Y&R Headwriter Switch Made Official: Sally Sussman Returns to CBS Soap

On the heels of celebrating its 11,000th broadcast, CBS’ The Young and the Restless has completed a headwriter change, tapping soap vet Sally Sussman to succeed Chuck Pratt, Jr.

In her first Y&R stint, Sussman served as story consultant and associate headwriter, helping the daytime drama’s writing staff collect three Emmy noms. During her more recent visit to Genoa City, she won both an Emmy and her second Writers’ Guild of America Award, serving as story consultant and co-headwriter.

Sussman’s credits also include creating NBC’s Generations, serving as headwriter at Days of Our Lives (winning the show’s first ever WGA Award) and headwriting MTV’s Spyder Games.

“Sally was part of the team that first brought Y&R to its long-standing position as America’s No. 1 daytime drama and brings with her years of experience writing serialized storylines,” Sony Pictures Television EVP Steve Kent said in a statement. “Her long-standing familiarity with the citizens of Genoa City and her great storytelling make her a perfect choice to take the reins at Y&R.”

“We are thrilled to have Sally return to The Young and The Restless, both as an award-winning writer and someone who is passionate about honoring the legacy of the series with character driven story,” added Angelica McDaniel, EVP of Daytime Programs for CBS Entertainment. “The powerhouse partnership of Sally and Mal Young, our talented new executive producer, sets an even brighter course for daytime’s No. 1 drama.”

Exited Y&R headwriter Pratt was recently named showrunner of Fox’s Lee Daniels-helmed Star, where he replaced producer-writer Charles Murray.

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  1. iakovos says:

    THANK GOODNESS! this is awesome news. Y&R needs some help in storytelling for the last decade has overall been underwhelming. How smart to tap into someone who worked with creator (and legend) William Bell to hold the reins. I hope other fans are pleased with this news. I hope the cast and creatives, too, are excited to have Miss Sussman back in Genoa City.

  2. Sam says:

    “Head Writer” is two words. It’s like calling someone the Vicepresident.

  3. TvPeong says:

    I wonder which stories she will cut, and which ones she will keep.
    I know that it is a soap, but I am tired of the stolen babies story lines, and would like the babies to be reunited with their rightful parents.
    Billy would never do that to Jack. I would like him to get a conscience and stop sleeping with Phyllis
    I’m okay with Adam being dead for a while, no need to resurrect him just yet
    Would like to see the Winterses interact more with the rest of the cast.
    What changes would you like to see on the show?

    • Emma Jeffery says:

      I would like to see Drucilla Winters return.


    • pk says:

      Adam has to come back. Life is full of surprises, but Chloe has to pay the consequences of her behavior too. Let people live for a while with some normalcy. Love conquers it all after all… Babies, have to go back to the real mothers too.

    • scyren says:

      I agree! Between stolen babies and the fact the most of the couples on the show have cheated in the last year and a half, it’s just ridiculous.

      Re: Billy. I don’t know…. He did sleep with Sharon before the ink on Jack’s divorce papers were dry. And Jack knew Kelly slept with Billy and then slept with her. Yuck, but still, they are all sketchy when it comes to sleeping around. Considering Jack slept with Jill before and during her marriage to his father, I don’t put anything past them.

      I agree re: Adam. The writing was terrible for him anyway. I’m actually done with the Winters. There is nothing likable about any of them now. CP pretty much destroyed them and Hilary.

      I would like the Sharon/Sully storyline to be over and that she pay in some way. I don’t want Dylan to find out and go along with him. He is one of the few characters on the show with any integrity left. I don’t think ever character has to do horrible things. Give him back his IQ and get him away from Sharon. She doesn’t deserve him.

      I want Chloe to pay. I could never stand her and Kevin deserves whatever he gets. Would love to see his dreams crash and burn and then Mariah (who I don’t even like) find someone else so he is on the outside looking in.

      I want Billy & Phyllis to be over because I can’t stand either one of them. I’m not a fan of NuPhyllis and was never a fan of Billy.

      Victoria…..uh, I just can’t like that character and she’s already making Travis annoying. I’m not feeling them at all.

      Get Abby away from Stitch. They ruined him too. I want Summer to go away….like forever. Nick…I don’t know. Not a fan of Nick/Chelsea at this point. They pretty much ruined Nick too. Nikki sucks kissing Victor’s butt. I would like to see her leave him and get into a healthy relationship. Nictor is so toxic. Let Victor be alone for a while.

      • Felicia says:

        PLEASE GET OFF OF VICTORS NU**S! Stop giving so much of this soap to victor! It’s crazy! he’s like the donald trump of soaps. nothing he says or does is held against him. they always manage to use the b.s. ” i do everything for my family” crap to get him out of everything. can somebody get him and for good? the thing that he did to phyllis and jack needs to really have a price. remember Y&R, a lot of people are victims of some of the things you portray on tv. when you let certain things go with out consequence, it says to victims everywhere who have gotten no justice, that “THEY” ( who committed the crimes) always win. let him feel what he has been making everyone feel for all these years. AND LET THEM WIN FOR ONCE AND LEAVE IT ALONE WITHOUT VICTOR EVER BEING ABLE TO GET SOME GET BACK? !!! STOP MAKING NIKKI LOOK LIKE A WEAK A** UNDER TRAINED DOG! give her and jack some da*^ back bone!!! she can barely walk and they still have her in heels all the time. she’s not young any more style her according to her age and physical abilities.

      • Felicia says:

        Sorry I thought I was making my own comment not replying to yours. I apologize for the screw up.

      • Elizabeth Cetrulo says:

        I am done. I have watch this show since it started. I feel that these are the worse writters ever. This whole thing with Sharon just makes me mad. That’s not Nick’s child. I am done

    • veronica says:

      Find Neal a for real wife who loves him, not his son, brother or friends!

      • Mary Lester says:

        I think you should back Neal’s real love Victoria Rowell, otherwise kill his character. I just read the discrimination suite, perhaps this is a w as y to settle it. Please stop the incest on your shows, including the B&B. Do not let Nick & Chelsea took up.

  4. GAYLE MOSLEY says:

    i quit watching more than a year ago; lost interest and storylines are boring and they never come to a conclusion.

  5. Amanda says:

    Very happy about this!!! Great choice for “Y&R” to get someone who used to work on the show and worked with Bill Bell. I’ve already noticed a good change when Mal came aboard and now hopefully it will go back to how it used to be with Sally back. Now just need Adam recasted.

  6. Roland says:

    Well no offense to Sally but I’ve stopped watching awhile ago. Thrilled to hear chuck Pratt was shown the door. However Kay Allen and Jack smith would have been my choice. I won’t watch again unless Sally pulls Sharonville out of the hole all the previous writers put her in. And give Phyllis and Victor a comeuppance. I won’t hold my breath.

  7. Sue says:

    Well, hopefully she will and her team of writers will create story lines that are (1) believable (2) engaging (3) end in a timely fashion – not dragged out endlessly for months. Maybe they will actually end this stupidity over Baby Sully. As I have said previously, Baby Sully will be in graduate school by the time this story’s secret is revealed.

  8. sillygirl says:

    Really noticed the different writing on today’s episode – what a breath of fresh air to have more real dialog and characters taking responsibility and talking about working things out and getting grown-up advice. This could be a winning soap even better than in the beginning. Hope this character development continues.

  9. Lisa Leversidge says:

    Just wondering when Scott Laren’s son became a journalist instead of a Doctor in Canada?

  10. Lisa Leversidge says:

    Just looking back in Google and found this stating Scott Grainger is a Doctor from 2005 Dr. Scott Grainger was portrayed by Peter Barton.