Criminal Minds Season 12 Promo: 'Some Things Never Change' (And Yet...)

As a new promo for Criminal Minds‘ uniquely buzzy Season 12 touts new and returning faces, one BAU vet is here to reassure us, “Some things never change.”

In the exclusive sneak peek above, TV’s “No. 1 Suspense Thriller” welcomes CSI: Miami vet Adam Rodriguez to the cast (as Luke Alves, an  FBI Fugitive Task Force member who assists Rossi & Co. in the manhunt for the slew of escaped serial killers) as well as welcomes back Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss (in what recently was upgraded to a series-regular capacity).

The CBS promo does not denote the other major cast change for Season 12 — original cast member Thomas Gibson’s exit, a few episodes into the new season — unless one is able to read between the lines. Er, pixels.

Criminal Minds opens Season 12 next Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 9/8c.

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  1. JBC says:

    Curious to see how they write Gibson out!

    • Jane R says:

      How about they bring him back instead? Think of it. No more problems. All the fans are happy, there’s no viewer boycott, and two shows won’t get cancelled (if CM gets axed, CMBB is toast as well). Kiss and makeup and just bring him back. Really, it’s a win-win for everyone! Otherwise …

      • jazzyt2u says:

        Otherwise people will continue to watch… I know I am… I think the show is stronger than Hotch. and Hello Adam Rodriguez

      • Steven says:

        Jane, he made working on the show a bad experience. It was not his first offense. Stop making him look like a victim. Plush by cutting him CBS is saving a large sum each season which is important for such a long running show.

        • Jane R says:

          News flash. The fans don’t care about the kick. They just want their show back the way it was Also … what kind of fan cares if CBS is saving money? Are you on the payroll or something?

          • DL says:

            News flash. You don’t speak for all fans. I’ve been watching since the Gideon days. As a character Hotch’s best days are behind him. He’s easily the least interesting person on the show. I’d rather have Shemar Moore back than Gibson, and I’m thrilled Brewster is now a full regular. Personally I’m very excited for this shakeup.

          • Angela says:

            Try not speaking for all fans, ‘kay? I love Hotch and I’ll miss Gibson, but I understand why the show did what they did. And I’m still going to watch the new season.

        • Kaz Williams says:

          And you have pretty much summed things up – this was about money. The entire ‘incident’ was a total set up, and the constant ramming down our throats of a so called catalogue of problems – more crap. TG was resigned 3 TIMES. Alot more has come out since then, of course selectively ignored by certain media. The truth will out. CM going down the pan and despite being a loyal fan from Day 1, I’ll cheer loudly.

      • Don’t repeatedly assault people and you don’t get fired. It really isn’t that complicated. Only an idiot would defend someone who thinks it is okay to assault people when they do not get their way. The show will be better off without his toxic behavior, and better off without idiots like you as fans.

      • Lindanne Brooks says:

        I love this show & have seen every episode. When Mandy Patinkin left, it wasn’t such a jolt because the show was only a few years old & Joe Mategna was a great replacement. However, after 11 years of Hotch being the team leader & the voice of reason, it’s a really big change for me. Especially coupled with Derek Morgan’s departure late last season. It’s true this is an ensemble cast, but that means that every member is important. I love all the cast members & am glad Paget Brewster is coming back, but this show is going to lose a lot of its cachet for me with both Hotch & Derek gone. I have read about Thomas Gibson’s temper on & off the set, but come on – a lot of actors are tempermental. Kicking someone in the shin may be childish, but he could have been penalized in some other way that would hurt only him & not the fans & the show as a whole.

        • Gregory Hoffman says:

          Very well stated, I agree with everything you said! Don’t miss Patinkin, like Brewster, glad “pretty boy” is gone…the rest of your reasoned assessment is right on.

  2. Tori Coop says:

    Change is good. This cast was already great, and it’ll only get better with the new additions. I for one am looking forward to the new season. Those who stop watching because of a cast shakeup really weren’t fans to begin with.

    • helen says:

      Agreed 100%! :)

    • Jane R says:

      Paget Brewster, Adam Rodriguez, and some other guy … or Thomas Gibson? No-brainer. I think most “real” fans would want Gibson back. But, I guess they don’t really care what “real” fans want. Big mistake.

      • Kelly says:

        Real fans want Paget Brewster back!

        • Jane R says:

          She’s kind of taking his job, so …

          • HH2 says:

            Kind of but not really since he was fired, not bumped off by Paget/Prentiss despite the conspiracy theories on Twitter saying otherwise. It’s better that someone familiar to viewers like Paget Brewster/Emily Prentiss take over as unit chief rather than introduce a new character to fill the vacancy and spend one whole season cramming in his backstory.

        • SoFla says:

          Surprised she would want to come back with how they previously treated her. Wonder if she will keep looking over her back to see if they are going to axe her again. I wouldn’t trust the powers that be on this show one bit. Count me out, no Thomas Gibson I’m not watching.

      • The Rookie says:

        I am sad that TG is not there. That does not mean I will stop supporting the people that actually are working in S12. And no one should judge who is or not a “real” fan.

      • The Rookie says:

        The fan police, telling people if they are or not fans. Sounds like those Castle people that used to comment for that show.

      • Shirley Hitzel says:

        Unfortunately, you are right. Real fans, however, will continue to follow their favorite actors. Acting is a very difficult occupation – left to the advice and integrity of the publicists, producers, writers and their coworkers to say nothing of the networks that broadcast their product. It takes a special person to deal with all these personalities and still continue to give it their “all” for every taping. I’m sure that Thomas Gibson will survive this slight on his reputation and be better for it. The fans are the real losers.

        • Gibson has no one to blame but himself for the predicament he’s in. Anyone who watches this show either likes it or not. To hinge the show itself on a couple ‘favorite’ actors is just silly. I’ve seen Gibson in Dharma & Greg. Now tell me, he was good but certainly not great. That was a fluff piece of a show. He’ll weather this storm and hopefully learn his lesson.

          Case in point – David Caruso. He was a star in Hill St Blues, then in NYPD Blue, then decided he was too big for TV and gave everybody grief. He got fired. After several stints and bit parts in the movies, that mostly failed, he came rushing back with tail between his legs and finally someone took a chance and cast him on CSI: Miami. He did just fine. So will Gibson.

          Meanwhile, I’m going to sit back, relax and enjoy the new season. That’s why it’s called entertainment.

          • charlotte says:

            Only thing about Caruso, he was NOT the star, Dennis Franz was. Just like Criminal Minds, Hotch IS the show. Most eveyone,including myself, love all the characters, but with out Hotchner, there won’t be a Criminal Minds S13 and producers know this and is ok with it. Some shows become too expensive to produce and I have heard this is what is happening.

          • Angela says:

            @charlotte: “Criminal Minds” is an ensemble series, though. There is no one “star” of the show. Hotch may be notable by virtue of being the team leader, but that doesn’t automatically make him THE star.

          • Greg Hoffman says:

            Yes, Caruso did fine, and why I’ll never, ever, know. He was awful in “…Miami” Boy did he luck out. I wish I could .1111% of his loot by tilting my head and saying something pithy (that someone else wrote).

      • Angela says:

        Can we not with the “real fans” crap, please?

    • Carolyn says:

      0% Agreed.
      Derek and HOTch or nothing.

  3. Steven says:

    I’m really excited for the new season. The show was in need of a major shake up. I was finding myself bored last season.

  4. Matt Logan says:

    I can see in this 2nd promo really not showing Hotch at all . Sure he is in only 2 ep then gone from the show for good .

  5. Rosa says:

    Bring back Morgan

  6. Shirley Hitzel says:

    I, along with thousands of other viewers, will choose not to watch this remake of Charlie’s Angels. That was outdated years ago. Without Thomas Gibson at the helm, CBS has tanked this once fabulous show. Professional business people should know that true fans are extremely loyal. Who hasn’t had a workplace disagreement? This could have been settled with a reduction in pay or mediation between the two parties. It didn’t have to result in firing the glue that held the show together for over 10 years. My family, as well as 32 other families, will cease watching CM and CBS after episode 2 of Season 12 . We will miss some of our favorite programs on CBS but cannot, in good conscience, support a network that holds its viewers in such low esteem. Bringing Padgett back is a joke, How long will she stay this time?? Until something better comes along? Thomas Gibson is the most talented actor on this show. If he was hard to work with sometimes maybe the producers should consider the stress associated with putting on a first rate show, the long hours, and the fact that some of these actors have to commute between states to do their job and see their families. Also, why would management put two individuals together when both had anger management issues? In my opinion, management wanted someone younger in the cast and were looking for a reason to get a high salary off the payroll. Unfortunately, Thomas gave them a reason. Watch out Joe. There’s probably a target on your back too. No Hotch ; no Watch.

    • Judy Mueller says:

      Did you truly watch last season? If you did you would have seen the producers cut and spliced many past shows to make season 11. Bad bad bad. I was bored out of my mind.. I almost gave up all together on criminal minds because I thought it was all reruns. It needed a shake up. Desperately… stop deluding yourselves into believing one man can make a show… open your minds to fresh thinking. After last season, I sure as hell am. Hello new season 12…..

      • Shirley Hitzel says:

        This is a hot topic for all fans of CM. We are all entitled to our opinions even if they are on opposite sides. Have a good day.

    • A Goonie says:

      You said it yourself, Thomas gave them a reason. If he hadn’t, he would not have been suspended snd subsequently fired and Hotch could have had the closure his character deserves. Unless Joe does something as rash as Thomas, I’m pretty sure Joe is gonna stick around if CM survives this season. (You may also want to boycott ABC as well since several articles cite that it was actually ABC that called for the investigation that led to Thomas being fired.)

      • Shirley Hitzel says:

        We are including ABC in the boycott which leaves us very little to choose from. But again, this is our choice and our opinion. Have a good day.

    • jazzyt2u says:

      yes he plays disinterested and brooding very well…

    • Jane R says:

      Shirley, ignore the detractors. The show won’t last long without Gibson. No one likes back-stabbers like Paget Brewster (just in it for a quick buck), and I’m sure all the real fans will tune out. Right now the show feels like a cheap spin-off, not CM.

      • The Rookie says:

        I know is difficult for Thomas fans to watch CM and ís reasonable if they leave the show. This happened to me when they fired Paget and AJ on S6 (yes, even if we deny it, its there). What is not ok is how a very small but vocal minority is going after the remaining cast and crew with disrespectful comments and blaming those who remain of not supporting TG. They are professionals doing a job to the best of their abilities. So if you want to stop watching is OK, but respect everyone else

      • Joanne says:

        Just like SVU would never survive without Chris Meloni there after 12 years? Oh wait, they’re going on season 18 now…

      • Shirley Hitzel says:

        Thank you Jane. As I said, we are ALL entitled to our opinion. Time will tell if all our efforts fell on deaf ears or if someone really listened.

      • Angela says:

        No one likes back-stabbers like Paget Brewster (just in it for a quick buck)
        Or, y’know, she just wants to come back and work with her friends again, like she wanted to when she guest-starred in previous seasons?

        • A Goonie says:

          The Paget Brewster is a backstabber comments confuse me so much. How, in any way, did Paget backstab Thomas Gibson? So she was asked to be a regular again and she agreed. What should she have done? Turn down a chance for a regular job to support Thomas Gibson who got himseld fired? Same with the comments about thr cast being not true friends of Thomas. Should they have risked their jobs just because one of their co-workers acted unprofessionally and got himseld kicked off the workplace?

          • Angela says:

            Apparently so. Because he supported her when she was unjustly fired, she should support him when he was justifiably let go. ‘Cause…reasons.
            Yeah. There’s a lot some people here are saying that doesn’t make a lot of sense, I’m noticing. Everything’s some big conspiracy and evil plot against Gibson, apparently. All I know is that I’m getting a headache trying to sort it all out.

          • Jane R says:

            No one likes back-stabbers who take other people’s jobs. What’s so hard to understand?

          • Gregory Hoffman says:

            I agree with you. sounds like Goonie is a union man! No one can work if he don’t work – How can you refuse a high paying job in what your chosen profession on a successful tv show just because someone else was fired????

          • A Goonie says:

            I don’t know how anyone can take the job of someone who had already been fired in the first place. Someone who had already been hired to do some episodes in the show and because of the vacancy left by his firing was promoted to regular is hardly taking his job.

          • Jane R says:

            Wait, I’m a little confused. She’s not replacing Gibson as Unit Chief? Because, if she is, I think that means she’s taking his job.

          • Angela says:

            @Jane R: Emily Prentiss is taking over Hotch’s job, yes.
            That does not, however, equate to the real life actress Paget Brewster “backstabbing” Thomas Gibson to somehow steal his role and get him fired. Remember, they invited her on BEFORE all this went down, and until Gibson was fired she was only planning on being in a handful of episodes. If Paget had designs on stealing Gibson’s job, I’m pretty sure she would’ve demanded much more than being in a mere handful of episodes when she initially agreed to come back.
            (Also, if she really wanted to backstab Gibson and steal his job or whatever, why not try doing so the previous two times she made a guest appearance on the show, one of which was just this past spring?)

          • Jane R says:

            Wow. I don’t believe this. Okay, I’ll make it real simple for you and your buddy. Here are some common synonyms for backstab (tell me if they don’t apply): to betray, to abandon, to be disloyal, to sell out. Make sense now … or do I have to dumb it down even more?

          • Jane R says:

            Seriously, what grade are you in? Are you really this clueless?

      • Kaz Williams says:

        Thumbs up Jane. Brewster almost knocked TG over taking over his seat. TG went to bat big time for her and AJ when they were fired. She has done nothing except gloat and make catty remarks about other actress’s, but then again, she has form for that also. Just ask Rachel Nicols. This was a major set up to get rid of TG and then launch a vicious smear campaign including private crap about his family, to try and deter support for him. Back fired big time. NO HOTCH NO WATCH.

        • Angela says:

          TG went to bat big time for her and AJ when they were fired.
          I am so tired of this comparison. AJ and Paget got fired simply because they were women and the higher ups were being horribly sexist. Gibson got fired over an on-set physical confrontation that he played a role in. The two situations are entirely different, please stop acting like they’re one and the same, or that the response should be the same.
          She has done nothing except gloat and make catty remarks about other actress’s, but then again, she has form for that also.
          Please do feel free to share where in the world you’re seeing this, or how you can prove that she somehow schemed to get Gibson fired and attack his family (WTF?).
          Otherwise, quit with this fantastical nonsense you’re spewing.

          • C says:

            The whole “she made catty remarks about other actresses” is likely in reference to her saying others should get a chance to win an Emmy instead of the same person winning year after year. That’s not catty, that’s what a lot of viewers thought too. People are just taking out their frustrations on her. If it’s true that Virgil provoked Gibson, then IMO, he should have also been fired. You shouldn’t be allowed in a workplace to provoke others. That said, you shouldn’t kick someone either. Though Givson claims it was a reflex. Okay, fine, but the guy provoking him should have been fired too, or t the very least faced SOME repercussions. I don’t think Paget back stabbed Gibson at all. I think she saw the whole picture “the fans will hate a new person who comes in as unit chief, but maybe a familiar face in that spot will cushion the blow” would have been my thinking were I in her place. It’s possible that she was just trying to keep the rest of the cast from being fired aka a cancelation. I wonder if the fans who are angry with Paget would be angry with Joe if the writers decided to make Rossi unit chief? I get the upset, the feeling of betrayal. I understand taking it out on tptb, but I don’t get taking it out on the other actors. Do you honestly believe that if the whole cast had staged a sit out unless TG was rehired that it would work? Tptb would probably be more likely to just cancel the show than rehire TG. What good would that do? The other actors (some of which have families, kids to support) would be out of a job too. Finding another acting gig with a steady paycheck is not as easy as some seem to think. I also don’t understand why Emily being in charge means it would be Charlue’s Angeks. Just because a woman is in charge doesn’t mean it would be that. Is SVU like Charlie’s Angels with Benson in charge? It seems kind of sexist to suggest that a woman in charge means that (and yes, one can be sexist against their own gender)… Especially with Prentiss. If anything, she is the female version of Hotch. Or well, a mix of Hotch and Morgan. She’s tough. She’s not some girly girl type of character. I don’t get how it will be Charlies Angels. That seems like an odd assumption to make. It’s sad that TG won’t be there anymore. I’m gonna miss Hotch and Jack. It also means no chance of Eric Johnson ever returning as Hotch’s brother, which also makes me sad. However, I like all the others regulars too (not including Tara and Luke because I haven’t yet watched last season and haven’t yet seen Luke on the show), so I will still watch most likely. I hate that this happened, that it couldn’t have been resolved without The firing, but i would miss the other characters too much if I quit watching.

          • Jane R says:

            “It’s possible that she was just trying to keep the rest of the cast from being fired aka a cancelation.”

            Nope. She needs a steady gig because every show she’s on gets cancelled. She saw Erica Messer’s desperate face, stabbed Gibson in the back, and leveraged it for a cushy new job and a lot of dollar signs. But, according to some people, Saint Paget is doing everyone a favor by taking Gibson’s job. You know, because she really doesn’t want to be the Unit Chief and really doesn’t want the money. She just wants to save the gosh darn show! Uh, no.

          • Angela says:

            @Cath: I hadn’t heard that about the Emmy thing, but yeah, I don’t exactly see that as being “catty”, either, if that’s what people are referring to.
            I also don’t understand why Emily being in charge means it would be Charlue’s Angeks.
            I hate this saying mainly because I hate the implications that come with it. Oh, my god, the show might give the female characters storylines and screentime, gee, how awful:/sarcasm. I know the male characters have very strong, passionate fanbases-I love ’em, too, after all (Reid being my favorite), But I’m not going to throw a hissy fit if the show dares to let the women get screentime and storylines, ’cause I love the female characters on here, too.
            And finally, to Jane: you really need to get a life and quit spouting this conspiracy BS.

          • Jane R says:

            Funny, insults coming from a CM Watchdog. Where’s your back-up today? Usually, you’re not so tough without your tag-team partner around.

    • Angela says:

      Who hasn’t had a workplace disagreement?
      Indeed, everyone does have those at some point. Most of those workplace disagreements don’t involve kicking co-workers, though, because, y’know, that’s not how adults are supposed to solve their problems. That’s kind of the main issue at hand here.

  7. Melissa says:

    I wish Thomas Gibson wasn’t fired from the show I think he made it great and I think they made a huge mistake in letting him go. I heard he might be sueing them and I hope he wins

    • He won’t win. Get serious. HE was the problem – argumentative, screaming at people, hitting/kicking people, throwing temper tantrums, storming off the set, always giving crap to his fellow actors. I won’t let my kids behave that way. Why should an adult be indulged? Screw him. He’s not the show. CM is better off without him.

      • Mel says:

        Apart from the two reported physical incidents, none of the things you just outlined have even been alleged. Not saying the firing wasn’t justified, but let’s not overexaggerate or invent facts.

  8. So Adam Rodriguez is basically playing the same character he played on CSI: Miami.

  9. Whatevah8 says:

    I’m going to miss Hoch.

  10. The Rookie says:

    I know is difficult for Thomas fans to watch CM and ís reasonable if they leave the show. This happened to me when they fired Paget and AJ on S6 (yes, even if we deny it, its there). What is not ok is how a very small but vocal minority is going after the remaining cast and crew with disrespectful comments and blaming those who remain of not supporting TG. They are professionals doing a job to the best of their abilities. So if you want to stop watching is OK, but respect everyone else.

    • LaDonna says:

      Agreed. I, for one, am thrilled that Brewster is back and will be a series regular again. Always loved her character. I will miss Hoch, and I already miss Derick, but I can look beyond that and look forward to seeing the show continue. For those who don’t think that the series can continue with all the casting changes, look at the original Law and Order. Entire cast turnover and it still made things work for 20 season!

      • Joanne says:

        WORD. Also, SVU. The main lead left after 12 seasons and people threatened to boycott even though it was his decision. I’m no SVU fan and don’t watch it, but they’re going on season 18 now. A couple fans threatening to stop watching isn’t going to change a thing.

        • charlotte says:

          Another show where Hothead Elliot Stabler(Christopher Meloni) thought he was the show. Olivia has always been the star, and always will be.

    • Angela says:

      The thing that irks me the most about people attacking the rest of the cast and crew is that it doesn’t seem to occur to them that the cast may not even be allowed to comment in depth on the situation in question for whatever reason. If there’s still legal issues to be hammered out, the higher ups may have told them to keep mum, and they may want to regardless simply because, well, they want to keep their jobs and they don’t want to be put in an awkward situation that would be for Gibson and the people who let him go to work out (especially if they’re still friendly with both Gibson and people who work on the show).
      Also, the cast have no say in letting people go or getting them back. At all. They could come out and say how wrong this was all they wanted if they wished, but that’s all the more they can do on that front. It’s still ultimately up to the people who do the hiring and firing to decide whether or not to bring Gibson back. In short, the angry fans need to back off the cast and let them be and let them do their jobs and live their lives. Channel that anger into more productive means of trying to make your voices heard.

  11. Theresa Long says:

    I think Gibson needs to be part of the cast.

  12. Pamela says:

    I will miss Shemar. I personally did not care for Hotch. I think the show is good. If you like Criminal Minds, which I do. Bye Baby Boy.

  13. The New guy looks Like one of the Creeps they hunt every week–Last season for Criminal Minds–Proven Fact!! I don’t care how they write out Hotch–He is gone–Never watch again unless reruns!!

    • Susan says:

      Why he look like a creep? Cuz he’s not white like everyone else? Ok, racist.

      • Get over yourself you dimwit. She’s talking about all of the yucky-looking facial hair. Of course, until you watch the episode, you’ll never know WHY he’s got that hair. Does ‘undercover’ mean anything to you? Probably not. You just take the easy way out and call ppl a racist. What a pathetic life you must live.

  14. The New guy looks like one of the Creeps they hunt every week–Last season for criminal minds–Proven Fact–I don’t care how they write Hotch out–Show is done and so am I!!

  15. New guy looks like one of the Creeps they hunt every week–Last season for show–Proven Fact!!

  16. This is US–Censorship–HUH!!

    • Erik says:

      Freedom of speech only prevents the government from stopping you from speaking. NOT a private run site that you agree to post by their rules from deleting your post (which no one did as I see it 3 different times)

  17. Carolyn says:

    Hell to the Nawl-Nawl! Not tuning in without Derek or Hotch.

  18. Tess Hndz says:

    I didn’t like when Gideon left, but I continued to watch. Was glad when Elle left, and I continued to watch. I really didn’t like when they killed Gideon off, making it impossible for his return, but I continued to watch. I did not care for Kate, but I continued to watch. Each change of character brought a different dynamic to the show. I’m devastated by Derek’s departure (ambivalent over Hotch’s dismissal), but I’ll continue to watch. This show has created some fabulous character bonds, and I am interested to see how the new cast holds up with the show’s following. If you’re a true Criminal Minds fan, you will continue to watch the show. If you are a character groupie, you will let it go and move on to another star to stalk, I mean follow.

  19. Mel says:

    A bit of context re. Thomas Gibson…
    Part of the reason some people continue to support him were the alleged eyewitness accounts that appeared on Twitter after the incident. They stated there was a verbal argument, but Gibson disengaged & walked away. Virgil Williams then allegedly came at him from behind, causing Gibson to turn & stick his leg out to block or trip him. This person said provocation was clearly a factor. The tweets were apparently deleted just before Thomas’ suspension became a firing & CBS undoubtedly went into information lockdown.

    I’m not saying the firing wasn’t justified. Truth is, none of us know what actually went on or the complex context in which it occurred. VW himself was once suspended for alleged aggressive behavior towards a young subordinate that in my opinion was far more shocking than what Gibson’s accused of. Until someone without a vested interest speaks out, we won’t know for sure what really happened and I don’t think demonising/attacking either Thomas or the remaining cast helps anyone.

    • A Goonie says:

      Exactly, we were not there when everything happened. As far as we are concerned, something happened that led to Thomas being suspended and eventually fired. But whether he kicked Virgil or tried to trip him as the eyewitness account said, he was the only one who got physical. That’s not to say that Virgil Williams is blameless in all of this. He has behaved terribly towards fans on social media even before the Thomas Gibson incident. But then some Thomas supporters are saying that he should have been given leeway and not fired because of the stressful nature of the job but at the same time calling for Virgil Williams to be fired. They both work in the same set, both are in the same job in a way, so why apply the standard to Gibson only and not Williams. In the same way that Gibson apologists are saying that his past altercation with Ian Woolf, his DUI, and his catfish video are in the past and should not be brought up are constantly bringing up what Virgil Williams did on a different set of a different tv show on a different network. They both have behaved terribly at some point in the past and both should be called out for those things.

      • Kaz Williams says:

        The problem is that the fact that the only so called ‘bad behaviour’ they have been able to come up with, is a DUI and an incident which in all honesty, he was the victim. Shemar Moore had a DUI, numerous crew members have and probably most of Hollywood. These should have no bearing on his work. (And the network will be more than aware that these incidents happened at a particularly difficult personal time in his life – so much for supporting their employee). As for the incident with Woolf. How come this did not come out sooner? How come he has been resigned 3 times since then? There was also tangible evidence that this incident occured due to a potentially serious breach of H&S, where TG almost collided with a pedestrian while filming a chase scene. The set should have been cleared. I’d be pissed if I was him. My point is, the immediate smear and character assasination, tells me the big bosses knew this was going to go down badly and tried to get in there first. Has generally backfired, I’m glad to say.

  20. JC says:

    Adam Rodriguez’s acting on CSI Miami was so dead and lifeless it was laughable…

  21. Gregory Hoffman says:

    I am sorry Thomas Gibson is not returning, I liked him in this role alot. I did’t know he was an asshole, but then many of the star of very sucessful show are…it’s a shame. I will still look forward to his next project though.

  22. Sue Fifield says:

    I think criminal Minds is great and everyone should chill, act like adults and work together. We’re all sad enough over the leaving of Shemar Moore (cutie). They have built a great show and all the actors have worked really hard, these things happen when people get stressed or have creative differences. I still hope Hotch (Thomas Gibson) can come back

    • Gregory Hoffman says:

      I agree totally, when you are emotionally invested and work so hard tempers flare, I am not advocating fisticuffs, but “Hotch” is the show,,, and the blond of course…and the Las Vegas kid…lol.

    • Gregory Hoffman says:

      Shemar Moore will not be missed, by me anyway. Ego way too bid…and couldn’t wait to bad mouth Gibson upon finding out he was let go, not very honorable.

  23. MS says:

    I have watched since the first episode, but don’t know if I will continue to watch without Thomas Gibson. As far as I’m concerned, it’s his show. And whose not so bright idea was it to add Adam Rodriguez to the cast? Put a blindfold on and find a better actor.

  24. Chris says:

    Never been a fan of Adam Rodriguez so it will take more than him to get me to watch. I don’t think they write Gibson out right away. They won’t cut their throats until they see how the viewership unfolds first. If it doesn’t do well, they grovel to get him back.

  25. Hotch is the star!!! show is doomed.without Hotch.no show.

  26. Lynn says:

    Criminal minds won’t be the same without Hotch & Morgan!!! I used to be excited when the new season premieres but I can’t say that anymore. I don’t like Adam Rodriguez.

  27. annabelle says:

    I don’t know about the rest of the season, but that premiere last night was one of the most boring episodes I’ve ever watched. I have no idea WHY they feel like they need to make this new guy “replace” Shemar Moore and basically act the same way with Garcia. He’s a totally different character…don’t try to just make him Derek 2. If it keeps going that way…..pffft.

  28. barryshulman4@gmail.com says:

    I’ve watched criminal minds from the beginning and i am happy that Adam Rodriguez who was on csi Miami got on the cast. i grew up in Lynnfield ma and had a good growing up with both my real mother and father and sister and I went to Dean jr college graduate of 1977 .Then I went to bu university of dental technology and worked in a crown and bridge with two other technionions it’s an art and craft and if the dentists upstairs didn’t like my work they would have let me go but i loved my work. Im good at art and also grew up with horses and was a professional exercise rider and the trainers used me to breeze and work hard on the wood i am 59yrs old and came down with a rare atouimme illness bullous pemphigoid which my grandfather had it skipped a generation and I got it and it happens with Jewish decent and is the rarest atouimme illness in the world. Ruined my career and if i got better i would go into acting, i would make a good actor and i was always in good shape and worked out with the weights. BARRY shulman

  29. Barb says:

    Series not the same without Hotch, may not continue to watch. I started season 1, episode 1. Stupid reason to be fired.

    • Greg Hoffman says:

      I disagree that it was a stupid reason to fired, I just wish it could something could have been worked out that would benefit both parties and kept “Hotch” aboard.