Adventure Time to End After Season 9

Finn and Jake’s Adventure Time is coming to an end.

Cartoon Network on Thursday announced that the long-running series about a boy and his canine best friend will wrap after Season 9, Deadline reports.

The Emmy- and Peabody Award-winning series is currently in its seventh season, and will continue to air through 2018. It has been a staple on the basic cable network since its debut in April 2010, and at the conclusion of its run it will have aired 142 half-hour installments.

Adventure Time was a passion project for the people on the crew who poured their heart into the art and stories,” said creator Pendleton Ward in a statement. “We tried to put into every episode something genuine and telling from our lives, and make a show that was personal to us, and that had jokes too! I’m really happy that it connected with an audience for so long. It’s a special thing, I think.”

Adventure Time changed the definition of what a kids’ TV series could be, and it’s had a resounding impact upon popular culture around the world,” added Cartoon Network CCO Rob Sorcher. “Cartoon Network Studios is proud to have brought together this group of brilliant artists and animators who helped make Adventure Time one of the most critically acclaimed TV series of a generation.”

Are you saddened by the demise of Adventure Time? Grateful you’ll have a two-year mourning period? Express your sorrow below.

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  1. abbyrose says:


  2. Chrippy says:

    I’m legit devastated, this has ruined my weekend

  3. EVAN says:

    My family has been following Finn, Jake & all the A.T. characters since my son was a little guy…. This will be a sad departure but I hope they will do it with great style & story.

  4. CinHarrow says:

    If they’re glad to have made something so good, then why on earth are they cancelling it!?
    First Steven Universe is announced to be going away, now Adventure Time!
    Cartoon Network is digging their own grave!

  5. Jim says:


  6. Erica Miller says:

    Yes I’m super bummed! This show is great. I’m 36 my husband 39. We watch new episodes with our kids and re-runs late at night. He have a black cat named Marcy/Marcaline. From toys to clothing, to purchase on iTunes to constant streaming on hulu, we support this show on all levels and 2 years is not enough. I get it, Finn will be 18 but… Obtw it better not end as him waking up and it’s a dream, that’s been done way too much

  7. Aries says:

    Please don’t ever cancel this show I and others love it so much keep it going please.

  8. Scott says:

    Don’t be sad the show is ending. You wouldn’t want to live forever, until everyone you knew, including your grandchildren, were gone. Just like with each of our lives, Adventure
    Time will have a long and meaningful existence, and we should make the most of what it is. Also, if they conclude the story, what else would there be to tell?

  9. Seth Youngblood says:

    I miss adventure time ive seeen every episode
    Im about to cry plz make season 10 plz i beg
    Of you this is ripping me to pieces.

    Sincerely Seth Youngblood

    P.S i will never forget you.

  10. Unknown snail says:

    Cartoon network needs to pull it lips out of it own butt and cancel the actual bad shows it has and keep good ones like adventure time.

  11. willow says:

    Adventure time is and always gonna be a fantastic show. its one show that i’ll never get bord of. im happy to be part of this fandom :]

  12. willow says:

    oh also…… UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! please don’t cancal and have a proper ending. and dont you start canceling the other good shows and give us poop like ‘my night and me’.

  13. Stephani Woodall says:

    Just like anything else” not cookie cutter nonsence” it gets axed! I think its sad that anything that actually goes outside the normal shlock of kids toobs always and i mean always gets the axe, why! And if its soooo great and garnered so much attention and awards is it being cancelled? Maybe whomever is in charge needs to go and someone with a younger mindset needs the job because this is happening way too much, i mean cancel AT and bring back an awful , really awful power puff girks! Yeah pathetic and sad because now instead of childrens imaginations being fueled they are being fuzzed over with same ole same ole mind numbing crap. Great job!

    • Chris says:

      This is as bad as when that asshat before the current president of CN cancelled all animation and tried to make it a reality channel

  14. Julia says:

    This show has so much hidden meaning behind everything. Everyone i know thinks it’s just some stupid kids show but they don’t see or know the hidden meanings and the back story. Like the great mushroom war meaning world war 3 and how there’s a big gaping hole in the earth from the atomic bombs you can see in the begining credits. How half the world is mutated from radiation and the other half is nature trying to mend itself. Finn thought he was the last human until recently in season 8 where he finally met his mother who had integrated herself into a computer to preserve her mental state and to save and control the remaining humans on their island. I’ve been fully engrossed in this show as if I were a part of their world. It amazes me how you can make someone think they’re watching a children’s show at first and then have 40 year old adults enjoying it as well because aside from the wild jokes goofy language and bright colors the underlying plotline is very in-depth as well as character production and evolution. My heart will break when this show finally ends just the same as when I finish my favorite books because you get invested and involved and you feel like you’re part of it like you Know the characters… But they will all still be there fellow AT lovers. If you ever feel that deep nostalgia for your AT family the episodes will always just be a couple clicks away and you can once again be immersed in their world.. farewell Finn and Jake… See you in one more season.
    Love always,

  15. Michael says:

    The AT universe will live on forever! Fans of past, present and future will help it live on, as it continues to inspire and evolve through their interpretations and own creations. I am as devastated as any one who is familiar with this show, to know that this animated “kids” television show will come to an end, as it has meant far more to me than any other television show I have ever watched. Of course I have other shows that I love for various aspects such as comedy or drama, yet somehow this show (depending on the episode) incubuses them all. In just one episode you can find yourself go through the entire range of human emotions. Adventure Time allows the lesser developed to simply enjoy and appreciate the visual extravaganza buffet that it is and its comedic randomness, with a pinch of slapstick toilet jokes, (whilst LOLing as I type thinking of episodes gone by). Yet any one of age beyond the supposed “target” who gives this a chance will see simply that this is a show about life. Living life, ending life, staying alive and being alive and how to do it all! IT embraces the good and let’s you taste the finer things, however it will not shy away, when as all things, they come to a not so pleasant end. Those whom have been involved with this no doubt masterpiece, I salute you – I cannot thank you enough!

    I do not want it to end, but I know it must, as you’ve taught me in the past. Season 9 – I await your birth and when I must lay you and all those who have come before you to rest. Oh – you better make sure there is a complete boxset of this!!!

    Michael (the human)

  16. Stephanie says:

    Noooo whyy!!!!!!!😢

  17. Car says:

    Cartoon Network is so lame now, cancelling the good shows. They play Amazing World of Gumball and Teen Titans entirely too much. Why can’t AT (even reruns) take some of those slots? Then, they keep coming out with new shows that go away after a month because of TT and AWOG. I hate CN now.

  18. Ediana says:

    Nooooo!!! I watch Adventure Time with my kids they are obsessed with this show. Don’t end it please :( my kids are going to be so upset

  19. Ediana says:

    My kids are going to freak out. I watch thi show with my little ones. I love princess bubblegum :((

  20. Fish says:

    It says 2018 but I haven’t seen it on Tv in a couple years. I even searched for it. Is it only online now? I love this show :(

  21. word says:


  22. word says:

    Unaaacceeeeeptaaaaableeee!!!!!!!this makes me tink of that sad lemon grab song……**ohh lemon grab….made candy and glue…..created with love but uglyness to…:((((!

  23. Ely says:

    Wish I could curse… but I am truly saddened

  24. Ely says:

    Bacon pancakes you will be missed

  25. A little of everything says:

    they didn’t explain why they would end it!!!! WHY END IT THOUGH why can’t it be like the simpsons or spongebob which would run forever. imo this show is better than any long-running cartoon series

  26. Lolli says:

    Canceling the two best shows on the network… lets be real for a second, they’re axing Steven and Adventure time because they have lgbtq plot lines and are scared of these relationship and characters developing anymore. Absolute shame, What a bunch of cowards.

  27. Richie Nongbri says:

    Real shame Adventure Time is ending. I never got to see it from the beginning and I never saw later seasons. I wish I could see it again. A huge Thanks to all the people involved in Adventure Time for making it the greatest show ever. I would love to see it again.

  28. Richie Nongbri says:

    To be honest I’m really devastated that Adventure Time will be cancelled. Adventure Time is the greatest show I’ve ever seen. I want to watch it everyday even the reruns. I’m obsessed with the show but I never got to see most of the episodes. Now I get to see it at night during 1am. Adventure Time is the most Amazing show ever Please don’t Cancel it.

  29. Carmine Crincoli says:

    YES! I’m really sad and upset! I really wanna see more Adventure Time like more seasons like a season 10 and I really wanna see a new Adventure Time movie in theaters this summer!

  30. Julián M. says:

    Go to another channel.
    Do a movie.
    Do something!

  31. Marco M. D. says:

    Please don’t stop Adventure Time. First CN cuts out Regular Show, now they’re axe-ing Steven Universe and Adventure Time. As a devoted fan, whose watched Adventure Time since it’s birth until it’s end, I’m encouraging all you fans out there, please all the fans support this comment, and comments by your fellow fans. Guys let’s show CN, let’s show them that we still stand for Adventure Time. We want CN to realise that people still put up with Adventure Time, people still want Adventure Time to live on.

  32. ;( says:

    ill end my own life ong

  33. Alex Fischer says:

    I love adventure Time it’s my favorite show, When I heard it was ending it was like the end of the world to me. I would do anything litterally anything, I’d eat dirt, I’d cut my arm off, I’d go broke, litterally anything just to get the show back!

  34. Alex Fischer says:

    Adventure time is the best show on cartoon network they have to keep going. Keep all good/award winning/long running/popular shows. Why not cancel Teen Titans go, and ben 10, those reboots suck, nobody likes them save adventure time the most successful show on cartoon network. I love adventure Time everyone does, adults and kids like this show just keep adventure time. EVERYONE DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO SAVE ADVENTURE TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Alex Fischer says:

    At the very least make season 10

  36. Shelby_Pimp_Guitar says:

    Please don’t end the show😭

  37. Shaina says:

    If Adventure Time absolutely must end I hope that it will at least end happily for everyone with no unanswered questions and I truly hope that Finn gets a girlfriend as well because he deservers it