Exorcist Ratings Cancelled Renewed

Ratings: The Exorcist Drops 40 Percent in Week 2, MacGyver Slips

Fox’s The Exorcist turned fewer heads in Week 2, down 31 percent in audience to 2 million total viewers, while dropping 40 percent in the demo to a 0.6 (per finals).

Opening Fox’s night, Hell’s Kitchen (3.3 mil/1.0) ticked down from its premiere.

Over on CBS, even a pistol-packing Amy Acker couldn’t save MacGyver (9.1 mil/1.3) from slipping 16 and 23 percent from its premiere; still, Mac led the night in the demo and remains up from Amazing Race‘s year-ago numbers (6 mil/1.2). Hawaii Five-0 (9.7 mil/1.3) dipped a tenth while Blue Bloods (10.6 mil/1.3) held steady and reclaimed its crown as Friday’s most watched program.

ABC’s Last Man Standing (5.8 mil/1.1) was steady, Dr. Ken (3.9 mil/0.8) dipped a tenth and Shark Tank (5 mil/1.1) held onto its premiere numbers.

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  1. Willows says:

    There wasn’t enough Acker to be honest. I almost quit watching during first 11 minutes of the show but I watched the rest only for her.
    I mean they could’ve given her a better role than a former love interest and make her interact with the other two ladies more.
    Mac and CSI Stokes are too boring. Like, ugh super boring. Especially, Stokes.

    • Wesley says:

      I agree. She didn’t even appear until the last half hour, pretty much, and wasn’t given very much to do when she was on-screen. The writing was sloppy and poorly paced. I loved the original MacGyver and wanted to like this, but I think I’m done with it now until/unless Amy comes back, and then I’ll begrudgingly watch it again and hope for the best. I still hold out hope that some great writer can write a show with her in mind as the lead. Also, CBS didn’t even show her or promote her in the preview after last weeks episode. Not the best way to bring in the fan base.

      • Willows says:

        She didn’t even appear until the last half hour, pretty much, and wasn’t given very much “to do when she was on-screen.”
        It’s not like it never happened before. MacG people were mimicking POI and POI were copying the way Dollhouse treated Amy’s character. These shows made it okay for Acker’s characters to barely appear on screen and do anything.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    I thought Exorcist and Mac were both quite good.

  3. Lily says:

    If they had cast Acker as MacGyver, and hewed closer to the spirit of the original (Mac don’t need no stinking team!), this show could have been a lot of fun.

    • KLS says:

      I thought the same thing.

    • Willows says:

      I’ve heard Acker’s coming back for more. CBS are up to something. They specifically wanted her to play Adler.
      If they’ll be able to spin-off Adler and make this spin-off in the spirit of the old MacGyver/The Pretender/Quantum Leap/insert another weird-ish specific series I’ll watch the hell out of that show.

    • DmCo says:

      I thought the same. The best part of the original was watching MacGyver build his contraptions. In this terrible remake they barely show any part of that. Plus, George Eads couldn’t act in CSI, and that still hasn’t changed. Sorry I can’t get that hour back.

  4. Ken says:

    Exorcist was really good and i hate that the ratings fell. It is so well done, and the story is so involving. I hate that Fox pushed this to Friday with a horrible lead in of Hell’s Kitchen.

  5. Davidj says:

    Gave up on MacGyver. The writing and action in this version are just too cheesy and ridiculous, and the lead actor doesn’t make much of a impression at all. And worst of all, they rush through the actual science so quickly it feels like just an afterthought.

    • Anna Karima says:

      Last night’s episode in Venezuela was stupid. Sorry, but it was. No one goes to Venezuela today and doesn’t worry about literally getting killed after getting off their flight. But they made is all seem so easy even with the drama. And is it just me or are others noticing commercials becoming longer than the story? I’m about to give up watching TV. The ads are getting as bad as they are on the Internet. The only thing is I can’t block them with ad blocker.

      • AB says:

        I’m from Venezuela and this is sadly true. (The last time I traveled, when I was on the airport waiting for my flight back home, people were literally worrying about the increasing murder rates on the airports).

  6. Ken says:

    I will add that i liked the opening credits of just the big red letters of THE EXORCIST in the pilot than i did with the actual opening credits sequence created for the series. Less is more effective.

  7. Kevin K says:

    I’m officially done with MacGyver. Don’t know how many episodes it would last.

  8. datdudemurphy says:

    I actually am surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed MacGyver so far….I wish they’d go more into the “science” of what he is doing.
    So far tho, it’s been a pleasant surprise.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Ditto. Michael Weston did a superior job of explaining to us.

      • Cat says:

        I miss Michael, Fiona and Sam!

      • Penny says:

        I continually think of Burn Notice while watching MacGyver and keep thinking about how much better Weston was at explaining things! I wish Burn Notice would just come back instead!

        • tvloverSA says:

          Burn notice was awesome it was like spy series for dummies …you will feel like part of the team while they planned and of the whole creation and method of what they were doing…..I feel that scorpion can do abit more of that I love scorpion but that can help …we are not all Einstein’s

  9. Gospino says:

    MacGyver was dead boring. I actually kind of like the lead actor, but the writing is just lazy and awful.

  10. Cybil says:

    Macgyver. ..ugh snooze fest…episode 1 was ridiculous and boring, but I said hey let’s try again…oh my episode 2…not any better…cheesy and extremely boooooring..I’m done with this show..
    Zzzzzzzz zzzzzz
    And this dude playing macgyver looks like he is 12…so it’s hard to imagine him doing all this stuff. He looks like he should be on the disney channel

  11. Cat says:

    Amy Acker needs rescuing????? Please! She could Whup all of them single-handedly!

  12. yankeesrj12 says:

    The 1.0 for Last Man Standing ties its series low (with previous season finale). Although it does look like it may finish at a 1.1 in finals.

  13. Max says:

    I’m sorry, but the actor portraying MacGyver is as bland as a white bread toast. Maybe a recast is in order. George Eads is good. But the actress with the Amy Winehouse rats nest hair has me more worried about what may come crawling out of there, than her acting. So basically I’m watching George Eads show.

  14. Will says:

    Enough with the info inserts. We all (we should) know what a paper clip looks like. The original Mac didn’t need to explain in detail how things work. Hook up a battery and a coin and you get a welder. Original Mac did that to repair an engine. And original Mac didn’t stop and explain it to the audience. He did it and then we all saw the results and went “Ah ha. and Wow” This time we went “Meh. Whatever.”

    Don’t think the audience is dumb. It makes the writing even dumber. Treat us as intelligent viewers.

    • Kaye says:

      Um….yes he did. There was a lot of voice overs in the original.

      • QYW says:

        I agree, in the original, when creating a weapon or a gizmo to “save the day”, MacGyver always had a voice over. He always showed and explained what he was doing. (I consider myself pretty intelligent, but I remember correctly about previous shows and pay attention….just saying.)

  15. Lou says:

    New MacGuyver is horrible.

  16. wrstlgirl says:

    I had to Google Amy Acker since I had no clue who she was, still don’t really. Never watched Person of Interest. I’m guessing that’s where she became popular??

    • Willows says:

      I wouldn’t call her popular or even famous but she has a strong fanbase since her Whedonverse days(Angel, Dollhouse), Alias and Person of Interest. I would even call it a cult following.
      I personally believe she deserves more recognition.

    • AB says:

      She has a small but very vocal fanbase. She’s been good on the few things I’ve seen her so far.

  17. kmw says:

    Too bad for The Exorcist but not surprised. Also not a surprise everything else went down except that sturdy Blue Bloods

  18. Boiler says:

    Although it is probably time for Bones to go still beating many of the newbies. Do people just ignore Fox??

  19. iceblast says:

    I like the guy that plays Macgyver, but I don’t like George Eads, he was a bad choice. Macgyver was a show that focused on all the cool ways he could solve problems. They are just breezing over this in the show now.

    This series could work, they should reboot it again, have him be more a solo character, who actually takes things seriously. He’s not suppose to be 007, his brain is suppose to be his best weapon. They are completely taking the past show for granted.

    It’s like they took Macgyver, and split him into multiple people. I could see a modern day Macgyver knowing how to hack with a computer, being able to fight to a certain degree, and most everything else.

    Instead, they will probably just give up on it.

    When they reboot a show like this, maybe they should make 3 pilots, let the public watch each one, and vote on which version of Macgyver they like the most. They could just stream it on the internet. After the public has chosen, they build the show around that incarnation of Macgyver. They could even just make each show 10mins long. So, for the price of one pilot, they could make 3 versions, and have the public choose which is best. I think this would be a great way, to test the waters for rebooting a old series, without wasting a lot of money.

    • paula says:

      Or they could make a sequel and hire Amy Acker to play the new generation know-it-all genius wonder-agent inspired by Mac’s career and RDA could co-star as the original MacGyver who would tutor her if necessary.
      I think Richard would totally agree to do such show.

  20. liame says:

    I will hang with MacG for a few more episodes. Love the Riley character but some of the other characters make me ill. The Exorcist is toast, too painful to watch.

  21. Axel says:

    Next time this year when we’ll meet Agent A again her fiancée most likely will be killed and she’ll go rogue against CIA orders to not investigate this case. As a result she’ll get suspended from her job and she’ll either join team Mac for awhile or move to Hawaii. I don’t want Sarah to be with Jack she’s better than that.

    • Axel says:

      Not to mention Adler and Pat Thornton are the only characters from MacGyver who are a natural fit for a crossover with Hawaii 5-0. In case Lenkov is planning on making one.