The Good Wife Spinoff

Good Wife Fave Joins Spinoff as Series Regular (and the New Kalinda)

CBS’ Good Wife spinoff just got a lot more sarcastic.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Sarah Steele is set to reprise her role as Eli Gold’s hilariously sardonic daughter Marissa in the digital-only offshoot — and as a full-fledged series regular to boot. Steele joins previously-announced Good Wife vets Christine Baranski (Diane) and Cush Jumbo (Lucca) in the new series.

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The spinoff — debuting in February 2017 on CBS, before moving exclusively to CBS All Access — picks up one year after last May’s Good Wife finale and finds Diane in the throes of a financial crisis. She is consequently forced out of Lockhart & Lee and ends up joining Lucca at one of Chicago’s pre-eminent law firms.

Per Deadline, Marissa will begin the 10-episode season as Diane’s secretary, before segueing into the role of investigator (effectively making her the new Kalinda).

News of Steele’s casting comes just days after it was formally announced that Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King will not only exec-produce the drama, but serve as showrunners as well.

Steele, whose TV credits also include Nurse Jackie and Gossip Girl, will next be seen in an episode of CBS’ new Michael Weatherly procedural Bull playing the host of the hugely popular, Serial-like podcast.

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  1. Steven says:

    This is awesome news! Counting down the days till February!

  2. HAP says:

    Why the hell can’t CBS keep this on the broadcast network? Do they seriously think this show is going to drum up a lot of paid subscribers? And, why are the Kings even going along with this?

    • I am with you about this. I watch a lot of shows on CBS and I was very annoyed on the fact that they decided to put it on the All Access which I think is very unfair to the ones who do not and will not pay for something when it should be on the normal channel. People are not going to join just because they are showing a spin off. it needed to be on the actual channel before they put it on the All Access but they think that they know better than the actual people who watch the shows on CBS.

      • Andrea says:

        Good luck to Sarah. Love the character of Marissa, but I won’t be watching since that requires paying, which won’t be happening. Unfortunately, I don’t think this series will do well. The ratings for TGW were never blockbuster, and that was on broadcast TV. Now the series is going to be pay only. I can’t see it generating enough revenue.

      • johnhelvete says:

        I would agree that CBS is going to need more than 2-3 shows to get a solid customer base for CBS All Access (though spin doctor Moonves only has positive things to say about number of subscribers so far). I think that CBS is going to have to make a strong commitment and forgo selling most of their newer shows to Hulu, Amazon or Netflix and make them available at CBS All Access. The ability to live stream CBS is a good deal for customers who have cut the cord but I am pretty sure that does not include NFL games.

    • AJ says:

      Some of you folks make me chuckle. You ask if CBS thinks it will drum up a lot of paid subscribers, but then say CBS should keep it on broadcast. If you don’t think it’ll drum up viewers online, what makes you think it’d get acceptable ratings for CBS on broadcast? It would assuredly get LOWER ratings than The Good Wife which would have been canceled many years prior if it didn’t serve as CBS’ prestige show (a/k/a Emmy bait). Then others complain that it’s “unfair” to those who don’t subscribe. Guess what – life isn’t fair. I don’t subscribe, but I will. So there you go, CBS is in a business to make money. They are airing this show in the hopes that it’ll make money. This show would not exist but for CBS All Access. It’s that simple. There’d be no spinoff without the CBS All Access. This type of show honestly doesn’t fit with CBS’ brand. Look at their 1 hour dramas. They’re all procedural. If this is like The Good Wife, it’ll have a serial aspect to it. Just be happy that it exists at all. It’ll eventually come out on DVD, you can buy it then. Or you can wait for the show to air, get CBS All Access for one month, watch all the episodes in that one month, then cancel. If a show isn’t worth less than $10, you’re not a fan. As for the people who talk about the number of shows All Access needs, that’s definitely an accurate statement. Plenty of people will just subscribe for the 1 show, then cancel. That’s where the business has issues.

      • Andrea says:

        AJ: “This show would not exist but for CBS All Access.”

        I disagree with that. CBS All Access is simply where CBS is choosing to put the spin-off. You can’t tell me that at least one of CBS’ new shows isn’t going to get canceled. Happens every year. Something gets cancelled. The network could slot the spin-off there or as a mid-season replacement, but it is choosing not to do that. If anything, I’d say your statement is reversed. CBS is hoping that All Access will exist because the Good Wife spin-off will be one of the things on it.

    • Atlanta says:

      I agree. I’m sick to death of all the monthly fees for one or two shows. CBS should show this in the summer as a Summer Tentpole series like Zoo. I get all TV over the air (beautiful high def uncompressed video) and use an OTA DVR. CBS expects most people to pay for cable, netflix, All Access, Hulu and Amazon. At some point viewers are going to revolt.

      • Andrea says:

        To me, Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix are a different deal. They produce their own content while simultaneously providing fairly significant libraries of content from other sources. People, including myself, pay for original content AND access to content from a variety of other sources. Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix also solely exist on digital platforms. They aren’t also networks that exist somewhere else. I think the pay model makes a difference as well. I love the Amazon a la carte model. You pay a flat rate for a Season Pass for whatever series you want as it comes out a week at a time. That’s it. If CBS said, “OK, pay us $25 (or whatever) for the Good Wife spin-off, I’d consider that, but I don’t like subscriptions that I have to carry month-to-month. That’s why I don’t have Prime. I buy what I watch and that’s it.

        • Sandy says:

          I really need to investigate this further. I’m stuck in the Cable Tier rut with a bunch of crap. I end up watching 3 or 4 channels that I like. That can’t be the smartest way.

    • Butch says:

      With so many people afraid to start watching a new series because it might get canceled. I can’t imagine too many people will watch this on CBS before it goes to CBS All Access which apparently not too many people are willing to pay for.

  3. andrew hass says:

    Im wondering if this will open the door for Eli to show up from time to time to see his daughter.

  4. LaVelle says:

    Will they release one episode each week or will they follow the Netflix all at once model?

  5. Georgia says:

    Am I confused? As I read about this spin-off…it seems an episode will be televised on the regular CBS network in Primetime…then we viewers will have to sign-up for CBS All Access to see the remaining episodes? Nope…not going to do that. Won’t bother watching at all — too many others shows to watch anyway.

  6. Gabriel says:

    I honestly think this spinoff has the potencial to be way better than the final seasons of TGW, since the show won’t need to work around the ego of a certain leading lady….

  7. Jimmy says:

    Great news! She was always made every scene she was in better, especially when she was going back and forth with Alan Cumming.

  8. Leah says:

    Love this, great character and actress! Now add Elsbeth, and start filming lol.

  9. Anna says:

    Sooo this makes it more likely that Eli will be in this as well, right? Anyway, she’s awesome, so this is great.

  10. it’s probably my fault by not reading carefully, but is this access channel a cable offering or an internet type of channel?

    • Irish says:

      CBS plans on charging $6 per month – with commercials – for their “All Access”. If it is at all successful, watch out for all regular channels jumping on the bandwagon! Many young people have “cut the cord” and only watch online, so this is an attempt to get them interested in CBS programs. And since they don’t pay for cable (like my $100 bill), the network is hoping that they will be willing to pay a monthly fee to watch CBS shows. It’s a new world out there guys!

      • johnhelvete says:

        CBS All Access also includes the ability to live stream most CBS shows (I am pretty sure it does not include the NFL) which is another reason it is not a bad deal for cord cutters. Not sure if Fox, NBC and ABC will all follow though since they are share ownership of Hulu.

        • Sandy says:

          If it’s $6/month, I’ll consider it. I’m not a cord cutter — yet. If it weren’t for the freezing cold MN winters and hellish summer mosquitoes, I would be inside to watch TV anyway. I curious to see where this show goes.

  11. Becky Mahard says:

    Sarah Steele is great, she is such a natural, she adds a lot to any show.

  12. Baileigh says:

    Is it safe to assume that this will be available on DVD come next fall?

  13. B says:

    Even they’re only premiering it on TV, that means it’s not really digital-*only*…

  14. Ronny says:

    CBS All Access is $5.99 a month. Get a grip people! Skip two Starbucks lattes and you have unlimited tv, and what looks like a great spin off. Don´t get the problem here.

  15. Lauren says:

    Yessss! I loved her, almost as much as I loved Lucca and Diane. I was already going to check it out but this makes it an even easier decision. But this is still weird to me, why isn’t this just on CBS (also when will we get a title?!)? The online thing is weird and I hope it doesn’t kill it. I really hope this is like the earlier years of TGW and not the last two. And I loved Lucca and Alicia’s friendship (the washing machine scene :,()so I hope they don’t kill that.

  16. Kailani says:

    GODDAMN THEM. Now I HAVE to watch/pay. fudgesicles! (i.e., best news of this new TV season, other than Kalinda resurfacing on Blind Spot.)

  17. Michael Raymond says:

    Can they now please Carrie Prestons Elsbeth to the all female firm. that would be perfetion

  18. liame says:

    Ugh! She’s so annoying. Pissed!

  19. JScout says:

    I won’t pay a monthly fee for CBS access only to be forced to watch commercials. Will never do it. And if Netflix ever decides to force commercials, I’ll cancel them. It just makes no sense to pay for a service and have to watch commercials.