Trump Clinton Debate Winners

First Presidential Debate Roundup: Presenting the Real Winners & Losers

While political pundits bicker over which candidate emerged victorious from Monday’s first presidential debate, Team TVLine is putting the spotlight on the event’s secondary winners and losers. (Of course, should you also have a strong opinion about the Clinton v. Trump of it all, we have a poll for that below).

A likely winner be television as a whole: The 90-minute duel, which was held at Hofstra University and moderated by NBC’s Lester Holt, is expected to draw Super Bowl-sized ratings. Industry watchers are predicting the tally will land somewhere between 80 and 100 million viewers. Anything north of 81 million — which was how many tuned in to the 1980 clash between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter — would set a new record.

One thing is certain: The audience will be as yuuge as the stakes. With that in mind, peruse our gallery to see who walked away from the debate of the century with a little extra political capital and who should elect to sleep in tomorrow.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. N!loofar says:


  2. Sylvia Winrich says:

    I felt Hillary Clinton was calm, poise and very Presidential. She did her homework, presented here debate very well and I do trust her.

    • Rhnd says:

      Calm is another word for in over her head i guess. She should have done more studying when it came to the economy.

      • John NYC says:

        Secretary of State, United States Senator?

        Versus bankrupt casino owner and former beauty pageant emcee? Too afraid of the truth to release his simple tax returns or medical records?

        Sure Clinton is the one not ready for prime time.

        • sarah says:

          Hey! This is the internet, stop making so much sense!

        • Mary says:

          Are you serious? The man who bragged about loopholes, screwing contractors, and not paying his fair share of taxes, and you question her knowledge on the economy. The man who guess what has his line produced overseas. Do you actually listen to the words that come out of his mouth or are you one of the angry people who blames the Government for their failures. It is obvious Trump should at least do some preparing because he just proved his incompetence.

        • Dalyce says:

          Not to mention Mr. Sniffles parted ways with the Beauty Pageant because a number of the contestants complained he was “Mr. Grabby Hands” behind the scenes. They all threatened a civil suit if Trump the chump wasn’t kicked to the curb. Great White House material…NOT!

      • Kelly says:

        Don’t make me laugh. Trump is the definition of in over his head.

    • close says:

      But she missed a huge opportunity. When she accused him of not paying any taxes… He couldn’t help himself but to remark… “They would have been wasted.”
      She moved on instead of pointing out he had basically admitted he didn’t pay them.

      • Trish says:

        I think we should leave it up to the public to come to that conclusion.

      • Mad Hobbit says:

        I was surprised it was not mention how Clinton foundation only uses 15 cents out of every dollar(legal limit) for charity work,the other 85 cents is overhead

        • Probably because that is not true.

          From “” —
          We looked at the consolidated financial statements (see page 4) and calculated that in 2013, 88.3 percent of spending was designated as going toward program services — $196.6 million out of $222.6 million in reported expenses.

        • LT says:

          That has been proven false sooooo many times, it’s just shocking people can’t face facts.

      • Laura says:

        Anyone can file taxes…it doesn’t mean that you paid them nor does it mean you didn’t pay someone to help take care of matters that needed to be hidden!

  3. Chester says:

    Law and Order can’t come back necause Lenny Briscoe died.😞

  4. Lucifer says:

    I wonder what kind of super drugs they gave Hillary that allowed her to stand on her own, not have sporadic and uncontrollable laughter/facial expressions, and have 10-minute coughing fits. She still had that nervous smile, though.

  5. Dave says:

    TRUMP won. Just as he will in November. Crooked Hil can prepare for these things all she wants…but facts remain facts. You can’t explain away the deaths of American soldiers or the email scandal or your health issues. You can’t escape that Hil. It’s over. #trump2016

    • Wordsmith says:

      Are facts really facts, though? This election cycle is beginning to make me doubt that theoretical truism.

      For example: Trump actually died back in March of a massive coronary and has been replaced by a series of convincing body doubles using pre-taped voice recordings to answer questions. I’ve been told this by a variety of sources very close to him – members of his inner circle. This is an undeniable fact.

      Prove me wrong. I dare you.

      • Swear says:

        Here sir, is your honorary tin foil hat and specifically made kool aid packets, enjoy.

      • Shirl says:

        You are a really stupid individual if you really, really believe that bunch of crap and since you made the statement, you should be the idiot that proves it. Why should we when we know it is not true? You sound like a retard. Prove me wrong.

        • Wordsmith says:

          Very good! Now you are starting to think like a grown-up! Don’t blindly believe the things that people say and write without solid evidence!

        • Wordsmith says:

          Though people might take you a bit more seriously without the excessive name-calling; that part seems a little childish…


    • rt says:

      republicans love to blame clinton for benghazi – they act like she drew a map, marked it with an X – gave the terrorists the exact hours to attack and provided them with bottled water for the car ride. there were at least 10 attacks on us consulates during the bush administration.

      • Sue says:

        Killing over 60 people. But don’t bother them with facts. Like the FACT that the GOP led Congress slashed the amount of money Secretary Clinton requested for embassy security in half. The deaths of those 4 men are on The GOP as much as anyone.

        • Juraj says:

          Clinton destroyed Libya by pushing for an invasion, just like she helped destroy Iraq by pushing for an invasion, just like she wanted to destroy Syria by pushing for an invasion and arming “moderate” headchoppers.

          Everything else is of secondary importance, especially your lame talking points about who voted for what budgetary line item.

          But please, let’s hear more of your FACTS about a candidate whose policies have killed hundreds of thousands of people.

          • John NYC says:

            Iraq? That was Bush’s little fiasco not the Obama administration. Though Trump makes the same ignorant mistake. Commander in Chief Bush invaded Iraq in 2003.

            And Trump, on video, was fine with that invasion.

          • tr says:

            you sort of lose ALL credibility by claiming clinton pushed for an invasion of Iraq – that was Bush’s and Cheney’s doing –

      • Juraj says:

        Why shouldn’t she be blamed? She is responsible for Obama’s greatest unforced error in foreign policy — regime change in Libya. The place when from a stable country to a chaotic jihadi hellhole because Clinton convinced Obama to overthrow the its secular leader. The Benghazi attack was simply a consequence of Hillary Clinton’s trigger happy foreign policy which has sown death and destitution from the Middle East to North Africa.

      • Fjf says:

        No, but she sat on her hands while the attack was going down and then just let all the bad guys get away with it. Also, what kind of a moron sends an ambassador to a terrorism hotsoot with only a handful of security guards?

    • kevstar69 says:

      What kind of drugs did Chump do before coming on stage? You want to talk about drugs when your guy had the coke sniffles. Hilarious.
      The point about Chump being a clone, just demonstrates the kind of blatant lies that are told about BOTH candidates. You don’t recognize satire when you see it.

    • kevstar69 says:

      Trump for Dead President.
      You go, Trump! Off a cliff in a fiery accident!

    • Tony says:

      You and the home the moronic Trump supporters can keep telling yourself this guy won. And I truly don’t care at this point for political civility when it come to Trump. Last night was a disgusting display of how entertainment has hijacked politics and yet, the media narrative this morning will continue to not call him out. I absolutely don’t give a s&$t anymore in calling out this racist, misogynistic dbag and his equally racist and misogynistic followers. This isn’t about defending or supporting Hillary (she wasn’t my candidate. Bernie was). Its about calling a spade a spade

    • Mary says:

      Your response truly reflects the type of person you are. It is obvious you are one of his minions who no matter the cost will vote for the clueless man. Keep watching Fox because it is obvious you cannot think for yourself, but you have the talking points down pact.

  6. Clay says:

    My issue with this debate is that as I’m watching both of them I’m wishing that Hillary Clinton would morph into Leslie Knope. It’s so hard to root for either of them after this performance. Lester was clearly under Trumps skin and he didn’t get to say what I think he needed to. As a voter who is truly lost in this election, i hoped I would get better insight into his platform from him tonight. What I got was…not that. And Hillary’s red power suit was so distracting that I couldn’t focus on her stance on cyber attacks. But I did get a tasty homemade cookie recipe from the back of Jif. Peanut butter cookies over politics any day. #Thewinnerofthisdebateiscookies. #Jifpeanutbutter #election2016 #LeslieKnope2016

    • Nik says:

      Uh, I think you did get an insight into his platform tonight – ie he doesn’t really have one.

    • Lily says:

      Trump cannot be bothered with specifics of his platform because for the most part they do not exist yet. And you are really complaining about the color of Clinton’s clothes? . . . .(rolls eyes)

      • Yup says:

        Honestly her clothes were about the only thing that stood out about her tonight. She got crushed.

        • Mary says:

          Only in the eyes of the die hard minions. Mama, Hillary is not saying nice things about me, when the truth is her ads are his words. Obviously you don’t grasp the concept how a debate works. When your guy walks away with his tail between his legs, that mean you lose.

      • Clay says:

        Hi there! And, Ugh. Please don’t. You don’t know me. That comment “and ‘you’ are really complaining about…” You don’t know me or my writing style well enough to deduce that it was a complaint. It wasn’t a complaint. It was an observation. It was a very assertive red. And this is coming from someone who has gone as Hillary for Halloween for two years in a row. I love a good power suit. And imitation is the greatest form of flattery. My overall comment was my disappointment in the debate as a whole. I don’t feel either side really won over an unaffiliated voter like myself. Which was a shame. But at least I had yummy cookies. I think I agree with you on Trump after last night. But please don’t minimize someone’s post when there is no reason to. It’s not fair. I’ll say it again, I love a good power suit. Thank you for your time!

  7. Die!Lorelei says:

    I’m no fan of either candidate, but Newark is repeatedly ranked the worst airport in the country and, as a born-and-bred New Yorker, I can say from many experiences that it truly is heinous. Not on par with famine, of course, but if you guys think it’s a pretty nice airport, I’m going to second-guess some of your reviews!

    • LauraB says:

      I invite you to my 3rd world country, you can see the airports, and then you will be glad you have Newark

      • cjs2185 says:

        What war-torn, disease-ridden land provides you with uncensored internet access, LauraB?

      • Chester says:

        I have been to many Third World countries, and I have to say that many of them do have better airports than Newark or LaGuardia. Mostly the better airports are in rising countries like Malaysia, former Third World. They have a fantastic airport. So does Singapore. Newark and LaGuardia are terrible, dirty.

        Even someone as awful as Trump has to stumble on to the truth every once in a while.

    • teeveenerd says:

      I agree. I have relatives in NJ, and so I always fly into Newark. The last time I was there, a part of the ceiling was falling through and they had it roped off. It’s pretty bad.

  8. Trump had 20 good minutes at the beginning but once he gave in and started yelling and interrupting, it was all downhill.

  9. Douglas Leathem says:

    Why wasn’t Gary Johnson (L) allowed to debate?

  10. Dj says:

    My favorite moment had to be when accused of not paying taxes Trump very proudly saying not paying taxes was smart. Oh then he went on NBC after the debate and said he didnt say it and it was a lie if someone said he said it.

  11. Et al says:

    Trump was a disaster.

  12. Lala says:

    Trump took every single bait and he was on the defensive for much of the debate. He started strong but he trickled down as the debate went on.

  13. Real talk says:

    Why did trump admit to NOT paying his federal taxes? Why did he call the crises that we had as a country “good business”? He want to start a war over a taunt !! An u people say go trump. Now thats a crises in it’s own. Lol

  14. Joey says:

    Trump carried the first third or so of the debate, but Clinton destroyed him in the last two-thirds.

    • Dhrh says:

      Yeah with all thAt confused stAring she did and letting him make all his points.

      • Ryan says:

        That’s what a good debater does though. You let your opponent make their points and then you counter. You don’t scream over them or constantly talk down to them and the moderator. It’s a debate not a circus.

  15. ThatBob says:

    Nobody won. The American people lost.

  16. teeveenerd says:

    Not voting for Trump, but I do vote for Law and Order to be brought back. The reruns help me fall asleep at night. I find the show strangely comforting.

  17. Steven says:

    Why is no one talking about how Donald Trump brought up Rosie O’Donnell during a Presidential Debate and basically said “I Think Everyone Can Agree Rosie Deserved to Be Called a Fat Pig”. DURING A PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE. How is this man seriously considered a viable option?

    • Lily says:

      I have no idea unless Americans have lost their freaking minds!

      • Ehd says:

        Rosie says the same crap about him on tv all the time And we appreciate the straight talk from trump. Plus we are sick of fake hillary so cut truml slack. We want our country fixed

        • Lily says:

          Rosie O’Donnell is NOT running for PRESIDENT! Straight talk? NO way.

        • Cat says:

          If you think somenone’s idea of fixing things is to declare bankruptcy then Trump’s your man otherwise electing Trump would be a disaster for America and the world.

        • Mary says:

          Believe it or not there is a difference between being on reality TV and a Presidential debate. Calling someone names and making derogatory remarks is not straight talk but the mentality of a 5 year old on the playground who hasn’t been taught human decency. I hope if you have children you taught them better. It shows Trump character or lack of.

  18. Nadia. says:

    Trump said he is going around and visiting towns. Hillary said she did not do that because she is preparing to be president.

    It shows all she cares about is power and not the people is cannot even have the time to go around and listen to people concern.

    For me, by that statement alone she is the loser in this debate.

    • Lily says:

      Yeah, because we do NOT want a person who takes the most powerful position in the world seriously by being prepared, knowledgeable, and informed! You actually think the Donald cares about people . . . well I guess he does care for at least one – himself!!
      He couldn’t win in a high school debate much less one for the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!! Wake up people!!!! I know you want change but he is like throwing a grenade to extinguish a fire.

  19. Nene says:

    Trump destroyed clinton and he didnt even bring up half the stuff out there against her. Anyone who says clinton won is in denial and/or biased. Im independent but i teach debate and trump killed it. She just seemed lost and just let him make all of his points.

    • Lily says:

      I call bull sh!t on this one. Yeah, I also teach debate (wink, wink) and you have lost all touch with reality. Sorry he didn’t do as well as your “independent” heart wanted him to . .

    • John NYC says:

      She let him lie and spout nonsense so he could dig his own grave nice and deep. That’s debate 101 right? When someone is destroying themselves rule one is Don’t Stop Them.

      And she got it right: he was his own worst enemy. Over and over again.

    • The Kaibosh says:

      After that performance: saying “I teach debate and Trump killed it” is an oxymoron. You teach debate? Where? To whom? To yourself in front of the mirror?

    • Mary says:

      Do you teach at Trump University where many are suing because they got ripped off?
      That is the only explanation because it is clear the he was the big L last night.

  20. peterwdawson says:

    Pretty much what I expected. Clinton was more scripted, Trump was more unhinged, and once again I am so glad I’m Canadian.

  21. Paula says:

    I’m with Her!! Secretary Clinton was articulate and poised while Trump’s temper threatened to unspool into a tantrum at any given moment. Also, it’s obvious that doofus wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit him in the @$$

  22. says:

    I watched it with an open mind. Hilary spent to much time talking about things that have nothing to do with the future of our country. I honestly don’t care about Obama being an American. His time is about over. I don’t care about Donald’s taxes and all the character slashing. To me, it made her seem like she didn’t have anything to talk about. Donald seemed like he had a cold. He said nothing new really. Just the same stuff we have been hearing for a while. Seeing these two go head to head was honestly like watching elementary school kids fighting. I really do wish these debates were taken more seriously. The questions they were asked could have been better as well. I walked away feeling like I didn’t gain a thing from it or learn anything I don’t already know. I have to say that Hilary does scare me. I’m not sure she’s being honest and I feel like she has very different plans from what she’s saying. As for Trump, he’s a strange character, but if I had to sit on a plane next to either of them, I think Trump would be more interesting to talk to. I’m tired of our country going down hill. I think it’s time for a real change. Hilary needs to retire. At least with Donald we will get new airports and he will bring back businesses. Taxing the rich the way Hilary wants too will only drive the companies away faster. When Mexico wises up and starts taking care of the elderly with better medical this country will be finished. America is too expensive and becoming more undesirable every day.

    • Cat says:

      When Trump brings his own businesses back to the US then you can take him seriously, until then he’s just talking bullsh*t.

    • The Kaibosh says:

      You said you watched it, which is good. You said a lot of different things but interestingly you said that “At least with Donald we will get new airports and he will bring back business.” I need to ask you: HOW exactly do you think that is going to happen? Donald has said several times how other countries are stealing the jobs and that they need to be stopped and that he would bring them back. He was asked directly in the debate what his plans are for bring the jobs back and he wouldn’t or couldn’t answer. His response was you don’t let them go in the first place. This basically means that he doesn’t have a plan for bring back lost jobs. Knowing this how can you sit there and believe that Trump will bring back jobs?

  23. micky says:

    was this a debate episode of tiara’s , toddlers, and tantrums. He has a hard time listening to women.. When one speaks let the other one talk.. Hillary kept her poise, I mean she did her fact checking. He did not pay anything in taxes he said, what is he hiding from us. He stiffed people out of money, he even said he supported the Iraq war. Said it on Stern. I mean seriously, he has no plan at all on how he is going to make the country great again. I think this country is great.. more power to you if you want vote for someone who filed for bankruptcy, stiffed people out of money, degrades women, minorities, and so on

  24. Clintons whole body language said she is a liar. She presented her talking points badly, like a soulless robot.

  25. Sasha says:

    I think Trump will be the best president ever

  26. Sara says:

    She was very strategic and smart in bringing out his anger.
    I’m sorry but Trump is the definition of in over his head.

  27. The Annoyed Elephant says:

    America Lost.

  28. Mary says:

    This debate proved that Hillary has the knowledge, insight and temperament to be President. It also poignantly points out how a Man like him could even had made it this far. I understand people’s frustration, but you don’t elect a totally incompetent Man because of your fear or ignorance. If all of you who wants change, start with your elected officials for the Congress because if you comprehend how the Government truly works that will bring about many of the changes you are desperately seeking. To this day I cannot comprehend how anyone could possibly think Trump is a viable candidate.

    • Mr. Smith says:

      Sorry, Mary. The only thing Hillary proves is that if you have money, you can get out of any criminal punishment. She is as untrustworthy as they come and I certainly don’t want her to be a spokesperson for America.

      • Mary says:

        So you aren’t voting for Trump either, because he has been proven untrustworthy and lies more than any other candidate. Please don’t have the comeback he hasn’t been in politics. An untrustworthy man in business should say quite a bit about ones character.
        Sorry your statement proves that you really don’t understand the true procedure of law.
        I will take her as a spokesperson for America any day over Trump who has proven that he is a fish out of water who cannot handle on the spot confrontations. Think about when a foreign representative disagrees with him, that in itself should be horrifying to any sane human being.

  29. Mr. Smith says:

    There are no winners in this election, most certainly not the American people. We have a career criminal who is above the law and a candidate that thinks he is God’s gift to America. Neither are fit to be President of the United States (don’t even get me started on the two “other” candidates).

    I think I’ll build myself a cabin in the woods all to myself.

  30. Judiwb says:

    I don’t understand how people can support a racist, out of touch, hot head like Trump. It is beyond comprehension. Show me an honest politician. They are all shady but Hillary is by far much better than him. She has experience and diplomacy. Not some rich bigoted snob. Yes he will bring jobs back Why not start with his closed casino in AC?

  31. John Warwick says:

    Trump came across as usual–a blustering loose cannon. How could any sane human support such a creature?

  32. No one won, we have all lost!

  33. Leanne says:

    depends who is doing poll. Last night on NBC they claim it was a tie. Another poll said Clinton while another said trump. I don’t know. Clinton was more poised and trump ready for argument. NO I am not a Clinton supporter. Just what I think

  34. Eric M Roberts says:

    Trump supporters are so locked in on “Make America Great Again” they just can’t see the nasty flaws this candidate carries with him. When did America become so vicious in dealing with one another. A sad time in our history.

  35. Eric M Roberts says:

    With the massive bank bailout for Obama to deal with where does Trump come up with calling America a “third World Nation”? Considering Obama’s government worked through that problem; increased employment after the bailout; had GB’s Iraq war to wind down it seems joining in with the rest of our global partners as equals instead of constantly touting “we are the best nation of earth” made the USA great again.

  36. MIke Oliver says:

    I am a Trump supporter, however Hillary likely won the debate. Trump interrupted too much. Trump missed several big opportunities and he left time on the clock several time that he could have used to ask Hillary about issues. The mainstream media including Lester Holt let Hillary slide on much more than they did on trump.

    • Leanne says:

      I agree. she is more seasoned at debates plus a little more poised. I would like to see them debate JUST ISSUES and stop the mudslinging. I’d hate to see her win the first. I hope his people get him on track

  37. yes clinton won according to yahoo GO FIGURE