Trump Praises 'Fantastic' Matt Lauer, Lets Fallon Mangle His Mystery Mane

If Donald Trump sees an uptick in the polls on Friday, he’ll likely have Jimmy Fallon to thank.

The Tonight Show host was slammed on social media for his sit-down with the Republican candidate on Thursday night, most notably allowing a comment about Matt Lauer’s performance as moderator of the Commander-in-Chief forum to slide by as the presidential hopeful shared his damning opinion of the Fourth Estate.

Corporate synergy likely played a hand in Fallon’s response, claiming he too is a fan of the Today show anchor after Trump credited Lauer with doing a “fantastic job” during NBC’s Sept. 7 event. Fallon also failed to rebuke Trump for saying “shocking things I can’t even believe” throughout his campaign, instead thanking him for giving his writing staff a surplus of material. Later on, he failed to follow-up when Trump denied ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin, a man he previously claimed to have met and who “could not have been nicer” in 2014.

Fallon concluded the interview by asking Trump for permission to run his hands through the Republican nominee’s oft-ridiculed mane — something he wouldn’t be able to do should he become Leader of the Free World. Trump reluctantly obliged.

Watch highlights from Trump’s interview above and below, then let us know if you think Fallon let the Republican presidential candidate off the hook in our poll below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. PH says:

    Just another reminder that Fallon and his infantile toys and games are the absolute worst in late night.

  2. Et al. says:

    I’m disappointed in Fallon for contributing to the normalization of bigotry.

    • Piers says:

      But you’re fine with Jimmy Kimmel giving HRC a pre-opened pickle jar to prove she’s fit?

      • Mary says:

        Do you have proof that happen or are you just making another baseless accusation like most Trump supporters do? I don’t look for truth or follow up questions from these comedians, however; I do expect professional Journalist to respond and ask questions when they know it is a complete lie. I wouldn’t call Lauer a professional journalist but he did have an obligation to point out Trump’s lies instead of sitting there like a mouse. NBC should of known not to send in a boy to do a Man’s job.

        • Amy says:

          So you must believe that any wrongdoings should be pointed out by ALL candidates. Therefore journalists are doing (right or wrong) by not asking candidates on the other side explicit questions. This applies to both parties, or does it not??

          • Mary says:

            Yes it does and if you watch Matt had no problem grilling Clinton about her E-mails for 15 minutes of the show, which by the way is not what the forum was about. It actually cut the time for the military personnel to ask their questions. For the record I do believe that every Clinton’s wrongdoing, true or not, has been pointed out by the media excessively like a broken record, yet Trump lies are often overlooked. If professional why didn’t Matt ask about Trump paying off the AG in Flordia. What I am saying either send someone who is not clueless about how to fact check statements or is going to approach both candidates the same way. I stand by my statement you don’t send a boy to do a man’s job.

          • Temperance says:

            Let’s be perfectly blunt here: Lauer is a misogynist or a political hack (or, most likely both). He relentlessly attacked Clinton over pretty much nothing for a excessive amount of time, and then asked Trump about the weather. He earned a lifetime ban (him, his shows. etc.) at my house.

      • Temperance says:

        Well, that was baseelss and nutty.

      • W Lueker says:

        Despite Trump’s calling her one, Hillary isn’t the bigot here.

    • Suzanne Lange says:

      I totally agree. He’s making it all fun and games, while Colbert and Kimmel intelligently (and humorously) question Trump’s sanity, intelligence and enormous ego. I was sickened watching Fallon pander to that horrible excuse for a human being.

  3. Peachy says:

    I’ve lost all respect for Jimmy Fallon.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time Trump appears on his show, Fallon rubs his belly.

  4. MMD says:

    Drumpf is such a tool. How anyone can take him seriously is beyond me. I’m just so glad I don’t have a dog in this fight and I’m still on my self imposed news ban of politics, mass murders/killings, terrorism and natural disasters anywhere.

  5. sunshine says:

    Trump is far more personable than Hillary was with her pickle jar. Good for Fallon for recognizing that there is around 50% of the country out there who wants to see this candidate too. Seems everyone else has it in the bag for the sick lady which means they wrote off half the public as their audience. Not wise on their part since their success is based on audience.

    • dru mont says:

      What isn’t wise is voting for a maniac like Trump – America is doomed if he becomes president and people like you will be an accessory to the crime.

      • Don says:

        The crimes have all been committed, however Hillary isn’t been held responsible.

        • dru mont says:

          OOOOOO, another man threatened by a lady president!

          • broncfanwa says:

            Believing that “indoor plumbing” shouldn’t be the only qualification to be elected President doesn’t mean one is threatened by a woman President. Some of us are 100% in favor of a woman, just not THIS one. “Vote for me, I sit down to pee” ain’t much of a campaign slogan

        • Temperance says:

          Yes, and the pink elephant in the corner stole your cookie.

        • Robert says:

          Lying trump is a dangerous man who would be a cause more upheavals in the world. All he does is lie and make up whatever he feels like. pense and kellyanne just add to it. The man is a narcissistic LOON.

    • Mary says:

      I guess it depends on what you call personable. I personally don’t see the appeal. If making derogatory remarks about people is what you find personable, then I guess I was raised differently. Personalities aside, because believe it or not this is not a reality show, I listen to actual facts and plans they hope to accomplish. Sorry Trump is clueless and I really don’t think either him or his supporters understand how the Government works. If some of you put your hatred aside for the other party and listen to what comes out of his mouth then any reasonable person would see that he is not fit for the highest office.

  6. Lisa says:

    He’s a talk show host not a news journalist, give him a break. He’s there to make people laugh.

    • Kaye says:

      THANK YOU!! Regardless of your feelings of either canidot, Fallon is not a journalist. He is an entertainment host. To make people laugh. Sham on Ryan Schwartz who wrote this article, who is an entertainment writer for not recognizing that!

    • Yunuem says:

      Yes, he is a talk show host, but previous generations were talented and intelligent enough to know when to stop the jokes and start being serious, Jimmy is funny but he is no Carson or Letterman.

  7. Walkie says:

    Anyone who is knocking Fallon for having Trump on are hypocrites. I’m a Hillary supporter but the guy is the Republican nominee. I’m sure having Trump on brings big ratings. And the guy is most likely going to win so we better get used to it.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Where are you getting this? It’s 60/40 HRC wins right now, and that’s after a 10% drop in the last few days because people are illogical about her having pneumonia. I’m certainly not overconfident about this, but the math does not back up your claim.

      • grazelled says:

        Actually all the polls including one of the most reliable ones, Rasmussen, has Trump ahead by 2 or more or at least even. Not saying it’s what I want to see, it’s just what the polls say on 9/15/16.

        • ArthurFrayne says:

          Rasmussen is known to lean GOP in it’s results. Not saying that Trump isn’t closing, but if Rasmussen has him ahead by 2, he’s still behind.

          • grazelled says:

            Most if not ALL the polls, here’s the LA Times one where Trump leads 47-41, have these two in a virtual or statistical tie. The trend has Clinton in a downswing and Trump going up. Not saying I like it but these are the facts. I looked it at a site that lists all the polls and results, just numbers no analysis.

  8. Um, just because liberals (which includes the majority of celebrities and the media) don’t like Trump doesn’t mean that he should be barred from all late night TV, etc. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, right? As for Jimmy, he hosts a late night show, not the evening news. He’s job is to entertain. He is not a serious journalistic reporter (not that there are very many of those left anyways).

    • Carrabus says:

      I can see why Fallon had Trump on, because he does draw big ratings in a ‘train-wreck’ kind of way. I think the thing bothering people is that Jimmy was talking to him like a normal person, completely normalizing all the hate speech as if it’s ok. Laughing and joking with a someone who has encouraged such violence is akin to condoning it. Stop being so nice to this guy as if it’s a joke. There are people who really believe all his hate speech, and even if he is only doing it to get their vote, they might feel like their hateful values are acceptable.

  9. Carrabus says:

    I don’t think anyone thought it was a wig, it’s just a giant comb-over :)

    Having such a racist person on the show, and talking to them as if it’s normal, is in questionable taste.

    • Lala says:

      That’s my issue as well; Trump is a hateful person…I don’t care what anyone says but when people compare him to Hitler, it’s spot on….given the chance he would want to rid America of anything & everyone foreign. Fallon just glazing over all that and trying to normalize Trump is disgusting. HC may have many issues & problems but Trump is not the answer to any of them, I hope the American majority realizes that in the end.

  10. Bob says:

    Fallon is nice to everyone and is a great late night host. Kudos to him for not veering off course in to political punditry.

  11. Lexie says:

    “Later on, he failed to follow-up when Trump denied ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin, a man he previously claimed to have met and who “could not have been nicer” in 2014.”

    Just to point out, Trump didn’t say he never met the guy. He just said he didn’t know him. If you met Charlize Theron once, does that mean you know her? No. Does that mean you are tied to her? No. So how is Donald Trump “tied” to Vladimir Putin?

    And why is it NOT okay for Jimmy Fallon not to act biased as a TALK SHOW HOST? Try looking at the situation from a different perspective. I don’t care who you’re voting for, but whatever your thoughts on the presidential race, Jimmy Fallon is just doing his job.

  12. Scott21 says:

    I’ve lost all the respect for Fallon. I WILL NEVER EVER watch another video of him. I wonder if he still think Trump is funny when he will lead to us to WW3…

  13. MsDaisy says:

    Jimmy Fallon is an entertainer not an investigative reporter. Trump was treated as Clinton has been. It was ENTERTAINMENT, not a presidential debate. Trump was NOT reluctant about letting Fallon mess up his hair and I’m sure it was planned in advance. I’m sorry Trump didn’t look as presidential as Hillary did opening that pickle jar on Kimmel (who failed to thorough grill her on those pesky little emails and her role in the deaths of 4 Ameticans in Benghazi). Shame on these late night talk show hosts for allowing the candidates to show humor and personality instead of grilling them on real issues. They’re entertainers not reporters.

  14. Chuck says:

    What does everyone expect from Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show? It’s not 60 Minutes. He’s not going to do a hard interview. Trump went on his show because he knew Fallon would kiss his ass. It would have been more shocking had Trump done Seth Meyers’ show since he’s been particularly brutal in his monologues and comments and Meyers had just goofed around with him.

  15. Brock Hard says:

    Jimmy Fallon is not a journalist. Why would he grill Trump about Putin or any of his other lies?!?!

  16. Terry says:

    Of course Jimmy Fallon wants Donald Trump to win the election, just think of all the material it provide for his show. I’m not American and don’t live in the USA so I don’t care, I’m just surprised that anyone expects Jimmy Fallon or Matt Lauer to have integrity when it comes to interviewing Donlad Trump. They’re in it for the entertainment value, nothing else.

  17. Rick says:

    Fallon is in the entertainment industry, not journalism. Do the same people complain when Obama goes on a late night talk show, and he faces only softball questions?

  18. JD says:

    If you people haven’t realized that Fallon isn’t a liberal fool like the rest of you by now, you’re stupider then you usually appear.

  19. grazelled says:

    The role of Jimmy Fallon is to make people laugh, to entertain not give a hard hitting news interview and get good ratings for his show. Donald Trump somehow is the Republican candidate for president, cosmic joke or not. It’s not up to Jimmy to fix the Republican party’s stupid closed primaries where you end up with a Trump… unlike the Democrat’s open one that allows Independents to vote. He treated Trump like he would Hillary C., either one could be president, scary as that may be.

  20. Pam Kuckelman says:

    I never watch Fallon, but did see this clip with Donald Trump. It was great seeing Trump’s humorous side and laughed and laughed when he got his hair messed up! Trump for President!!!!

  21. Will says:

    I just love reading the Trump-hating, Fallon-hating comments. Typical liberal comments. LOL!

    • Mary says:

      You know the saying people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. The right side has thrown more shades and whine more about media, especially Trump himself, yet certain hypocrites fail to see it. For the record pointing out the truth isn’t hating, it is called not going through life with blinders on.

    • Angela says:

      …you DO know there are conservatives who’ve spoken out against Trump, too, right? Notable conservatives who are respected in their party, at that. Some people are able to look past party lines and realize that this guy should not be anywhere near the White House under any circumstances ,and are embarrassed that he’s the face of their party.

  22. Temperance says:

    Supporting Trump is earning lifetime bans from homes from a lot of people these days.

  23. Lily says:

    Here’s the problem with this. Hillary and Trump are NOT the same. Trump and past Republican candidates like Romney/McCain/Bush, etc. are NOT the same. By having him on and treating him this way, Jimmy WAS taking a political position. And that position is that this guy is the same as all the other politicians. And he’s NOT. He’s a racist, white nationalist bigot who’s generated a horrific racist movement in this country, and by playing around with him like this he was normalizing that movement and that hatred. This isn’t normal politics, guys. There’s decency and morality involved here that goes beyond politics. There is no neutral position in this environment right now. Just because the Republican party nominated this man does not make him legitimate- unless you CHOOSE to portray him that way. If Jimmy doesn’t see the difference btw this man and every other candidate in American history….he may be a truly lost cause. I can only imagine what the Roots were thinking as this happened.

  24. Just another person on the street says:

    What a refreshingly unbiased article!!

  25. Mr. Smith says:

    He wasn’t any easier than any of the rest have been on Clinton. And, if I hear one mo’ time that Fallon messing his hair up makes him more human, I swear I will scream! BOTH candidates need to be treated the same. Period.

  26. MelodyAZ says:

    Jimmy Fallon is a suck up. He always has been and it was not just with Trump. Hes also the least funny of the talk show hosts. Im not interested in those stupid games he has on his shows. And his fake laugh is tiresome. I watch Jimmy Kimmel and DVR Cobert, Corben and Seth Meyers. I miss Craig Ferguson. Jimmy Fallon is a ridiculous man child.

  27. peterwdawson says:

    Late night’s been ever more awkward this year it seems. Every day one of the candidates is providing fodder for monologues (I believe the streak for an opening monologue not mentioning Trump or Clinton is still at like 2 days max?), and of course you want to get the candidates on, but then it’s like, “They’re in the room!” Of course any perceived softness is going to be scrutinized, like how apparently the pickle jar gag was meant to be taken seriously on Jimmy Kimmel and has people still arguing it was pre-loosened.

    All that said, still feels like whatever integrity Fallon had formally died, though that’s never been his thing, entertaining people no matter the cost has been. I mean if anyone was going to rub Donald’s head it was going to be him. It’s more or less, “What did you expect?” Meyers would hold his feet to the fire, Colbert would be friendly enough at first but set up some classic ‘ah ha’ moments, Kimmel would probably have an awkward exchange similar to ones he’s had with other people he’s had clear disdain for in the past, and Corden would probably hug him for giving material before inviting him for carpool karaoke. It’s what they do, you get what you come to expect from the host.

  28. sharrie says:

    it’s a late night comedy show, were idiots expecting meet the press?

    Really, don’t liberals have a sense of humor anymore? Not Fallon’s fault liberals are freaking out about hillary’s poll numbers. Hillary couldn’t answer the military member’s tough questions, wasn’t about Lauer’s questions anyway.

  29. cuius says:

    Looks like the media is finally realising that they are probably going to have to live with this guy for the next eight years.

    • John NYC says:

      That overweight suet bag? I’d give him five months in the job, seven tops. Then he corkscit and we’d be stuck with the “conversion therapy” idiot.

      As president he couldn’t fly home each night to NYC to rest his delicates in his tower. And statins only keep you going so far.

  30. Patty says:

    Okay, do people not understand the Tonight Show is an entertainment show and not hard news? It was fluff and fun like late night is supposed to be. The fact that people, ad likely the writer of this piece, may not like Trump doesn’t change that. If Lauer had gone easy on Trump, complain away. But Fallon did the right thing for his particular show.