid, or … perhaps was blessed with an angel at birth.
            All I meant by my comment was that Alicia’s teenaged behavior in the first season (like being obsessed with getting to her boyfriend) was typical. As time has gone on since then, she has developed into a girl with the right apocalyptic priorities and decision making skills. At least more so than her mother! And now we’re back to … except when she stabbed a distraught good man in the heart in the season finale. Not normal. Not acceptable to me. Not good heroine development.

          • Anna says:

            Yeah, that was a bit of a snobby comment about every teenage girl, you obviously read into stereotypes too much and trying to defend Alicia by making such a silly comment is a bit pathetic. Very cruel, that’s just as bad as saying something nasty about elderly people, it’s wrong.

          • Neena says:

            Well I respect you opening up on the matter but your comment certainly didn’t come across that way the in the first place, it sounded like you were lashing out really. Yes, there are times when arguments erupt, etc. in families between parents and children, not having the odd and I stress ‘the odd’ tantrum in your house would be abnormal. But at the same time I would personally nip that in the bud quickly and not condone that behavior from any adolescent. It usually stops very quickly if you take a firm approach. I would never generalise teenage girls as bratty though. That is extremely insulting because it suggests that they are, every single one of them no good all of the time and that they are all the exact same. They are not, every individual is different. Everyone has a bad day and being a teenager is a very difficult time. But at the same time, adults can have bad days and be rude and self-absorbed too. It would be ageism to state otherwise. But I would certainly never dare say that all teenage girls are “bratty and self-absorbed” because that is just not true. Personality of the individual and parenting of course have a lot to do with it. That character Alicia conforms to stereotypes of the typical American teenage girl that has been rehashed in a thousand other forms via movies and tv shows before. But is she applicable to every young girl in the real world? No she’s not. Because in the real world, young girls don’t always come from privileged backrounds. Some have responsibilities like having to get jobs early to feed themselves and grow up quickly. Some may have 5 or more younger siblings to look after. Some are afraid of not getting by in the future so they put blood sweat and tears into their work to try and secure themselves a better life that their parents couldn’t give them. And they never show these kind of things on shows such as this one because it’s boring reality and not good tv. Teenage girls nowadays have a difficult enough existence already without being branded in such a way. Alicia Clark is not a template contrary to what your take on that may be and nor should she be. Yes, some girls she may draw similarities with but not all (thank goodness). And if you think stabbing a man in the heart is a good sign of ‘maturation’ from her then that is seriously concerning. From my perspective, she hasn’t made progress at all. Why? It has nothing to do with her sex or her age group like “all teenage daughters are brats”, it is her personality. That and her mother looks to be unstable and in need of help herself and she obviously struggled with raising her children and teaching them key moral values growing up as a result. Her mother at least though, is not a juvenile murderer. The character of Alicia is not wholly realistic at all. And would I want my daughter watching this thinking “Oh wow she’s a badass, what a cool role model!”. No I would not. For that reason, the character has become a major no no on this show.

          • Lilly says:

            To clarify one point yet again: My argument was that Alicia WAS maturing from the first couple of episodes where she was selfishly focused on her wants and her boyfriend to a girl who was making some more mature, brave decisions for the group in the apocalypse instead of whining about everything. … Right up UNTIL she stabbed that decent, grieving man in the heart. That was, in fact, the REAL point of my rant initially: That they had ruined a character I thought was actually developing in the right direction. I do NOT like that the writers think we want or should accept a teenager (or any character) who thinks stabbing a man is a-okay as long as the man is pointing a gun at someone you know. WRONG! It took Rick Grimes years to get to anything even close to such a debatable situation. And Glenn hadn’t killed a human until last season. Yet again – bad writing.

          • Neena says:

            Yes but the point is Lilly that you need to choose your words more carefully because that comment on teenage girls whatever way you ‘intended’ it came across as an insult. With regards to Alicia I stand by what I say. Even during the apocalypse she never truly halted her selfish ways. In the first half of season 2 with that cb radio scene, she was still very immature and her usual moody self. By the time we reached the second half of the season she was more distracted by zombies to even think about her whining. But that doesn’t mean she has changed because it is her inert personality that is the issue here. In the scene with the hotel and the wedding guests, she was perfectly ok with letting them die. Not a single sign of remorse even, the girl will always look after number one. And it’s not just survival here. Even before the zombies, even with her brother having seizures and all the other incidents that occurred, she has only ever been looking out for herself. Yes they made it 10 times worse by making her a killer but I never ever believed that she was noble enough or pure enough in her heart to really turn herself around and actually take the reigns. The finale pretty much put the nail in that coffin. But the point is that not in a single point in the show would I ever say that she was worthy or capable of taking care of others, it is just the way she is. And it’s not just because she’s a teenage girl Lilly. Honestly though, the aspect that I find most disturbing is that people only started to get behind Alicia when she became the main character to exact violence on this show and it has remained the same since. Unfortunately, I find it very worrying that the majority of the viewership have been egging on a young girl for basically losing her morales. And what’s worse is that they made it look as if the girl revelled in it. It’s all becoming a bit sick really.

    • Jenna says:

      No, we certainly are not!! I tried to tell you Alicia was no good from the start but nobody listens!! Evil!!!! Dear me that was an awful finale, real shame. At least it made up my mind for me, I will not be returning for Season 3. Bye bye FTWD. I wish I could say it’s been a pleasure to watch what I did but honestly…it wasn’t.

    • Jason Lee says:

      Ugggh, that Alicia girl is absolutely sick, sick in the head. This is what they’ve been building her up for…to be a full blown psycho murderer. I’m disgusted and the actress I though had more class than to let them turn her into that. And don’t even get me started on the mockery of politics in this! Awful, this was very offensive and I will not be watching again.

  3. Jim says:

    At least we’re done with Chris forever.

  4. Leo says:

    Glad that Chris died but upset that the hotel worker didn’t take the shot at Travis before Alicia stabbed him

  5. AngelWasHere says:

    It was pretty good. It was fun watching Travis go full Rick Grimes. Never go full Rick Grimes!!!!
    So is Strand out of the show? I hope not.

  6. James D says:

    Wow this show finally got good. It took two season but I’m actually starting to care about the characters. I still have issues with a lot of them but at least they’re doing something know (looking at you Travis) looking forward to season 3 hopefully they can keep the momentum going.

    • Lilly says:

      Please, oh please, don’t EVER compare Travis with Rick Grimes (okay – I’ll give you that ridiculous half season where Rick kept seeing Laurie and was basically worthless). Rick is a complex man who has done bad things AFTER struggling with the good in himself and because he believed he had no choice in order to save those he loves. Rick has honor in the apocalypse. He may not want to do what he’s done, but when the time comes, he does what is necessary. Travis is a wussy, self-absorbed man obsessed with some stupid promise to his deceased EX-wife to care for an obviously pyscho kid. He can’t take action that saves his kid or others FROM his kid, but in a blind rage he can sure beat to death the two punks. And ruin any chance of safety for him or his loved ones in the hotel. He’s a moron who can’t control himself and deserves to be dead like the rest of this outrageously disfunctional family. He should have sacrificed himself after Oscar died. When I think of the characters FTWD writers left by the wayside (I think… since we don’t know what happened to all of them) for these idiots – Alex, Daniel, Hector, Andres, Oscar, heck, even Liza and Jack! – I cringe.

  7. Starbuck84 says:

    Not surprised they killed off Chris, knew he was a goner the minute the actor showed up on AoS, but the way it was done was… weirdly unimpressive. Guess that way they also still leave a bit of room for him to eventually return one way or another, but it still felt like a letdown after all the build-up they’ve done with him this season.

    Madison and Travis are both deeply annoying at this point. But with Madison it’s at least partially because while we see her being obsessed with Nick we as the audience also know that he doesn’t care about his biological family at all. You known what I mean? I get that a mother will always, always try to protect her child (even tho that doesn’t change that M. has two children), but all that energy she invests in Nick is just wasted because he couldn’t care less. He’d walk out on them again and again. He has mentioned them all but once and never once tried to make contact or even find out anything about them. So that’s a big part of what makes Madison so annoying. She’s neglecting Alicia and others she could protect in favor of a son who – at this point – is just not “worthy” of that continued, obsessive effort.

    • Lilly says:

      Another thing to blame on the writers. Is it unreasonable that Travis would lose it after learning those punks “put Chris down”? No. Or that Madison would still be obsessed about her missing son? No. But why did she let him go in the first place? Why did the writers give us so many of these broken characters? And then give us unsympathetic kids so we HOPE they die? Where are some quasi-normal people whose neurosis takes a back seat to their survival in a zombie apocalypse?!?

      And I’m like you: If not for the to-do they made of Chris’s death on Talking Dead, I’d have sworn they were saving Chris for some huge Governor-style comeback in the future. It was completely cheap they way they killed him. Did you notice that Chris’s death was “imagined” in Travis’s mind as the punks talked? We didn’t SEE it happen. Other than the fact that the punks talked about their friend’s death in the truck accident before they knew they were talking to Chris’s family, I would have believed them to be liars about all of it!

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Season finale was good, action packed and intense. Surprised Madison told Travis a bit about her past. Glad they got out of the hotel. Hope Strand doesn’t get in too much trouble for helping them escape. Hope Ofelia will be ok. Not good what happened at the end with Nick and others. Can’t wait for season 3!

    • Miles says:

      What?! Did we actually watch the same show?! I was so furious with it!! I really hope you’re joking about that……

  9. KLS says:

    On the aftershow, Kirkman alluded to character development for season 3 and beyond. Seems like he knows there will be a season 4. Before 2B, I would have said, “No way”, but now I am thinking he may be right. This show is a slow-burn.

    • Ian says:

      That’s a very dangerous presumption. The ratings fell again apparently. He HOPES there will be a Season 4 more like but that guy seems a bit deluded in general anyway.

  10. JZ says:

    I think Chris’ death was poorly written as if it was an afterthought. Maybe the writers had no choice due to his other gig on AoS. Maybe he quit and that’s the best they came up with in short notice. It just didn’t feel authentic. I think they could have used Travis’ rage to a better extent if he were there when Chris died. It just felt unplanned as if the rest of the cast were off that day and they had to film the death scene without them.

    And what’s the point of Ofelia? What’s the point of her existence. Is she going to become a “Carol”? A weak character building to a strong character? Isn’t that who they all are who have survived?

    And Strand is on his own? I think this show is too new to separate characters….again. At least when it happens on TWD, we feel something is missing since we watch them grow as a unit (farm invasion and prison attack). We want to see them back together on TWD, on Fear, I couldn’t care because they haven’t made me feel like they belong together yet. We need to feel that the characters are a unit that belong together.

    I’ll keep watching but the writers need to make me care about these characters more.

    • Lilly says:

      Agree to all you said. Here’s another problem: How is Ofelia alive? She had ZERO experience as a badass zombie (or any sort of) fighter before her “brave” trek to find her true love (btw, leaving a teenaged girl, alone, in the shower, and stealing the truck). Now all of a sudden, Ofelia could give Rick or Darryl a run for their money?! Really? And no, she’s no Carol. Carol’s development took time and events, emotion. Carol didn’t “become” a badass just because the writers deemed it so. This whole group seems to have developed amazing zombie killing talents – and mostly without guns! Heck, half the time, they’re grabbing things off the ground. Except for Alicia. She keeps a knife in her pocket to kill unsuspecting doctors who point a gun at Travis….

      • Andrea says:

        Come on now, that girl Alicia is bratty and clearly not to be sympathised with. I mean, what’s she gonna do next, turn into a cannibal or something and eat everyone before the zombies even get to her? She’s gone a bit sick in the head. Alycia DC what on earth were you thinking leaving that other show you were on for such a crappy character and role model. She ain’t no heroine honey, she’s the new bad guy. And obviously the rest of you who say it was good are completely oblivious to what nearly the entire internet and reviews are saying; It is a MAJOR disappointing excuse of a finale!!! I’m annoyed I actually bothered to hope it would get better. I can definitely not see this having a very long life span at all anymore.

        • Starbuck84 says:

          I’m not sure which part of “nearly the entire internet” you’ve been reading, but even if we leave that aside: FTWD is second only to TWD proper in AMC’s scripted drama ratings table and easily wins Sunday nights for them. It was renewed for season 3 mere days after season 2 premiered in April. It’s not going anywhere and so far has been a smart career choice for everyone of the cast.

          • Steph says:

            Well I feel obliged to point out to you that FTWD is always aired at a time when it has ZERO competition, basically it’s just between Power and Family Guy, says A LOT!! The producers don’t have the guts to air it at a time when all the popular shows come out because they have enough sense to at least realise that alongside the popular shows it would fail miserably. Ratings dropped again btw or were you not aware? Also just to point out to you incase you have not noticed, it appears to also be one of the most hated cable tv shows in history. So don’t show off your hubris just yet, it might come back to haunt you and it could very well end at Season 3. You know what though, your comment has the scent of one of those ‘Alycia Stans’ or whatever the hell they call themselves. I personally think that because she was so popular on that other show people say she’s on, the producers have been giving her the best lines and scenes (although many of those were still cringy sci-fi tv tbh). You know what though, I honestly don’t give a damn about that actress or her backround and I think the producers have been so cruel to the other cast members by leaving them with the crappy stuff and insulting their talents to make her the ‘golden girl’. I don’t come on here every week to watch the ‘Alycia’ show, I want to see the others more and for pete’s sake if that’s the reason most of you are genuinely watching this then I suggest you bloody write to the actress and ask her to do a reality show for you or something. Therefore you can still goggle at her obsessively 24/7 and leave the actual WD fans to finally have the spin-off we wanted and deserve. Everyone wins.

          • Starbuck84 says:

            Someone’s intense. I’m not a “stan” of anyone in the cast, I merely find the show as a whole enjoyable. No one’s forcing you to watch it if you don’t. And it certainly doesn’t give you any right to try and judge those who don’t feel the same way about it as you do. There seems to be a tendency among the TWD fans who hate-watch the spin off to lecture and belittle those who happen to like FTWD the way it is, though. You’re certainly not the first TWD fan to treat me like that if it makes you feel any better.

          • Bud says:

            Hey pal, leave the lady alone and take a leaf outta your own book. I have seen people who have aggressively defended this show in the past do what I would actually call borderline bullying by name calling people who have any critiques for the show and telling them in not so polite words to get lost or actually, “go die in a hole” I’ve heard before and that is really not nice and crosses the line. Now that is not acceptable for anyone to talk to someone like that but her comment is simply stating that she is clearly upset because she loves TWD and the spin-off has gravely disappointed her although she wanted to like it from what I can see. I get it, I know how she feels. And what she said is not a lie, there are some worryingly obsessive individuals who seem to not have a clue what TWD actually is but they watch it purely for that actress alone. And the producers are aware that she carried her fanbase with her so they are being tactical by putting the emphasis on Alycia. And yes, it is unfair on the other actors, it really is. I don’t mean to come across as snappy but I ask that you don’t go randomly accusing people when she said nothing offensive. It’s just an opinion after all but people on your side are always forgetting that too. People are allowed to say aspects and episodes disappointed them you know. This is a comments board, not a fan forum.

    • KLS says:

      When “the group” was tossed out of the hotel, I had to stop and think, who was in the group? Group of 3 with 3 out on their own/with another group.

  11. Djd says:

    I quite enjoy and disagree for all the fans who want every character to be some kind of crazy badass zombie killer with low morales. We need people who are conflicted in the zompocypse.

    • Djd says:

      I meant to say i enjoy travis.

    • Lilly says:

      Conflicted?! Rick was conflicted when he banished Carol for killings two prison tenants and burning their bodies. Travis is so wrapped up in neurosis, he (and Madison … and most of the rest of this crew) should be dead because he’s too busy hand-wringing to survive an apocalypse!

    • Ian says:

      Yeah ok, so you must not be a fan of Alicia like everyone else then since she is both a zombie killer and now human murderer with like zero morales?! Ffs, why do they keep ruining characters on this show? I think they like to insult their viewers. I also think that if Trump saw this episode that would give him way too many ideas, bad enough as it is. I suppose it was quite an offensive episode really.

      • Lilly says:

        Honestly, I think these writers would argue they are giving us “complex” characters. But they need to realize there must be SOME basis in reality (and I know this is just a tv show, in a zombie apocalypse). We need characters we either relate to or admire in some way (like a hero who saves the day with their smart instincts or physical prowess). TWD is full of them. Fear is full of neurotic, self absorbed people who make hugely stupid decisions and who WOULD have been killed in the TWD universe because of them. These characters are neither likable NOR admirable, imo.

        • Jenna says:

          You make sense Lilly. You paint a good picture here. The other actors apart from Alycia were treated quite unfairly I also thought, they really got the short end of the stick, no wonder Lorenzo ran for the hills!! I wish you were the head producer of this instead, I really do.

        • Ian says:

          These characters are not very complex at all though. That may have been their intentions perhaps but honestly, I just think that they’re all coming across as a bunch of idiots.

  12. Spence says:

    I’m surprised this finale didn’t get a Post Mortem from TVLine, considering it was the most eventful episode the show’s had! Anyway, I really enjoyed the back-half of this season and I loved this finale. I think the writers have finally figured out what they want from these characters and the show as a whole and I’m very excited to watch season 3.

  13. Spence says:

    And about Chris’ death, sure it wasn’t something we’re used to seeing on a TV show and may have felt a little rushed, but I liked the change. In this apocalypse, people don’t always get to be there when their loved-ones die, and having Chris’ death be like an “afterthought” can be symbolic of Travis’ own parenting skills of Chris.

  14. Izzy says:

    I find everyone’s distaste for Alicia frustrating. Sure, I liked Andrés and thought him shooting Travis was totally justified (dick move T, you can kill the hooligans but not your community), but stabbing him didn’t make Alicia cold-blooded. Clearly everyone in the room was freaking out and Alicia panicked, you could see she felt terrible afterwards. But it had to be done in order for her family unit to survive. And I don’t condone her for it. Loyalty above all else, even morality, is what should be valued and is necessary.