Connie Britton on Nashville Exit Talk: 'What I Can Tell You Is… '

Could it be that we’ve all counted out Rayna Jaymes just a little too soon?

Though it’s been widely reported that Connie Britton will be leaving Nashville midway through Season 5 (the former ABC drama’s first on CMT), “I don’t know where that stuff came from,” the actress told TVLine’s Michael Ausiello Sunday on the Emmy red carpet. “It’s kind of crazy the things that come out.”

While neither confirming her early exit from the series nor really denying it, Britton did state unequivocally that, with thirtysomething alumni Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz having taken over as showrunners, the musical drama was heading into “the best season we’ve ever had” with “the best writing we’ve ever seen.”

Press PLAY on the video above to find out what else the Friday Night Lights vet had to say before she dashed off to find her former leading man, birthday boy Kyle Chandler.

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  1. bryce says:


    • Sally says:

      Exactly. This is cruel. STOP.PLAYING.WITH.OUR.FEELINGS.

      • GregJ. says:

        I’m going to take it as she’s not going anywhere. Could be wishful thinking, but I refuse to accept it.

        • Sally says:

          I hope you’re right. I felt it was the perfect opportunity to either confirm or dismiss the rumors. Avoiding the issue will only fuel these speculations. The fans have been so worried for so long about the future of Nashville, first when it got cancelled by ABC and then picked up by CMT, and now there’s this uncertainty. And it’s huge.

  2. Gloria Seales says:

    Please let it be true! The show would not survive without Rayna!

  3. andrew hass says:

    Maybe Britton will just be off Nashville for a few episodes in order to save the show some money but she’ll return before the season ends.

  4. Fluffy says:

    Cheeky pound PUPPIEZ

  5. Jim says:

    CMT would have been super quick to deny it if it wasn’t true. She’s probably talking now about stories guessing how Rayna will be written off, rather than saying she won’t be written off.

  6. Em says:

    I’m not sure I’m emotionally equipped to mourn Rayna (because that’s what’s got to happen, right? Anything else would be so untrue to the character!) so I hope this is true, and it was all a cruel rumour…

    I am a suspicious person, though, so still very nervous…

  7. This make my day, there is still some hope left!

  8. Julian says:

    This is not good for the Nashville fans. If the rumors weren’t true in first place CMT -or Connie- had to make a statement after the news broke. Now she’s saying they had the best season and the best writing but if the rumors turns to be true, fans would be crazy and with a good reason and can be good for the series fate. They can’t play with their feelings that way.

  9. Karhie says:

    Well, that was ambiguous. I had decided not to start watching if she were really leaving. I think
    I’ll wait to see if she leaves before I start watching. If she stays, I’ll
    catch up with On Demand.

  10. acurat says:

    This is nothing. Just a nice exchange and that is it. She is leaving after nearly half a season if you believe other sources and that is it.

    • Jon Willis says:

      She might not leave right at the half way point. If she’s only going to be in like 10 episodes they might stager the episodes so Rayna is there till the end of the season.

  11. iceturkee says:

    of course, she will neither confirm or deny. as a retired reporter, i do believe that she is in negotiations with cmt on her current status. they would obviously like her to do more than 10 episodes. i’m sure when those negotiations are complete, we will learn her true fate.

    • That’s been my POV about this as well. Without knowing anything about her contract, etc., I would imagine she at least wants a sweeter deal for royalties (syndication, music, etc.), and probably a “Producer” credit so it’ll provide two salaries. This could be a cash cow for the Country Music Channel, and her management team probably thinks they have a lot of leverage. I just hope with the new show runners that the writing and plotting will become better. Shifting to Hayden/Connie/Charles, getting rid of Layla, and keeping the Stella drama to a minimum between their singing would be a good start.

      • AJ says:

        1) She is a producer. 2) With the higher salaries, I doubt it’ll be a cash cow. 3) Why can’t she get kidnapped or something. Easy way to write her off for a while. Hayden was written off. It happens. To the person who won’t watch until they know – huh??? You enjoy a show and you won’t watch because someone may leave? HUH??? People are fickle. You complain when a show is canceled and essentially throw a temper tantrum by saying you won’t watch unless they do EXACTLY. WHAT. YOU. WANT. Interesting

    • I got that feeling actually too from this interview that they are still negotiating.

  12. Mariana de Jesus Barrios Nava says:

    Oh please keep Rayna! she’s my favorite character by far and her chemistry with Deacon is the best thing in the whole show

  13. Boiler says:

    Most of you are unbelievable. No one has officially said anything about this and yet you all panic. Just enjoy the show. It can be extremely good even if Connie not on as much

  14. brenda says:

    Please keep Rayna on Nashville. It would not be the same Nashville with out her.

  15. Brian says:

    I sometimes wish actors would be more open and honest.
    If the rumors are true and she’s leaving the show then say that and if not then say so.
    If she’s not sure and she’s still working it out say that.

  16. An Nijenhuis says:

    I love nashville…in the Netherlands they have just started with season 1 so have a lot of catching up to do. Hope they will not cancel it suddenly because there are no episodes on youtube to watch.
    Love the storylines but to be honest…Rayna may be the queen of country but I find her performances very dull, I hope they made her shows more energetic in the following seasons.
    Give it a bit more spark.

    • In many cases on regards to rayna it´s more about feeling in her performances. Especially with Deacon it´s magic. Really hoping that on season5 they will put those two back together musically also!

    • BLBROWN says:

      Her acting is certainly not dull, just more tailored and laid back than that of the younger set, as one would expect of the long-time professional her character is shown to be, and a parent and mentor as well.

      • An Nijenhuis says:

        it’s not her acting, it is her performance on stage. Compare it to Reba McEntire for instance, Reba’s shows are full of energy, something I would love to see Rayna do as well. But I can only judge about the 1st series, as we have only just started. So if they continue to show it I still have a few years of catching up to do.

  17. Is it possible to love this woman any more?? She is perfection! Really hoping she stays, she is the whole reason I started watching in the first place.

  18. Kim Tunison says:

    I don’t think she is going anywhere! Ya she’s maybe signed on for 10 but that’s always negotiable! We spent so many hours on social media saving the show… if she does leave I will be very disappointed. I love Rayna and Deacon!

  19. dee cook says:

    if rayna leaves, thats the end, its all about deacon and rayna. if she leaves. no sense in watching, its all about her aand deacon.i love that show. never miss.

  20. Susan Fitzpatrick says:

    Can’t believe you killed her off .this is the only program I look forward to watching. You the writers have no idea what you have done to us and the show .