Fall TV Preview
Walking Dead Michonne Dies Predictions

Fall TV Predictions: Grey's Husband Twist, TWD Death, a Criminal Send-Off, Presidential Debate Hiccup and More

Here at TVLine, we have spent the past few months taking great pleasure in diligently sharing often-exclusive intel on what will happen as the much-anticipated 2016-17 TV season unfolds.

But what about what might?

That’s right, it is time again for the TVLine staff’s Fearless Fall TV Predictions, where last season will walked away with an impressive 30 percent success rate. So out of our forecasts in the slideshow at right — spanning 30 programs, from American Horror Story to The Walking Dead — which nine or so do you think are most likely to pan out?

Scroll through the gallery above (or click here for direct access) to view our predictions for Grey’s Anatomy‘s surprising spousal reveal, Arrow coming full circle, Negan’s tragic Walking Dead target, a Once Upon a Time exit and dozens more, and then weigh in with your own psychic leanings.

REMINDER: These are predictions. (Because someone in Comments is bound to overreact as if they are outright spoilers.)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. I hope your prediction about OUAT that one of the 9 series regulars will exit the show by February will be wrong.

  2. Kevin K says:

    Two more seasons of TBBT? Why not end after 12. As for Game of Thrones, there’s a possibility Season Seven will begin either in May or June but if it does premiere in May it should be eligible for next year’s Emmy nominations.

  3. ackeros says:

    Much easier to predict that Maggie Sawyer is going to be Alex Danvers’ love interest on Supergirl.

  4. None of these predictions matter while I’m still bracing myself for The Blind Item casting freak-out we where promised in the next two weeks.

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at your Walking Dead prediction. Stop right there you Walking Dead spoiler commenters. Let’s not ruin things for he masses, eh!!

  6. Gaara says:

    (TWD SPOILERS) I don’t understand why so many people think it will be her, but luckily for us the awesome Michonne won’t be at the receiving end of the bat (search tsdf facebook if you want to know who will be). I agree that losing her would be the final nail to the coffin of Rick’s mental health – and that’s why her death wouldn’t make sense since we need Rick to rally the communities for the war against Negan.

  7. Please No says:

    On your Jane the Virgin prediction: I sure hope not. It seems like after last season especially, it would be a really hard thing to sell to the viewers. Especially if a certain person in peril dies.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree. I don’t see Jane sleeping with anyone she’s not in love with and she certainly won’t do it if she’s a grieving widow. I think it will be Michael because at this point he’d have to live and then cheat on her before consummating their marriage for Jane to leave him, fall in love with someone else and sleep with them this season. I just don’t see it.

  8. EM says:

    Will Thorp, the military doctor from last season’s Grey’s, would have been perfect as Jo’s husband. But they have already met. That would have been a delicious twist.

  9. That Walking Dead prediction is such a fail…like, y’all didn’t even try to put some actual thought into it. Y’all just went with the easiest, trope-iest guess where a woman has to be murdered in order to propel the hero’s arc/journey. Get real. Michonne is entirely too important, too badass to be the Negan’s victim. I know that since she and Rick FINALLY became a couple, folks have been extremely eager to get rid of her, but y’all need to go back to the drawing board and try again. Sorry, not sorry. Michonne is safe.

  10. andrew hass says:

    I do think Jo’s ex-husband 0n Grey’s will turn out to be a past character and maybe the ex originally comes back for a different reason but then we learn he was Jo’s husband.As for Walking Dead, i think whoever dies will someone whose death will impact the entire show and someone who’s been on the series for a few seasons.

  11. kmw says:

    Good predictions and I especially like the Sleepy Hollow one. I can see that totally happening since FOX has forgotten what this shows setting is supposed to be.

  12. AnnieM says:

    TWD: Not Michonne. Too much story to be told, with her standing in for comic-book Andrea. Anyway, it’s actually pretty easy to find out who falls victim to Lucille (for anyone who wants to); just google for the character lists from the Season 7 episodes filmed so far. ::shrug::

    DWTS: I’ve never actually watched this. But I like Marilu Henner, so I hope she wins.

    Arrow: Flashbacks are supposed to end this season, right? A replay of the first scene would be a cool way to wrap them up.

    Flash/Supergirl musical: I absolutely cannot wait for this, seeing as they actually have Broadway talent there. i think the only folks complaining about this being a hokey-gimmicky idea are the ones who are unaware just how many of the actors involved can actually sing. At least, I hope that’s why.

  13. Leah says:

    I can see most of those happening. Nina HAS to come back to TVD, that’s surely a foregone conclusion, as is the last scene of S5 of Arrow being the first scene of S1, because duh, that’s where it all comes full circle?!?!?

    Not so sure on The Big Bang Theory. Look, I love it, I have done for nearly ten years, but season 9 was pretty bad. So I say let season 10 be the last, and actually write some decent episodes because I can’t actually tell you what happened in any of season 9, except the Shamy sleeping together and Bernadette being pregnant, but that’s it! That’s all I can remember and there weren’t really any standout episodes IMO.

  14. Lisa K. says:

    Please let OUAT dump Zelena. I still don’t know why they ever brought her back. The character is way over the top and adds absolutely nothing to the storyline.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      Zelena would be something to the storyline when it comes to Dorothy. She doesn’t know that Dorothy has awakened and back in action.

      Also, it looks like for now that She and the evil queen are working together. It would be kind of like how Regina and Cora are working together.

  15. If Rumple dies, I’M OUT and OUAT is over.

  16. Spence says:

    Michonne dying is idiotic, honestly. Rick, Michonne, and Carl are the only three that are fully immune, as revealed by simple common-sense writing and because synopses were released for upcoming episodes stating all three of them alive. It’s going to be Maggie, and possibly Abraham. Can’t wait for this to be resolved so the show can move on to better storylines and forget this disastrous writing ever happened.

  17. K says:

    We can only hope that OUAT has learned it’s lesson and knocks off Hook for keeps. After all, Neal fake died in S2 and then died for real in S3–let’s let the same happen to Hook.

  18. X says:

    that TWD prediction is a joke. you may as well have said it’s Rick or Carl. or are you just trying to not get into “hot water” with the bully that is AMC by selecting Glenn and Abraham? so looking forward to this being the worst kept secret for the most insulting and unnecessary cliffhanger ever…

  19. Ginger says:

    Jo’s MIA husband will turn out to be in a relationship with Owen’s missing sister and show up at the hospital together. It is Grey’s after all.

  20. Tony Abard says:

    My prediction: The words twist and shocker will continued to be the most overused words in the headlines at TV Line once the fall TV season begins.

  21. SoWhat says:

    Hmm for a media outlet seems like you’re not up on the latest news for instance Just Jared already posted pics of TWD filming for an episode way past episode 1 and Michonne/Danai was there…

  22. Nancy says:

    Bring on the Dawsey wedding!

  23. Mel says:

    Re. Criminal Minds… while I think you’re probably right about Hotch, IMO killing or simply vanishing him would be incredibly cruel and feel almost vindictive. No matter what transpired behind the scenes, viewers have loved the character for 12 yrs & it would be brutal to end things that way. Orphaning little Jack after everything the Hotchner family has already been through would also be pretty unforgivable in my view.

    • Angela says:

      Yep. I just can’t see them going so far as to leave Jack without either of his parents. I’ll admit the prediction of him disappearing has a creepy intrigue to it, and would certainly give the show some time to work out a more permanent exit storyline for him as the season goes on…but ultimately, yeah, I hope for a much more pleasant and happy send-off of some kind for Hotch. If they say he left to spend time with his son Jack, that’ll be good enough for me :).

  24. Belle says:

    I just don’t see the appeal of This Is Us…I think it’s too emotionally charged; most people want to escape everyday life and laugh, get lost in a non-reality show and I think this isn’t going to work. Our lives are so messy (as the previews show TIU is too close to real-life) we want to chill, and just veg at the end of the day and watch funny shows :) I might have to eat my words, but I can’t imagine this show maintaining it’s premiere night ratings in the long run. JMP

    • Jennifer says:

      Ever hear of Parenthood? That was not exactly a comedy, and it did pretty well for itself. I for one am looking forward to this show.

    • c-mo says:

      While I agree with you for my own personal tastes, I’m so looking forward to this show! I think this show will just be so good that regardless of its “ugly-cry” reputation, people will tune in just so they get in their weekly crying jag.

    • Tony says:

      Most people want to see a well written drama that touches on all of the human emotions. I would assume This Is Us isn’t entirely tear inducing and head moments of joy and that’s the key. This was true for Parenthood.

  25. Tom says:

    ugh, why the Dichen Lachman prediction?

  26. DS says:

    I hope Marilu doesn’t win, Derek doesn’t need another trophy he doesn’t actually earn. He’ll do most of the dancing around Marilu and the biased judges will score “him” high instead of the partner.

  27. Allie says:

    If Daryl dies on TWD I will need to be medicated and everyone around me will be in danger as I’ll probably go postal. Love me some Daryl. If he dies I’ll loose it. Don’t want it to be Glen or Maggie either. I like Abraham but he would be easiest for me to handle. I also wish somehow Beth would come back. Just. Don’t. Mess. With. Daryl!

  28. shutuprob says:

    The only person who’s already been on Grey’s that could possibly have been Jo’s husband would be the doctor boyfriend, Jason Myers, that she got into a physical fight with around Christmas four years ago, played by The Originals’ Charles Michael Davis. The guy who Alex beat up and then sent packing.

  29. Ella says:

    Whedon is too connected to Marvel to direct DC, isn’t he? Also, SERIOUSLY hope your Jane the Virgin prediction isn’t true. Michael is the one for Jane and the only one deserving of that “honour”.

  30. Shelly says:

    It’s not Michonne.

  31. Reese Young says:

    Sorry guys your predictions are dead wrong on TWD. I’m calling they are going to stick to the graphic novels on this one and Glenn bites the dust, Michonne is off limits for dying at least two more seasons. Secondly no one there has clearly read the series; if you had you would know Negan’s bat isn’t just a bat it is a character all by herself and her name is Lucille. Sorry not sorry.

  32. Margaret says: