Samantha Bee Eviscerates Matt Lauer, Dubs Today Anchor 'Human Splenda'

Samantha Bee obliterated Matt Lauer on Monday for his poor performance as moderator of NBC’s Commander-in-Chief forum.

Referring to the Today show anchor as “a man whose crack journalism skills include getting up early and asking tough questions about recipes,” the Full Frontal host blasted Lauer for his decision to spend a third of his time with Hillary Clinton discussing “the finer points of the reply-all function.”

“Do you really think there’s an email smoking gun that the Inspector General, a House committee, the FBI and 18 months of nonstop news coverage couldn’t find that’ll be magically uncovered… by a human Splenda whose crowning journalistic triumph is not knowing where the f—k he is?” Bee asked.

Before Bee moved on to condemn Lauer for not fact-checking Donald Trump throughout his 30 minutes of “bulls—ting, bluffing and gleefully blabbing about classified security briefings,” she cut to a Today show segment featuring the anchor dressed in drag before suggesting “maybe this Halloween he can dress up as a journalist.”

Watch Bee’s scathing takedown above, then let us know if you think the media is being too hard on Lauer.

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  1. N8frogg78 says:

    Yesterday’s “interview” with the NFL commissioner proved her point, His idea of “hard hitting” questions is a joke. He just sat there and allowed Goodell to tell lies. He would never ask the tough ones because the relationship between the NFL and NBC is printing so much money. He has lost his balls and won’t upset the higher ups. Complete hack

  2. She nailed it over and over . Brilliant put down . Doubt any journalism school would want to enroll him as a freshman.

  3. Tom Hunter says:

    Damn, people get upset when HRC is actually asked tough questions?? She has skated by thanks to her lapdog media friends for 30 some years. Why should t she be called out on lies and half truths???

    • Preacher Book says:

      Over 30 years of Congressional grilling, law enforcement investigations and constantly being questioned by wildly speculative journalists without a shred of evidence is skating by? Meanwhile the Dumpster has committed real fraud, pay for play and holds a record of failure a mile long and Lauer doesn’t challenge him once? Have some more FOX Kool-Aid.

      • JScout says:

        And don’t forget, she’s been exonerated (by Republicans) for every one of these investigations. Even the Dallas Morning News (VERY conservative) called the crazy right wing “political hyenas” who just can’t let go when trying to take down Hillary Clinton.

    • Joey says:

      Who said they were upset over Clinton getting asked tough questions? People are upset that a) Clinton got asked questions that had nothing to do with the theme of the night and b) Trump was asked extremely easy questions and not called out on any of his lies during his segment. In fact, the only time Lauer slightly held Trump’s feet to the fire was when he asked about a tweet Trump had sent out that seemed to blame women for getting raped while serving in the military.

  4. meg says:

    No, I don’t think she was too hard on Lauer. This was supposed to be a commander-in-chief forum and he focused on her emails again. I am sick and tired of her emails. Time and time again Trump says and does horrific things, yet the volume of his deplorable actions are always compared to these emails since they have to be “fair”. Matt called him on none of it regarding the Vets or active military. Sam Bee was fantastic! Matt needs to stick to interviewing celebrities and tasting the latest breakfast cereal.

  5. Tom Hunter says:

    Add to my other comment, Samantha Bee’s behavior onscreen plays into the narrative of the “typical” angry liberal.

    • Katherine215 says:

      This really doesn’t add anything to your previous, unimpressive comment, so you shouldn’t have bothered.
      Btw, I see you with your coded sexist language; “angry liberal” really means “angry woman” because she’s attacking the poor male on tv for being soft on the other poor male on tv.

      • Lauren says:

        Ha I was just about to call him out on the (barely) coded sexism. Darn those Angry Women With Opinions!

        • Katherine215 says:

          I don’t know how these poor men get through a day constantly having to deal with all these angry ladies daring to speak their minds. And with gusto, god forbid!

          • Tim says:

            A little paranoid Katherine ? Really — coded sexism ? Do you come to that conclusion in everything a man comments on ?

          • Nate says:

            Both of you, Lauren and Kathrine are misandrists and off topic. These comments are clearly not monitored.
            Tom Hunter had no sexist comments in either of his posts.
            If you would really like to take this route, then in all honesty, all these angry ladies daring to speak their minds, is what battered and abused women have in common.

          • Katherine215 says:

            No paranoia necessary – you put it out there plain as day. And you continue it, along with “Nate,” by attacking me with the idea that I hate men or something equally ludicrous, when all I’m doing is calling you, specifically, on your bull. But of course that must mean I hate all men, and not just sexist men.
            Nate, I don’t see how I’m off topic, responding to someone’s coded sexism in an article that touches on sexism, but please – enlighten me. And I’m really unclear how you KNOW Tom intended no sexism, unless you’re actually Tom.

        • Robert says:

          Tim, Nate, and, most importantly, Tom, thank you for mansplaing to all these poor females. Without men like you, how would they ever know what to think or feel?

          The only reason I am interjecting here is because you all don’t seem to be able to understand anyone with two x chromosomes properly or with empathy.

  6. pickles says:

    Her email scandal is important and HRC is not used to get hard questions. The dems are babied by the media. Although knowing of Hillarys’ past she may have staged the whole thing for publicity and sympathy.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Oh, please. Give me a break that she’s not used to getting hard questions. The woman has been in the public eye and lambasted for every single thing she’s done for the last 25 years. She eats hard questions for lunch.
      And no, her email scandal is no longer important. As Samantha said, how many dozens of other people tried and failed to find some smoking gun in these stupid emails? How about we move on to important issues that actually affect the presidency? These email obsessed people can focus on Colin Powell’s emails for awhile, since he did the same thing and no one has batted an eye.

    • JScout says:

      She’s been exonerated in every investigation – and exonerated by Republicans. She answers all the questions, and they fail to find anything that she’s done wrong.

    • John NYC says:

      Congressional hearings chaired by Republicans? FBI hearings whose records are publicly released?
      No hard questions?
      Be serious.

      Trump, otoh, lies about always opposing the Iraq invasion, in the face of a frickin interview record of him supporting the invasion on tape! That Laur had to know about (since this lie has been an ongoing public issue) and ignored. Yet Iraq is precisely on the topic of the night.

    • Simon Jester says:

      HRC got grilled on her emails by congressional Republicans — who asked her nothing but “hard questions” — for 11 hours. Remind me of that commission’s findings again?

  7. Preacher Book says:

    No. Lauer was pretending he was a journalist and failed completely.

  8. No worse than CNN and its roster of do not ask hard questions about anything of importance in the World except any aspect of Trump and Clinton’s E-Mails. Blitzer is just as bad.

  9. dkj says:

    she is a sour tainted person. sad

  10. Robin says:

    Sam Bee is Jon Stewart’s successor She is great.

    NBC should have used Chuck Todd for the Commander in Chief forum. Oh I how miss Tim Russert this election season!!!!

  11. unclelawwy says:

    I thought she was more than generous.

  12. HAP says:

    I really missed her during the hiatus. What does it say about the mainstream media that Sam Bee and John Oliver are the most important social and political critics of the day?

  13. Jamie says:

    Lol. Brilliant!

  14. Hector Morales says:

    I used to watch the today show morning news.
    After watching Matt Lauer be an ass towards the real deal Hillary and treating the lying Trump with kid gloves I’ll change the channel. Typical republican spin doctor trying to make something out of nothing enough ALREADY with the email farce/smear campaign against Hilary Clinton Same as Benghazi all spin no real substance smh. Matt needs to apologize for not being a real journalist . Natalie Morales should of handled this.

  15. Molly says:

    LOL. Who cares what this ridiculous person thinks. Only the writers of TVLine watch her show. And for those of you who think Hilary was “exonerated” by the FBI, go back and read the director’s comments. And then go back and see how many people pleaded the fifth during the investigation. And how many times Hikary lied about no classified emails existing on her private server.