Samantha Bee Slams Media for Serving as Hillary Clinton Smile Police — Watch

Samantha Bee on Wednesday objected to the double standard that bore down on Hillary Clinton ahead of the first presidential debate.

The Full Frontal host dinged the media for insinuating Clinton had to smile more than opponent Donald Trump if she wanted to come across as a likable, “three-dimensional person” opposite her male opponent. She also mocked CNN for bringing in a “body language expert” on Tuesday to critique the authenticity of Clinton’s grin.

Bee, best summing up the Fourth Estate’s impossible expectations, insisted pundits wanted her to “be perfect but not too perfect, save us from fascism but like, don’t be a bitch about it.” She later insisted that “anyone who can make their face do this,” pointing to a photo of a seemingly at-peace Hillary and Bill just weeks after he admitted to the Monica Lewinsky affair, “does not need a lecture on the virtues of political smiling.”

Watch the complete Full Frontal segment above, then let us know if you think the media expected too much (or perhaps too little) of Clinton.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Patch says:

    Sam B is crushing it!

  2. Whatevah8 says:

    I love Samantha Bee.

  3. Mary says:

    Perfect she hit the nail on the head.

  4. Jen says:

    So on point. Way to go, Full Frontal!

  5. pickles says:

    She smiled too much Trump sniffled too much. I have a question about the woman loving supporter Hillary Clinton Why does she make herself look younger she photo shops her pictures and wears layers of make up? This isn’t the Hillary from the 90s. My point is she fell into the Hollywood trap instead of being who you are,you make yourself look like a clown.

    • Annie says:

      You completely missed the point of the segment.

    • Simon Jester says:

      And yet, I don’t see you complaining about Trump’s habit of baking himself in a tanning booth to achieve that orange glow. What do you think it says about you that it’s a problem when a *woman* tries to look youthful and attractive, but not a man?

  6. MMD says:

    Samantha Bee rocks! nuff said

  7. Lucifer says:

    Another can of fake upset so Bee can keep her failing show on the air. First off, body language experts are brought in on all major news outlets to talk about presidential debates and will all say different things. The one they had on Good Morning America said only negative things on Trump and that Hillary’s smiling when Trump spoke was very good. Secondly, anyone with common sense knows Hillary is not a likeable person and it has nothing to do with her being a woman. I do not agree with Elizabeth Warren’s political leanings and despise her for lying about her heritage, but she comes off as a very kind and likeable person. Thirdly, Hillary knows she’s not likeable which is why she forced a smile every chance she got during the debate. Some said it was good, but I felt she looked like an animal who was backed into a corner and showing it’s teeth as a last ditch effort.

    • Jen says:

      What does being likeable have to do with being competent? It’s *your* problem if you don’t find someone else likeable – that’s your perception and shouldn’t be weighted equal to job competency. What needs to be considered is policy and platform, history and record, and temperament under pressure. Vote for whomever you choose, but please do it based on something meaningful when it comes to the job of President, and not because you just happen to feel she’s an unlikeable person.

      • Nichole says:

        That’s an ironic comment, considering how many people seem to hate Trump because of his “unlikeable” persona, not just the things he says. And when it comes to picking on someone for the way the appear, try watching a late night talk show, mocking Trump, even with mimicking his voice and face, is very popular, but very little mocking of the way Clinton looks or talks ever happens, if any happens at all.

        Also when it comes to policy of platform, Clinton didn’t seem to have much of either to show in the debate. As an outsider looking in, it feels more like Clinton feels she deserves the top job, that it’s her time, not like someone who has a genuine plan for cleaning up the poop pile that’s been left by two terms of Obama. But that’s the opinion of someone looking in from the outside, it’s easier sometimes to see things more clearly from the point of view of someone with no skin in the game as such.

        • Jen says:

          I fully mean for the comment to be applicable to anyone not voting for Trump simply because he’s unlikeable in their eyes, too. That may be a strong enough criteria for kindergarten class president but I sure hope all voters are holding their choice of President of the United States to something greater than likeability.
          As for Clinton, if you support the policies she stood for while First Lady, and as a U.S. Senator, and as Secretary of State, then she comes with some pretty strong qualifications to continue to be involved in helping to run this government and shape this country. If not, then don’t vote for her. But the debate was hardly recognizable as anything like presidential candidate debates of the past, and I personally thought she managed to speak to a couple of plans, as did Trump, but the entire debate was pretty much a farce.

        • Mary says:

          The truth is the things that come from Trumps mouth, is gold to late night comedians. If Trump would even slightly act like a competent human being and stop insert his foot in his mouth then maybe people wouldn’t see him as a joke. No Clinton deserves the job because she has the experience and knowledge of how the Government is run, from both sides. Trump sorry is clueless and I really believe he doesn’t understand the way it works or the Constitution for that matter. The reason Trump falter at the debate because he really is clueless. Yes people are frustrated with the system, which won’t change unless they term Congress, but you don’t elect a loud mouth TV Personality who if you look at his business record is nothing to write home about. Sad really that people can’t see past their anger and might elected a Man like him.

  8. HAP says:

    It is such an indictment of the US MSM when folks like Sam and John Oliver deliver the most cogent critiques of or society and our politics. I’ll throw Colbert in there, too.