Chicago PD Recap

Chicago P.D. Season 4 Premiere Recap: Did Lindsay Turn in Voight?

Chicago P.D.‘s Season 4 premiere on Wednesday night can be summed up as a staring contest between Voight and Lindsay.

He watches her like a hawk, waiting to see if she’ll spill the beans about what he did to Justin’s killer, and she denies that anything’s wrong even though she keeps looking at him pointedly. But someone has to break eventually. At first, Lindsay tells Commander Crowley that she and the grieving Voight met up and just talked that fateful night, because the gruff sergeant is so big on sharing his feelings.

“How much longer are you going to cover for Voight at the expense of your own career and this entire department’s reputation?” Crowley replies.

After confiding in beau Halstead (more on that below), Lindsay heads back to the spot where Voight offed the other man. It’s not long before Crowley comes for Voight and collects his gun. He still refuses to fess up and no remains are found (because Lindsay already dug up the body?), so he’s cleared.

“Thank you,” Voight tells Lindsay, who acknowledges that he saved her life as a teen. “You’re all I have left now,” he cries. Although she embraces him, it’s clear that the debt is paid and things are different now between the pseudo-father and daughter.

Other highlights from the episode:

* What’s bad for Lindsay’s mental state is good for her relationship. “I feel a little handcuffed here” – pun intended? – “because I want to be there for you, but I don’t know what you’re going through,” a concerned Halstead pleads with his girlfriend. After she tells him the truth, he begs her not to let Voight drag her down with him – and then asks her to move in with him! Jobs and bosses come and go, but “I don’t want you to come and go,” he says. There’s no way Lindsay can refuse that sweet declaration, right?

* Burgess is concerned about her new partner Tay, who was previously writing parking tickets. If she had such an awful assignment, does that mean she’s a terrible cop? Turns out Platt came to Tay’s aid after learning that she was punished for rebuffing the advances of her commander. The transfer quickly proves she has skills and passion, leading the new duo to the capture of a criminal. “I’m glad you’re my partner,” Burgess tells Tay. I like the gal, too, and it’s nice to have some more female energy on the show.

Chicago P.D. fans, what did you think of the season opener? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one a bit confused and guessing about the missing body… I’m assuming that was on purpose.

    • BM says:

      I guess so. Several possibilities – Voight could have buried the guy elsewhere, Voight could not have killed him after all after Lindsay came to see him and the shot we heard in the finale was shot in the air, or Lindsay dug up the body, either straight away or in this episode. Though she was wearing the same clothes at the Silos and then with Halstead a little later, wasn’t she? So, it’s unlikely that she dug up that body then. The ground would also have been disturbed had she dug it up recently, wouldn’t it? Looked undisturbed to me. So, if she dug it up, I’d say she dug it up earlier.
      I kind of want to know what happened and at the same time, I don’t want to know because I don’t want either Lindsay or Voight get into trouble. I love the both of them and their relationship and do like that Voight is walking that line between good cop and bad guy. They and Halstead are what hooked me to that show badly. Platt’s cool, too, and Olinsky, but those three… I think they’ve created great characters and a great relationship between them.
      So, maybe Lindsay can just tell Halstead at some point and then we sweep it under the rug. ;-) (Not going to happen, I know)

      • bayareacolt says:

        I don’t think Voight moved it b/c in that last scene, he was clearly overwhelmed with gratitude. Either Lindsay moved it recently or she moved it after the murder took place like you said. I think this will come back to bite both of them (perhaps in the middle or the end of the season). I don’t think Erin will tell Jay because she’ll want to protect him in case the truth is revealed.

        • BM says:

          I think that Voight moved it is the least likely option, too, even though he does “step out for a bit” during the episode.
          I think that this story will come back again, too – if there is a body, it has to be somewhere (the river?) – and I also think it’ll be either mid-season or end-season though end-season might be too long. We’ll see. But it is the only way to let us know what exactly happened. There are still so many possibilities.
          If Lindsay moved the body recently though then she probably was warned by what Crowley said and she made sure can’t be tracked to the Silos. If that’s the case, there probably will be no proof that she moved it, so I could imagine Voight taking the fall and making sure she’s protected.
          Although, the question is, if, by the time a possible body is found, there’s even enough evidence to tie it to Voight. If he shot the guy, the probably didn’t shoot him with his own weapon. That would be plain stupid.

          I also feel for Halstead a little – caught in the middle of it all and with Voight as the surrogate-father of the woman he’s in love with.

  2. bayareacolt says:

    My girl Lindsay dug up a body and moved it to save Voight. Can’t say she doesn’t know how to repay a debt. I love their relationship.

  3. Lopezgirl says:

    The episode was great. We don’t know what happened to the body, which makes it suspenseful. I love this show and I hope they don’t cancel it, like they did with ~Mysteries of Laura~

  4. MCM says:

    I love Lindsay, but I know she is conflicted. Did she do the right thing, only she knows for sure. Sophia Bush is fantastic!

  5. James D says:

    great episode. I’m glad Erin had Hank’s back in the end (I never doubted she wouldn’t.) I liked Tey she had a lot of panache and is clearly skilled makes for a good dynamic with the equally skilled Burgess. I’m excited for the rest of the season.

  6. Jan says:

    Can someone tell me what happened in the scene with Voight and his grandson and the grandsons mom. As far as what they said to each other and why she turned and left but the grandson cried for Voight?

  7. Walter Freeman says:

    Always fun to see who’s gotten plastic surgery in the off-season. Kelli Giddish was almost unwatchable on SVU a few years ago until her face relaxed a bit. Sophia Bush? Looks like she had some of her gorgeous upper cheeks chiseled off this year.

  8. david7118 says:

    So what are we going with here for our new dynamic duo? Taygess or Bury?

  9. sarah j says:

    Even though it wasn’t said it is obvious that Erin dug up the body and moved it. She did it because as she told him she owed him. In the long run it will weigh heavily on her mind and I think will mess with her mental state. I hope she doesn’t go down the same path she did at the start of last season. I hope moving in with Jay will do her good and she can turn to him not drugs and alcohol.

  10. cuius says:

    “…can be summed up as a staring contest between Voight and Lindsay…”

    Thanks for clearing that up – am new to this show, and was thinking the “say a line and then stare for dramatic effect” was par for the course, á la The Californians or Bold and The Beautiful genre.

    Will give it another go next week

  11. C. Rice says:

    I couldn’t figure it out, all the voiceless staring between Voight and Lindsay. A repeat of last season’s finale prior to the premiere might have cleared it up.

  12. If you watch the flashback scene from last year’s season finale, Hank’s truck is in a clear space right beside a big piece of concrete. The location where Erin stood contemplating mid-episode and the place the police dig for the body has concrete chunks completely enclosing that area with no room for a truck. This is either a continuity problem between seasons or Erin purposely went to the wrong spot knowing the Commander was tailing her, thereby throwing them off the scent at a different portion of the crime scene. Hence she did actually help Hank. Or maybe because Hank knew she saw him there with the murderer last season, Hank ultimately threw the body in the river last season and the thank you from Hank at the end of this episode was for not telling the Commander that Erin saw Hank with the murderer that night.

  13. Lou lou says:

    So far my favorite episode of all seasons and I love them all. I have serious doubts about digging up a body or that voight is that reckless to bury a body at the silos. I think Erin helped in a different way to be seen later, I could be completely wrong.

  14. Tammy says:

    They wouldn’t keep you in Statesville til he’s 45.. they only hold u there for a year. They would transfer you somewhere else.

  15. Sally McLinn says:

    My first time watching Chicago PD and I live in Chicago. That anti-police, snitch culture stuff was so real, ripped out of the news. I’m glad Chicago PD is in Chicago filming. A lot of folks are getting acting jobs.

  16. Trici o says:

    Distracted by Lindsay’s obvious wig.

  17. Why is Lindsey wearing a wig?