Scream Queens Recap: Skin Deep

Proving herself to be one of the hospital’s only sane employees, Zayday did some digging on Tuesday’s Scream Queens, putting several of TVLine’s burning Season 2 questions to bed.

Determined to figure out why “Dr.” Munsch really got into the medical field, Zayday and Chamberlain headed straight for the hospital’s archives, where they learned the entire staff was murdered in 1986. (That includes Laura Bell Bundy’s character, thus nixing my theory that she could have been a younger version of Kirstie Alley’s pill-popping nurse.)

That’s when Munsch dropped a truth bomb on the junior detectives: She’s been experiencing headaches, joint pain and night shivers for the past eight months. “I started [the hospital] find out what this disease was before it kills me,” she explained.

Zayday eventually deduced that Munsch has kuru (a real thing!), which she contracted by unknowingly eating another human during a recent trip to New Guinea — a piece of information Nurse Hoffel was particularly interested to hear.

SQUASH BALLS TO THE WALLS | Tuesday’s episode also featured the triumphant return of Chad Radwell, now the lead singer of a band called (what else?) Gold-Plated Nutsack. After spooking Chanel in the Red Devil costume — he was apparently also the one who attacked her in the closing moments of the Season 1 finale — Chad staked his claim to Chanel’s lady parts during a characteristically homoerotic shower encounter with Dr. Holt. He also uncovered the original owner of the not-so-good doctor’s hand: Marshall Winthrop, a champion squash player-turned-serial killer! (Man, they’re really knocking off our burning questions left and right.)

HESTER, PESTERED | Speaking of long-awaited returns, Munsch — following the advice of Quantico superfan Denise Hemphill — turned to Hester for answers about the man (or woman) behind the green mask. She claimed to know the identity of the killer, adding that the clues are right under the staff’s noses, but refused to give up any more information until the she received all of the items on her list of (mostly out-of-stock) beauty products, as well as a room at Munsch’s hospital.

BOILED OVER | Last, but certainly not least, Arrow‘s Colton Haynes guest-starred as this week’s medical mystery, a “super hot” Encyclopedia Brown fanatic named Tyler whose body was covered in tumors. He and No. 5 struck up Beauty and the Beast-style romance, but unlike the tale as old as time, this one didn’t have a happy ending; the episode ended with the serial killer toasting poor Tyler to death on the operating table.

Any new theories about who’s behind the mask? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Kyle says:

    This episode was amazing. I was cracking up practically the entire hour!

    I love how it just does not take itself serious even a little bit. So much fun to watch

    • Catie says:

      This episode was offensive and demeaning towards people who have Neurofibromatosis and disgusted at the fact that people actually like this episode. This episode was So demeaning. The way they classified Neurofibromatosis was completely wrong on so many levels other than it being genetic disease and the things on his body being tumors saying that he was hideous he is hideous and gross and did he kiss it towed it’s insulting to the Neurofibromatosis community shame on the riders shame on the network that aired the show and Shane want anyone that does not understand how cruel this episode was

  2. diane says:

    Funny as hell. The “icing” joke and the stubble free box were wrong, but hilarious.

  3. QueenB says:

    The killer is either Cassidy or Kristie.

  4. dan says:

    My early guess is that Kristie is the mother from the flashback who begged for treatment for her husband, and Cassidy is her son. I haven’t seen tonight’s episode to know if I’ve already been disproven, but I can’t wait.

  5. Andrew says:

    This episode was SO much better than last week, but it played so slow.

    The show is at its best when Curtis is front and center. I LOVED her fight scene with the killer.

    Kirstie is a great addition, too. I hope she gets more screen time.

  6. Eric7740 says:

    Niecy Nash and Glen Powell make this show!!! I love them!!! Absolutely hilarious!!!

    • Chelsea says:

      IKR! Yaas! I would like to see more from Hester too!

    • I would watch Glen Powell’s character Chad in a spin-off. That guy just makes me laugh everytime. Also, Lea Michelle Lee and Niecy Nash were fantastic. But whatever compelled Colton Haynes to do this role? It could have been played by a D list actor just as effectively.

  7. Suso says:

    I’ve gotta say, as someone who actively rooted for #5 to die last season, Breslin is killing it (pun intended) this season. Something finally clicked with actress and character and now I like her better than #3.

  8. Tooth Fairy says:

    I love this episode of Scream Queens! Super fun! I enjoyed it more than the premiere last week. Glad to have Denise and Chad back!

  9. Red Snapper says:

    I thought tonight’s episode was better than last week’s. I never thought anything would make me feel bad for Chanel No. 5. I was super sad when Tyler died. Apparently we should not get attached to any of the case of the week patients.

  10. HU says:

    Hester and Denise are why I watch.

  11. Hodan says:

    I really loved Hester’s return. Loved seeing Denise and Chad as well.

  12. Tintin says:

    Lea Michele is a really talented actress. I hope she gets more screen time this season. She really is good!

  13. Cupcake says:

    Let’s keep on watching and support scream Queens! I’m really a fan! It deserves a third season! I hope the ratings would improve.

  14. ChrisGa says:

    This episode was a lot stronger than the premiere. Great seeing Chad, probably my favorite character, back and more Denise Hemphill is always a good thing. And nice to see that Abigail Breslin, who a year ago I thought wasn’t gonna make the transition from good child actor to even-decent adult actor, has improved greatly since last season.

    As for the newbies, Kirstie is far and away the best but she’s not getting nearly enough screen time. Lautner’s alright too but I could take or leave Stamos….actually, I wish someone else was playing that character(I would’ve preferred O’Connell in that role instead of the flashbacks).

  15. Julia says:

    I’ve been on the fence about this show since last season; watched and enjoyed but never really loved it. Tonight’s episode was fantastic! I’m officially on board with Scream Queens now.

  16. Eli says:

    I was extremely excited to see a Neurofibromatosis case. Although the disease is not well known it effects 1 in 2500. That is more common than Huntington’s disease, Tay-Sachs. and muscular dystrophy combined. Tylers case was rather severe as far as tumors go. However the disease has so many other complications such as learning disabilities, bow leggedness, vision problems, hearing problems and more. The tumors also grow inside the body including internal organs. to learn more visit

  17. Frankie R says:

    Loved the return of Chad! Him going against Holt now competing over Chanel is hilarious. Sadly, predicting it now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chad bites the dust by Holt. I was glad we also got to see more of Denise and Hester this episode. Loving the Halloween 2 vibes from this hospital setting, as well as when Chanel and Munsch both had their run-ins with the Red Devil and the Green Meanie. SO GOOD! Munsch can kick some ass and probably like every viewer that watched, it was frustrating when Cassidy interrupted Munsch as she was about to lift the mask off the killer. But, I guess it’s to be expected.. If she pulled the mask off, the characters and us as the audience would know right then and there. It’s gonna drag out, but for me, that adds to the thrill of tuning in every week!

    Really liked Tyler and felt sorry for #5 when her and the Chanels ran to try and stop the surgery and eventually found him. Loved that bit and loved the whole episode really. Wish Tyler would have had a little more time, almost like how I felt for Catherine last week. She was a hoot to watch, especially when she turned into such a savage in saying the Green Meanie should kill #5 because she’s awful lol imagine Tyler having scenes with Holt, Chad and Cassidy.. Oh man haha plus #5 would still have her man. Not digging this two week wait, but time will go by and it’ll be here soon enough. I wonder why that is.. But that promo for episode 3 has me so ready for the 11th! <3

  18. Chanel Oberlin says:

    Let’s keep on watchig Scream Queens live every tuesday. The ratings need to improve if we want a third season!!


  19. Joyce Burley says:

    What makes it ok Scream Queens (whatever or whoever they are Actually who are they?) to degrade, humiliate this man. So someone with disfigurement is fair game for them to make fun of? So where do they stop and say, no I won’t make fun of this or that, it might hurt someone. Nf can come from a spontaneous mutation so how would it feel if one of those fund out their offspring had Nf?

  20. Sam says:

    Yeah episode was definitely funny, especially when my teenage cousin with neurofibromatosis 1 heard a person with her disorder being called a monster and other names. As if being bullied in real life for her tumors isn’t enough. The writers should be ashamed of themselves. Garbage show.

  21. Who is behind the mask? I don’t know the name of the actor behind the mask/makeup of the man suffering from neurofibromatosis, but, whoever he is, he is a poor excuse for a human being for allowing himself to take part in a disgusting, inaccurate, insensitive and downright cruel depiction of a person suffering from that condition. So is the bimbo portraying his sister. My granddaughter has this disease and she is no monster. She is a strong, brave, delightful little girl with more class in her little finger than the writer of this script. If that writer wants to see a true monster, a look in the mirror will suffice.