General Hospital Tyler Christopher Leaving

General Hospital: Tyler Christopher Not Returning, as Contract Talks Crumble

Remember what we said about “Some day, your prince will come“…? Scratch that.

Because as it turns out, contract talks between Tyler Christopher and General Hospital “fell apart” in August, Soap Opera Digest is reporting, and as such he won’t be returning to the role of Nikolas Cassadine, from which he took a hiatus in May.

During Christopher’s late spring/summer absence from ABC’s sole surviving sudser, Sunset Beach alum Nick Stabile took over as Nikolas, making his final appearance in late July. Christopher in turn teased his September return at a GH Fan Club Weekend event, only to promptly walk back his claim — which a show rep declined to confirm at the time — and state, “Nothing official yet.”

Christopher, who this year won his first Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, originated the role of Laura Spencer’s firstborn son back in 1996.

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  1. iakovos says:

    Noooooo! I love Mr. Christopher in the role. A real shame things could not work out for the two parties.

    • Zorg says:

      Know who would make a wonderful Greek prince, and could be good with Hayden as a recast Nicholas? Cameron Mathison! Bring back the magic they had as Greenlee and Ryan!!! Otherwise, Stabile did a good job.

      • Eric7740 says:

        I would totally support that!!! Love me some Cameron Mathison and Rebecca Budig!!! Unfortunately, there are a lot of Cameron haters out there and I don’t know why??? So, this will probably never happen! :(

        • I would rather see him as Mike in the Murder She Baked series than Cameron Mathison just for the sex appeal. I kind of see Cameron as more of a friend than a potential boyfriend of Hannah’s in the series. Either way, neither guy fits the physical description but Tyler Christopher sure does have the sex appeal to me

      • lanna says:


      • Mar Lew says:

        GOD NO! No, he wouldn’t! No more “magical” pairings until the deal with the ones they already have!

      • Barb McIntire says:

        No.. ya need some one dark & mediterainian any one of these guys..Theo James..Chris Pratt..Stuart Reardon…or Richard Madden…

    • Cricket says:

      I read an article from that said TC’s net worth is 7 million dollars, and that was in 2015. Laura Wright is worth 3 million. So I don’t think it’s a money situation so much as flexibility. Steve Burton left because they wouldn’t allow him the flexibility to fly back and forth from Tennessee that’s why he left for Y&R. He wanted to be able to shoot all his scenes for like a day or two and then be able to fly back and be with his family. It’s like one commenter said if the GH people don’t start being more flexible they are going to lose all their good actors. If they could do it with Anthony Geary why not Tyler Christopher, unless he is asking for too much?

    • He is the best actor on the show Check him out in Shouting Secrets and Face the Music on Amazon and itunes!

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    hmmm, bummer

  3. Splinterette says:

    YR Needs a new Adam, so….

  4. Phil says:

    Let Nic stay dead then… the character is a bore! It also means no more Niz thank God thay zzzzz fest is over. No ill will toward Tyler Christopher, he is a great actor who deserves more!

  5. Brock Hard says:

    Sounds like someone thinks highly of themselves. In the current daytime TV climate, you take what they offer. He’s no Brando, and prime time and movies aren’t exactly beating down his door.

    • LauraFL says:

      100% agree! He broods too much. Not multi-dimensional at all.

    • NiaFan says:

      Agreed. I’ve never liked him and I watched GH from the early ’90s to early ’00s. He has always had a very big ego for someone not that talented. I still remember when he left the role and Colton Scott took over. CS was doing a great job considering some of the off-the-wall writing. But as soon as TC said he wanted to come back, TIIC fired CS to make it happen. If someone is doing a decent job, they shouldn’t lose it because someone who quit decides they want to come back.

      I sincerely hope he is not cast in the role of Adam on Y&R. I loved the first two actors’ portrayals of the character and would hate to see the character ruined beyond belief (not that that has already happened considering who’s in charge now, lol). JMHO.

    • Jamie says:

      Nah, it’s more likely a repeat Billy Miller/Y&R situation. Tyler Christopher has a pilot coming out in early 2017, and he was probably trying to levy hours away for other projects and the GH bosses wouldn’t budge. Soaps need to start getting more flexible with their actors and side-gigs, because they are losing a lot of actors to these types of disputes.

    • KansasGuest says:

      TC is actually filming an indie movie right now. Before he returned to GH, he was also getting regular tv gigs. It’s possible contracts fell thru because TC didn’t want to be on contract & preferred more flexibility in his schedule, like Finola Hughes has been able to negotiate for her directing gigs. If GH plans for Nikolas to be in another A storyline for another year, & TC wanted to Nikolas to be more like Spinelli (popping in & out whenever a big party is thrown in his castle), I can see how that would not work for either party. Might be the same thing that drove both Jonathan Jackson & Steve Burton away – burnout doing the same thing over & over, & not being able to have a more flexible schedule.


      I can’t believe that money is more important to Tyler than his loYale fans. Where would he be without us? And he just won his first Emmy, so I guess that was his only goal? Shame on you Tyler.

    • Joe says:

      Sounds like he’s trying to use that daytime Emmy to his advantage. Which just seems like one of those Susan Lucci things where they just gave it to him to shut him and his fans up. He needs to get over his own hype.

  6. Loretta says:

    I’ve watched Tyler in this role since day one & no one they have had to fill in can come close to filling his shoes!! I will miss him and wish him Good Luck in any role he may come across. With Helena and now Nicholas gone, the Cassadine’s storyline I hope will not die!

    • Victoria Warren says:

      I bet Helena will resurface someday… Also, Tyler has completed a pilot for the fall season. I can understand if he has specifics in his contract for primetime work. Maybe they wouldn’t budge? How about finding a real Greek for the part?

  7. Shaun says:

    Maybe ax a few characters GH and you could offer him more.

  8. Susannah says:

    It’s a shame they can find money at GH for actors from other soaps but not for vets from GH itself. The actress who plays Elizabeth had an issue re-signing as well but they seem to have the money for Hayden, Claudette, Finn, Franco, etc.

    • mattr40 says:

      Exactly we hardly ever see people like Bobbie and Monica who have been on GH for years but they have the money for someone like Greenlee from AMC that’s been there for a couple of months

    • Unbelievable says:

      Oh but Franco is worth every last cent. If you ask me, he makes the show.

    • BWine says:

      Exactly!! They have brought on so many new characters it is simply ridiculous, and the writers clearly have no clue what to do with them. For example, can someone explain Claudette’s purpose? I’m pretty sure they spent big money to sign that actress, and Claudette had a storyline for about three episodes, and then she was gone; I can not remember the last time I saw her in an episode. I feel like they are wasting money bringing in these new actors who portray characters that serve no real purpose. Spend the money on the vets!!

  9. Eric7740 says:

    Wow!!! Completely explains him missing from the opening credits the past week or so. If he were returning, they never would have removed him, they have known this for quite sometime now. Such a shame, I was really enjoying his story line with Hayden, he and Rebecca Budig had great chemistry. Now looks like Hayden will be able to move on with Finn!!!

  10. Karen says:

    NNNNNNNNNNNo. He make the role of Nick, Love him and want him back.

  11. PFarley says:

    So, like most deaths on GH, he’s not really dead, huh?

  12. Meredith says:

    What??! NooOooooOo!!
    I was expecting him to return!
    I was hoping he’d come between Finn & Hayden!
    And what about Spencer?? And Nicolas’s strange connection he found with Ava this summer?? (Okay, I get that it wasn’t Mr.Christopher performing then, but, still!) I hope there’s still a chance he returns!

  13. Patricia kirk says:

    I would like to see that episode where she had Nicholas as her first child son I thought it was Lucky was her firstborn son and her daughter was Lulu do not remember this episode

  14. amy martinez says:

    Man that’s the worse bad news today its going to suck without him?

  15. This is a big reason why soap viewers are declining. too many changes of fan favs.

  16. semprasectum says:

    oh come on. ..Christopher can’t ask. . ..why should he get paid at all?

  17. Billy says:

    Boo Hoo.Who cares?

  18. He IS Nicholas so let him RIP and bring it a completely new character.

  19. Mary says:

    the show has gone downhill for the last few years—they don’t want to pay the vets that people want to see what they’re worth and they’re bringing on mediocre actors that can’t act who have been trying to get jobs for years that no one wants to take over roles the vets have vacated and thes tories suck

  20. Chris says:

    NO he has to come back, that other Nicholas was horrible…..

  21. Dee says:

    GH! Work out the contract! No one, NO ONE would play the role like Tyler does!

  22. Jan McCoy says:

    Too bad. Makes me very sad and disappointed with the Network. I have loved Tyler Christopher from the beginning.

  23. Fay Kelley says:

    Doesn’t he have his own “show” premiering this fall ?

  24. well can’t say we are shocked LOL! TC has always been a rather proud & somewhat high maintenance actor. If you are going to have that kind of ego you better have the chops and with the right scene partner I think he always did. But when you put him with the wrong one his energy noticeably fell and there wasn’t that amazing clever scathing banter or heartfelt emotion. His last scenes with Luck when he busted out the accent, when he was with Emily, his sparring with Tracy or Helena, when Spencer would completely exasperate him and in particular with Jonathan Jackson’s Lucky & Laura he was fabulous. Hope that the Emmy attitude doesn’t curse him as he seeks richer pastures!

  25. Sally Hage says:

    Now that posses me off!!! How in the hell is ABC stupid enough to let Tyler Christopher go he is an amazing actor there’s none better than him and they’re not going to do their best to get his butt back on the show they’re just damn stupid!!!!!!

  26. A. D. says:

    Stunned and Pissed off…what a slap in the fact ABC and GH….ridiculous you couldn’t make this work and this is how it ends after 2 decades and an Emmy this year….wow…pissed!

    • kathryn63 says:


  27. Meg says:

    My guess is Nikolas will be dead until TC needs money again.

  28. Kathie says:

    This sucks!!!!

  29. Patricia says:

    Get Nick back, quick! Stabile, that is!

  30. andrew hass says:

    I’m not surprised by this news because we didn’t hear anything about Tyler Christopher filming at GH.However i wish Tyler all the best in whatever he does next even though i’ll miss on GH.As for the character of Nikolas, my guess is GH will keep him dead at least for now and maybe they’ll hold out hope that they can reach a deal with Tyler eventually but in the meantime they have to move forward.

  31. Marguerite says:

    Oh please General Hospital– please work out a contract with Tyler. He is Nikolas!!!!

  32. annie01 says:

    good….i hope he takes his bratty son with him…..another to go should be AVA why is SHE still around?????? borrrrrrring……

  33. annie01 says:

    hayden should also leave useless……nicholas the son hayden and mom and take away ava….problem solved….

  34. Carolyn Lukes says:

    I love Tyler Christopher as Nikolas. GH is not that stupid to let him go, they know when they have a good thing. I’m sure more talks are in the works. Mr. Christopher is most likely doing other projects right now. GH – he is worth every penny he wants! He is one of the only reasons I stayed watching GH, after I started watching it when All My Children and One Life To Live were cancelled. So I really don’t believe GH will let him go. I don’t think I would keep watching GH if he never came back. I don’t understand the Liz/Nikolas history and their connection, that was before my time, but I do think Liz and Nikolas were great together and was sad they didn’t get together, after I started watching GH.

  35. LauraFL says:

    I hope that Nick Stabile takes over the role full time. I thought he was AMAZING as Nikolas! He was able to pull off a little humor in his scenes with Ava and was honestly sad when I found out that I had just watched his last scene. It’s unfortunate they couldn’t get Tyler Christopher’s contract worked out but if Nick Stabile takes his place, I don’t think I’ll miss him!

  36. PLEASE,PLEASE, BRING IM BACK!! GH WILL not be the same, Elizabeth really needs him NOW, PLEASE MAKE Amends and bring him back we need him–A loyal viewer

  37. Luke says:

    We can do without any more Cassadines

  38. Tamie T says:

    Bye Felicia, Ever since I saw him on Wife Swap and saw his Big Fat Head Ego… Good Riddens

    • susan s says:

      I saw that also, and thought the same thing. He really seemed very arrogant on wifeswap. I lost a lot of respect for him after seeing that.

  39. Sonia says:

    Please bring back actor Nick Stabile….he was excellent.

  40. Patricia Spencer says:

    I’m sort of glad. I always thought he was sort of a jerk. Bring back Nick Stabile, he was a lot hotter.

  41. Dee says:

    This show is going down the tubes!

  42. Bring back the original Nicolas, he was BEFORE Tyler Christopher, I’m not talking about the most recent fill in, the first actor was very good looking, just don”t recall his name.

    • Susan Goforth says:

      He WAS the original Nicolas. Tyler left for a short while, and someone else played him. I don’t remember who. Then Tyler came back. I don’t believe they ever replaced him again, he just took off for parts unknown until most recently with the other Nick Stabile. Sorry, but Tyler Christopher always has and always will be Nickolas Cassadine, IMO

      • NiaFan says:

        It was Coltin Scott (who now goes by Stephen Martines). He did a much better job in the role than TC’s hollow, one-dimensional portrayal of Nikolas. I would love it if they would bring both SM and Marisa Ramirez’s Gia back. They had the best chemistry together and gave both drama and light to the Cassadine family. JMHO.

    • Eleanor Hansen says:

      Same actor, but he was using Tyler Baker then. His full name is Tyler Christopher Baker

  43. Bring back the very first Nicolas Cassidine, he was BEFORE Tyler Christopher.
    Not talking the recent guy that filled in, this was another guy, and good looking also.

  44. bobbie walker says:

    Love Mr. Christopher in that role. Please bring him back. The one who replaced him (Nick Stabiler) did not make a good Prince.

  45. jomarie burns says:

    do not stop the talking.. and make a deal.. we miss you on GH come back please

  46. Tammi L PECK says:

    General Hospital is really going downhill. Losing a lot of top actors isn’t looking good.

  47. Good riddance, I hope they bring Nick Stabile back.

  48. Sandi Gage says:

    What the hell!!! First Sabrina, now Nicholas! WHY?????