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Grey's Anatomy Premiere Sneak Peek: Alex's Crisis Intensifies, Jo Still MIA

Where. The. Heck. Is. Jo?!

ABC has rolled out another early look at Grey’s Anatomy‘s Season 13 premiere (Thursday, 8/7c), and, once again, the footage centers on the fallout from Alex’s vicious pummeling of Andrew. The new sneak peek also, once again, features nary a glimpse of the woman at the center of the cliffhanger-y skirmish, Alex’s main squeeze Jo.

Instead, it’s Mer who takes a leading role in helping Karev contain the escalating crisis. The good news? Mer informs Alex that Andrew did not sustain any serious brain damage in the one-sided brawl. The bad news? The whole thing is nonetheless “really bad,” she warns her bestie. Her dire assessment of the situation is confirmed moments later when Alex runs into another colleague (nope, still not Jo!) and realizes that the jig is, for all intents and purposes, already up.

Press PLAY above and then promptly hit the comments with answers to the following burning questions: Do you think Alex is jail-bound? Is Mer doing the right thing by not turning him in? And lastly, where the frak is Jo?!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tennisnsun says:

    Alex will not go to jail. He is finally given a good story arc and gets tossed in jail to languish? I think not. Of course Mer is doing the wrong thing not to turn him him, but what’s new with that? She often gets away with breaking the rules. Jo? I dunno…….

  2. Maya says:

    I’m sure everyone will hate on Jo now but she’s not responsible for Alex’s actions. As far as I can judge they broke up when Alex yelled and stormed out of the loft. Even if Jo had hooked up with DeLuca – which she was not! She was just trying to go to bed because she had drunk too much – it still didn’t give Alex the right to punch the guy. But it certainly didn’t give him the right to beat the guy up so badly. That’s his own anger issues and they were still there last season. Remember how he said he’d kill Thorpe if he hurt Meredith? He also wanted to kill Jason when he found Jo bruised up on his door in season 9. He went crazy on Shane in s10 for hacking up his dad. Jo didn’t tell him about her husband yes, but this has nothing to do with what Alex did to DeLuca. Also Jo was probably advised by her DV counsellor or the judge to not mention her husband and old identity to anyone when she changed her name. She feels unsafe after all and her husband is bad news. Jo must’ve known that Alex would go after him and probably thought she was protecting him and herself by not telling him. DV is a delicate issue and society always blames the victims which is just awful.

  3. J says:

    Alex is being a jerk, Meredith shouldn’t protect him when it comes to this. Deluca was completely innocent. Alex should go to jail but he won’t. And where Jo is? Seriously I wonder the same. I think it will make her look so bad if she’s not involved in this but the writers always leave her out.

  4. Jess says:

    Excellent question. Where is Jo? This story should center around her and Alex but somehow I don’t see Jo anywhere. For God’s sake, the writers even manage to make her stories about other people and that needs to stop.

  5. Kate says:

    Sigh. The writers treat both Alex and Jo so poorly. Alex is always the guy to mess and not get good things, has been for years, and now they’re treating Jo the same. Shouldn’t we also hear about her emotions? Why isn’t she in any of the promos, promo pics or sneak peeks? Why do the writers always ignore her? If they’re not interested in her character, despite having such an interesting backstory, then why is she still on the show? This bothers me so much because I can relate to her in certain ways but I always teel like she gets pushed aside for others. I thought things would change now but there’s more Meredith in this storyline already than there’s Jo and Meredith wasn’t even involved nor is she close to Jo or DeLuca.

  6. Dominique says:

    i don’t know how long this storyline will last and i wish it could’ve been a different one, but i’m still glad alex is finally getting some much deserved front and center stuff. he’s been on this show for 12 years and i’m pretty he’s only had two storylines that were really about him. that’s ridiculous.

  7. sterling says:

    I am thinking that Jo takes off and her store will have her hiding out because she is afraid of Alex or of being found.

  8. IheartAlex says:

    Why is everyone sure that Alex beat up Deluca? Remember when Jo beat the crap out of Pecs guy? Maybe Jo is missing because ultimately she is the one that beat up Deluca?

    • Phil says:

      Maybe because we saw the beginning of the beating last season, and Alex’s bloody knuckles have been featured prominently in promos? The “it was actually Jo” twist was already used last season as well. I fully expect this conflict to have a resolution as bad as the one Jo beating the other guy had.

  9. Josucks says:

    Stop trying to make Jo/Jolex happen,TVLINE,it’s not going to happen.

  10. Aeol says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t watch the clip, but is it the episode in its entirety? Could it be…they’re leaving something for the actual episode?!

  11. nicky says:

    I don’t understand the concern about where Jo is. She’s probably passed out drunk.The promo part of the storyline seems to be directly following the fight so I doubt she’s in any fit state to come to the hospital and tbh, if she did, she’d probably accidentally drop Alex in it in a matter of seconds.

  12. robin says:

    It is great that he has front burner storyline. If he did beat deLuca, as we are meant to believe, I have zero sympathy for him. Too late to be a man-child.

  13. Lisa Echerd says:

    Jo could disappear forever and I’d be happier with the show. I was truly hoping they were going to write her out and finally get Alex a woman who deserves him. Now we have a storyline centered around her that makes no sense. How did she go to college and medical school with a whole different identity. Was she married between living in her car and college? She was so angry with Stephanie for not telling her about her childhood illness and all this time Jo was hiding a husband?!

    • Phil says:

      I’m hardly a Jo fan, but on the lying part, I can see it two ways: just plain bad writing, or the reasons for lying being different. Jo lying about her past basically boils down to escaping an abusive relationship, so her safety is at risk. Jo’s issue with Stephanie, if I recall correctly, wasn’t specifically her illness, but the fact she was constantly telling lies just to get ahead, like “it’s for the chief” for getting ahead in getting lab results and such. She thought Stephanie made up the childhood illness to escape punishment from Amelia, and when she called her out, Stephanie let her think she did make it up. I can totally see them trying to justify her distaste of Stephanie casual use of lies for more menial things when she had to lie for a very important reason, iffy as that reason might be. How Jo got a new identity, and when the abusive relationship took place, that I expect a very bad explanation. The least crazy thing I can think of is some sort of witness protection.

  14. EM says:

    I’m just happy Alex is getting a major story line. I’m sure Jo will be a big part of it. She’s too drunk to drive so maybe she’s trying to get a ride to the hospital.