This Big Bang Theory Supercut Is a Wedding Gift to Leonard/Penny Fans

As Big Bang Theory fans plan to RSVP for Leonard and Penny’s “second” wedding (to be held during the Season 10 premiere, airing Monday, Sept. 19), what better way to mark the occasion than by revisiting the unlikely couple’s uproarious road to romance?

The exclusive featurette above — pegged to Tuesday’s Blu-ray and DVD release of The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Ninth Season — takes us from the hitcom pilot’s “meet cute/geeky” to Leonard’s re-popping of the question, after which Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco reflect on their characters’ journey as a couple.

Which of the two actors always wanted Penny to wind up with Leonard? Press play above to find out.

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Ninth Season features all 24 half-hour episodes, several featurettes, the show’s 2015 Comic-Con Panel and, of course, a blooper reel.

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  1. Annie says:

    Are there any Leonard/Penny fans?

  2. Carol C says:

    Very cute!

  3. theliberalbuzz says:

    Ya know I have never felt any chemistry between the two characters. He is a whiny insecure socially inept person who gets all bent out of shape if she even talks to another man. Look how he DEMANDED she kowtow to him when an old boyfriend needed to couch surf for a few days. He lost his mind convinced she was so weakminded she would immediately spread her legs for the guy.
    Then when they went to that seminar up north and she was bored so she caught a ride home with Bernies old flame and lost his mind convinced she would immediately jump into bed with the guy and he got stopped for doing 120 mph.
    There are more examples but his insecurity would in real life turn him into a ahole driving her away.MY Hope is she gets the call from Kevin Smith to do the audition he promised her, she gets it, the movie is a hit and she is on her way to stardom. she becomes an overnight major sensation and within months is now having movie offers and traveling around the world to locations and Leonard can’t handle all the attention she gets and they split.
    Personally I think Priya or the Comic book girl would be better for him; Priya knows how to keep him in line. And the Comic Book girl and he are into the same things.

    Raj finally comes out of the closet, gets married to a wealthy man from India and moves away and we never hear from him again about 4 episodes into the show. I have come to HATE his character. His character is just terrible and screws everything up for everyone and his “innocent” look about ‘sorry I had no idea this would destroy your friendship, relationship, marriage, dinner etc. got old about 4 years ago.

    Bernie and Howard continue but Howard grows some balls and stops letting Bernie push him around. She lost me when she lied to get rid of his Dr. Who police box in the garage.

    Amy and Sheldon split. She finds someone who finally rings her bell, loves her and treats her like a woman in love, not the idiocy they have now. The English guy would be perfect.AND she finally grows up and starts to dress like an adult woman and not some parochial school marm.

    BUT what really ticks me off is that ALL these women knew what the guys were into and STILL act like they have no idea of what online gaming, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, Raiders etc is all about. I’ve NEVER met in all my born days any woman who did not have any clue as to those movies and shows. NOT ONE. Now they are trying to make them get rid their lives to suit the women especially Bernie.

    The comic book guy Stuart meets a gorgeous cosplay girl from Japan who falls head over heels for him, they move in together, get married and she helps make his comic book store a huge success while doing Cosplay for the customers (guys) on weekends.

    Surprised they have never gotten into any serious cosplay in any of the episodes. Their lame attempts have always been just that…lame.

    AND FINALLY…Sheldon. Well since this is TV and anything can happen on TV…I men anything.

    Lets take Sheldon a step further. TWO scenarios. One, a highly intelligent alien race who have been keeping up with what is going on scientifically decide Sheldon would be perfect to abduct but not in a bad way and the last we hear of him is the aliens telling him they are off to the planet of perfect logic…
    Second one. Sheldon actually figures out FTL(Faster Than Light) travel and in making a deal with the government…..gets his own FTL ship and in the series end he is happy as hell to have his own spaceship and goes Star Trekkin’ across the galaxy to see the wonders that are out there. He says he will pop in occasionally to visit although everyone knows he won’t.
    But one last thing the builders have done is use his mother’s voice as the computer voice to talk to him.
    He is happy at last.
    All’s well that ends well and everyone is happy.

  4. Baileigh says:

    Honestly, I do not understand the appeal of this couple. Both of them are insecure children who take their imagined slights out on those who love them. Leonard is so apprehensive about is relationship with Penny that he unwillingly or perhaps willingly went out of his way to sabotage said relationship with that random hook up with Polar Expedition girl. However one could argue that his relationship with Penny (as well as all of his other romantic pairings) suffers as a result of his relationship with his mother.
    Let’s just put this out there Penny has a drinking problem that she refuses to even admit to and it’s not funny when Leonard (or any one of the guys) is on the receiving end of one of her alcohol induced tirades. Penny has gone on some ugly verbal tirades against Leonard and Howard before that have been emotionally damaging and she just brushes them off like it’s nothing. She shows no remorse or concern for the people she hurts. Penny knows that Leonard is in love with her and that he will keep crawling back to her regardless of what she says or does so why should she care?
    Bottom line is that this not some television couple that should be embraced by anyone. One is an emotional abuser who fails to realize that she is hiding behind a bottle so she can live with her life’s failures and the other is a passive Momma’s boy who is so desperate for love that he is willing to endure anything just to have a woman in his life. Sometimes I wonder if Leonard wouldn’t be better off with Amy and Penny with Sheldon.

  5. TV Gord says:

    I get quite a chuckle at the long dissertations on why this couple sucks and this show sucks and everything that doesn’t meet my precise standards sucks. Relax, folks. It’s just a sitcom.

    You aren’t meant to get so emotionally invested in these characters and relationships. Just enjoy the show for what it is. While you’re all busy wringing your hands that Leonard and Penny aren’t meeting your exacting standards, the vast majority are just sitting back and enjoying the show and its memorably hilarious moments through the years.

    By getting so angst-ridden, you’re really missing a funny, funny show.

    • Tana McCraw says:

      I sooo agree. Great moments throughout the years. Shamy coitus was awesome and I loved Bob Newhart on the show. Many others. I miss Howard’s mother, Mrs W & think it was classy of the show not to replace her when the actor died.