fear the walking dead season 2 episode 13 recap

Fear TWD Recap: Crime of Compassion

Well, it had to be done. Since Fear the Walking Dead’s Chris was too old to be given a time-out, Travis had to find another way to handle his son — and fast, before he got any more blood on his hands. Did you agree with the (last?) stand that Dad took in the name of tough love? Let’s review Sunday’s flashback-filled episode, then hit the comments for the debate, shall we?

‘THERE IS NO MORE GOOD, THERE IS NO MORE BAD’ | As “Date of Death” began, Madison was faced with the harsh reality of how shortsighted she had been to turn on the hotel sign — basically, a big, bright “vacancy” notice to anyone and everyone for miles. Now there was a whole crowd of people outside the gate begging to be let in! She, Alicia and Oscar were busy trying to turn away the desperate refugees when, among them, Madison noticed Travis. Then it was basically, “OK, he can come in. Sorry, it sucks to be the rest of you.”

From the couple’s reunion, we cut to where we left off at the end of “Do Not Disturb.” After gruesomely stitching up Baby James’ (well-deserved) gunshot wounds — entrance and exit — Travis gave poor Farmer Suarez a proper burial next to his family. Later, he lit into Chris, who showed approximately zero remorse for what he’d done. “This is how it works now,” he insisted with the calm certitude of a serial killer. So “I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry.” (Yikes.) What’s more, he recommended that his father be careful about how righteous he got with his new “friends.”

fear the walking dead season 2 episode 13 recap‘I’M DEAD WEIGHT’ | Alone with Travis in present day, Madison asked him over and over where Chris was. Finally, he replied: “I had no choice.” No choice but to… what? We eventually learned the answer through more flashbacks. Though James did his best to conceal how much pain he was in, lest he be seen as a liability by his buddies, Brandon, Derek and Chris decided that, after a whole week of recovery, James wasn’t getting better fast enough, so they would just have to put him down. (Gee, nice guys.) Travis intervened, and then even guarded the patient in the barn. But the following day, Chris suckered his dad into letting him in, thus paving the way for Brandon to put a bullet in James’ skull.

As Chris prepared to leave with Brandon and Derek, Travis pleaded with him not to go, pointing out that “this is forever” and reminding him that Liza expected his father to take care of him. That’s what Travis was doing by letting Chris go, the boy responded, adding, “I’m better off without you.” With Travis, Chris had felt like he was turning into a monster. But it turned out, he wasn’t — at least in his own eyes. He was merely adapting. And, with that, the truck pulled away, Travis yelling after it, “Goddamn you, Chris!”

‘HE WAS MY SON, AND I LEFT HIM’ | Back in the present, Travis wasn’t quite as delighted as Madison that he’d seen her beacon. If he hadn’t, he never would have had to tell a soul what had transpired between him and Chris. He didn’t want her to reassure him or make him feel any less guilty, either. He was way too full of self-loathing for that. After all, as he noted, when it counted, he forgot to tell his son that he loved him. Instead, his last words to Chris were “Goddamn you.”

Later, after learning from Andres that they’d had to let in 43 refugees — some of whom weren’t doing too well — Madison sought out Alicia to reveal that her father’s death… it “wasn’t an accident.” He drove into oncoming traffic, Maddie explained, and left a note that read simply: “I love you all, but enough’s enough.” And no, Nick doesn’t know. In fact, Maddie kept it a secret — and worried more about her son than her daughter — because he always reminded her so much of his dad. Off Maddie’s apology — which didn’t include the words “I love you” — Alicia sweetly said, “I love you too.”

Finally, in the hour’s closing moments, who should show up at the gate to the hotel but Brandon and Derek — and, unless my eyes deceived me, no Chris. What gives? And what did you think of how Travis handled the Chris sitch? Hit the comments.

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  1. Kermit says:

    So, what do we think? Is Chris dead, or did he simply out-crazy the crazies?

    • AnnieM says:

      I’m fully expecting them to say that Chris took their truck and ditched them. Ha! He’ll probably wind up working for the drug dealers.

  2. JP says:

    Solid episode. FTWD has finally given me another character who I hope who dies like Joeffrey on Game of Thrones. Kudos to the actor who plays Chris, cause I he does a great job of us hating his character

  3. Babygate says:

    Keep Chris gone. For the show to survive they need to strengthen their roster of characters. Chris is way too problematic and disruptive. He’s an irredimable and completely unlikable psychopath. Travis needs to decide who he’s going to be in this new world and not get off track by Chris.

    • Rick Katze says:

      But that is mana for the writers.

    • AnnieM says:

      The only way i see keeping him around is if they turn him into a full-on, irredeemable villain. That could be interesting.

      • Jimmy says:

        Exactly what I think should happen. Keep him off screen for a little while and maybe around mid-season next year, have him return as a Governor-type villain. I think it would be great to see him as a leader – he has the craziness and boldness for it.

  4. JP says:

    And I have to add, this is why I love both shows. It’s a commentary on the human psyche during an apocalypse (granted they use Zombies). But as Chris said, ” there is no good or bad anymore or right and wrong. You do what you have to do.” The show shows us characters who want to go back to a moral compass, morality should rule the day where others are, ” I will take down who’s in my way”

  5. AngelWasHere says:

    Chris having off-screen death would be pretty disappointing. I hope Travis gets to put a bullet in him. Nevertheless, it IS a pretty fascinating take on what the apocalypse can do a person’s psyche.

  6. Lilly says:

    This was a very compelling episode. Only problem is, I wanted to care more about the regular characters I’ve invested inwarching for the last two years than the new thug with the gunshot wound! Yes, this was a delicious look at the psyche and how it’s may be in and by the zombie apocalypse. Too bad I still can’t relate to or care much about most of these characters. Know how we’re all gonna freak on October 23 when we learn someone’s fate on TWD?! Not on Fear. Still would only regret Alicia’s or maybe Strand’s death. Maybe Nick. So far, I’m liking the groom in the hotel (whom we barely know) better than Madison or Travis. Didn’t care they didn’t show us Ofelia…. Sorry. I hate being negative. Keep hoping for more.

    • Lilly says:

      Sorry for the typos!

    • Andrea says:

      I would like Alicia, Nick, Maddie, Chris, basically everyone who is not Strand to die. They are all possibly the lamest ‘action hero’ characters I have ever seen in my life, this show needs huge changes. I hope they realise this so they can completely revamp it and change the people and format for the future. Oh and I don’t appreciate being forced to read subtitles for almost whole episodes, they are idiots, what a way to bore people further.

  7. Shaun says:

    Chris about to kill the younglings!lol

  8. MelodyAZ says:

    I think the guys got attacked, left Chris behind. Travis makes them go back and he finds Chris has turned and takes him out

  9. Walkie says:

    They need to move on from Chris. One of the worst characters on TV. Completely one dimensional.

    • reg says:

      Don’t let your hate for the character blind you. Look at his trajectory from season 1 to now. One dimensional?

      • William Luke says:

        I don’t know, the kid was so left-wing in Season 1, wanting to save everyone. I mean, he was in a couple of stressful situations back then and never showed any signs of aggression. Pretty suddenly he has turned into a serial killer.

        • Ben says:

          IMO the character have his deep.. The turning point was his mother dying… Just remember how affective and dependent he was about her (it was like she was his world, she make him a child, and he really doesn’t care that much about his father in comparison)… and in this episode Travis state how his relationship with the kid change after the divorce… we saw that distant relationship in the first episodes of the show… and i guess that’s why he feel isolated, doesn’t care about anybody else and begin to change to adapt to the new world.

          It’s funny how people expect that chris behave like a goody naive and dependent kid of his father (ala Carl with Rick in TWD) instead of like a traumatized orphan teenager that comes from a broken home and end up living by force with his father and his new family in a post-apocalyptic era… specially considering that we NEVER saw a close realtionship with Madison and her kids (it never seem like they like each other)… and we all know what kids coming from divorced families normally think about their parents new couples/familes no?… taking all this into consideration… it doesn’t seem odd that he leave his father and behave like that after all (even Carl change to behave like a “good” psycho in TWD).

    • ZV says:

      I think what’s happening to Chris, (and I hope I’m right), is that we are seeing a blossoming “Governor” or “Negan”. Granted he will not be as awesome as either of those people, but we could potentially see the origin story of one of those baddies! Think of how interesting it would be… But I’m probably totally way off… But I hope I’m not! :)

      • Lilly says:

        Actually, I think you could be right. But I’m one of those who HATED the extra episodes spent on retracing the Governor’s steps after the attack on the prison. We need bad guys. Not interested in whole episodes with back story on them though.

  10. Allie says:

    I cannot stand Travis or Chris. I’m hoping next week Chris comes into the hotel and attempts to kill Alicia so Madison has to kill him and then Travis can’t live with himself or her and goes for a nice long swim in the ocean. Seriously, we get it. Neglectful father isn’t there for kid when he is young. Kid feels abandoned and hates his father for killing his mother. In order to deal with that hate, he connects to the wrong crowd and internalizes the very thing he hated most about his dad – the moment dad killed his mom. Dad is now overcome with guilt for a lifetime of being a crappy father. You know who else was a crappy parent? Carol. Stayed in a terribly abusive relationship with her young daughter, daughter was killed by zombies and she developed into a bada$$ character who is both totally likeable and more than a little nuts. I don’t see the writers turning Travis into a Carol but now that I have written this, we all hated the year of searching for Sophia so maybe there is a shot at redemption. Good Lord this post was rambling, lol. Too much coffee….

    • Andrea says:

      I hope he succeeds in killing Madison and Alicia if that’s the case, that duo are uber annoying me at this stage. Then he and Travis can just go join the zombies. You know what though, everyone is hating on Chris but in reality (yes the ‘real’ world people), the actor is actually the smartest of all those lame-o’s. He is in talks to ditch the show anyway and take on a permanent role in Agents of Shield, which does have a much stronger audience and reputation. I wish him the best, he knows his future is dead on Fear, he wants better scripts, better characters and more job security and with Fear’s future kinda bleak in the long run, I think he’s actually one intelligent dude and is doing the right thing. And FYI ppl, the dude is actually a good actor outside of this show, what a horrific disservice it has done to his abilities and to others aswell. (Kim Dickens, Sons of Anarchy, also where her talents reside).

  11. The Carpooler says:

    I love me some zombies so I keep watching this show. It’s different from TWD, but it’s not quite fully got me totally engaged.
    I’d like to see Chris turned. I’m also binging on The 100, seeing Alycia as her FTWD character and Lexa on The 100, I’m looking forward to her growing into a badass on FTWD.

    • Lilly says:

      These writers have forgotten the #1 rule for a successful tv show or movie: Make the characters likable/sympathetic. On TWD, immediately we were rooting for Rick because of his character, Morgan and his son. They were compelling, likable, interesting and grabbed us immediately. On FTWD, they decide to be politically correct (for lack of a better term), and give us mixed up characters who really need to be DEAD in an apocalypse because they just have too much emotional baggage out of the gate. I can feel sympathy for the family dynamics of these people, but why did they have to give us an entire show of broken people who do stupid things that SHOULD get them killed?!? I mean, in the real world, yes Madison should tell her daughter about her father’s death. But in the zombie apocalypse, when we’re fighting to keep things in balance – with strangers banging down the gates – because that idiot Madison turned the lights on? Really? Alicia remains the ONLY character I would mourn. Introduce us to some of the wedding party. I already like the groom and his brother. Maybe they’re normal!

      • reg says:

        Alicia and Strand aren’t likable/sympathetic? Come on. Haters gonna hate I guess.

        • Andrea says:

          Hey stop trolling on other people!! They have a valid point!! (Well Strand I like) but Alicia and her ridiculous little posse are lame and this is sooo far fetched. I agree with them, certain people on this show still need to be removed unceremoniously for good and new, exciting players to accompany Strand brought in.

        • Lilly says:

          Actually, I do like Alicia and Strand. Ironic that I have ZERO in common with a black, male, gay, conman. But he’s the only truly interesting character whose decisions make sense. I like Alicia, too, because she makes pretty good decisions. Nick I like because he is apocalypse-savvy. But they are not normal people with whom I can have empathy until their ACTIONS have earned my respect. What’s missing from the current FTWD are characters with whom you can relate at least on some level to begin with. Then you root for them to live and develop. That’s just my opinion.

          • Jane says:

            I have to say, I for one don’t like Alicia at all. In stems from the fact that she was such a nasty nasty girl in Season 1 and did really stupid things. I still think she’s quite selfish and nasty to be honest, she is not someone who I find easy to like or root for in this. Also, I am a diehard Lexa fan [I miss Heda :-( ] so I personally think she made the wrong choice by choosing this show since the outcome is really really bad, regarding her overall performance and the show’s. Maybe she’ll see that soon and actually jump ship before season 3 ends. Oh and to all those saying Alicia Clark is the new Lexa, please don’t because she isn’t. For every Alicia Clark’s there will be always 10 or more somewhere. I have only ever seen one Lexa and that is THE Lexa so please don’t delude yourselves in this way, they have the same face and the comparison will always end there. Long live Lexa, I hope Alycia finds her way back to her.

          • Lilly says:

            I do have one observation: almost all the people I’ve seen comment who are vehemently anti-Alicia were fans of her character on 100 (a show I never watched). I think it’s very difficult for you all to adjust to Alicia Clark because she’s milk toast compared to the warrior on 100. But I do see Alicia as a normal selfish teenager who is adjusting fairly quickly, normally, and maturely to this zombie apocalypse (unlike her death-obsessed drug-addict-with-no-withdrawals brother or the sociopath Chris). She has made fairly smart decisions this season and, I think, really has potential. Which is more than I can say for the stupid-thinking of her mother and future step father.

          • Jenna says:

            I agree with you Lilly, milk toast is quite an intelligent (and very quirky!) observation for what she is on this compared to ‘the 100’ ( I too am a gigantic ‘the 100’/Lexa fan). I mean really you can’t blame people for saying she is crap in this, I guess most people that haven’t seen her as Lexa would be oblivious. She really is awful in comparison if you pit Alicia Clark against Lexa and I don’t like people saying she’s like Lexa in this either because it is just not the case and never will be. They miss Lexa and therefore want it to be true so much, they are seeing what they want to see of her now. I am not a fan of her in this because I don’t like her ‘selfish teenager’ character as you rightly quote. It is also something very unauthentic that has been rehashed time and time again in other films and shows, it’s just lazy. Lexa though was someone epic and special, a real revelation and I am in no way exaggerating, the mass movement of people online who protested over her initial death was UNreal!! It shows how dedicated Lexa fans are too, Lexa was such an empowering young woman so you can probably understand that many were angry at the outcome in the end with her performance in Fear which is very much the opposite. The actress left ‘the 100’ because she thought she would be more famous and make more money in this way because of how huge TWD franchise is but it is actually starting to bite her in the bum since she has stupidly dismissed her initial loyal fanbase in the process. I can’t believe you haven’t seen Lexa in the 100 though!! Oh Lilly if you only saw her you would want to follow Lexa like us too. I miss Lexa terribly, she was so good people were saying they should have given her her own spin-off show or even movie. I would totally convert to that instead of Fear if that happened, that would be the best thing ever!! Clexa were also a cute couple, I miss Clexa too.

          • Lilly says:

            What you describe makes a lot of sense. As a Scifi fan, I always meant to watch 100 but just never did. And your comment about “lazy” writing of teenaged antics hit the nail on the head. That’s what I meant above when I said the writers wrote “politically correct” characters. What I mean by that is they took the LAZY route and gave us the “broken home,” the whining teenagers (the drug addict was a bit unique – but then they skipped RIGHT over the withdrawal elements of Nick’s zombie apocalypse experience and turned him into dead obsessed! wth?), and don’t get me started on the stereotypes of the hispanic community! It’s just LAZY writing!

          • Jenna says:

            Ah ok. Yes that makes complete sense to me. I put up with Fear in the beginning because I wanted to check out Alycia in it which ended up being really disappointing. In fact, the whole thing was really disappointing as I did actually enjoy TWD too. Yeah I just feel like these characters are rehashed versions of something else, there is nothing special about them really and certainly nothing that would make me say, start a petition if one of them died. Not at all. Lexa though was really intriguing. she was like no character I’ve ever seen before in my life. She was actually an LGBT character too which was another side to her complex yet fascinating self. As a result, a lot of the LGBT people online were quite upset when she was killed for that reason too, I suppose they saw her as a role model and the way she was killed was very dark, like right after she slept with her partner. It was a very demanding role for the actress but she was really superb, that is why I do feel she wasted a great opportunity because rather than letting Lexa’s character grow, they killed her so she could jump ship to Fear. However, I am also a bit annoyed that the actress kind of considered the money and fame side of things over sending a message that could change people’s lives. I mean I know Alycia Debnam- Carey is young and trying to look out for herself but I just feel that by succumbing to a lesser character for all the wrong reasons, she wasted a great opportunity to step up to the plate and actually present the world with a role model worth believing in. People invested a lot of hope and love in Lexa without trying to sound too cliche so you might understand why people are so upset that she did not fulfill our expectations of her anymore. Please though Lilly, if you have a spare moment watch Lexa in ‘the 100’, if for nothing else than to try and actually see what we mean. Thanks for being so understanding btw.

          • Jane says:

            Also, I just wanna add to your comments and say that although Lexa was in fact murdered, she was briefly resurrected in the finale (it’s sci-fi after all, anything goes!) so I reckon they could do it again if they wanted to. In fact, the 100 writers said at comic con that because of the huge response to her death, they would consider altering plot lines in the future especially for her if the actress wanted to return which is great news. They did actually do that with Jon Snow in GOT too. So if Alycia did want to reprise her role as Lexa soon, I don’t think it would be impossible at all…just sayin. :-)

      • KLS says:

        I too questioned Madison’s move in telling Alicia now about her Father. What good did it do? Unless it was supposed to explain why she abandoned her daughter since his death and concentrated more on Nick. But still, the timing wasn’t good. I want Alicia to change and be a stronger character.

      • Allie says:

        I don’t understand your “politically correct” statement at all. The only truly unlikable characters for me are Travis and Chris. Even Nick has gotten better this season and I couldn’t stand him last year. Perhaps you mean you don’t like that the writers focus so much on the character flaws of each person that they mane it nearly impossible for us to sympathize with them? I think they are trying to build on that and I feel they are succeeding with some but not with Travis or Chris. I guess we need to remember that when we met the WD characters they already had experienced the beginning of the zombie apocalypse but in FTWD we are seeing what happened immediately before and after. If our favorite characters in WD were introduced this way – with Laurie and Shane cheating on Rick, Submissive Carol in an abusive relationship, etc, it might have taken a couple of seasons for us to care about them too. But maybe I am giving FTWD too much credit.

        • AnnieM says:

          You make a really good point here.

        • Lilly says:

          You actually make an interesting point about the screwed up lives of Carol and Shane because TWD starts later in the apocalypse. We actually never explored WHAT made Shane go off the deep end (other than jealously of Rick and Laurie). But that was after they gave us quasi-normal (at least on the surface) characters and explored their flaws later. They could have done that with Fear but they didn’t. Every character was screwed up and making stupid decisions out of the gate. By politically incorrect, I mean a hodge-podge of society’s stereotypical broken people. Why couldn’t Travis and Madison have been married, for example, and the problems in their family showed up later? I mean, they killed the ex-wife (also a decent character) anyway! And I get teenaged angst but sociopath?! Why did Daniel have to be a twisted old man that we had to deal with in the first season? (Though I actually did like him … But where is he?!). Wth are we doing in Mexico?! I do watch TWD for the moral quandaries of our characters. Their personal development. But they shoved us into weird moral dilemmas and stupid decisions before we could like the characters on Fear. Half these people SHOULD be dead by now! Sorry. Rant over.

      • Jenna says:

        I get that you would mourn Alicia but she was hella better on the 100 anyways so it’s kinda like she’s already dead on this, she kinda bores me. I would mourn Nick, nobody touch him!!

    • Jenna says:

      She won’t, she is not Lexa on this and never will be, you either like lame Alicia Clark or you don’t but she is NOT Lexa so please stop comparing anymore, it is disrespectful to Lexa’s memory. Her acting in this is quite mediocre in comparison but I watch for Nick now, not Alycia, I unfollowed her ages ago. It would be great if she went back to the 100 though, I would enjoy seeing her back on that where she truly shines and I’d still keep up to date with Fear for my gorge Frank Dillane. But Alicia Clark the badness…nevaaaa, tis all a facade.

  12. Tim says:

    This was a really great episode, especially considering there wasn’t one zombie kill.

    • Bud says:

      That’s exactly why I disagree with you. I don’t want them to sit on their behinds and talk politics all day, that is boring!! Their duty is to fight off zombies for our entertainment and if they ain’t doing it, they ain’t doing their job to keep me engaged.

      • Diref says:

        Show shouldn’t be all about killing zombies. Story is what keeps us. And this was probably best episode of Fear TWD. It is drama, not zombie slayer. It would become really repetitive if they were only killing zombies and doing nothing else.

        • Andrea says:

          Well only thing is most people would disagree with you and say the episode actually was really boring. And seriously, it is just getting ridiculous now. I don’t know about you but I for one don’t appreciate being made watch practically whole episodes of this show with subtitles. I’ve been having to strain my eyes reading cause I do not speak Spanish. Honestly the producers are such idiots, what planet are they on? Also, in the title it suggests The Walking Dead, ie. zombies!!! In case you haven’t noticed there were only like 2 in this episode. Bud has a point, this was lame, if I wanted an overload of soap opera drama, I would have switched over to Grey’s Anatomy or something. This show is a ticking time bomb, let’s face it.

  13. reg says:

    Great episode. I like Travis a lot coming out of this episode and the actor who plays Chris did an awesome job with his performance. I think these character’s are more consistent than TWDs. There is no way Chris can rejoin the greater family, I’m curious where his path will take him. The only character I don’t like right now is Nick, but it’s not something I don’t think the writers can’t fix.

  14. Starbuck84 says:

    I don’t get what’s going on in Madison’s head. Why tell your child, who already feels like she’s never good enough for her remaining parent, dad committed suicide now? What’s her reasoning behind that? It’ll only put even more pressure on Alicia (because poor, sensible Nick must be spared and protected) and make her feel even less loved because one more person in her family chose to walk out on her.

    I want to like her because I really like Kim D., but Madison still hasn’t understood a single thing about what’s going on with Alicia and is still blatantly favoring one child over the other. Even after said first child chose to walk out on them and has made no attempt whatsoever to reunite or even contact them. Honestly at this point both Alicia and Nick are better off without Madison and without Travis.

    I can see in theory with a character like Chris adds to the show, but I also wouldn’t be mad if they’d write him out soon. FTWD needs to figure out a few things about their characters and who they want to focus on anyway. I like some of the peeps at the hotel and want to see more of them – especially Elena, Ilene, Oscar and his brother. At the same time I wouldn’t exactly miss Chris, Ofelia or Travis right now.

    • KLS says:

      I agree and I stated this above regarding Madison. When I watched it, I thought it was incredibly selfish of her. She was reacting to what happened with Travis (& Chris). She is very clueless one minute, barely strong enough the next. I hope Alicia gets stronger now that she sees her Mom making all of these questionable decisions.
      On another note, I liked how Chris knew what his Dad wanted him to say/feel so that he could get the gun from him in the barn. They showed that Chris wasn’t being manipulated and that he knew what he was doing and was changing (into survivor mode) maybe a little too quickly.

    • Bud says:

      Because she’s NOT good enough she’s irritating. It’s called brutal parental honesty and both her children are lame and deserve to be eaten by zombies. It’s as simple as that so cool the jets regarding Maddie, there are methods in her madness. Ophelia is actually the smart one. She ditched Alicia and that hotel full of zombies, both of which were great decisions on her part. She’s a little crazy but that’s what makes her better than the rest of them. Ophelia and Strand are the only ones that still have some potential regarding watchability left in them. The rest can please make a hasty exit so we can move on already.

  15. Jane says:

    I didn’t think this episode was great at all. I thought I was missing something since a handful here said it was solid (again, I can’t understand what you see that I don’t). Then I looked on the av club site and saw that there is approx 230 hate comments towards Fear and this episode with peops saying it ranged from a D to an F grade. Based on that alone, I don’t know if this show can pick up, it seems to keep falling into an abyss.

    • Lilly says:

      As one of those who said this ep was pretty good, I justify it by pointing out the STORY itself, stand alone, was good. The deception by Chris toward his dad, the moral dilemma of a character facing the downfall of one he loves, those at the hotel dealing with the onslaught of refugees … These make a good story worthy of TWD, if I look at it dispassionately. The problem is, the writers missed the basic ingredients of a good foundation. I don’t CARE about Madison or her stupid need to reveal secrets at a bad time (when, frankly, I don’t know why the hotel residents aren’t meeting to expel HER rather than let her boyfriend in the gate through a crowd!). And, by the way, Madison hasn’t mentioned Travis since they separated. I don’t care about Chris or Travis and his pain. Because the writers never gave me a reason to bond with these people. The writers gave me more ammunition for despising and not respecting these characters because they’ve all made so many stupid mistakes, I can’t figure out how they are still ALIVE!! Shoot. I just realized I never even wondered how Strand was doing after his injury…. And I actually LIKE Strand!!

      • Alice says:

        I don’t understand, do you like this show or not? You said this episode was good but you still complain saying that there are problems with the characters. If that is the case then don’t you think lots of other people think this too and that is why they say they actually didn’t like it? I think for that reason, people are completely right to say they didn’t like it, it makes sense. I’m not referring to you in particular because I don’t know what your tastes are but there are some people I have witnessed on this site and I am growing more skeptical of their comments because even when it genuinely was a bad episode in particular, you can guarantee they will defend it anyway. They are blindly loyal to this show, a love that is probably really only because they like TWD or an actor on it, etc. But when someone says a person or element of this show is bad when they have a point, the loyal ones become aggressively defensive and call them a hater. You’re admitting there are flaws in this show but you still like it, fair enough. But the people who say they didn’t for that reason, you can clearly see where they are coming from and respect this don’t you? Because for me personally I either find an episode entertaining or I don’t and I just think that there were too many critical flaws in this to actually make it a decent viewing.

        • Lilly says:

          I’ve actually been blabbing a lot on this comment thread. (It’s somewhat therapeutic for me.) I’m desperate for Fear to be good. I need/want it to feel the gap satisfactorily between TWD seasons! As a huge fan of TWD, several beloved characters, and all the thought-provoking moral quandaries, etc., but Fear is frustratingly lame. When I analyze what makes the shows tick and why I’m frustrated, I can see some of the brilliant ideas in the storylines, but – in my opinion – they’re trying to make us care about characters we can’t relate to, never bonded with, and get frustrated with their STUPID decisions. Several of these idiots should be DEAD from their stupidity. I was physically ANGRY at Madison last week for risking everything they’d fought for at the hotel by turning the lights on – and I think it was doubly aggravating because I’d let my guard down and mildly admired her leadership in clearing the hotel! I don’t give two rats rears whether most of these characters trip and get bit (unlike the sick feeling I get every time I think of TWD’s season premiere!). So the answer to your question is I WANT to like Fear. I can recognize some good writing in some recent episodes, but I’m overall disappointed week after week with Fear in general. I totally relate to other fans who can’t stand the show right now, and I CANNOT relate to anyone who is a true fan of TWD and says they don’t understand our frustration.

          • Alice says:

            Hmmm, yes you’re right this is therapeutic!! Yes I do feel that week after week, some people who have problems with this show really get slammed by others and not just on this site either. But I don’t approve of that at all, I think it is really not acceptable. I enjoy TWD too and I really understand what you mean about actually being frustrated with TWD fans who say things like “this show is a genius” and I am reading this thinking, uhhh, have we just watched the same show? I actually have serious doubts of the people who say they are TWD fans but enjoy this more. I just have a feeling that there must be something else, something really frivolous drawing them in instead. They might not have even SEEN TWD after all for all we know!! I’ve noticed a lot of guys of the other forums keep commenting all the time for how good looking Alicia is but seriously if that is actually the reason people want this show to stick around, then there is something very wrong here. I mean, not to be derogatory towards the actress because it’s not her doing but that is the whole point of what modelling is for, I don’t watch this show just to gawk at the male hotties for an hour every week, that would defeat the purpose and ruins it for people who just want a good plot. I do want to know though, did you actually as in honestly think this episode is good or did you just want it to be good? I’m just curious because I literally only watch it when I’m bored now, I lost hope for it ages ago. I suppose though the only way they could officially and successfully salvage this and get the ratings closer to TWD is to end it. It sounds brutal alright but don’t you think it might be worth the wait if they could actually create a brand new spin-off that will be corrected and revamped? It may sound severe but genuinely, I think this show as it is is too far gone to be rescued as is. Also audiences can be very forgiving if they love something enough.

          • Lilly says:

            You know, I wish I could find one reason why Fear is all wrong. Coming here to vent about it helps me talk it out (since I don’t have friends who watch, or if they did, they aren’t now!). I still go back to my belief that I’ll watch a lot of average movies or shows and forgive flaws if the writers give me characters I want to spend time with. The movie Speed is an example. So much WRONG with that movie. You have to suspend reality for some of the premise and action. But you like those cops. And Sandra Bullock’s character. I really LIKE that movie. I root for them to succeed at their impossible efforts to survive! (And there are a lot of other examples.) Which brings me to my statement that some of the storylines in Fear are well-written. Or at least that’s not really what’s wrong with the episode. The quandary of a drug addict in the apocalypse. Unique. But screwed up when they decide to give him almost NO physical withdrawal symptoms. Instead we are to believe his real problem is obsession with the dead. Good thing the show is set in Mexico, eh?! The story of the family they visit in the house on the water who die when the girl finds the suicide pills. That takes creativity. Exploring the apocalypse on the water was interesting. But they made so many stupid mistakes, these dolts should be dead! The one memorable moment that gave me pause was when we first thought the group was going to drive out of town when Madison saw the neighbor’s husband coming home and she didn’t want the man to find his dead wife in their yard, so she turns the car around. I sure never saw the military intervention coming! They could have done so much with that. Instead our friends leave town, killing all that military personnel … And without any weapons! Then they kill Chris’s mother. Maybe she would have been smart. The writers not only gave us weird characters with too many problems and quirks out of the gate, I neither like nor respect them. There are no heroes. TWD is full of imperfect heroes. Fear has none. I don’t know what the writers are thinking. But they need to kill off half this cast in one big zombie horde, and morph the “group” into something totally different. Oh, and take us back where people don’t generate subtitles to fain reality!!

            Sorry for the long rant. Enjoyed chatting. As I said, it’s been therapeutic.

          • Alice says:

            Hmmm, I suppose it is slightly therapeutic! I just don’t think it’s right that anyone who says they were unimpressed with the show itself or an element of it has to be subjected to getting slammed for it every time. I don’t approve and I don’t think it’s ok. I understand that you want Fear to get better but then did you actually think this episode is good or did you just want it to be good and are basically trying in vain to seek out anything at all to like about it? I get it too because I used to think that way but one day I just realised, you know what, this just isn’t good, maybe it never will be. Yes I too am sceptical of and frustrated with ‘fans’ of TWD who say things like; “Fear is a genius show” and “better than TWD”. I do doubt that a lot of them even are fans of TWD though. I just feel it in my gut that there has to be some more trivial reason that they are drawn to this and blindly defend it for fear of cancellation. I don’t know if this is a factor but on one other forum, some guys literally kept going on about how gorgeous Alicia is and that they didn’t want her to die because they enjoyed looking at her. Seriously though, that is a bit low. It’s pathetic if the only reason people actually watch bad shows like this is for trivial reasons like that. I mean no offence to the actress as such but that is what modelling is for. If she came on to be an actress, most people I would have thought would want to critique her on one thing and that is her and her colleagues acting abilities. So I just think that if the actual fact is that people aggressively defend this show for silly things like that, then they should look elsewhere because as a result people like us who actually want it changed to become better are being depraved. Let’s face it, if it was a stand alone show experimenting, there is no way it would have been renewed, certainly not without consultation from the audience anyway. I do think it possible that this show is too far gone to salvage though, it has made too many huge errors and to simply brush it under the rug at this stage would not better it or be appropriate. Perhaps though, if they end it and then go back to the drawing board, we would have a better version later on with a better concept and characters. Patience is key but if they produce something worthwhile, I think the fans might be more forgiving.

          • Alice says:

            Hmmm, I suppose it is slightly therapeutic! I just don’t think it’s right that anyone who says they were unimpressed with the show itself or an element of it has to be subjected to getting slammed for it every time. I don’t approve and I don’t think it’s ok. I understand that you want Fear to get better but then did you actually think this episode is good or did you just want it to be good and are basically trying in vain to seek out anything at all to like about it? I get it too because I used to think that way but one day I just realised, you know what, this just isn’t good, maybe it never will be. Yes I too am sceptical of and frustrated with ‘fans’ of TWD who say things like; “Fear is a genius show” and “better than TWD”. I do doubt that a lot of them even are fans of TWD though. I just feel it in my gut that there has to be some more trivial reason that they are drawn to this and blindly defend it for fear of cancellation. I don’t know if this is a factor but on one other forum, some guys literally kept going on about how gorgeous Alicia is and that they didn’t want her to die because they enjoyed looking at her. Seriously though, that is a bit low. It’s pathetic if the only reason people actually watch bad shows like this is for trivial reasons like that. I mean no offence to the actress as such but that is what modelling is for. If she came on to be an actress, most people I would have thought would want to critique her on one thing and that is her and her colleagues acting abilities.

          • Jenna says:

            In response to you Lilly, I for one think the whole subtitles thing was stupid too. Like, I don’t speak Spanish and I don’t appreciate having to strain my eyes to read writing on the screen for practically whole episodes because I don’t understand what anyone is saying, the producers must be idiots or something. Also, I’m not Mexican but I did feel a little offended on their behalf because the way they were portrayed was so cliche and not really positively at all so I thought that was bad too. They are saying the finale could salvage it now, I really doubt it. I’m actually watching Stranger Things now and I’m planning to try Westworld too so I don’t really see myself back for season 3 at this rate.

          • Lilly says:

            The finale commercials do look like they ratchet up the action. Of course, I’m not sure why they expect me to care about Ofelia. I liked her before (though she was pretty bland), but she just LEFT Alicia. While she was taking a shower. In a hotel full of zombies. Alone for all Ofelia knew, or at least dangerously far from her mother. So no, I’m not impressed with Ofelia or her quest to find a lost love miles away. The way these writers are thinking nonsense, Daniel might just pop up out of no where to save his daughter from a zombie attack!!

          • Jenna says:

            No, to be honest none of that really sounds encouraging to me. Look, I’ll watch to see who dies and whatnot but I really don’t think much will change. Somebody once told me that if a show doesn’t pick up after 3 episodes, it is unlikely to have a long lasting life. Fear has been up and down so much that it’s really testing my patience. There have been lots of other shows that were cancelled that I feel, were actually a lot better than this. I feel like it’s unfair though because in a way, it is still leeching of it’s parent show’s success. The fans of this show are made up of fans from other stuff, even Harry Potter! As a result, they watch it but a lot of them do so with something or someone else in mind. I just feel that it’s a bit unfair, like it’s cheating in a way. As for Alicia well, you know how I feel about her. My sympathy doesn’t really extend to her since she was so horrible, especially to her brother in season 1. Remember that episode where he was having a seizure on the floor, calling for Madison and nearly choked on his own vomit and she was literally walking out and rolling her eyes and then she SHAKES him and screams words I won’t repeat?! I found that very offensive and I am definitely NOT team Alicia, she was so,so nasty. I mean, a hotel full of zombies and on top of that being stuck with her for company?! I think Ophelia’s move was actually pretty intelligent on her part to be honest, Alicia will always put herself first if it came down to it, I certainly wouldn’t trust her. But I saw the trailer, I hope Ophelia doesn’t become a zombie or die, I think that would be unfair since Mercedes Masohn really got a raw deal, she is truly a good actress but Ophelia has always been on the sidelines, learning more about her might be good. I predict Chris will die, if for no other reason than the fact that the actor is moving to Agents of Shields. I hope FTWD doesn’t end up tarnishing his reputation and for people to judge him though, he is actually a really great actor outside this show.