Should Once Un-Hook Before Foreplay? Did Trump Whiff on Debate Prediction? This Is Us Makeup Miss? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, Criminal Minds, Designated Survivor and Empire!

1 | Are we to surmise that MacGyver‘s team didn’t bother to retrieve Nikki’s “dead” body, for a proper funeral back home?

2 | Um, Once Upon a Time‘s Emma is OK with Hook not immediately removing his pointy prosthetic as heavy petting gets underway? Also, if Hyde doesn’t start talking faster, will Season 6 need to add episodes?

3 | Since Fear the Walking Dead‘s Brandon had no trouble killing lifelong pal James, why did he leave behind Travis rather than murder him?

4 | Now that we know that Masters of Sex‘s NCIS: LAArt and Nancy have an open marriage, how soon before one of them is hooking up with either Bill or Virginia?

5 | Safe to say that NCIS: Los Angeles is the first show to cover up an actress’ baby bump by pinning her under a helicopter for most of an episode?

6 | We know she has another series coming up and all, but wouldn’t it be awesome if Power get Anika Noni Rose as a regular next season? (Because Jukebox is scary.)

7 | Remember when Donald Trump said no one would watch the debate because it was up against Monday Night Football? Eighty-four million is a lot of no ones.

8 | Keeping in mind that Kevin Can Wait is only aspiring to be a familiar four-camera sitcom, wasn’t Episode 2 a vast improvement over the pilot — so much so that perhaps they should’ve just scrapped Episode 1?

9 | Mandy Moore is an exceptional actress, and with no disrespect to the This Is Us makeup department, but would NBC’s rookie drama have been better served casting an age-appropriate actress to play a 60-something Rebecca in the present day? And after the show’s latest twist – grandma Rebecca is married to Jack’s best friend, Miguel – are you more convinced than ever that her first hubby is dead?

10 | Did this NCIS suspect give you an Ally Sheedy-in-Breakfast Club vibe? Question stricken, the larger Breakfast Club theme was not picked up on. #LaundryFolding

11 | Was Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. taking a dig at Agent Carter‘s cancellation, with Coulson lamenting that “so many” of Peggy’s stories were “left unrecorded”?

12 | Is that really a thing, Blindspot? Shooting a hail of bullets into a bomb to not explode it?

13 | Not 24 hours after the attack, is the mood on Designated Survivor more “train derailment” than “half of the nation’s Capitol got blown up, killing hundreds”?

14 | Should Criminal Minds have held back on the shiny, new opening credits until the dust had settled later this month on all the cast changes?

Code Black15 | Rob Lowe’s Code Black introduction — which included the David Caruso-ing of his sunglasses and jumping out of a helicopter into shark-infested waters — could have easily been a scene from the show-within-a show on the dearly departed Grinder, right?

16 | Now that Empire‘s Anika has given birth, how is it that Andre hasn’t thrown her ass off of a balcony for her role in Rhonda’s death?

17 | Aren’t you happy that Lethal Weapon‘s Murtaugh retired his incessantly beeping heart-rate monitor?

18 | On SVU, where was Dodds during Joe Biden’s big press conference with the unit?

19 | Were you surprised that Chicago P.D.‘s Lindsay and Halstead discussed moving in together, but hadn’t said “I love you” to each other yet?

20 | On black-ish, how relieved were you when Bow’s obstetrician finally located the baby’s heartbeat?ahs-incredibles

21 | OK, American Horror Story viewers, who wore the hairdo better — Roanoke’s Cricket… or The Incredibles’ Edna Mode?

22 | His PTSD notwithstanding, wouldn’t You’re the Worst‘s Edgar have a much better life if he had, y’know, friends who actually cared about him?

23 | Did Grey’s Anatomy forget that DeLuca is Arizona’s roommate? Even if she wasn’t going to support him in court — after he testified for her during her custody battle — shouldn’t she at least have phoned in to check on him after Alex beat him senseless? Also TVLine reader Mimi asks: “April is an attending surgeon at one of the best privately owned hospitals in the country, and she can’t afford a baby nurse for six or so weeks?”

24 | Would Pitch‘s Amelia have actually greenlit Ginny’s “clubhouse decorator” shtick on Kimmel? Wouldn’t that have undercutProject Runway her female empowerment “message”?

25 | Project Runway‘s blacklight challenge was lots of fun and Erin definitely deserved to win, but how did this ruffled wonder not make the Top 3?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!


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  1. Er says:

    23. April not being able to afford a nurse makes about as much sense as Arizona needing a roommate to begin with. But if it means that she moves in with Jackson, I’m honestly not complaining.
    Also, per next weeks promo, Arizona confronts Alex about beating up her roommate so I’m assuming she did check up on him.

  2. LNS008 says:

    Emma loves all of Hook – accepts all part of him, even the hook. I am sure if things progressed further you never know what would happen…

    I too was wondering about Arizona and DeLuca living together, what happened there lol.

  3. Metalhead says:

    No Emma likes the hook, she thinks its sexy.

    • Wordsmith says:

      How much better would it be, though, if he had a separate special attachment for intimate occasions?
      (Get your minds out of the gutter – I just mean something that isn’t a deadly weapon…)

    • Anne says:

      Ive long thought that Wolverine’s claws were super sexy… I’m down with the hook as well hahah. #noshame

    • Aimee says:

      Yeah but how sexy would it be stuck in her eyeball or some other location. It’s not about liking the hook. It’s about not wanting to get stabbed by it.

      • Anne says:

        Many people use knives and other dangerous items during sex. As long as safety precautions are taken and all participants are aware of the risks (and safe words, etc), it’s fine. Theres no reason to assume that Hook and Emma didn’t have a discussion about that. Sex with any person with a disability is usually discussed beforehand.

  4. auntiemm says:

    10. So glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that.
    21. Neither. Hetty on NCIS LA.

  5. shunda1177 says:

    #10 The whole episode reminded me of Breakfast Club. And remember, Palmer clued into it but didn’t say it outright. Also, did no one notice John Kapelos?!

  6. Lw says:

    Re: #10 – um…yes, that was the whole point. The 5 suspects were all mirrors of the Breakfast Club.

  7. 9 – he’s got to be dead. I can’t see his best mate being happy with her wearing the necklace any other way!

    • Sarah says:

      That’s what I thought too. Plus, I’m not sure she’d still be wearing the necklace if they had divorced (even if it was a friendly one). And I’m sure it’s against some kind of bro code (did that exist in the 90s and 00s?) for Miguel to marry his best friend’s ex-wife.

    • Susan says:

      No, I think his staying out late and drinking was foreshadowing to divorce. That and the fact that Miguel practically told him he’s in love with her.

  8. btm says:

    10. The whole NCIS episode was full of Breakfast Club Easter Eggs, I believe. That actress was not only aping the Ally Sheedy role, but all five members of the burglary ring were stand-ins for students in detention in the movie. The high school gym teacher was played by the same actor (John Kapelos) who played the school janitor in the Breakfast Club, who spent the film commiserating with the principal in the halls. There was also a reference to pixie sticks.

  9. Kevin K says:

    #8 – Kevin Can Wait is awful but I hope it should get one season tops. #13 – Designated Survivor is 24 meets The West Wing and I can only imagine hearing President Tom Kirkman said DAMMIT!! like he’s Jack Bauer. LOL

  10. Amber C. says:

    25. I said the same thing! The judges sure do love Erin though and it is justified because her clothes are beautiful, by Roberi got robbed on this one.

  11. TJ says:

    Just watched Project Runway this morning and YES …. why wasn’t that dress in the Top 3.

  12. skrable2 says:

    10. The Breakfast Club theme was picked up on … Jimmy Palmer mentions that it all seems familiar, when he sees pics of the five robbery suspects.

    I’m more interested in whether Gibbs actually wanted to be a watercolor artist

  13. Antoinette says:

    Also TVLine reader Mimi asks: “April is an attending surgeon at one of the best privately owned hospitals in the country, and she can’t afford a baby nurse for six or so weeks?”

    I think it has to do with upbringing. April was raised on a farm not with a silver spoon so of course she wants to emulate what she saw growing up!

    • rowan77 says:

      So she would rather put herself in a tizzy and cry all night over not being able to afford a baby nurse to help while she recovers then spend the money she knows she has to give her daughter a happy, calm home environment where they can continue to bond? I think it’s more that the writers needed her to need Jackson to step in so we can see them living together as a family and the only way to do that with April’s stubborn pride was to put a serious roadblock (one that he doesn’t have) into her doing it all herself – money problems – and they hoped you would buy it.

  14. Katherine215 says:

    7. Remember when Donald Trump actually knew what he was talking about? No? Me neither.
    13. Designated Survivor is focusing on all the wrong things. We don’t need another family drama. Focus on rebuilding the government (and in the appropriate order – the cabinet has deputies to fill in, Congress does not) and not the cliche “Muslims being attacked by racists” storyline. Not that I don’t think that could and would happen, of course, I just thought they did a poor job with it.
    17. I would be happier if Lethal Weapon retired Riggs’s crazy hair. Long hair is fine. Slicked back long hair that doesn’t stay slicked back and instead stands on its own at times…not so much. It’s the only thing I don’t like about the show!
    24. I’m not sure Pitch has figured out Amelia’s goals. I like the character but I hope they even her out some. Strong and confident is awesome; overly-interfering less so. My favorite new show of the fall though.

  15. 18 – Dodds. Which? The younger died in the season finale. If the father, you could also ask where is the Commissioner, the Mayor, and a bunch of other big wigs.

  16. cc says:

    23. April can afford a baby nurse, but it is a matter of whether she wants one. She wants to hold her child and bond with her. She doesn’t want the child to be bonding with the baby nurse. Also, the baby’s father, Jackson comes from a very wealthy family, so if April wanted a baby nurse, he would have been more than happy to pay for it.

  17. katlynneylon says:

    THANK YOU #9!! The old-age prosthetics are so distracting. I would have been 1000x more comfortable with just older actors portraying the same characters. The necklace alone would’ve tipped us off to it being Mandy Moore, and since they say “Miguel” we would’ve figured that one out too.

    …also, the necklace would be my biggest hint that the triplets’ dad died, and she later married Miguel. :)

    • Doug Henning says:

      #9…. IDK It is easier to make up an actor older than trying to make an old actor young..

    • Sarah says:

      The makeup was way over the top and poorly applied, more like they were supposed to be in their eighties than early sixties. They just need to get a new makeup artist, I’ve seen some shows do an excellent job of gradually aging actors. Call on the contestants of Face Off! They could do realistic aging makeup.

  18. KLP says:

    Yes on #15. But not in a good way. Code Black is significantly overwrought and almost painful in spots. I gave up watching last season after a couple of episodes, and only came back because Rob was added.

  19. Laura says:

    21 – Pretty much every time Cricket came on the screen, I couldn’t help myself from saying “Oh my god, that hair!”

  20. Candace says:

    2. Emma has shown that she has a *fondness* for the hook. Not only is she probably OK with him leaving it on, she probably encourages it!

  21. Jess says:

    #9 – yes, especially when combined with something Sterling K Brown said when he appeared on The Talk to promote the show and talked about why his character was looking for his birth father.

  22. m3rissa says:

    Hook has had that thing for how long now? After a couple centuries with the hook and his known womanizing ways I’m pretty sure he knows what he can and can’t do with it and how to make it work.

  23. KT says:

    I didn’t watch Code Black last year, but I’m going to watch because of Rob Lowe. I decided I would just believe his Grinder character has gone back to acting and is portraying the doctor on this medical show that needed him for ratings. The sunglasses move he pulled seemed like something Dean Sanderson would do. I’m really missing The Grinder.

    Now, if we can just get “The Grinder: New Orleans” made as a real show with Timothy Olyphant, I would be so happy.

  24. N says:

    13. Ya I feel like Designated Survivors premise is 10 times better than its execution so far. This horrific tragedy occurred barely 24 hrs earlier wiping out pretty much the entire government and no one seems properly shaken up, even Kirkman and his family don’t seem properly rattled at all. Just yesterday he was fired, now his President of the United States because all his colleagues died, its not business as usual. Show some emotion on his show. Its really throwing me out of it.

    9. I new it was coming eventually but Mandy Moore in aging makeup was a bit odd, ill give it time because the show is pretty good but I hope it didnt bite off more than it could with this aging thing. I did joke/ wonder out loud if Milo Ventimiglia just looked awful in the aging make up so they were like “screw it, were killing Jack off”

  25. Anonymous says:

    # 9 – Unless they recut the pilot I watched earlier this summer, Randall tells William his father is already dead. So not a twist I’ll see coming.

  26. Belle says:

    15. I loved The Grinder!!!! Fox messed up big time letting this little gem go so quickly :(

  27. jerrired says:

    25. 400 percent YES! I was really confused why some of the designs didn’t make the top 3, and that one (to me) was the best one and I definitely liked the winning design a lot too, but it should have been between those two.

  28. kirads09 says:

    #12. My first thought was we need a Mythbuster team reunion just to test that

  29. Television says:

    1. MacGyver, write Nikki off the show, her acting is horrible, and we don’t need that cliche character ruining the vibe.
    11. SHIELD, I love the show SHIELD and watch it all the time, every episode is great, I tried watching Peggy, but she just wasn’t believable for me.
    25. Project Runway, I’ve said this before, I enjoy this show a lot, but the judges do not know what they are doing. The ruffle dress was the best under the black light, can’t believe it didn’t win.

  30. Sharon says:

    Watching Rob Lowe anywhere, anytime, any role.#drvegas

  31. Tom says:

    11 | Was Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. taking a dig at Agent Carter‘s cancellation, with Coulson lamenting that “so many” of Peggy’s stories were “left unrecorded”?
    I mean, you gotta think that they were
    20 | On black-ish, how relieved were you when Bow’s obstetrician finally located the baby’s heartbeat?
    I was relieved yes, I know it tackles some big issues but I don’t know if I was really up to them tackling that one.

  32. John NYC says:

    12 | Is that really a thing, Blindspot? Shooting a hail of bullets into a bomb to not explode it?

    Bomb disposal robots can be equipped with s shotgun accessory arm for that purpose. They disrupt the electronics etc. not aimed at the actual explosive.

    • John NYC says:

      PAN disrupter: “EOD PAN Disrupter

      This laser-aimed disrupter enables the EOD technician to disrupt known or suspected improvised explosive devices (IEDs) from 10 meters away. It can also be fired from EOD robots. A diverse selection of projectiles enables use against different types of IEDs such as soft case, pipe bomb, or hard case.”

  33. amysue4772 says:

    5. You have to give NCIS:La credit for going to great lengths to cover Daniela’s pregnancy. The old baggy clothes trick is lame, and they haven’t resorted to it for either of her pregnancies. However, I am going to be seriously ticked off if she doesn’t come out of that coma

    • Jimpy says:

      On the plus side, at least as far as I’m concerned, the coma/pregnancy will give us a chance to see more of Action Nell.

  34. Kels says:

    #25 I agree that Roberi’s dress should have been in the top 3 but could not disagree more about Emma’s dress. I have hated her last two dresses and I dislike her own personal style. But it appears the judges have already annointed her so I will probably spend most of the rest of the season wondering whether it’s me or the judges who are nuts.

  35. Jason says:

    2) It would definitely be the gentlemanly thing to do. Also on that note, I still can’t understand why Hook didn’t get his hand back after resurrection. Did they think people would find it confusing? “That can’t be Hook. He’s got two hands!”

  36. Nicole Larsen says:

    After a lot of thought about Book’s hook, I have decided no. It does not need to come off. At all.

  37. Patricia Angelica says:

    14. I just LOVE Criminal Minds and I am really really upset on everything the network (because I am sure that none of this mess behind the scenes is Ericas or any if the producers – except for Virgil -‘s fault) has been doing this season to weaken the show… it’s awful to think they are doing everything they can to try and end up the show with the fans hating and raging against people who doesn’t have nothing to do with the mess, like the actors and some crew members…

  38. PatriciaLee says:

    1. The whole Nikki thing is a plotting hole, and we’re not supposed to notice. 2. No, she isn’t. The writers probably couldn’t agree how to deal with it. 11. Hopefully, it is a plug for more. 15. Bless you for using the word “dearly”, Grinder being such a hoot and missed a lot. 18. Maybe, on the cutting room floor? 19. I didn’t notice, wanting to see more of the other characters and growing tired of the whole Lindsey thing.

  39. Joy says:

    15. I miss The Grinder

    20. It felt like Tracee wasn’t acting. The relief on hear face and tears seemed so genuine I forgot it was a show.

  40. BM says:

    19. Not really. Halstead already thought about retiring to Wisconsin with Lindsay back in S2. I’ve been under the impression that he had pretty strong feelings for her ever since they started dating the first time around. With the way he’s been portrayed, I think it made sense that he was asking her to move in with him even if we hadn’t seen an “I love you” before. I didn’t feel like he had to say it; it seemed obvious. And I felt that Lindsay needed him to ask so she could realize and admit that she was in love with him. I think it worked out perfectly.

  41. Lauren says:

    I’m starting to think Jack being dead on This Is Us is too obvious and easy. I think they’re going to go the Alzheimer’s route.

  42. 22 – I’m losing faith in You’re the Worst because of things like this. What made this show amazing was that the characters were all, in fact, the Worst, but they were also relatable. The best part of the show was watching them do and say things that we’ve all done and said but would never admit doing or saying. Now they’ve lost all relatability and they are just awful. They’ve devolved into complete caricatures.