Lucifer Recap Season 2 Premiere

Lucifer Season 2 Premiere Recap: Reunited, and It Feels So... Blood

“Mum” was the word on everyone’s lips as Fox’s Lucifer launched its second season — and yet the helluva matriarch’s whereabouts spawned quite a guessing game for much of the hour.

Indeed, Lucifer and Amenadiel’s search for Hell’s VIP escapee played into the show’s comedic strengths, as every recent death-cheater got scrutinized by the brothers, including a bank robber who amusingly answered their questions just right. (“I want to be free — of debt!”) And yet every seeming lead, including several suspects in the Case of the Week, proved a red herring.

Along the way, Chloe informed Lucifer that she was determined to get to the bottom of his own recent brush with death, by testing a blood sample. Though Lucifer welcomed the reality check, Amenadiel knew that to be a very bad thing, if humans had proof of Divinity. So Amenadiel sneaked into the cop shop to pinch the blood sample… only to discover that his time-freezing powers had gone glitchy! Related to his own recent cheating of the Reaper?

Regardless, Amenadiel needed to get Chloe off Lucifer’s scent, so he confronted her with the “truth” of the situation, by firing a gun straight into his own torso while standing in front of her… and then revealing a bulletproof vest and blood packs. He proceeds to do a pretty good job of “explaining” that because of their rough childhood, Lucifer created his “Devil” persona as a way of coping, that his “power” is merely one “of suggestion.”

Lucifer meanwhile had a couple of sessions with Dr. Linda, to whom he gave a bird’s-eye view of his family life, from Mom and Dad’s coupling resulting in “the Big Bang” to Dad’s tinkering with humanity “in the garage, to neglected Lucifer getting kicked out of the house. And just as the originally “lovely” Mom did nothing upon Lucifer’s banishment, he did “zilch” to help her when she got tossed out as well. That outpouring aside, Dr. Linda later cannot help but wonder if their sessions are working, seeing as Lucifer regularly contorts her advice to suit his own needs.

Maze resurfaced midway through the hour, but wasn’t entirely forthcoming with Lucifer about her disappearing act — which happened to coincide with his mother’s escape. Maze was surprised to hear that her former charge was now walking among them, but assured Lucifer that she would never abet her former prisoner. All Maze would say about her whereabouts was that she found someone who was helping her sort through her own issues, to find her new raison d’etre, now that they are “stuck” on Earth.

Still, the question persists: Where is Mum?

At episode’s end, as Lucifer takes to the black-and-whites to croon “All Along the Watch Tower,” we see that Maze’s new confidant is Dr. Linda, while the club owner receives an uninvited guest — a beautiful, leggy blonde. AKA “Mum!” Yet just as mother and son are reunited, she stumbles forth into his arms, hand clutching a dagger, her body covered in blood, as she gasps, “Help…me…

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  1. Karen MT says:

    They just had to play “All Along the Watchtower”, didn’t they? I laughed when I realized what song it was.

  2. flowerduh says:

    Glad that Fox decided to keep this show on for another season. The part where Lucifer gets choked by the suspect is hilarious!

    Ellis still gives me a tingle in my nethers.

  3. BadPenny says:

    Far too many “dumb viewer” tropes for my liking. What is with all the stupid ‘check the blood” comments when all he needs to do is show her his demon-self to prove his point? He’s demoned-out around her before – his eyes even flared sitting right next to her this episode – but we need her to check the blood? Just once I would like a show like this to treat the viewers like they’re at least average intelligence.

    I will give the show a couple of more episodes but mum hasn’t added anything to it. It is still going to be the same semi-romance-nose-lead drama that I’ve seen far too many times over the last decade. This time with a supernatural crutch that adds nothing.

    • Steven says:

      Showing her his true visage would drive her insane with terror, just as it has all of his other victims throughout the series, and would defeat the purpose. He doesn’t want to drive her insane, he simply wants her to believe him.

    • dman6015 says:

      She’s different, remember. He’s mortal when she’s around, so you never know what might happen to him if he showed her his true self, assuming he could actually do that to her.

  4. Joey Padron says:

    Good season premiere episode. Good to have the show back. I wonder what cause Lucifer and Amenadiel to lose their powers and mortality a bit. Good to to have Maze back. Surprised Lucifer’s mom came to him at the end. Sucks to wait for next episode in 2 weeks. Thankful the show got another season.

  5. James D says:

    I love this show so glad it’s back on. Tom Ellis is so great in this role. The episode itself was good but (i know this is kind of beating a dead horse) I wish they’d make the show little more like the comics instead of a generic police procedural. Still I’m intrigued with the arc this season and any excuse to have Tricia on my screen I will gladly take.

  6. Reece says:

    Well played to the crew for closing the episode with “all along the watchtower.” Nice little Easter egg to throw in given who they introduced at the end

  7. NY Rockman says:

    We need more devil and a lot less grace. Come on Luci do your damnest👹

  8. Imagecrafters says:

    Love this show. Ellis is great as Lucifer. Nice touch singing at the end.

  9. Bark Star says:

    The BSG-nod introduction of Tricia was so much in-your-face, I thought my nose would start to bleed. But despite not being very subtle, I loved it.

  10. Mike says:

    My favorite show. Light hearted humor. Chloe is beautiful.

  11. LUPE says:

    BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!

  12. Rob says:

    As usual, a very funny show. I am a little upset we have to wait 2 weeks for a new episode!! But glad to have it back!

  13. Deborah Del Vecchio says:

    The show’s writers managed an excellent “re-introduction” of the cast in this premiere episode and left enough interest to keep us guessing for (I can’t believe I have to wait another 2 weeks for the next installment!) awhile longer about “Mom”. I’m so happy to see that Angelic/Demonic Lore is still a major focus and hope that too continues. I’m giving this a “very good” rating only because there is so much more to come and when everything finally unfolds, it’s going to be Glorious!

  14. Superb return for Season Two setting up the main themes of motherhood, humanity, divinity etc

  15. Elizabeth Mena says:

    I love the show…I just think the actress playing the detective looks sick. To be honest, she looks like she’s on drugs. I think they need to clean up her image a bit as she always looks sloppy too.

  16. sonnatine xeminos says:

    I LOVE the show..I LOVE the actors…but with a great concept that started with episode one…and after four episodes, for me went downhill…
    I give this show this season and it will be done…The writers squandered a great idea..part way through season one Lucifer became a different character altogether..It’s shame, because like I said, it was a GREAT concept…