DWTS Lochte Attack Arrested

Dancing With the Stars: Arrests Made in Attack on Ryan Lochte — Watch Unaired Video of On-Stage Altercation

Two Los Angeles men were arrested on Monday night after they emerged from the Dancing With the Stars audience to rush the stage toward celebrity competitor/disgraced Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

According to KABC-7, Sam Sododeh and Barzeen Soroudi were both booked on trespassing charges after they charged the stage only to be intercepted by security. A handful of other “anti-Lochte” protesters were escorted out of the studio. Lochte of course was a perpetrator of controversy during the summer Olympics games in Rio when he delivered a questionable account of being robbed at gunpoint at a Rio gas station.

During Monday night’s Season 23 premiere telecast, viewers only saw judge Carrie Ann Inaba repeatedly say, “Excuse me…” to the interlopers, while Lochte and pro partner Cheryl Burke appeared quite unnerved by what was transpiring out of frame. KABC-7 shared this unaired footage, from an alternate camera angle, of security tackling Sododeh and Soroudi, who reportedly had valid tickets to the taping and had covered their “anti-Lochte” T-shirts with jackets.

After the telecast, Inaba thanked security for handling the “scary” altercation, while Dancing pro Derek Hough lamented to People.com, “This is a safe place for people to learn a new skill and seek redemption or start a new chapter in their life, and that’s what Ryan is trying to do, and I just felt so defensive that someone would try and ruin that for him and for everyone watching.”

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  1. lariet50 says:

    I’m sorry, I keep laughing at Carrie Ann’s “Excuse me”-ing. Anyway. I call setup on this. I kinda don’t see actual protesters caring enough about Lochte to storm the show. They’ve had way more polarizing figures on this show in the past without stuff like this happening.

  2. Sarah says:

    Meanwhile rapists and wife batterers continue to play in the NFL, NBA and NHL and nobody cares. America, you are ridiculous.

  3. CK says:

    Called this GMA “exclusive” last night. I’m surprised that they didn’t promo it at the end of the show. I expected them to get in Lochte’s face with how “scared/shocked” he was last night.

  4. TheloNaGrapso says:

    “Scary altercation”? Two middle aged men that didn’t even “rush the stage” as initially reported? My money is on this was all staged.

    • Leeah says:

      I think what they mean by scary is that you don’t really expect people to rush the stage and they really didn’t know what these guys were doing or going to do. You can’t trust people anymore. The guys could have pulled out a knife for all we know.

      • TheloNaGrapso says:

        The only person rushing anywhere is the security guard. The older man is just walking up to the stage. NOT defending his actions but assuming this was not staged (not convinced of this) it was such a non-event. But it will get their ratings even higher for people that would not have watched and will while Lochte is on.

  5. meg says:

    The end of civility. The end of sanity. This is the world we live in. Ryan Lochte protesters are the most useless protest I’ve heard of in my life. This is just a idiotic tv show who brings in a man child who went out and got stupid drunk and “shockingly” acted stupid. The only one who benefits is dwts who certainly gets some free publicity and are using it to the best of their ability.

    • xomylifexo says:

      Look, I don’t get the protesters either. But what Lochte did was not ‘get drink and act stupid’ cause if that’s all it was – no one would care and he wouldn’t be on this show trying to rehab his image. He lied, he played on a nations stereotype and insecurity. He fabricated a story to cover actions that would have been forgiven with the truth. And he’s way to old for people to be trotting out the he’s young and got a little to drink excuse.

  6. evababy says:

    But ‘Attack’ though? Was it really? They never got to him, much less actually attacked him.

    Actually, on the other hand, never mind. In Lochte-verse that does constitute an “attack” kinda like “pulling into a gas station” is the same as “stopped by robbers”

  7. gcw07 says:

    Ryan Lochte is an idiot that got drunk and lied. These idiots are worse though. Go find something worthwhile to protest.

  8. Waiting for someone to splice in Steve Martin’s “Excuuuuuuuse Me!” from the 70’s for a more entertaining video. This was thankfully the most dull “attack” I’ve ever seen.

  9. Airhead Julianne Hough says:

    Obvious plants by ABC for ratings.

  10. Christine Dean says:

    Totally agree Derek!

  11. Carol Sololik says:

    Awesome response by security, and so proud of Derek for throwing out the rest of the group. Tom Bergeron is the best, never lost his cool. Kudos to all for how this was handled.

  12. People watch for any excuse to”protest,” It’s getting old. We should just ignore them and not give them the public platform they’re seeking. . . . Lochte was stupid in Rio, seems ,like I remember doing stupid at his age.

  13. C. Davis says:

    Should not have ever been considered for the show

  14. A fan of TV says:

    Amazing how quick justice can be when you dont run away from the judicial responsibilities stemming from your crap, eh Ryan? Past his prime DBag, celebrated on US TV by a bunch of sycophantic idiots. I believe 100 per cent this whole event was staged for ratings, and cannot believe how quickly this brainless truck of manure was forgiven for what he started.

  15. Gail Treml says:

    Guess security will have to be like airports. No jackets hats glasses etc

  16. Diane says:

    The whole concept of protest is ignorant. Ryan lied and he’s been punished. He didn’t kill anyone, rape anyone or commit a violent act upon someone. With all those young men at Universities in the US getting a slap on the wrist for rape, it amazes me that there is so much spew against Ryan Lochte! There are criminals in congress and the senate, state government as well, get on your soap box about that!

  17. Gina Moxley says:

    Looks staged to me. I think Ryan Lochte is low on cash since Speedo and Ralph Lauren dropped their endorsements of him. I don’t know what the other 2 companies that endorse him decided to do. Ryan may have to find a real job like most of working class Americans .

  18. HAP says:

    Why do people watch this wretched show?

  19. ginette lalchan says:

    After what this guy Ryan Locthe did In RIO it was too early to have him be in a public especially Dancing With The Stars. There is no respect at all.

  20. Mkt123 says:

    Hooray for Carrie Ann. Only person to speak up when she saw this happening. You never know what kind of protesting nuts might do. To call this a hoax is just stupidity . What if they had a weapon. Would ppl still say it was staged?

  21. Glenn meister says:

    Way too soon for him to be on this stage. He needs to hide in shame for a while. Do not condone the actions here but dwts should be embarrassed for staging this circus act

  22. W Lueker says:

    If it was staged, why would they not have the cameras on it for us to see, either when it was happening, or after the commercial break. It’s a Live show, so it’s not a surprise that this could happen.

  23. Beth says:

    Disgusting show of hatred. The guy has paid the price for what he did, losing sponsors, being suspended, and paying fines….not to mention the humiliation. If these guys were wearing these shirts before entering, they should have been stopped. I don’t support lying, but everyone deserves a second date chance. Good luck Ryan.

  24. Too Soon says:

    If it’s not staged (and I think it was) then maybe DWTS chose the controversy by putting him on so soon. Even with his sort of maybe apology no one is convinced of his sincerity yet. If he wants to make a new start and show everyone a new side of him then maybe he ought to start with being sincere and publicizing a real apology to the men he lied about and to everyone who believed him for five minutes.