Fear TWD Recap: Mamma Mia!

In this week’s Fear the Walking Dead, Madison’s desperation to reunite with Nick not only cut Alicia to the quick, it also ushered Strand to death’s door and left in grave danger more than just the hotel’s Yelp rating. What did the anxious mom do that she most definitely shouldn’t have? Read on…

‘AMERICANS… YOU LOVE TO FIX OTHERS’ PROBLEMS’ | As “Pillar of Salt” opened, Francisco fled from the colonia with wife Ana and their daughter in tow. And it looked at first like they just might make it to safety… until they encountered Marco on the road. Since Francisco didn’t have the delivery of Oxy that the thug was expecting that day, the frightened family was, er, taken into custody. Back at the colonia, when Alejandro learned that one of his scouts had deserted, he wondered aloud whether Luciana had known one of her amigos was running away, then seemed to Nick a bit off when addressing the matter with his flock. Later, though the pharmacist forbade Luciana and Nick from setting off to trade Oxy for water as scheduled, the recovering junkie, fearful that Marco would find the colonia in order to find his drugs, couldn’t let it drop. Even after Luciana sided with Alejandro, and the pharmacist/cult leader asked Nick to trust him “like a son” would, the colonia newcomer approached scout Renaldo to sneak out with him after dark and make the trade.

‘I UNDERSTAND GRIEF, BUT THIS IS A BIT EXTREME’ | Meanwhile, at the hotel, while Madison & Co. whipped the newly walker-free joint into shape, Alicia bonded with Hector over their brothers. While Hector’s sib, Antonio, was part of a gang outside of Tijuana — guess which one — Alicia’s was, of course, just gone. And while she missed who he was, “I don’t know that I miss who he is,” she admitted. When a knock at the door interrupted a planning sesh between Strand, Madison, Alicia and Elena, Victor answered it — and was immediately stabbed in the gut by Ilene, who was upset that he’d put her daughter out of her undead misery. Onetime med student Andres quickly ascertained that no organs had been punctured. However, to stitch up Strand, Andres would need supplies that they didn’t have… but that they could get, Elena suggested, from a place she knew of that was just a short drive away. Before setting off with Elena and Oscar, Madison put Ilene under house arrest… indefinitely. Henceforth, however, “if anyone raises a hand to another, they’re out,” she said. “Gone.” Exiled. On the road, Elena explained that Hector’s brother had chosen his gang over his family, and for that, Hector wouldn’t forgive Antonio.

fear-the-walking-dead-season-2-episode-12-recap‘NEXT TIME I SEE HIM, I’M GONNA CUT HIS BALLS OFF!’ | At Marco’s warehouse, Oscar was forced to wait outside while Elena and Madison were admitted to speak with Antonio. The fish they’d brought to trade were good, he said. But the ice that had kept them fresh would be even more interesting to Marco. While the women’s shopping list was being filled, they overheard Marco questioning Francisco and Ana about the colonia. When Elena translated something about an American boy “with ratty hair,” Madison burst into the interrogation room and pleaded for info about the person she was (rightly) certain was Nick. Miraculously, even after that, the women not only made it out alive, they made it out with the supplies that Andres needed to save Strand. Elena encouraged Antonio to join them at the hotel, but he considered the gang his family. So don’t come back, he said. “We won’t be here much longer,” anyway. Shortly thereafter, Marco spotted Nick at the colonia through his binoculars. (Was Nick’s vision so good that he spotted Marco, too? Or did I imagine that?)

‘SHOULD I BE WRITING MY WILL?’ | At the hotel, Andres explained that Strand’s wound had left his heart without enough blood to pump to all of his organs. When Alicia refused to reassure Victor that everything was going to be OK, they bonded over their mutual dislike of sugarcoating. The teen went on to open up about having had to raise herself. Even now that it was just her and Madison, though, “I’m still not sure she actually sees me,” she said. “Then make her,” Strand replied. Easier said than done. When Mom returned that evening, she immediately — foolishly — switched on the hotel’s lights in hopes of sending a beacon to Nick. Understandably, Alicia was livid. Not only had her mother nearly blown the trade with Marco — and doomed Strand — over Nick, now she was putting them all in danger for her son’s sake by flashing, in essence, a “Come and get it!” sign for all the world to see. “Your child is always your child,” Maddie argued. “I’m your child!” Alicia replied, desperate to know why her loyalty didn’t mean as much to her mom as Nick’s disdain. As they argued, off in the distance, someone did get Maddie’s “message.” It wasn’t Nick, though, it was Travis — with no Chris in sight.

‘I’M A HARD WOMAN’ | Meanwhile, we learned that Ofelia had indeed made off with Strand and Madison’s getaway truck. Unless my map-reading remains as bad as it was in high school, she was headed for Santa Fe in hopes of finding Will, the boyfriend whose proposal, in less apocalyptic times, she’d been reluctant to accept, for it would have meant relocating and leaving behind her parents. In a second flashback, as Griselda described the sacrifices that she and Daniel had made in order to save their daughter from a life of fear, we saw pretty much the moment that Ofelia decided that she couldn’t abandon her folks.

So, what did you think of “Pillar of Salt”? Does anyone not share Alicia’s outrage over the way that Madison favors Nick? Do you think Travis left Chris behind… or worse? Hit the comments!

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  1. JP says:

    Getting better each week though Madison possibly made the dumbest mistake. Again, Alicia is proving she is the real star of this show. Her line to Madison about being enough was both cruel yet sad to realize this counselor can’t see the pain she causes her daughter.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Absolutely!! I’ve been team Alicia for weeks now. Madison can go.

      • Jennie says:

        Nope, I completely disagree, I think this episode took a backward step, it is getting lame again. Also Alicia is acting like a snotty nose brat again, Nick and the family deserve better than her and her tantrums. I will watch til the finale to see who dies but I may not stick around for season 3 at this rate, Also I’m rooting for Strand as leader, he’s a shady dude but I have a feeling we haven’t even seen the beginning of what he’s capable of.

    • Just HORRIBLE says:

      I FF’d the scenes with Nick right off the bat … worthless. I was optimistic with the hotel scenes, but decided to turn it off after stoopid Madison stuck her big ass nose where it didn’t belong by running up them stairs to figure out if they were talking about Nick. Talk about horrible.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Madison continues to be the show’s most frustrating character. One minute I’m rooting for her, when she’s making strong decisions like locking Ilene up, and the next I’m shaking my head and throwing my arms in the air because of how boneheaded she can be. Not only did she jeopardize the deal and set off major alarms to the gang by her actions at the warehouse – which surprisingly, didn’t cost them their supplies – she lit up the hotel sign signalling for anyone watching – the gang included – that they’re “open for business.” How on EARTH can she switch from smart leader to complete moron in the space of a few hours?!

    Of course, the sign lighting up was only to serve the story, as Travis saw it. And it was odd that Chris wasn’t with him, though I have a feeling we’ll get an explanation as to why next episode. My guess is he probably left his dad with that group of self-proclaimed “gods” they found on the road.

    I’m really liking the events at the Colonia. Nick is one of the shows best and smartest characters, and his bond with Luciana is what he needs. I hope she sticks around even after the Colonia inevitably falls. Alejandro, though, I’m not so sure about. He was acting pretty erratic this week and I have a feeling his “have faith in me or else” attitude won’t get him far. What remains to be seen is who Luciana will ultimately side with in the end.

    As for Ofelia, I couldn’t care less about her story. Her absence the last few weeks was barely noticeable, and as a character, she serves very little purpose to the story. I wouldn’t mind her being killed off next.

    • Jane says:

      I dunno about that, if I was Ophelia I probably would have done the same. Staying in a zombie infested hotel with moody Alicia for company? No thanks, I’d be outta there like a bat outta hell too. Ophelia is the smart one here.

    • Jane says:

      Oh and your comment about Madison’s personality transplant overnight, yes you’re right it is terribly unbelievable. But you know, I have been saying the same about Alicia’s role reversal long ago…moron to Indiana Jones wannabe overnight when she’s like what, 18, 19 with no prior training? I don’t think so. And the excuses about how people change in a zombie apocalypse like that is also unrealistic. Leopards do not change their spots, it is simply bad writing and yall know it. Just look at poor Madison…now you know.

  3. MelodyAZ says:

    I heard this show was renewed for Season 3 but I have a feeling given the fact it rarely trends on twitter and the ratings are lower than the TWD, that its going to be seriously retooled for next season.

    The only characters I like are Alicia and Victor.

    Madison really pissed me off tonight.

    Don’t care for Ofelia.

    I am interested in seeing what happened with Travis and Chris.

    I still think the writers made a huge mistakes in splitting them up.

    And on Talking Dead…it sometimes looks like Chris Hardwick is even struggling

    • Allie says:

      Love Talking Dead but this show doesn’t warrant it’s own hour long discussion afterwards. And who on earth is Sprayberry? Couldn’t even make it to the memorandum.

    • Jennie says:

      I’ve heard that too. Will it even make it to another season after 3 though? That’s the real question. Nobody is even mentioning Fear on the confessions page either but it’s all TWD, GOT, the 100, TVD, stuff like that. Not a great reception for it. I’ve always had the theory though that if it takes more than 3 episodes for a show to gain momentum, that it will have a very bad future. Fear lies in that category for me. I’m already looking for something else to watch just in case it gets too bad to watch or they pull the plug. Stranger Things on netflix is AH-MAZING btw if anyone is looking for a filler…soooo goood!! And that little girl who shaved her head for the role….now that’s dedication, I respect that child.

  4. This show has no direction and most of the characters are dull. For season 3, they need to get rid of Chris and his really dumb father and remove Ofelia. And Ilene stabs Victor and that’s all we see of her for the rest of the episode? Was Brenda Strong only hired for one scene per hour? Honestly, this show had potential when it was set on the boat. Right now, not so much. No sure it can recover.

  5. Allie says:

    Sigh. I have been enjoying the last few episodes – writing seems better, characters are more likeable, more walker action – simply the best the show has been in 2 seasons and I realized why at the end of last night’s episode. It’s because Travis and Chris haven’t been in any of the episodes. Travis just sucks the energy out of any scene he is in and Chris is the worst teenage character I have seen on any show in ages. Even Madison hasn’t mentioned them – you’d think she might have missed Travis just a little but like everyone else she realizes she is better off without them.

  6. Lilly says:

    Just when I thought the FTWD writers were developing brains by giving us some characters who could make better decisions and be likable…. Madison goes and acts like a blithering IDIOT last night. Can they PLEASE kill her character off?!?! And Ofelia. Am I supposed to care about her lost love now? In the apocalypse? She drives off and LEAVES a young girl alone – without saying a word – STEALS the truck to go off on some selfish, stupid mission?! WTH is the matter with these writers?! Too bad we aren’t an a serious world-changing apocalypse so they could kill off a majority of the characters with relative ease and retool the whole show! Wait….

  7. I have a feeling Chris either dies in the next episode or the season finale, and if for some reason he doesn’t we will get one major character death before the end of the season.

    • Andrea says:

      I have a feeling you could be right, the actor is moving to Agents of Shield…good for him. He’s not a bad actor actually, it’s just the way he is portrayed on this stupid show. Madison is written to be hated too yet Kim Dickens was fantastic in Sons of Anarchy, I’m telling you this show is a curse on them…and us too! A lot of the actors actually seem to be going off and doing their own separate projects now anyway which could mean lots of deaths and practically zilch left on the show. You know what might make everyone happy, a complete reboot. I’m talking fresh faces, fresh acting and definitely a fresh plot or else maybe it would be kindest to just scrap it now at this stage. I’ve always though a UK or Japanese version might be interesting….

  8. scienceadvisor99 says:

    Cannot wait to see this cancelled mid-season 3. Continuity, bakcstory fill-in, lack of plausibility (stab wound location alone), as well as eveyone being within 10 km of each other? So bad it hurts. People are desparate and video game are failing just as frequently to fill the void. AMC is in dire straits once the upcoming season of TWD is just as lackluster. Time to start reading books again…

    • Jane says:

      Thank you!! You speak sense!! I honestly don’t know why some people are still rooting for this show, they have ruined it beyond repair!! We have TWD and lots of other exciting yet decent shows, we don’t NEED this atrocity anymore. I second that buddy, AMC is a complete car crash now, back to the books for me too!!

  9. Mary Seje says:

    I cannot watch one more scene with Kim Dickens. Her lifeless portrayal of Madison sucks the energy out of every scene in which she appears. I feel so sorry for the actors who have to play opposite her. Please, please, please kill off her character.