America's Got Talent Finale Recap: Did the Right Act Win Season 11?

Ten talented acts (and also Tape Face) remained at the top of Wednesday’s America’s Got Talent season finale, but by the end of the stressful two-hour event, only one remained.

And what an event it was! Sal Valentinetti looked like he was having a great time up there with the cast of Jersey Boys; Tape Face coerced his fellow contestants into the most unsettling game of Musical Chairs I’ve ever seen; Brian Justin Crum reminded us all what a talented “Creep” he can be; Laura Bretan, Viktor Kee and Sofie Dassi teamed up with Il Volo for a stunning performance; and Grace VanderWaal charmed the audience with another ukulele jam.

And, um, can we talk about that Stevie Nicks performance? I pity every act that had to go on after her, especially Paula Abdul, who looked really confused during The Clairvoyants and Jon Dorenbos’ dual magic trick.

But the night wasn’t all fun and games. True to form, the elimination bloodbath was saved for the second half of the night, as Nick Cannon and the judges bid farewell to the bottom five: Tape Face, Linkin’ Bridge, Sofie Dossi, Viktor Kee and Laura Bretan.

Here’s how things worked out for the rest of ’em:
5. Sal Valentinetti
4. Brian Justin Crum (Editor’s note: This surprised me!)
3. Jon Dorenbos
2. The Clairvoyants

Thus, Grace VanderWaal was crowned the winner of America’s Got Talent Season 11!

Do you approve of this year’s AGT winner? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the season finale below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Steve says:

    There were nearly 10 singers “better” than Grace. This result ranks up there with the year the dog show won the competition.

    • Meg says:

      I agree about all the much better singers. The public votes the way the producers brain wash them into voting I guess.

      • Barb Veazey says:

        so true thats what we said

      • bj says:

        True. I remember when they used to tell acts that they didn’t see them headlining an act in Vegas, but now they see this little girl doing that? Is it even legal for her to be working full time at 12?

        I also didn’t like the fact that they brought acts back who clearly weren’t great just because they promised to incorporate the judges. The fans wanted to see the judges on stage, not the act. Tape Face’s last performance was a prime example. The audience were all laughing at Mel and her reactions to the act, not the high calibre of the act itself. They should not be allowed to have the judges on stage. They should compete on their own talent alone, like the other acts.

      • chistosa says:

        She had millions of views on her youtube videos so I don’t think it mattered what the judges said,

        • Kalan says:

          All preteens who do not buy tickets for Vegas shows.

          • GPB says:

            You got that exactly right and I live in LV.

          • JDC says:

            How a is single Three night showing in Vegas going to make her work full time? The Vegas show isn’t for a full season, three consecutive nights in October. And none of the families that live and work in the Vegas area will be interested in going to see this? The claims of the show being fixed are unfounded, there is no financial reason for AGT to pick one winner over another, there is no long term contract like there was with American Idol. Do they manipulate you through the season with how they hype, of course…it is to get you to watch, that is where they generate revenue via advertising fees. They are now completely invested in next season, not this past one.

    • Janet Schories says:


    • Tony The Tank says:

      Hey Steve, YOU DON’T KNOW TALENT. You could say good night now.

      • Steve says:


      • Steve says:

        I’m the Steve who wrote the initial post. I may not recognize talent (your apparent vote “Tony the Tank” leads me to believe you yourself are projecting here), but I do recognize when someone lacks dictation (see her performance prior to the finals) sings in a limited vocal range, misses notes on her musical instrument, voice cracks, misses vocal notes. I can understand people liking her to an extent. I cannot understand people thinking she was the best singer on the show, let alone the best overall act.

        • agree,,,much better singer and acts than she….now dont get me wrong …the kid has talent…but just dont think right now…worth a million……….

          • Julie says:

            I just came back from Vegas and it is NOT a place for kids. Where will she perform? What will she be exposed to in that town? I didn’t expect my favorite to win but I think there were adults in the finals who could have handled the Vegas life much better.

          • Barb Veazey says:


        • John says:

          Grace rock’s and America loves her do you understand that?

          • Leslie says:

            Not enough to win this over really worthy acts.

          • Kalan says:

            No John, America does not love her, tweens love her. Did you miss the video montage prior to her song? I would bet not one of the posters were over 14. These are not the folks who go to and buy tickets to a show in Vegas. She may have limited talent but she did not deserve to win.

          • Cathy Pacian says:

            No, not at all. American teenagers for her!

          • Jolie McNulty says:

            Well, I know a lot of you didn’t agree with the final winner, Grace. Let me just say this, there is a lot of talent out there that either copy other star’s talent or are so similar that it gets boring, but I think that Grace is very unique and very talented. She will be a big star some day. Just stay tuned.

          • Sharteshia says:

            I don’t think she deserved to win she is a good singer but she needs to develop and grow as an artist before she goes to places like vegas and she is only 12 and a kid think of the things she could be exposed to in vegas. And there where much better acts in the competition that deserved it more and where more experienced I think that they didn’t make the wrong choice but could of made a better decision.

        • Diane says:

          Totally agree with you Steve!! The fact that she is only twelve and writes her own songs is special but her voice was not. There were so many more talented singers that should have won before Grace.

        • MC says:

          Agreed. I do think she might have a career as a songwriter, however.

        • Others spent years on their craft & were much more deserving of the win.Brian Justin Crumb & Sal Valentinetti for two.People just voted for a “cutie pie” with a cute sound, not a Great voice, and would I go see her in Vegas? No Way!!!!!!!!!She wants to build tree houses with the money?????

          • Charlene says:

            Right on. Nice kid, really cute, but all her songs did sound the same but I couldn’t understand any words except the first one. Any of the other acts in the top 10 should have won over her – but it was a popularity contest not a talent contest. It was my first season watching the show. I probably won’t watch it again. The ending sucked!!!

          • JerryInDFW says:

            So those other towering talents spent years at their craft and got nowhere to speak of, because a charismatic 12 year old triple threat singer/songwriter/instrumentalist comes on the show for a goof and steals the entire season – and made it look easy. And all those lesser lights say “We wuz robbed.” For shame. SMH

          • Sharteshia says:

            I totally agree with you carol I think their was much better talent

        • Linda Dean says:

          I agree, sal or Brian was 100 percent better than her. Clairvoyant should have won. What a disappointment when they called Grace’s name.

          • Mary says:

            Totally agree with you. That would have been a great Las Vegas act! And it was awesome to watch them!

          • gboltz2000 says:

            Agree 100%

            Sent on the new Sprint Network from my Samsung Galaxy S®4

          • Mark S says:

            Brian will go on to do great things, but singing other people material. I agree that he is totally amazing. The Vegas gig is for three performances that includes Grace, Clairvoyance, Tape Face and likely others. Bottom line, this was a talent show and not a singing competition like The Voice or American Idol. Hundreds of young people (not only teens) are covering Grace’s songs. She was the only contestant to write songs and create new music. You may not have been moved by her music, but over 36 Million people have listened to her songs. Not clicks. Listened to the entire song (youtube now requires one to listen to the whole song to get a “viewed”). She may never make it in the fickle world of pop, but she is a great role model, along with Laura Bretan for teens. What an amazing AGT top ten or in fact a top 15! They are all winners.

        • Ann Ressel says:

          What an adorable young singer Grace is, but not the best talent. How are they going to headline Grace in a glorious, slam bam performance in Las Vegas? The audiences out there can be tough and not always nice, especially when they’re drinking. I personally loved Brian’s voice,mesmerizing and he is a true showmanship performer. Loved the “Clairvoiants” who were truly unbelieable. Personally I think they should have won. Jon’s magic was jaw dropping and so was his touching card performance reflecting what life is all about. I think Grace’s You Tube viewings by the teenee boppers is what gave her the win. I understood Nick saying there was only about a 10% difference between the top 3. I personally hope that the rest of the four contestants will all be snatched up and given contracts. It was the best talent I’ve ever seen in all the seasons of AGT

          • charles petty says:

            What is your definition of talent? Worst talent I have ever seen win anywhere, even in elementary school.

        • Anna says:

          You’re kidding, right? It doesn’t have one darn thing to do with whether she was the best singer.
          Excellent singers are actually a dime a dozen. Most back up singers are better singers than the stars they are backing up. But there’s a reason they aren’t the stars: Because they can’t write.
          Writing catchy tunes is extremely difficult. This child can write. Well. Her songs have gone viral with thousands singing her songs in videos. It is a rare talent for a full grown adult. Even one with excellent musical training.
          But this is a 12 year old. She’s a rare prodigy to be able to write at least three songs that have nice melodies, chorus, verse, bridge arrangements and good hooks. Very difficult for every established musicians who often start to need help creatively as they age.
          So that’s what’s special about this kid.
          I don’t think she should have won though. Her talents are too good for Vegas. And she would’ve been a mega star without the win.

          • Mark S says:

            Vegas is a three performance gig. Nothing more. Although Grace won this talent competition, she really did not need to win. Im sure She had a contract before they cut the power to the stage.

          • Cassandra W Lighty says:

            Then put her on the Disney Channel.

          • JerryInDFW says:

            Vegas is only three nights and is part of the deal winning AGT, and no biggie IMO. It’s already sold out. Vegas does put on some Family Friendly entertainment. But to hold her back and not let her win because her talents is “Too good for Vegas” is ridiculous. It’s very unlikely we’ll ever see a run on a talent show quite like hers again for a very, very long time. The people who were cheering for Sal and Brian are the same tasteless drones who always fall for the hype and style over substance. Remember Milli Vanilli? Grace had it all, and did it for fun, at least initialy, and made it look easy. No wonder those others feel cheated. It’s tough going up against someone whose gifts are head and shoulders above yours. I see those “Brian and Sal are going to do great things” comments. Meh. They got some publicity and that will help them get more work, but if someone who has been in the business as long as Brian has hasn’t done anything great by now, it’s unlikely he ever will

        • JerryInDFW says:

          Like Simon said: “That’s what makes her perfect.”

      • howard says:

        The young lady that won has a talent, but realistically was she the best talent and is she a Las Vegas act; Hell NO!
        To Tony the tank you can’t say out of all that talent she was anything close to a winner. YOU CAN SAY GOOD NIGHT AND GOODBYE NOW!

    • Bertie says:

      John Dorenbros or The Clairvoyants – these are acts people would actually pay money to see. A 12 year old does not belong in an environment like LV!
      I just didn’t get the hype over this act.

      • Sharon Eliot says:

        I think Grace is a good singer. My concern is she’s too young for Vegas. She needs to be in school with her friends and enjoy her teenage years. I for one would love to see all the others on stage.

        • Joker says:

          She’s not a singer. She makes raspy noises and strums an out of tune eukele.

        • giantslor says:

          There’s wide misunderstanding about the Vegas show the AGT winner gets. They’re not guaranteed a permanent show or a long residency — they’re guaranteed ONE performance. This may turn into much more, a la Terry Fator, but it should be obvious by looking at the post-show histories of the AGT winners that most of them aren’t moving to Vegas for regular paychecks. Right now, Grace is booked for three Vegas shows. Seeing as how she is only 12 and lives with her parents in New York, I’m 99.99999999999% sure she will not be foregoing her school, friends and teenage years for a career in Vegas.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            +250 TVLine Power User points (no cash value)

          • JT says:

            Agreed! It’s just a stepping stone to boost a potential singer/songwriter career, and she was too young to audition for “The Voice” so this worked in her favor. As for some of the other contestants, I believe Viktor showcased his talents enough to possibly find a job with cirque du soleil, the Clairvoyants could also find themselves with a Vegas show for sure, the top ten acts all had Vegas written all over them but your right it’s merely a stepping stone for a 12 year old, and the million dollars doesn’t hurt as well.

          • D says:

            Then itnsjoikdnhave gone to someone else. Rigged!!!!

          • Just My Opinion says:

            Thank you! Someone who actually has a realistic answer to the question posed regarding the Vegas Act. Performing 3 shows will not ruin her life and she will be prepared by agents, vocal coaches, etc before she goes on so that she will actually do fine.
            Now, I do agree, the Clairvoyants would have been a great Vegas Act. And I personally loved Tape Face. The dude was hilarious and I think that act would have been perfect for the Vegas Crowd.

        • Jeanne says:

          I agree. AGT should be for adult acts and kids should be on “Little Big Shots ” with Steve Harvey. It will be interesting how they will do a show in Vegas. When I go to Vegas I don’t bring my kids. Honestly I wouldn’t pay to see this for an hour. She has talent but there were so many other great acts, I would have paid to see more of. Maybe she will be Taylor Swift’s replacement. What do I know, I’m old school.

        • marla says:

          I agree that she is too young to do a show in Las Vegas. They should still give her the million dollars for winning (and a possible recording contract), but the Clairvoyants should get the show in Vegas.

      • Judy (Winnipeg, Canada) says:

        I agree with you 100% Bertie. Since this act is in Vegas this winner should be 21yrs & older. She should be in school like all kids her age. I was totally shocked that she was selected by the American public. She is cute & has some talent but does not belong in a Vegas show for a 1 year. Maybe for 1 performance, but not a year! Perhaps AGT has to rethink this situation of the age verses Vegas or consider another venue for the talent winner. Maybe Disneyland? You can’t even walk into a casino & be under age in Vegas.
        Was sorry to see other very talented acts of AGT have to endure the hardship of their loss. I hope these other acts get an opportunity to be picked up by an agent so they can pursue the career.

      • Lindsay says:

        She won a 3 night show, it’s not like she won a residency

      • Karly says:

        Even Sal I could see having a show in vegas like a lot of old people would go to see that my aunt and uncle are 75 and they said he sounded just like frank and they wanted to know where they could get a ticket to his show..

      • GregK says:

        Most everyone said the same thing about Jackie Evancho (too young for Vegas) and she was even younger than Grace. Probably cost her first place which she richly deserved. She was better than Laura (one of the first of the now numerous child prodigy performers). I’ve bought Jackie’s albums and she is not just an opera singer.

        • Don says:

          Hopefully you are not trying to compare Grace to Jackie. People pay over $100 to hear Jackie. That will never be the case for Grace.

          • Anna says:

            You think Taylor Swift has a better voice than this kid? Or was writing much more sophisticated music than Grace when she was 12? Stop it. Swift gets 100 per person. So does garbage mouth Miley Cyrus.
            I think this kid is more talented and unique than both of them. She’s going to be quite rich.

        • chistosa says:

          But Jackie Evanco could really sing. Apples and oranges.

    • Wendy Erwin says:

      First of all.. what the heck was on Nick cannons head??? He was a who the heck said yes you look great? He looked ridiculous!

      And then the fact that grace with her little crackly voice won! unbelievable.. she should never have been in the top 5 ..

      she was cute and all.. but not a 1 million act.. who ever said she had all her little friends vote is right.. this show is so rigged..

      • Rob says:

        I agree. There is NO WAY Grace should have won or made it as far as she did. With the amazing talent hey had this year she should have been at the bottom… Disgusted with the final results. I have watched every AGT from the start. I am done. What a waist of a season. I won’t be watching next season…

        • Virginia Hughey says:

          I agree. I am through and I’ve watched every year also.gigi

        • rf says:

          I totally agree! Any of the other of the ten deserved it. The judges manipulated this totally. I couldn’t understand her words when she sang and I could hardly hear her even with a microphone!!!!! I have been a bogey AGT fan but now I QUIT!!! Oh, by the way, I earned my living as a professional singer for almost 30 years and am now a well known teacher.,….

        • Antonini vipalini says:

          My favorite to win is either or Laura
          Bretan or Brian crum, the third place clairvoyant, the fourth is sal valentinetti ,fifth place grace vanderwaal. The American audience are capable of selecting the right winner.. I was very disappointed and disgusted.

      • Joker says:

        Couldn’t have said it better. HUMILIATION. she’ll go down in flames. That Vegas “show” will fail miserably.

        • Teacher says:

          I can’t see her in a Vegas show either. That being said, she has potential. But is she a million dollar talent at this point? Sadly, “America” votes for the cute and passes in those who have struggled and worked for years.
          She’s a ‘cutie patootie” for sure.
          I wish her the best, but I have to say that IF voting is based in obvious talent, others far surpassed her at the age she is now. In the future, who know? I’m sure she will do well in life.

      • Dave says:

        I 100% agree crazy she won. I think she was hand picked after her 1st performance. Her voice doesnt stand up to the others in the top 10

      • Kalan says:

        Thank you!!!! I was hoping someone would address the elephant in the room.

      • Jimmy Gossett says:

        Nick looked like he raided his grandmother’s closet. He looked stupid and ridiculous.

      • Wahn Hunlo says:

        Top 5? She never should have even made it through the audition. I woulf have buzzed her off stage. Imagine the pain she’s going to feel when she realizes that she’s been played for a sucker. She’s a NO-HIT wonder, and fame like hers quickly fades when the next flavor-of-the-month comes out. She has ZERO talent, and the judges did a disservice to her – and to all watching — by not being up front with her.

        • Dee dee says:

          Dissappointing to watch the whole show again to watch the talented ones loose. They were made fools of.The winner was a banjo playing child who had no talent. Won’t watch it again . It was embarrassing.

    • Corey says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more
      Who in the world would pay the cost of
      a Las Vegas show to watch some kid sing
      off key and play a reject excuse for a guitar 😩

    • Max says:

      That was my first thought Steve … the Dog Show winners. It was ridiculous how Simon and company kept on and on about how this kid will be the next Taylor Swift. No she’ll be the next AGT winner to disappear into anonymity. Cute kid that writes cutesy lyrics and her hook is a raspy voice that only makes it harder to understand the words she’s singing. I grow tired of gullible viewers always throwing votes to cute kids and dog acts when there are truly talented adults scratching and clawing to make a career.

      • Tiffany says:

        She may be the next swift in 5 years. Right now, just a kid starting put

      • Laura says:

        I agree, I have watched AGT from the beginning, last night my heart sank when this little one was announced! I voted too, but not for her. I agree more than ever she was hand picked. Taylor Swift in 18 years? maybe. One nice thing, I believe Vegas was watching at least 4 of the acts that were awesome! The young lady with operatic voice will be chosen for opera. I was disappointed!

      • Gutsy says:

        wow…a million bucks to a sort of cute kid that can carry a tune! AGT should be for over 18….leave the kids at home, in school to learn to be an adult before they appear on shows like this.

    • Not Surprised says:

      Maybe better “technical” singers, but she is a singer/songwriter/instrumentalist, not to mention different (ha, just did), quirky, and those qualities are what sells. Never mind the fact that she is young enough to be trained to industry specs.

    • Nina says:

      I totally agree. There was some excellent talent this year on the show but the winner was not one of them! Very disappointed, probably won’t watch again.

    • Leslie says:

      What the HELL lis wrong with voters, unless it’s rigged. She should have been out the second week. Where does she compare to the opera singer of Justin???? What a waste of time this show is.

      • Barb Veazey says:


      • Geof says:

        Simon needs to get his “Spine” back, if Grace would have come on Idol, she would have been booted out the door after maybe three (3) notes/words.

      • lrc says:

        the winner of america’s got talent is cute, i never in one second thought her singing was any where close enough to the opera singer or any other act in the final. for one thing a 12 year old is way too young to be in a las vegas club show where adults would be very disappointed. tooooooooo young.

    • I totally agree with you Steve. Brian’s voice is amazing. Guess America listens to the judges fawn all over her every week

    • Cindy Knight says:

      No, I don’t feel like Grace was the right decision to win. Yes, she’s only 12 years old, but all her songs sound like the last one she performed. But I feel like 4 other GREAT performers missed out. Their shows changed and got better. May their careers only grow and they success multiple.

    • giantslor says:

      AGT isn’t a singing competition, it’s a talent competition. Grace VanderWaal had the most talent of anyone there, period. Arguably Laura Bretan is a better singer, but Grace is a true artist.

      • Cheryl Clapp says:

        She has some talent agreed! But every song sounds the same with hard to hear lyrics and out of tune frequently scratchy voice and just very simple, repetitive instrument playing! I do feel she deserves a record deal but not a Vegas spot. I will not pay or sit through an hour of that but would love to see Sal, Brian or the Clarevoyance! As good and nice as Jon was, he should have been 5th!

        • giantslor says:

          No, her songs do not sound the same, you’re just not familiar enough with them to differentiate them. You sound like my parents back when I was a teenager saying all the metal songs I listened to sounded the same. No, they just weren’t familiar with the songs or the genre. You need a number of listens to assimilate the songs and differentiate them.

          • Sarah says:

            I think u must be a relative of Graces. You and Tony the Tank. Do u know what a raspy voice sounds like? Her every other word was unintelligible and that was with my tv cranked. She did not have a strong voice. Her strumming was off key. You have an opera singer and Brian who hit all the high notes and u love cute little Grace. How sad

          • Jeff says:

            Agree completly

          • jeff says:

            I agree with giantslor comment ,just to be clear. NOT Sarah ‘ s reply.

      • Gutsy says:

        You are kidding, right???

      • Ahole says:

        Your a retard

      • Steve S. says:

        She had the LEAST talent of those who got to the final level. Poor voice, little musicianship, SOME songwriting skills, but only those of a 12-year-old. Gimme a break.

      • guy says:

        Tiny Tim (if you remember who he was) was better then Grace…

      • Shalom says:

        Having a talent and actually being good at said talent are two different things. Were they just totaling up how many she had. Her songs may have been good if you could understand anything she sang. Can’t understand how she didn’t get the xxxx.

        • Mark S says:

          Laura is absolutely a better singer than Grace. She held her own with Il Volo. Incredible. I didnt understand her though and I still totally enjoyed her performance. Grace inspired thousands of people to cover her songs, so I guess many people could understand her. Both are great role models and everyone in the top ten are winners.

    • Donna says:

      Yes I agree there were at least 10 much better acts that could have won because they had great talent and will undoubtedly be recognized by someone who appreciates real talent of which Grace had none !! Those wonderful dogs that won totally deserved to win because they had talent and knew how to perform professionally which Grace did not (raspy voice that was impossible to listen to for even 2 minutes…could not understand her and then there was the instrument that she tried to play ?? )

    • Berta Generali says:

      I don’t agree with the result,she’s not a Vegas act or a million dollars price.

    • Anna says:

      And not one wrote their own music like Grace does. Good singers are a dime a dozen. Good song writers are incredibly rare. As practically non existent at that age.
      He’s not a singer/entertainer. She’s an artist. There’s a difference.

      • Kalan says:

        Please, her songs are pure dribble, annoying as hell and quite obviously written by a child. There is nothing wrong with doing a cover if the “original” is as ridiculous as those Grace sang.

      • Mark S says:

        AGT is not a singing competition like The Voice or American Idol. This is a talent show. Most of the singers are simply very good at Karaoke. Many very talented singer/song writers are simply terrible and almost unintelligible. Sure Sal is a better singer than Bob Dylan, but who is the true talent? Crum out performed Radio Head’s Thom Yorke (shockingly), but who is the true artist? Laura Bretan is totally mind blowing in every way and I am sure she will have a positive impact on the world of Classical Music. Grace won because she inspired tens of millions of people, including myself. I am quite certain however, Grace will lose every karaoke competition.

        • Beckie says:

          Sorry – her songs are not that good – the ones I could understand, anyway. They are what she is, juvenile. This was set up from the golden buzzer and THAT’s why I am not watching again. What’s the point? I voted every time and obviously, America’s vote doesn’t matter. Obviously, again, by the enormous backlash on this thread alone, America is not on board with this winner!

    • Stephanie Woodend says:

      I totally agree – this was a travesty. To give the win to a 12 year old, raspy voiced kid who sings 12 year old songs – when there were amazing talented adults that have waited their entire lives for this kind of break was absolutely wrong.

    • Keisha says:

      She clearly was not the million dollar act. Other acts including singers were way better than her. I want to know if she won because she was the last act and many people only caught the end of AGT. Not everyone has a dvr or show recorded.

    • Craig Gibson says:

      …agreed what a joke …it’s cute for a recital but to win the show …rediculous

  2. Rachel says:

    I’m honestly so mad about this! Out of those top 5 there were more deserving people than Grace. There were Vegas shows in the other top 4 contestants, I can’t see many people lining up to see a little girl in Vegas.

    • Tony The Tank says:

      The show is only for three night.

    • Helen santangelo says:

      I agree almost all of the other 10 were better than her except for tape face. She cannot sing she talks and makes noise not music on the uke. I really don’ know how she won except all her friends, relatives and the town she lives in must have called or texted hundreds of times. This was the worst result I could imagine. My husband and I did not see how she got to the top ten. Never watching this show again, it is a big farce.

      • Kidjerzy says:

        Farce is a great word. NBC liked her and so she won. Has nothing to do with voting. Plus each year they have to mix up their winners.. magician ventriloquist singer dog show kids etc…

        • Bob Dee says:

          “NBC liked her and so she won” Kidjerzy, no one has caught the truth like you have. Something was rotten in the State of AMG from the very first time she, ahem, sang…sang??..badly and played her little ukelele worse. I was amazed that she got anywhere and flabergasted when Simon said she was the next Taylor Swift. Duh, hello!! She should have been booted “swiftly” off the stage after her first performance. And Howie Mandell saying to her and America in the semi-finals,”You’ve got to win this thing!”?? If dug deeply enough, I’ll bet any money that’s she related to someone VERY close to the AMG executives. Phony, a farce, rigged. Planet Hollywood will be lucky if 100 people show up to see this marginally talented kid…unless they “pad” the venue.

          • Jan says:

            Singers shouldn’t be part of this show. They gave other venues. The other acts are truly VEGAS ACTS. Where are they going to case their talents maybe Cirque du Soleil if they had a show. So that leaves only AT and they are loaded with singers. Really disappointed!

          • Sarah says:

            Bob Dee do I believe you!!! I sat with my mouth open. Even Mel was shocked.

      • Bertie says:

        I agree….best go back to reading!

      • Tia says:

        I totally agree with you Helen. I muted all of her performances, I just didn’t care for her “singing” style. I don’t feel that she has any singing talent & therefore should not have won the final prize.

      • Breanna says:

        Agree totally. I cannot understand how someone like her wins. Talent? Barely. Brian Justin Crum should have won, in my opinion. He’s absolutely amazing.

    • Jeff smith says:

      This isnt about a show in vegas its about talent.Shes got talent!

    • Lynn says:

      I agree. This is all suppose to be about who would we go see in Vegas. Defiently would not go see a little girl with a squiky vouce. Very upset I wasted my time on this show.

    • Debra Hicks says:

      I agree! The others in the top five would get my $$ but I am sorry to say, not a 12 year old

    • Sue Johnson says:

      I agree Rachel! SO many other deserving people on that show that should have won! Of all of the songs Grace sang – it was hard to understand the words! Sal is becoming another Frank Sinatra – totally impressed with his performances, Linkn Bridge was awesome not to mention Brian Crum… Grace is very young and needs a LOT of work to become a better singer… Can’t imagine how many people she will draw in Vegas.. Plus the pressure to put on a 12 year old performing nightly??? Just doesn’t make sense… I am very disapponted…

      • Barb says:

        Linkin Bridge was awesome. In my opinion I think they should of won. If not them , then Brian Crum. A 12 yr old has no business having a 3 night show in Vegas. More like a guest appearance on Sesame Street.

  3. Daya says:

    I am SO happy with the way that turned out! Grace and “Tommele” were my favorites. <3

  4. Amber says:

    I have a hard time believing a 12 year old, who doesn’t enunciate, will sell out Vegas

    • Steve says:

      And misses notes on her instrument and vocally.

    • Dysturbed says:

      They don’t stress this on the actual show, but the headlining show in Vegas that the winners get is the final leg of an AGT tour that features several acts from the season, so she alone isn’t needed to sell out anything. People like Terry Fator who get Vegas shows beyond that are rarities.

    • Tony The Tank says:

      It is only three nights.

    • Gmatt says:

      She couldn’t sell out a junior high assembly

    • Sue Johnson says:

      I absolutely agree that Grace should not have won last night! SHe is SOOO young and she has her whole life to pursue a singing career…. I personally thought Sal should have won- he is like another “Frank Sinatra” ! ALso Linkn Bridge was awesome – and they deserved to win too – not to mention Brian Crum…. Just can’t see how America thought Grace should be the winner! I am hoping and praying that Simon will pick up at least one of them and give them a record deal….

      And secondly I can’t see how Grace will hold up in a Vegas show – its very hard to understand the words she is singing….

    • Keith says:

      She isn’t the only act in the show

    • Richard says:

      only 70 tickets available at the last show

  5. A. D. says:

    Ridiculous….she’s atrocious…what a rigged show!

  6. I’m a little worried it’s too much pressure on Grace. But the top 5 were all winners in my book.

  7. Jeannie says:

    I know she’s only 12 and doesn’t deserve mean comments, but I feel she doesn’t deserve to win. Maybe in a few years when she fine tunes her skills. There were other acts who I found more worthy of having a show in Vegas.

    • Kalan says:

      She was extremely annoying. I record the shows and was glad I did. That odd, breathless voice and sad yuke were more than I could tolerate. Once I knew what she was about, just zipped right past her.

  8. regina says:

    Better Adult Performers. Poor Choice! A Child at that.

  9. CarolH says:

    No, no and no!!! Terrible ending!!! What a sham!! Must have been all kids voting!!

  10. T Hicks says:

    Wasted all my nights watching and voting to see someone win who I can’t understand when she sings, let alone talks. Wouldn’t pay $$$ to see her, especially in Vegas

    • Dysturbed says:

      Are you under the impression that she’s given some sort or residency by winning? She’s simply the final act of each show on the upcoming AGT tour that finishes it’s last few shows in Vegas. The rest of the top 10, and probably others, will also be part of that exact same show. Anyone who pays is also paying to see Sal, Brian, The Clairvoyants, etc.

      • Steve says:

        Well the whole premise of the show from the start was to find America’s most talented person with a $1 million prize and the chance to “headline” a show in Vegas. Many previous contestants who have either won or not won have gone onto having permanent shows in Vegas. It isn’t unreasonable for someone to vote on the basis of would I pay to watch this act in Vegas? Either way I look at it, no she isn’t a headline show in Vegas, no she wasn’t the most talented individual in the competition (let alone in her group as a singer).

      • Phyllis says:

        Glad to hear others will be in Vegas show! My search for this very information is what brought me to steve’s sight. Thank you!!!

  11. Janet Schories says:

    The worse act in the top ten won. It’s a contest. Why spare a lil girls feelings when your talking bout a million dollars. She was HORRIBLE

    • lauren says:

      Why are so many of u so concerned with money it’s not coming out of your pockets. It seems there are many jealous people crying because their favorite didn’t win I’m pretty sure Simon Cowell and Mel b know way more about talent than any of us do. Sales is just way too cheesy but Brian is very talented probably Simon will offer Brian a deal of some sort. The fact that tape face made it so far is the real joke here.his best act was making that human chair otherwise he’d just a joke in my opinion

      • Cindy Jean says:

        I think Grace did well for a 12 year old and she had a great time! As a parent, I would not want my child going to Las Vegas at this time! She could enjoy being a teen and perform at places that were more agr appropriate! A very cute, well mannered young lady! More deserving winners at this time!

  12. LADY_in_MD says:

    Aww I voted for Jon Dorenbos I thought he did so many amazing tricks I didn’t like Grace but knew from her audition she would win it was pretty much set in stone but over all it was a great season I even loved Tape Face!

  13. Sue Everett says:

    Brian Justin Crumb should have won. He was far and away the most talented. I am inclined to believe that the vote was more a popularity vote instead of most talented

    • Denise Larock says:

      I agree!

    • Denny Mers says:

      I want hundred percent agree Brian was Far and Away the most talented person on that show I would pay to see him any day of the week I wouldn’t walk across the street to see that little kid that can’t even pronounce her words or hit her notes

    • MissyLou says:

      Absolutely agree! I call “foul”!

    • smm says:

      I think he just screams. I didn’t care for him at all!!!! I also don’t think she should have won but I enjoyed watching her. She is more talented than a lot of the ‘popular’ singers out there now.

  14. Denise Larock says:

    Terrible choice. She’s the least talented singer.

  15. Margaret Z says:

    Very disappointed. Never through this entire contest did I think this child would win. The Clarvoyants were absolutely amazing, Brian and Sal both had amazing voices, and John, the magician was absolutely awesome. During the performances, they should have insisted on Grace singing something other than her own lyrics. And get rid of the ukulele.

  16. Sally says:

    Worst result ever

  17. John says:

    Once again America got it all wrong, never watching the program again, just a grave injustice to true hard working artists that didn’t make it.. so unbelievable. .. the young talented opera singer, the awesome juggler, Sal, the Clairvoyants and the football player magician were all seasoned and overwhelmingly talented. The show is a sham and Nick Cannon is a clown..

  18. Kim says:

    I LOVE America’s Got Talent BUT when an act like this wins it feels like I’ve spent a season wasted on American Idol which I HATED. This little girl is charming & talented but the grown ups need to win on this show. The “next Taylor Swift” SHOULD win on shows like Idol not AGT!

  19. Janet Schories says:

    So upset I am done with AGT. May not have agreed with past winners but this choice is so bad I do not intend to watch another season. Tape face was far better and never said a word. By the comments posted I think it was done with AGT

    • dhcatlady says:

      Yep, I agree. What a disappointment. America got it wrong, if that’s even how it works anymore. With this result tonight, I seriously doubt it. Feels rigged to me. Hopefully all the other really talented people and acts will get good results outside of this competition now that they have had this exposure. I’d NEVER pay a penny to see Grace anywhere but I would definitely pay to go see many of the others perform or buy their CDs, etc.

  20. Lorraine Gibbons says:

    The winner is a cute little girl, etc but no way can I imagine PAYING to see her – how far can her show go. Gee I feel so bad for all the others that did not win…..maybe in the long run they are better off $$$.

    • Kalan says:

      If she’s lucky, and i do mean incredibly lucky, she might be remembered like another yukelele player who had one song he is remembered for. Oh wait, his song was half way decent and he hit the correct chords on his yuke. Naw, by next AGT, she will only be remembered if they bring her back for a pity spot. Teens and preteens are a fickle bunch and they will move on to the next big thing saying, “Grace who?”

  21. RHONDA D says:


  22. AngelWasHere says:

    *rolls eyes* No! Grace vocals are weak and she can’t enunciate. She has some talent maybe, but she’s sub-par at best. I really feel like this show is fixed now. Laura should have been at least in the top five and Jon Dorenbos shouldn’t have made it the finale at all. Him coming in 3rd place over Brian or Sal boggles my mind! This show is fake tho! The judges picked the winner months ago. We all knew Grace was going win even before the semi-finale! They raved about her enough! Plus she performed solo tonight while everyone else didn’t have that opportunity. That was proof enough right there she won!

    • Michael says:

      Jon was an amazing magician. To say he shouldn’t be in the top 5 is ridiculous. This is a talent show not a singing competition. Go watch the voice. A lot of people can sing. Not as many people can pull off the stunts that Dorenbos did.

      • AngelWasHere says:

        I respectfully disagree with you about Jon. As for singers, I would be happy if they kept them off AGT. I hate the Voice. Since they didn’t tho this season I based my picks on talent and who sung better. I honestly would have picked acts like Deadly Games to be in the finale. I’m mad a lot those type of acts didn’t even get to the main stage.

    • Kelly says:

      Brian performed solo too.

    • Sharon says:

      Brian had a solo!

  23. Sandy Mickey says:

    Seriously? I wouldn’t pay to go see her. Brian Justin Crum should have a show in Las Vegas, he was superior!!! I would pay big bucks to see him in person! Emotionally raw superb performances! What was America thinking, they really got this one wrong!!!!!!

    • Mr. Sunshine says:

      I concur!

      • lauren says:

        It’s a sad world that has to feel the need to hate on a 12 year old however Brian was obviously a great voice and some record label will pick him up. Sales is average a sinatra wannabe. It’s more impressive that 12 year old writes and sings her own songs , in my opinion
        Lol at all of u saying u won’t ever watch again ad if anyone cares. I can understand that grace isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But to hate on her because she won and the person u liked better didn’t win. Life goes on

        • Barb Veazey says:


        • Mr. Sunshine says:

          Lauren, I wasn’t hating on her. These things are quite subjective just like life. Some people like a certain style of music and others don’t. Many people love Guns-n-Roses. I can’t stand the screaming. Get the picture.. :-)

  24. Kidjerzy says:

    I have watched the last few seasons of this show. I originally tuned in because of Howard stern. Anyway this show like all other shows like this are rigged. I mean it’s obvious when every elimination week the contestants are in the same clothes and look EXACTLY like they just performed. I think Howie and Mel b are downright horrible on this show. Every act that brings the judges up to the stage is obviously staged. With that being said it is entertaining..the show has their favorites that is obvious. I base what my opinion on who I would pay to see.. grace is very talented and I would probably download her album on iTunes but not pay to see her perform. In my opinion I thought deadly games was the best act with musicality and Brian Justin crum rounding MY top 3. The NFL guy was good but if he was a regular contestant he would not go as far. That was a shameless plug if you ask me.

  25. Carla Krae says:

    I don’t have a problem understanding Grace and never did. Maybe some people need to listen better. Or replace their speakers.

  26. George Skarren says:

    Sal should have won.

    • I won’t be as harsh on her as everyone else, and I watch this show because it takes me back to lying on the floor in front of a b&w tv watching Ed Sullivan on Sunday night. I’m a female of a certain age with a weakness for Italian crooners, so she wasn’t my first choice but I actually just enjoyed the experience. Its enough exposure for the talented folks (like my Sal) to get breaks they otherwise never would have had. Look at Idol – after the first few seasons the kiss of death was winning.

    • loveAGT says:

      Is tha supposed to be the worst joke of the year?

  27. Jeff smith says:

    Ever listened to bob dillon or neil young?Good job Grace yo deserive it!

  28. Deborah sullivan says:

    People do you realize this child wright’s all her own music. Listen to the words in her songs …very touching, I believe that is her true talent!

  29. Fran says:

    America needs a reality check. A 12 year old who plays the ukulele? Give me a break.

  30. Jon promersberger says:

    I have been pulling for grace since her first performance.

  31. Steve says:

    I have watched grace on YouTube over 100 times and every time I felt it more and more that she was going to win it all!😍😉😁

  32. Disappointed says:

    I can’t believe who won. All the talent on the show and they pick a child singer. Do they really think people will go to Vegas to see her sing. No they will go to see an exciting show. She will be limited to how many shows and the times she can perform also.

  33. Gary says:

    I am so so happy that Grace won I had tears in my eyes when her name was called. I couldn’t be more happier. we will be in Vegas to see her Congratutions again grace on your victory

  34. Patricia says:

    Although Grace is very talented, I don’t think she is right as a Las Vegas act. Maybe recording an album and performing at concerts. The best two singers for that would be Brian or Sal. Clairvoyants a definite Vegas Act. The public voted for the best talent, not the best talent for a Vegas Act.

  35. Joan says:

    Did not deserve to win, much better acts just got shafted. All songs sounded the same, could not understand what she was singing. Will not make it past this, just does not have the talent to go any farther.

  36. R-Williams says:

    Awful choice wasted time watching show it shows the votes don’t count she is 12 and there were such great acts really rigged done watching…..ever

  37. Sandra Torres says:

    Completely diappointed, this cannot be true, Brian Justin Crum was the winner since day one. Sofie second and Viktor 3rd place.

    The winner is not a Las Vegas show at all.

  38. Wally Daley says:

    She is a cute kid. But the fact that she made the top ten was surprising. I expect a poor attendance in Vegas. There is no way that anyone would want to sit through a 90 minute show of strumming and singing. She isn’t a Jackie Evancho. There were certainly 9 other acts that would of done well in Vegas. America has missed the boat.

  39. Sandra Smith says:

    I think all your comments are cruel. Everyone who voted cant be wrong. I think they all deserved to win but that doesnt happen. I hope she shows you all

  40. Peggy says:

    This is disgusting. The other people were way qualified. She was lousy.
    What a joke!!! Who does she know in the entertainment bz? Or her parents??? It’s fixed. Disgusting.

  41. Tony The Tank says:


    • Barb Veazey says:


  42. Kmucha says:

    America totally got it wrong. What kind of morons are voting? Yes Grace is great but her life doesn’t depend on having a show in Vegas. In fact America just ruin her life where as Linkin Bridge was the real deal. I cry everytime I hear their story! They were equally as awesome and have families to provide for. This would have changed 4 peoples life’s plus their families plus would have made many statements to America especially when Blacks think that white peoples think their lives don’t matter. Wake up Stupid America! And Btw I’m a white 54 yr old women voting for Trump because Black Lives Matter to me!! I stayed up til 2:30 using everyone’s email addresses voting for Linkin Bridge for 4 hours! I can’t believe they didn’t even place! I am really upset! This is really really wrong!

  43. Laura Ascolese says:

    All these acts got great exposure whether they won or not. How many winners have we seen or even returned to the show in recent years besides Terry Fader and Mat Franco? Most of the finalists have even due better. Grace wrote her own music. She is poised and mature for her age with the joy of a child. Should she have residency in Vegas, no, but she writes her own music, deserves success and a possible future in music, not mean nasty comments. She will learn and grow with the talent she has. Whether the show is fixed or not, America got see great acts this season. I will never understand why people feel the need to be mean when writing comments about people who they don’t know and have the courage to put themselves out there and take a chance like this show.

  44. Marvin Davis says:

    Only two of the top 5 should have been there and those two were the supposedly fifth and fourth place. Just more evidence that these shows aren’t voted on by the viewers but decided by the producers. I knew the little ukulele girl was the winner at her audition when Simon Scowl announced her as “the next Taylor Swift.” The dollar signs were spinning in his eyes then.

    • Badash says:

      You guys are so ridiculous and immature. Grace just wasn’t your style, but she was unique and real and awesome. Definitely talented, I don’t see how you can say she’s not. Grow up.

  45. Babs says:

    Unbelievable. So much talent this year and a little snotty nosed talentless kid wins a gig in Vegas? Who in their right mind would vote for her or pay to see her anywhere, especially Vegas? Well America you have proven once again you can’t fix stupid!

    • Max says:

      This Is why we end up with so many corrupt politicians who are voted back into office again and again and again. 90 percent of the public are disappointed in Congress yet 90% of the incumbents continue to be voted back in. We’ve got a country of idiots.

    • JerryInDFW says:

      “Little snotty nosed talentless kid?” Oh my gawd you must be a real peach to live with in that mobile home. And you’re absolutely right – your kind of stupid can never, ever be fixed.

  46. Jerry says:

    Someone had deep pockets?

  47. Charles says:

    Great job good for her

  48. Pat Ament says:

    That is just silly.

  49. Mary says:

    No sorry I loved her but no I am not in agreement.