Thomas Gibson Fired Explains Kick

Criminal Minds' Thomas Gibson Details Kick That Got Him Fired, Hopes 'Good Work Is What People Will Remember'

Thomas Gibson has for the first time shared his take on the on-set incident that resulted in him first getting suspended, and then fired, from CBS’ Criminal Minds, after an 11-year run.

Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner’s portrayer tells that on July 26, while filming the second episode of the upcoming 12th season, he questioned a line of dialogue, but was overruled by co-executive producer/writer Virgil Williams. Later, when Gibson was relating the differing of opinions to castmates, Williams “came into that room and started coming towards me. As he brushed past me, my foot came up and tapped him on the leg. If I hadn’t moved, he would have run into me,” the actor says.

Following said “kick,” “We had some choice words, for which I apologized the next day, and that was it. It was over,” Gibson says. “We shot the scene, I went home — and I never got to go back,” suspended as he originally was for two episodes, before eventually being fired, as announced on Aug. 12.

As a result, the “temporary” special assignment that was to take Hotch off-screen for two episodes will somehow dovetail into the character’s permanent exit. Paget Brewster, who was already on her way back to the CBS drama as Emily Prentiss, to temporarily cover for Hotch during his absence, was subsequently upgraded to series regular status. CBS isn’t saying how exactly Hotch will be written out, but TVLine offered some ideas in the photo gallery below.

“It seems like they’re trying to erase me from the show,” Gibson told “My pride and reputation are hurt, but in the end I know the good work is what people will remember. I just need more opportunities to do good work and be a good guy.”

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  1. Clint says:

    Needs some editing. The second paragraph has two spelling mistakes. “but we overruled” “Later, when Gibon”

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Fixed with the speed of 1,000 gazelles.

    • Lynne says:

      Personally it sounds like unfair dissmissal, I’m a big fan of the show. And it’s not the same without Hotch.. ..

      • Sherry Clark says:

        You are right on.Sounds to me the producer over reacted.The show won’t last much longer without Hotch. Well it was good while it lasted

        • kristen says:

          I agree it won’t last much longer without hotch. He is the backbone of the show. I haven’t gotten to that season yet but I’m very disappointed. I love you TG! And I’m sure his cast members are scared of losing their jobs as well especially if they are blocking any fans that support TG. They’ve just stamped a death certificate for criminal minds. At least the big wigs got their way.

    • Jano says:

      I’ve watched a few of the episodes without hotch. It’s not the same & although I like Emily, I don’t like her in the current position. Hotch should come, make the show what it once was, a family group who worked very well together to a great show.

  2. Right says:

    Just admit you kicked him, Gibson. No one believes that “tapped him” nonsense. You don’t get fired for a tap.

    • Cas says:

      Eh you may get fired if they wanted to revamp the series and the only way to do it would be to fire him. But they had to wait for something they could use against him so the fans didn’t get too upset. I feel if the writer was coming at him that the writer should have been punished too.

      • rowan77 says:

        You have to wonder why no one in the cast has stepped forward and agreed with Gibson. They were there. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle of what the show and what Gibson is saying.

        • Jane R says:

          It’s called a gag order.

        • Kanji says:

          An article on Hollywood Reporter that came out after he was fired said the cast members and producers who were there during the incident allegedly supported the writer during the investigation by ABC/CBS.

          • rowan77 says:

            Well, there we go.

          • Kaz Williams says:

            The Hollywood Reporter is so anti- TG, it should just be renamed the ‘Anti Thomas Gibson Magazine’. It is associated with TG’s former manager who tried to sue him for apparent unpaid fees and when he did not get his way, put out the most disgusting statement re TG’s kids, etc. Incidentially that case by the manager, thrown out of court. The cast members, all of them have shown themselves to be utter cowards. The producers have now started blocking fans, and retweeting derogatory comments about anyone who even remotely mentions TG. None of them have come out to rebut TG’s version, but a number of crew members posted online a few days after incident and what do you know, it was pretty much as TG said.

        • Jacquelyn Quick says:

          Maybe they’re afraid of losing their job too

          • Slp56 says:

            I agree everyone they may be next this show needs Hotch. It’s like 2 children fighting . Sit down act like adults move on.CBS has a habit of getting rid of their higher paid actors or has everyone forgotten the Two actors from CSI? They were fired but eventually was brought back. Both men should had been suspended NOT fired . The writer got nothing done to him! Just be adults & let Thomas Gibson back in. I’m sure he’ll be on his best behavior . IMO

        • Mila Barhatkov says:

          The cast didn’t came forward for one and only reason, because they are afraid and didn’t want to be fired as well. In the case like this everyone is for themselves, which is a shame, because the next time something like that can happen to each of them, who couldn’t support their coworker, because of the fears to loose the Job.

          • HelloDolly says:

            It’s not like the cast don’t know it can happen to any of them. Two of the cast members left have been fired for so much less than what Gibson has allegedly done. No one in the cast is expendable as far as the networks are concerned. Just ask AJ Cook and Paget Brewster. What happened to him just drives home that point.

          • HelloDolly says:

            *No one is not expendable

          • rowan77 says:

            S0rry, but that’s a load of crap. They can’t fire someone for doing nothing and expect that person isn’t going to sue – or state in the press exactly why they were fired – which would cause scandal and upset at the studio which is exactly what they don’t want. They are under contract – so being fired from your contract means they need cause. Gibson has been warned repeatedly – and was even sent to anger management class. Gibson would have been out years ago for his dismissive and belittling behavior toward his castmates. This long-running show is a true ensemble which means each one of the cast has fans. Look what happened when due to budget cuts they cut AJ a few years back. The fans revolted. Loudly. Guess who was brought back? They won’t fire the cast for saying Gibson didn’t actually kick the guy. If the writer/producer was the problem it would be 100 times easier and quieter to not renew his contract and let him go.

          • Jane R says:

            Rowan, Virgil Williams can sue a lot of people over this “kick”. Getting rid of him won’t be easy without creating big, big problems for a lot of nervous lawyers. I think you’re being a little naive if you think it’s that easy.

          • Elizabeth bush says:

            I agree wholeheartedly, I am however disgusted with the people that have worked with him for all these years

        • Exactly, there has to be more to it.

        • Sherry Clark says:


          • rowan77 says:

            Sherry, they have contracts. This isn’t the Gestapo, it’s Warner Bros. Television. And there’s not need to yell.

          • Sherry Clark says:

            I wasn’t yelling. I hit the cap key by accident. They sure act like the Gestapo. You should chill. Contracts are broken every day.

      • joe says:

        No they would have not renegotiated his contract…

      • Mila Barhatkov says:

        I’m completely agree with your opinion. But the show will loose big time, because of someone pride. And in this case is the writer-producer. It’s a shame.

      • I couldn’t agree more! I find the behavior of the “adults” to be very, very immature! Williams made a mountain out of a molehill, and Gibson got punished. Disgusting!

      • Anne S. says:

        He was the best actor on the show. firing him has ruined the show for me and I’m a big fan
        They need to rethink this because this will really affect the ratings of the show
        That producer needs to get over it for the sake of the fans. It was hard enough to lose Shamar Moore . But Hotch I mean seriously he is the best actor on that show. Shocking that they would fire such a good actor over this altercation.

        • Mark says:

          Totally agree, I don’t care for the show anymore without Gibson and Moore!!!

        • Penny Johnston says:

          I agree. I’m done…. No Gideon, no Morgan, no Hotch… It’s not my show anymore.

          • Corina says:

            I’m in total agreement. 1st Morgan then hotch now possibly reid. This is ridiculous if it’s not broken why fix it. We need the old thing back AJ’s back Emily’s back just bring the other ones back be smart before you lose the series and your viewers. I’ve been an avid viewer since the beginning just like penny

        • Estelle says:

          I agree, powers, swallow your pride and bring Hotchkiss back. If not, you may be without a pot to …

      • Sharon says:

        LOL to your comment-cautions! Although I realize NO ONE is indispensable, (in my opinion), Thomas Gibson was perfect for the “Hotch” role! Criminal Minds is not quite the same! Sigh.

    • roedecker says:

      “No one believes”… are you seriously talking for everyone?

      • Sarah says:

        You’re right – some people are gullible and have no common sense. They might fall for this BS.

        • Kaz Williams says:

          Rowan, interested to know where you got your information regarding TG’s apparent repeated warnings and his “belittling” to other actors? What? Such utter BS.

        • Pinkk says:

          The show Angel got cancelled because Joss (or was it David) went to the one in charge and wanted to know if the show was going to be renewed, instead of waiting till last minute like every other season. It got cancelled because they thought they were being pushed. :p

          Bosses and especially Hollywood bosses do dumb things for dumb reasons all the time.

          They brought back a character who left because she couldn’t even take the job anymore, then brought her back to take Hodges spot, because they knew fans wouldn’t want some one unknown in that position, even though the replacement makes no sense there.

    • Pinkk says:

      I believe him. Bosses do terrible things to get what they want.

  3. Steve says:

    “As he brushed past me, my foot came up and tapped him on the leg. If I hadn’t moved, he would have run into me,” the actor says.

    Oh please .. that reads like “Then he ran into my knife. He ran into my knife ten times…”

    • Steven says:

      Best comment of the day!

    • Big Cheddar says:

      Well, it wasn’t his first on set altercation, so…. he had it coming, he had it coming.

      • Steven says:

        He only had himself to blame.

      • JBobbster says:

        You mean the altercation six years ago, in which the stunt coordinator whom was supposedly “shoved” said he and Thomas had nothing more than a heated face-to-face shooting match because of an unsafe stunt in which a homeless man was nearly run over. That so called “violent confrontation.”

        • Sarah says:

          I would read the whole article from Gibson (which isn’t reported here) before making that comment.

          It was stated at the time that the producer/writer was the instigator of this confrontation, by many cast members. And he hasn’t been punished at all. This is what has finished me with Criminal Minds. I’ve never truly forgiven them for the way they treated AJ Cook and Paget Brewster a few years ago, so this is the final straw for me. It is quite obviously all about money and given Gibson’s years at the show, his treatment is appalling. If someone is ranting and coming at you,(as described by witnesses at the time) you have every right to defend yourself.

        • Steven says:

          There’s also his DUI and he has been sent to Anger Management in the past.

          • Jane R says:

            Wasn’t Virgil Williams sent to anger management for threatening to kill a woman on ER? Am I wrong on that? And, DUI isn’t really work related. Wasn’t Shemar’s arrested for a DUI as well?

        • Kaz Williams says:

          Yep, and then to ‘punish’ him for this ‘violence’, they renewed his contract 3 times after this, giving him a raise each time, sending him abroad to promote the show, giving him the directors job on 6 occasions…..yep, he sounds like he was trouble all day long. The man admits himself that he reacted badly on this first occasion and is open enough to say that he took up the offer of seeing someone. He is open that stuff was going on in his life. Williams also was sent for these anger management classes – for threatening to kill a work colleague…

      • Luana Greenfield says:

        Your wrong they just ruined the show

    • Andy says:

      Yeah. It can’t have happened how he claims. With other witnesses present, someone would’ve told the truth, even if they don’t love the guy. But with his history, it was enough to fire him.

    • Jane R says:

      Don’t know what reality you live in, but if someone is running at you and and is close enough to invade your personal space, then I think most people would expect some sort of physical contact (superficial or otherwise). Or, should a person just stand there and get run over? So, is this a cut-and-dry case of workplace violence as reported? No. I think it’s far more accurate to say it was self-defense. Don’t think the “real” fans are going to like this one bit. Expect the boycott to get worse.


    • George says:

      Exactly. In his comments we can see why he got fired; he’s a liar, or he simply doesn’t understand what’s wrong with what he did, or he doesn’t see it the same way others do. I’ll bet the way he related the difference of opinion had a lot of unkind comments about the producer/writer in it, as well. It does not appear that many of his cast mates miss him very much. He might learn from this incident and get new work on a new show in a few years, but if he doesn’t learn, he’ll be fired quick. And he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who learns, or the first incident (years ago) would have been the last. A prima donna, in any field, is only tolerable as long as his skill exceeds the drama he creates. Just ask football’s Terrell Owens.

      • Jane R says:

        I don’t think you understand how things work in the real world. Thomas Gibson has been given lots of advice from his lawyer about making public statements. Is that so difficult to understand? He knows exactly how to respond to questions about his termination at this particular moment. It’s smart. I’m sure he’ll be a lot less candid in the future when the entire situation is behind him. The rest of what you write is speculative fiction.

      • misery chick says:

        🙌 🙌 YAAAASSSSSS 🙌 🙌

    • Simon Jester says:

      Ha ha ha, best comment ever. “It wasn’t me, your honor, it was the FOOT who’s responsible.”

    • Bob Jones says:

      nine times, I think the tenth time it was not even in my hand

    • YDC says:

      Gibson lies. On MSN he said ‘Shemar and I were like brothers’. But Shemar said shortly after Gibson’s firing that it was ‘karma’. He also got arrested for DUI. I think he has a problem. The lying and going to anger management plus the drastic change in his looks after only a couple of earlier seasons………..again, he has problems.

      • Kaz Williams says:

        DUI has nothing to do with this, despite peoples attempts to constantly drag it up. As it happens, DUI charge was dropped. Shemar Moore on the other hand was charged with DUI and speeding a few years ago also. Did not hear about that?? Wonder why. He also whined about being sentenced to do community service as punishment. And where do you come off with your accusations of lying.

      • Sandra says:

        Thats not true about the karma thing. Shamar has come out himself and stated that his video about Karma had nothing to do with Gibson and I suspect it had more to do with the guy who stole all that money from him around the same time this was going on.

  4. Kaz Williams says:

    So a few days after this supposed major assault, a crew member who witnessed it, pretty much give this version. He was adamant that Williams went after TG, pushed himself at him and then immediately turned to everyone shouting “did you see that”. A similar story appeared on another site and then suddenly had to be removed. Various other similar versions have tried to be put out, but TPTB seem determined to try and destroy TG.
    Everyone seems delighted to gloat about an actor supposedly getting his comuppence, but seem to have no issue with the fact that A. there was someone else involved who has borne no consequences, and B. that other person has a long history of being agressive, rude, derogatory and downright nasty to fans of the show, long before this. Oh and there was that time he threatened a woman because she took his place on a sports team….The fact that the had to regurgitate some personal faux pas of TG as ‘evidence’ of his so called bad behaviour, is pretty pathetic.
    If people would look at all the facts and not just the selected versions posted by the networks in order to try and turn people against TG, they would see this for the phony it is.
    They were looking for a way to get rid of their highest paid actor, to make way for the new look. The fact is, the show has been going down hill for last few years, due to writing. Alot of fans stook with it primarily for TG, I know this as I am one. And I and many more are gone.

    • SoFla says:

      Thank you Kaz. I too am gone. When they killed off Gideon as they did I stopped watching avidly as I found that to be a cop-out unnecessary thing to do but without Thomas “Hotch” Gibson I find no reason to continue watching at all. You are infinity percent correct that there was another person involved and that person should have been disciplined, but was let off scott-free as if he was innocent, even with his illustrious past behavior. Sad end to what was once an excellent show.

      • Sherry Clark says:

        I hate to break it to you but Gideon walked off the set never to return because he is a totally difficult person.He has a terrible reputation in Hollywood

    • Ingmar says:

      Nothing personal against you, but I don’t think they care that they lose a viewer. Fans like to scream that they will stop watching, but in the end ratings mostly remain the same. Criminal Minds has had so many cast changes and it survived every single time (kind of like Grey’s Anatomy). This one most likely won’t be any difference. You forget that the majority of viewers are people who don’t even post on the internet about TV shows..they just watch it.

      As to what happened exactly…I don’t know and I’m not going to guess. I’ve only ever read positive things about the CM crew, so I doubt they would make up a story like this only to be able to write some new stuff. I wish Gibson all the best, hope he finds something new to focus on.

      • Jane R says:

        So far, 20,000 fans signed a petition to bring back Thomas Gibson. Does that register? Better yet, do you think the numbers might go up after fans find out Virgil Williams was running at TG in attack mode. Nothing personal against you, but do you think they’ll care about that?

        • Jenna says:

          20k fans is nothing.

          • Jane R says:

            Hmm, 20,000 loyal CM viewers don’t matter? Interesting perspective.

          • BM says:

            I think the cancel Castle petition had less than 10,000 signatures. Granted, it wasn’t the petition itself which got the show cancelled but ABC dragged their feet long enough to give the impression that the backlash did matter. It’s all about statistics and multiplication factors. 20,000 might have signed, but it’s more than likely that the number of people who feel the same way is much, much higher.

        • Jenna says:

          It’s nothing in comparison to the multi-millions strong fan base they have. Also, it is counteracted by fans like me who would have quit watching the show and boycotted had they chosen to keep Thomas Gibson as part of the cast, because I can’t in good conscience support a network rewarding someone who is violent and hostile in the workplace.

          Also, they would lose a ton financially if and when he flipped on someone again. If I were a crew member and he went after me next, I would sue cbs and the show for every penny they had, and I would 100% win, because you can’t knowingly expose your employees to a hostile and violent work environment, it’s a massive liability.

          I’d say there’s probably at least 20k people out there like me with similar principles and values, but obviously that’s speculation to a degree.

          • Jane R says:

            So, you think 20,000 die hard CM fans don’t matter and you think millions of people are still going to tune in to watch Paget Brewster (the queen of cancelled shows)? Interesting perspective. And, I think you forgot to mention that CM still has Virgil Williams prowling the sets, you know, a writer with a history of threatening women on set. Isn’t he a liability? After all, he’s been involved in two separate work-related situations involving violence and threats of violence. Shouldn’t he be fired for the protection of everyone as well?

          • Jenna says:

            I understand that you think the 20k fans are more important than the life and safety of real people, and that you can’t possibly imagine that there are fans who wouldn’t want to support abuse and violence and terrorizing of coworkers. That’s your position, nothing you can say is going to make me think they need to wait until he showed up with a weapon or broke someone’s bones in order to let him go.

            My understanding is that the Williams incidences he was cleared of. They obviously did an investigation here and found enough evidence to let him go, they wouldn’t let go a star like that if they didn’t have a reason, it would be nonsensical.

            If I worked there and they let him stay and he hit me next, I would sue for at leastttt 50 mill and I’d get every penny.

            I guess I just take abuse and violence more seriously than making sure my fave character On a tv show sticks around, clearly you feel differently. This isn’t his first chance. You can’t assault your coworkers, he needs to act like a mature adult and not a psychopathic bully.

          • Neilsen bases it’s viewer numbers on a grand total of 25,000 households. That translates into ‘millions’ of viewers. There is a poll out asking people if they will watch with Thomas Gibson no longer on the show and over 1250 different people or 53% have said “NO”…The polling site uses Neilsen’s compilation equation to get an estimated 1.250 million viewers going to be tuning out.

            Is THAT enough for you?

            Last year CM Finale did 1.8 in 18-49 demo and 8.84 million viewers. If they’re already talking a loss of 1.250 million you now have CM down in the viewership to 7.6 million (it’s lowest ever premiere viewership)

            Generally, season premiers air higher than the succeeding episodes, Season 11 premiere aired at a 2.0 in the demo and 10.08 million viewers. Episode #2 followed with a 1.7 in the demo and 9.08 million viewers. If this trend holds and CM opens to a 1.8 in the demo the following week we could feasibly see it’s lowest ever demo ratings of 1.4 and under 7 million in viewers.

            That’s nothing to take lightly.

          • Kaz Williams says:

            So Jenna, you are quite happy to keep watching a show where one of the writers, i.e. the ‘victim’ – Virgil Williams, enjoys taunting fans online, joking about rapes, prostitutes, white people, retweeting racist videos, telling viewers he likes to write women characters getting killed because it’s “hot”, tells fans who do not lick his butt with praise that they are essentially stupid, oh and then there is that time he himself was suspended for threatening to KILL a woman he worked with because she was given his place on a softball team. Then there are the crew members who have verified TG’s version of this event and the previous over reaction, and reiterated that Williams regularly pushes his way around set. TG and this guy worked together as writer and director on numerous other episodes and suddenly now he is afraid of TG? Dont be fooled by a mere 20000 petition, there are many many more who will be tuning off and that is just in the US. The internationals have a plan also.
            Also, please bear in mind that all this information about TG’s supposed hostility or difficulty on set, has been posted by annoymous network sources. Why was this troublemsome actor continually renewed? The very first person to come out and contradict the comments being made was the actual director of what will now be TG’s last episode – Larry Teng. The episode written by Williams. Worth considering???

          • Elizabeth Bush says:

            Violent, really that’s how you would describe this incident? Castle had run its course, I love that show in the beginning but it got boring, they went in a bad direction with him missing at it never recovered

        • andrew hass says:

          However will those 20,000 fans who signed that petition stop Criminal Minds even if Gibson isn’t brought back?The only way CM might consider bringing Gibson back is if the ratings go down consistently and not just have one or two bad weeks ratings wise.

      • YES! If the crew wanted to write new stuff, with a renovated cast, I believed they would have. They have before. It worked out badly AND they rovoked their decisions. They can do that. They don’t have to taint someone’s image and career for creative decisions. That’s what tv is. There is no conspiracy.

        I, for one, have never stopped watching a show after anyone left. I even survived Season 6 of CM. Honestly, the second they fired Gibson, I called they’d bring Paget full time. It’s a trade that I’m more than willing to make. I’m actually VERY EXCITED for where the show goes. I hope Rodriguez character is the best! I hope he’s lively and funny and brings life to the show. I’m happy that after treating their actresses like crap, Criminal Minds will have a PREDOMINANTLY FEMALE cast. That’s huge.

        • HH2 says:

          There already is a group of fans on social
          media who are against the predominantly female cast. “Too much estrogen,” as one has tweeted. While I understand that they must have a reason for being so against the male to female
          ratio now, I can’t wrap my head around the hate the women in the show have gotten in the aftermath of Thomas Gibson’s firing. Anyway, after all the BS the women (Cook and Brewster, especially) had gone through in the past and given CBS’ track record of male-dominated shows, I’m just happy that the ladies are now given their time to shine in the show.

          • I don’t even know how to respond to this! Honestly! Like you said, after all the BS the women have been through, not only the firing, but remember when AJ and Vangess had to threaten to quit if their paygrade didn’t match their male counterparts? And, as you said, with CBS track-record of male-domibated shows, ESPECIALLY procedurals and cop shows, this is HUGE. ESPECIALLY within Criminal Minds itself. If anyone who’s seen and loved this show and has been able to see how brilliant JJ, Prentiss and Garcia are together (and Lewis, the little the four of the shared of them screen), they should be rejoicing! And Rossi and Reid are both sugh strong presences! They’re both amazing, singular characters. Hopefully so will be the new guy. I’m honestly so, so, so happy with this change. I’d trade off Gibson for Brewster any day, any time!

      • Elizabeth Busj says:

        I beg to differ, they lost me. I may be only one person and it won’t matter at all, but I will not watch again. I thought the only of noxious person in that cast was Shemar. I was thrilled when he left the show and I didn’t even care why or how, I was just happy he was gone

      • Susann says:

        Very well said ,Ingmar. I still watch the show and still find it well done.

      • susieq1984 says:

        Well said. I still watch Criminal Minds and enjoy it very much. I wish the very best to Thomas . He was a terrific actor and he is missed on CM.

    • Tina says:

      Well said!

    • Tina says:

      Without gideon,and now hotch? I am gone!

    • Sherry Clark says:

      Seems to me Williams should have been the one to go.Gibson in my opinion is more valuable than Williams. He better get something new going on cause he’s going to be done at Criminal Minds because it’s close to being over.

  5. No matter what really happened I will remember Thomas Gibson fondly on Criminal Minds. Don’t worry Thomas you are remembered

  6. sofia says:

    “Paget Brewster, who was already on her way back to the CBS drama as Emily Prentiss, to temporarily cover for Hotch during his absence”
    This cannot be the original script for episode 3.
    How was Paget coming back for Emily to take over Hotch’s position temporarily to cover for him during his absence if when she knew she would be returning, and probably had already signed the contract, that she started teasing us about in June and that was later officialized by the TV news sites, and Paget herself and other cast/crew members, on July 21st that she would be recurring throughout the season, the kick hadn’t happened yet?
    She was not coming back to replace him, the script had to be changed last minute and that was how they went with it, since she was already going to be there they just used her differently, because it makes sense that Hotch would have called her and asked for her help when he learned he had to go away on assignment, or Rossi would after being left in charge after Hotch had to go away. Hotch would not have been absent if this situation between Thomas and Virgil hadn’t happened, and Paget still would have been back for episode 3, she just wouldn’t be replacing Hotch, she’d probably be helping him and the team to catch one of the escaped serial killers.

  7. Wands mosley says:

    If hotchner leave i wont be watching thats petty for someone to get fired over small stuff i watch the show because of two reasons hotchner and. The nurdy guy and babygirland shamar moore there wouldnt be a criminal mind without gibson i do hope you all resolve your diferences they the ones that put you the number one

  8. Sara says:

    Thomas Gibson is clearly a passionate guy and he isn’t in the “right” here, but I also don’t think he’s in the “wrong.” The other guy involved also has a history of anger management classes (for threatening to kill a woman) and generally unpleasant behavior (deragatory to women and fans, among other things). Apparently Thomas Gibson’s previous incident involved him shoving someone because he was mad someone on set almost got run over by a car. The more that comes out about this, the more it seems like Criminal Minds just wanted to get rid of its highest paid actor.

    • Cas says:

      See this to me is crazy. Why would they keep the writer around? I agree they just wanted to be rid of their highest paid actor which is sad to me.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Deadline reported (a while ago) that Williams’ actions were investigated and he was cleared of any wrongdoing.

        • Kaz Williams says:

          Matt really, we all know what is behind this. I understand you are not going to go there but come on, you think TGibson has been treated fairly in this? Everyone seems to think that fans who are going to boycott show are just miffed about their favorite character being gone. Its most certainly not about this but about how TG has been treated. The media dragging up his marriage issues, and other personal problems as somehow being indicitive of behavioural problems, and then the apparent ignoring of Virgil Williams constant vileness. As for him being cleared of any wrong doing…well that is the biggest crock of baloney. Of course he was. It makes things much easier for ABC.

  9. mrnoname11 says:

    The show hasn’t been good in years. No reason to watch now that Moore and Gibson are gone. I’ve always like Gibson but his off screen behaviour and his demeanor are off putting.

  10. Mr. Smith says:

    No matter how either side spins this, Criminal Minds is toast. Realistically, it should have ended last season. I’m not saying that Shemar Moore “was” the show, but when you have a show like this, even though it is a procedural, the characterizations have “made” the show and you simply cannot lose one or two characters without some damage. Also, the writing on the show last season began to falter.

    I don’t care who walked into whom or who kicked whom. I just want to be entertained, and unfortunately, this show doesn’t entertain any longer.

  11. Sharon says:

    Look, I bounced with Shemar!

  12. Sharon says:

    They just need to bring you back.

  13. Lynne says:

    It will be different without Hotch but life goes on. As for how the explain the exit, I just hope they don’t kill him. Not for hope that he could be back sometime in the future because I’m sure that idea has been thrown out the window, but because Jack would be an orphan and I personally would always wonder what happened to him if Hotch died.

  14. I’m very excited for the new season and more so to know WHO is going to be the new team leader. Morgan was next in line after Hotch, but with him gone, who will it be?

    As of right now, in the team, Senior SSA is actually JJ, and though she’s been in the bureau for longer during the show, she’s only been a profiler since season 7. I’d love to see her a team leader if she qualifies, especially with her family and people management skills since her liaison time.

    Rossi seems to be the obvious choice with his vast experience, but he was away for over 20 years and I don’t know how these sucession lines work. Still he would make a wonderful leader.

    Prentiss was be a high ranking SSA since she before she came to the BAU, but she left for her interpot work. As Rossi, does that pull her off the race?

    Lewis spent a career in another area in the FBI (interviewing serial killers) and just recently joined the team. Now she will join full time. Likely? Doesn’t seem so.

    Garcia is an analyst and Reid not technically an agent, so, they are out.

    Maybe they will rewrite the new guy as the new team leader since this was so early in the season? There’s this possibility. Anxiously waiting!

    • jls1792 says:

      Well, it’s basically been confirmed that Prentiss is taking over as unit chief.

      Although Prentiss left, she had her own team with Interpol, so it actually makes sense for her to take over since she has actually been a team leader

      • Rossi was the first team leader for the BAU ever, so, it would also make sense. He was team leader for many years. Any of them would be awesome. I’m just excited to see (also, Prentiss probably won’t join as a replacement team leader when Hotch leaves right away, it’ll be the mext in line, so why wouldn’t they be team leader? UNLESS when we come back she is already back on the team!). See how many questions and possibilities? I’m just so excited to see how it’ll play out!

  15. Doris fornerette says:

    Sure hate to lose Thomas loved his character, why do you people alway’s get rid of the good one did you even listen to his side of the story? Give the man a break for heaven’s sake.

  16. Ida Johnson says:

    Please forgive Thomas Gibson,let him return to the show he is like family.we are all human we make mistakes we are not perfect.

  17. Britt says:

    Would recasting be soapy?

  18. LaBreeska Truska says:

    I think the producer and everyone should have gave him another chance,cause that show isn’t going to be the same without him. They have already written off Derrick and now Hotch. People deserve second chances in life sometimes.

  19. Laura Wilson says:

    Does anybody think that it is possible that this was “arranged?” Not as a publicity stunt, but to make us think that Gibson was fired, drum up a lot of talk about the aging show, bring Paget back and then half a season later, Gibson will return and so will Hotch. Yes, Gibson would have to agree with the plan, but the only way the fans would believe the storyline being written is for us to think Gibson he is gone for good – fired.

    Pull off an Emily style storyline, she came back from the dead. Can’t do that exact story again, the fans would not be fooled twice, so instead Gibson is “fired”. For at least part of the season.

    I know it is far fetched, but a girl can hope…………………….

  20. andrew hass says:

    I think there’s more to what happened that what Gibson is saying.As for the character of Hotch i don’t think the show will kill him off but he might just get a job offer that he can’t refuse and maybe a goodbye letter from him to the other characters is read.

  21. joy hall says:

    This was my favorite show for 11 years. My family and friends will not BE watching the show anymore.

  22. C Rock says:

    I guess, I will keep watching the reruns . There are certain characters that make the show and can’t be written off.

  23. arial2 says:

    I avoided the show after Mandy Patinkin left, but watched a few times when Joe Mantegna joined the cast. But I left again because I found Thomas Gibson just too annoying. To me, he was still playing Greg from his previous show. I like more breadth in a star’s ability. Before this recent incident, I’d read things about his arrogance and anger issues, so this latest came as no surprise. His “side of the story” does sound like what someone said earlier: “He ran into the knife – 10 times.” If he’d been wronged, others on set would have defended him. That silence speaks volumes. I, for one, will begin watching the show again because I like all the others in the cast.

  24. margaret says:

    whatever the reason Gibson got fired, I won’t be watching anymore, with him & shemar gone it won’t be as good.

  25. Lisa says:

    Don’t want to be fired? DBAA!! It’s really not that hard.

    A nice person who kicks someone might be forgiving. A jerk who kicks someone is an excuse to get rid of a jerk.

  26. Malissa R. says:

    I’m still sad he won’t be on the show.

  27. Jim says:

    I’m not sure if Criminal Minds can survive losing Hotch and Morgan at the same time. But I’ve been wondering for a while if perhaps the show had run its course and it was time to go anyhow.

    Let’s face it: the show has become quite formulaic: crime rises to their level of notice; Reid spews some random facts to provide background; the team runs around to additional crime scenes; Garcia pulls a name out of the air on her unbelievable magic computer and they run out to arrest the suspect just in time. Sprinkle in a story about Jack or Henry and serve.

  28. Clyde Tolson says:

    My favorite character on the show. Life, go figure. Well, Paget Brewster is back, so that’s something.

  29. Jan says:

    I will not watch without Hotch.

  30. Jacqueline pullen says:

    Going to miss Hotch. Hope things can work out for him to do some guess shows like Prentiss. If not, you guys got your hands full trying to keep your audience. Good luck

  31. Catherine says:

    You will be greatly missed! I have been a fan of the show since day one. He made a huge mistake by firing you. Good luck in your future endeavors!

  32. Samantha Baita says:

    Although I understand that actions do have consequences, I really really wish there had been another way to handle Thomas Gibson. To me agent Hotchner Is the anchor character of the series and, although criminal minds has one of the best ensemble casts on television in my opinion, I fear his loss could seriously damage the series. PS, if Joe montegno, goes I’m totally done

  33. Simone says:

    Criminal Minds without Hotch and Morgan is like Stark Trek: TNG without Picard and Riker…eventually..all hands will abandon this sinking ship…sorry. -_^’

  34. Jack Brent lawless says:

    It will not be the same show, they may need to pack it up.

  35. Linda says:

    I am disappointed that Thomas Gibson is being fired. He has been a big part of Criminal Minds. I don’t think I can still watch it.

  36. Mila Barhatkov says:

    I’m very disappointed, that Thomas Gibson was fired from the show, just because the producer writer was upset, and took his anger on Thomas Gibson, to make him escape goat. It is shame, that such a great actor will no longer be in the show. The show will loose a big audience, because of that. Thomas Gibson was holding the show together and without him its will be boring to watch it. Put him back on the show, please, if you care for the viewers. I applied to the writer-producer, please forgive and forget, don’t be remembered for being unforgiving and prideful, your forgiveness will come back to you in the love and remembrens of the people, who love this show. God bless you Thomas Gibson, you are a great actor and human being. Mila Barhatkov. Saint Cloud FL

  37. Mila Barhatkov says:

    I just wrote a comment on the subject of the firing Thomas Gibson from the show. And you didn’t put all my comments fully. I just wanted to give support to Thomas Gibson and you didn’t gave me the opportunity to do so. Who ever did it took an advantage of me, and use their poor judgment to discriminate my writing. There wasn’t inappropriate content in my writing. And I demand to return my full comments on this subject.

    • Angela says:

      Or, y’know, it could just be a site glitch. Lots of people have posted comments on here that either took a while to show up or didn’t show up at all because the site just got wonky. I’ve had it happen to me a few times in the past with comments. Before making accusations of being censored, why not just give it a while and wait and see if your comment shows up, and if not just try posting it again.

  38. Tom Brown says:

    Good to see him go. What kind of a man-boy is someone who kicks another in a spat of anger over a character on a tV show?? Time to get a life.

  39. Sarah says:

    Why do you all assume this is due to a writer/producer’s “pride”?

    There are major liability issues to keeping someone on set who has now been involved in two physical altercations. The next time something happens (and when you let something slide twice, you have to assume there will be a next time), you’re on the receiving end of a multi-hundred-million dollar lawsuit (because you’re a production company with a successful TV show), with the studio and/or network named as co-defendants (just because), for ignoring foreseeable risk.
    So… put yourself in the company bigwigs’ shoes for a second, and given that you live in a sue-happy country and work in a sue-happy industry, do you really give a **** about one writer/producer’s pride or 20,000 of your (on average) 9 million viewers’ butt hurt? Which is the bigger risk: getting cancelled after a year, or getting sued for everything you’ve made over the last 10?

    • Kaz Williams says:

      Because Sarah both of these so called incidents were completely blown out of proportion and the versions of events given to the media, were the versions given by a network trying their cover up a major error. This first so called altercation was a number of years ago and the other party involved agreed it was nothing more than words. He (the other party) would not have wanted it to go to far as he had made a major blooper. TG was resigned 3 times following this, given pay rises, and continued to be the main face of the show. If he was such a difficult person to work with, the networks could have gotten rid of him on at least 3 occasions with no room for comeback for him. The smear campaign against him, by contiually posting details of personal issues he had, is pretty crappy. Finally, the writer involved in this incident is an obnoxious idiot (polite). Before any name was given out, many many viewers and social media followers of cast and crew, immediately knew that it was most likely Virgil Williams. Why might that be do you think?

  40. I have a hard time feeling sorry for this guy ever since that gross hot tub video he sent to another woman. The one where he had to be quiet because his kids might overhear him.

    I’m beginning to wish the people I watch on TV and in movies could live in some sort of bubble where I don’t know anything about their personal lives. I know they are just human, and make mistakes like everyone, but knowing some scandal about these people makes it hard for me to see them as their portrayed character.

  41. kevstar69 says:

    I read the People Magazine article and it seems like he is blaming everyone else, except himself, for his problem.
    His DUI, his infidelity, his crumbling marriage and incidents ( plural) of him acting out on set.
    Hey buddy, it’s all on you.

    • Kaz Williams says:

      Funny I read it as well and no I did not read that version. But then again, I’ve been following these stories on more than TMZ.

  42. Barbara says:

    Well, I will not be watching anymore. Hotch and Shemar were the reasons I watched the show. It is dead without them The only hope is Paget’s return. But it still will fizzle w/o Hotch.

  43. I wouldn’t doubt that this is the truth, They can fire you for anything they want to and CBS is notorious for being Ctupid! lol Getting rid of good people and shows and keeping crap to what? save a penny, then have to make another show that MIGHT be decent…..idiots.,,,

  44. Tony Wong says:

    Firstly, the hunk Derek goes… Now the brain Hotch goes… What else is there left to watch?

  45. Phyllis says:

    I’m truly disappointed that Mr. Gibson was let go. He and Mr. Moore were the reason I watched the show faithfully. Now they are both gone. Wow! It seems no one is thinking of how this loss will be perceived by the viewing audience. This seems like something that could have been worked out. Perhaps there is an underlying motive for Mr. Gibson’s demise. The producers probably wanted to put someone else in that spot and decided to nitpick and use any little indiscretion against him but that’s too bad because he was the show. And he will surely be sorely missed.

  46. DAVID GARDNER says:

    Really seems petty either way…Hotch made this show, his intensity, set the pattern for each episode. Think his absence might bury the show as well.

  47. Carol says:

    You’re changing the show too much. Leave the same characters in. That means Thomas Gibson. He’s a big part of the show. Be grown up and make amends. Life is too short. I have been watching this show since it started and I also have all the seasons on DVD. I would sure hate to stop seeing it. Leave well enough alone please.

  48. Eileen Pina says:

    It sucks, that Thomas Gibson will be gone after episode 2, I have been watching since the series started,sadly I won’t be watching it anymore,I wish Thomas the best and I hope he returns to tv soon.

  49. Tam says:

    Total crap! Gibson gave years to this series. He’s the soul of it. One incident that sounds reasonable shouldn’t ruin the series, ruin his career or let down his fans !!!