Fear TWD Recap: Sea Whirled

Hats off to Alicia. In this week’s Fear the Walking Dead, the plot that she hatched to turn the hotel into a home was so brilliant — and so daring! — that it was worthy of Rick Grimes. But was she able to execute her plan? Read on and find out…

‘SHE KILLED MY DAUGHTER’ | Beginning with a flashback, “Pablo & Jessica” revealed that Madison and Strand managed to escape from the walkers that cornered them in the bar by using Nick’s patented smear-zombie-guts-all-over-you technique. Upon discovering that their truck was missing, Maddie wouldn’t believe that her daughter would leave her… until Victor reminded her that the teenager was damn self-reliant. “Yeah,” her mom ruefully acknowledged, “I made her that.”

Following their reunion with Alicia and introduction to Elena, Madison and Strand learned that the wedding guests controlled the hotel’s food stores — enough supplies to last months. Quicker than you could say, “What are we waiting for?” Maddie and Victor had gotten past groom/widower Oscar’s brother Andres to plead their case. If they cleared out the walkers, Maddie argued, they’d have a chance at the hotel to have a home again. Ultimately, though Oscar and mother-in-law Ilene refused to help, the former did at least hand over the keys, which were, literally as well as metaphorically, you know, key. And another thing: If the operation was a success, Ilene wanted Elena gone.

‘I’M NOT LOSING YOU… EVER’ | Off Maddie’s mostly successful negotiation, Strand — his emotions rawer than we’re used to seeing — clarified that, whatever they made of the hotel, it wouldn’t be home. That was what he’d had — and lost — with Thomas. Later, Hector suggested that, since walkers can’t open doors, they could just leave them where they were. No way, Jose, Alicia replied. If one got out, it was be Armageddon, Part Dos. “We gotta clean-sweep this” — even if doing so meant going room by room, floor by floor, for what would seem like ages.

During a break from dispatching and dragging out one walker after another — with the help of some wedding guests — Maddie apologized for making Alicia raise herself, especially after her dad died. In response, her daughter assured her that she had nothing to be sorry for. Just then, Alicia saw a sign warning of riptides and got the brilliant, dangerous idea to lead the walkers off the pier and let them be swept away. Though Alicia wanted to attract the walkers rather than wait to pick up Maddie in the rescue boat, her mom assured her, “You’re not losing me.”

fear-the-walking-dead-season-2-episode-11-recap‘THAT’S NOT YOUR WIFE, NOT ANYMORE’ | The crazy scheme miraculously working like a charm, Madison, Alicia, Elena and Hector celebrated that evening at what appeared to be a lovely banquet with the wedding guests — well, except for Ilene and Oscar. Excusing himself, Strand sought out the widower, who was standing guard — as no doubt he had many a night — outside the honeymoon suite… in which his zombified bride Jessica was “argh”-ing.

At first, Oscar wouldn’t even think about letting Strand put a final end to his wife. “Death parted you,” noted Victor, haunted by his own grief. “Your vows give you leave.” However, eventually — after Strand gave a heartbreaking pep talk about the person one can become once out of mourning (or as out of it as one can get) — Oscar relented and allowed Victor to put Jessica out of her misery. In a way, he probably put Oscar out of some of his misery as well.

fear-the-walking-dead-season-2-episode-11-recap‘I DON’T BELIEVE IN MIRACLES’ | Meanwhile, at the Colonia, Nick attempted to make up for his screw-up with Marco by cutting the drugs that Alejandro traded for supplies in order to stretch the stock. When Alejandro balked, fearing Marco & Co. would be able to tell, Nick retorted, “You’re a pharmacist, I’m a junkie — trust me.” As the odd couple bonded, Alejandro told Nick that he’d been bitten trying to save a junkie who’d been mistaken for a walker and attacked by a mob. After the pharmacist was pulled out of the melee by Luciana, both of them were surprised that the Grim Reaper never came knocking.

Later, Luciana learned that the person for whom she’d been looking when we first met her — her brother Pablo, it turned out — wasn’t just dead but “in pieces.” When Nick offered her comfort, it nearly resulted in a kiss. That evening, when she stopped by his new trailer — a thank-you from Alejandro for buying the Colonia time — Nick asked if, as the pharmacist suggested, she’d been testing him. In response, she gave him one of the sexier TV kisses in recent memory.

So, what did you think of “Pablo & Jessica”? Even those of you whose comments generally range from “I hate this show” to “God, do I hate this show” have to admit that it was a pretty solid — and emotional — hour? Er, don’t you?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AngelWasHere says:

    Zzzzz….oh sorry still saying meh. Making Nick as one of the leads was an awful idea.

    • Darth Heda says:

      YAY, best news all week guys, I just came across an online petition to get Fear cancelled and I am SO signing it!! The ball is in motion ladies and gentlemen!!!

      • Jeremy P. says:

        Only petty and childish people would actually waste their time trying to get a show cancelled. You do know that round thing on your remote control is a button to change a channel, right? You don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Easy peasy. That you would actually use time out of your life to ruin the jobs of hundreds of camera people, light people, sound people, extras, actors, and other members of the crew, because you are mean enough to do so? Go out, see life, donate to charity, do something positive and for others for a change, instead of being a troll on the internet generating negativity.

        • Confucious says:

          Cry me a river Jeremy. If people dislike this show or if it offends them enough to try and get it cancelled, they have every right, this is the 21st century here. Looks like the only one hating on others and their opinions right now is you, you can’t tell others what to do or how to live their lives. And spare us the sob stories, you don’t give a damn about the camera crew, etc. you just like the show and hate others who don’t. The reason being that if you did actually care about that stuff, you would understand that it could actually be the thing that saves their careers, this show is still in the danger zone anyway. So maybe you should review what you say before you accuse others of trolling and being childish when that’s actually what you’re doing right now.

  2. JP says:

    Actually took from momentum last week and built on it. Nick’s story line is eh, but I think the producers realize their potential with Alicia. Girl is smart, aggressive and taking charge versus adults… Realized that this show is so much better without Travis and Chris (which I think has more to do with Chris as a terrible character. Not time for teen angst during zombie apocalypse)

    • Jenna says:

      No way!!! Alicia SUCKS!!!!! She needs to die along with everyone else. Bad acting, bad storyline and a seriously bad show. She will NEVER be anything as close to Rick’s awesomeness. Cancel now and do the poor girl a favour!!

      • Jeremy P. says:

        So why are you here commenting if you don’t like the show? Do like it? Don’t watch it. Don’t waste space with your immature comments.

        • Jenna says:

          Mind your own business, it’s a free country. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if myself and others think this show sucks as it is and are getting sick of it, then we have a right to voice what we think. Stop hating on others and what they say, if you disagree, fine but you can’t control other peoples views regarding this show. As a fan of the actual WD, I do find this show and it’s characters offensive and I say it clearly.

    • Fear the Walking Bad Acting says:

      Alicia! Are you kidding me? Come on now, Miss ‘hey lets use a cb radio like it’s twitter and tell someone where you are at or where you will be when you are trying to avoid getting killed’?! I guess if you are a millennial you would think she is smart. I think the whole point of the show is to show you how that generation would react to zombieland. It’s the main difference between TWD. They are portraying millennials and their parents that enabled them. You really can’t like the characters as they are. They are written to be hated. And FYI, she is still as stupid as the other characters, in the REAL world people don’t hop outta bed one day and try and fool themselves that they can be the next Arya/Rick/Katniss overnight. If she is ruling this show now, I am so done. Bad actress, OV-ER.

      • Nan C says:

        What we’re watching is character development. I remember thinking that Carl was a snotty punk-that got Dale killed!! I was shocked by how much I disliked the character. Flash forward to now and he’s awesome. I’m interested to watch the learning curve Alicia’s on, & even watching what looks like Chris becoming a bad guy. Where does that leave Travis? Madison’s managing just fine without him.

        • Jackie D says:

          The so called ‘learning curve’ with Alicia is unrealistic. It is not just a little change but a strong and therefore unrealistic deviation to her past actions and lack of intelligence shown. I just don’t buy it. I’m with fear the bad acting on this.

        • Nick says:

          Ok seriously dude you have a problem. Stop hating on others views, you are the one causing problems here.

      • Jeremy P. says:

        Don’t let the door hit ya! Oh and remember what Rick did all S1?? He broadcast his position and where he was going next on an open radio frequency every day for months, in case Morgan could hear him, but anyone else also could. Yeah, it’s called caring about others and trying to help. And Rick did it 3 months into apocalypse where bands of crazies had already formed. Alycia did it like two weeks in, for someone who she thought his boat was sinking. Was it the smartest move? No. But it came from a place of compassion. Does everyone 15 days after some disease breaks out think automatically every single person is going to be evil and trying to kill them and be heartless to help? No, unless you are a psycho. She made a mistake, made her own escape plan, manipulated back and learned her lesson. These last episode it’s be her coming up with all the plans, seeking shelter, supplies, etc.
        If all the characters are hateful to you don’t watch. Don’t waste your precious time only hating on people and on shows you don’t like.
        p.s. maybe try shaking things up or your spelling mistakes so people can’t immediately spot you are the same person saying the same thing under different names, LOL

        • Kiwi3 says:

          @ Jeremy P, wish this site allowed for upvotes or likes!
          Loved your response to all the negative nabobs!

          If you hate it so much, don’t freakin’ watch!

          • Sensibility says:

            Ok firstly, people have every right to voice their opinion and if they don’t like this show, characters, etc. they have every right to say so. So people like you and Jeremy need to stop being so rude to others and show some respect and some self restraint at that. You’re right though, this site should have one of those systems because I would downvote smart alecs like you.

        • Abbey says:

          You wish Jeremy but guess what, others actually dislike her too, I’m proof so what are you going to do about it? Honestly, show some respect.

  3. Jane says:

    Honestly Z Nation did it better when they led the zombies into the Grand Canyon and Doc was stoned.

  4. Shaun says:

    This episode was actually good.

    • Shaun says:

      oh,except when Madison jumped into choppy as hell waters without a flotation device.

    • Revenge of the Walkers says:

      Uh, not!! Dude, ratings are still falling, still in the danger zone here!! I refuse to believe that anyone who actually likes this trash is a TRUE Walking Dead fan. It shames the very foundations that the show was based on. This show is a major loser!! Cancel already you disgraceful producers and give us a better spin off!!!!

  5. Jim says:

    “I’m a junkie so that makes me a chemist.” Okay, Nick. Okay. How many weeks until the real thing comes back?

  6. MelodyAZ says:

    Hate Nick. Travis is a moron. Chris is psycho. Can live without them. I like Madison, Victor, and Alicia. Some of the new hotel group have potential. I just want to see a scene where Travis returns and tries to get back with Madison and the group and she goes off on him.

    • erik says:

      THIS! That whole family split up was about the dumbest, most contrived thing I have ever seen. Thank God Ofelia has gone missing, another useless lame character. Only Strand, Madison and Alicia look reasonable. Although since Strand was revealed as gay and the mystery of his character was taken away he hasn’t been as exciting and he’s been a little “wimpy.”

  7. So Happy says:

    I enjoyed the show! :-)

  8. Nan C says:

    I like the series, especially when I stopped comparing it to TWD. The acting is solid and the story line is progressing. Some characters are more likeable/relatable then others. This show is more teenage character driven than I would like so it could end up with a slightly cheesy CW feel if they’re not careful. If it doesn’t descend into that I think it will flesh out nicely.

  9. MLO says:

    Still watching but having a hard time connecting to any of the characters. Hate the blind stupidity that results from the religious aspect.

  10. KLS says:

    This episode was OK, but I still have a lot of questions/issues. I’ll still watch, but not live.
    1. If Nick is this big junkie, how could he not take some of that oxy (in brightly labelled bottles, btw)?
    2. If Strand was the “Seducer of People”, Why was he silent during Madison’s plea wth Oscar for help?
    3. The zombie pier walking scene was anti-climatic. Shouldn’t there have been more than that in the hotel? And won’t they just come back?
    4. I didn’t miss Travis (primary male lead) & Chris (regular) at all. What does that say about their characters?
    5. I hope that that was the last time we see a weak/shaken Alicia. Need her to stand up and take over this group
    6. I hate the way TPTB introduce an element that they deem important, don’t explain it when introduced (keys), which turns out to be not such a big thing after all. But, then leave out things that are important, like the hotel has enough food for months and yes, it might be a good idea to stay for a while (which should have been brought up last week).

    • LaDonna says:

      #1 – That was sort of addressed a few weeks ago on Talking Dead. When one breaks one addiction, they often replace it with another. In this case, Nick’s new addiction (his being drawn to the infected) has a much stronger pull for him. Not saying he wouldn’t be tempted, but that’s how it was explained. #2 – This was actually addressed directly on Talking Dead last night. I can’t remember exactly how he putting but the Strand actor said that Strand felt it was time for Madison to take the lead. He saw that she was handling it and decided that it was OK to stand back and let her take over for that situation. It’s a step forward in the trust/respect relationship between Strand and Madison. #3 – I kind of felt the same way, but maybe we only saw them clear one floor? Considering that Oscar and Strand went back for Jessica at the end, it was obvious that not all the infected had been cleared, so maybe they repeated the process on other floors? I know Alicia said they wouldn’t have to do that, but perhaps they changed their plan once they saw how many they were dealing with? I guess I just chose to suspend disbelief after I thought about it for a bit. #4 – Yeah, I didn’t miss them either. Not thrilled with either character. #5 – AGREE! Alicia is a far more compelling character than Travis, Chris or Nick. I want Alicia to be the “Rick” of the group, not Madison or Strand. #6 – Not sure what needed to be explained about the keys. Last week, interact with the guests (so she was in some positions of authority) and lock the ballroom (with those keys). And as for the food in the resort, again, it was a huge resort with enough food on hand to feed all the guests. Considering how few guests are left alive at this point, I didn’t find it unusual for her to say that there was enough food to last them months.

      • KLS says:

        Thanks. I don’t watch Talking Dead, at least not for Fear. Sometimes i forget how soon after the apocalypse we are and what the characters should know about or what to do to survive. I did see somewhere that the showrunner said that 2B would be mostly about the kids. We’ve seen plenty of Chris & Nick. I too am waiting for Alicia to step up.

      • Jackson101 says:

        Stop comparing that moron teenage girl to Rick!!!!! He is a man. She is a wimp. This is turning into another one of those silly teen sci-fi dramas that chases it’s own tail. Cancel please before it makes me puke!!

        • LaDonna says:

          So, you’re saying that the lead of the group has to be a MAN? Are you serious? She’s far from a wimp. Yes, she’s a teenager, but she’s growing into her own. And if you’re concerned about the actress pulling off a strong leadership role, go watch a few episodes of The 100. You can take your woman-hate somewhere else.

    • Jeremy P. says:

      Don’t agree with number 5. When was Alicia weak? She was the smart one coming up with plans and telling Hector they needed to clear the place and was killing walkers like a badass. She did confess her fear of losing Maddie, her mom, like any normal person would do and stepped up by insisting she be the one leading them off the pier, but Maddie didn’t want to (I think in part because she realized how much she neglected Alicia and preferred to risk herself… for once). But showing love and compassion isn’t weakness, it’s part of the humanity that is lacking in most of the characters on FTWD and what makes them unlikable (and why I like Alicia so much).
      TWD gang is so loved because they are both badass but also the good guys. They save people, take others in, risk everything when one of their own is lost or taken, they are protective, they cry and break down (Rick cries every 3 episodes, LOL) because he cares and loves fiercely. It’s what’s missing from Fear. Just having characters be ruthless without sentiment is like watching villains willing to do anything, like the Bros last episode, but being both ruthless AND human is what makes you root for the characters and feel their dilemma when they have to do something terrible, because you know they care/have morals/feel bad.
      That’s why I love TWD gang and why I love Alicia so much. When plane girl needed help, she was the one defending her fiercely. When she was trapped with pirates, she was the one who came to tell Travis she’d come get him out and then actually returned for him when she escaped. When Strand was being cast out of Celia’s, she was the one seeing Strand to the gates to say goodbye. She was the one giving a pep talk about hope to suicidal Ofelia and offering to be her family. She was the one risking hell to go save Maddie and Strand (who were chilling in the spa). She was the one who was offering her protection and comfort to Elena. The youngest out of all of them! She’s the compassionate one, but at the same time, doesn’t back down in the face of danger, makes plans and reminds the groups they need to gather supplies, kills walkers like a boss and has a protective instinct towards others. She has all the right elements to become the great leader of the group.
      Madison on the other hand I don’t trust enough. I don’t trust her to even go looking for her own daughter, so I can’t trust her to be protective-lead other people. She sat in a spa with another big dude for day instead of fighting her way to Alicia, the way Alicia fought her way to them. When she went to look for her and Travis with the pirates, she exchanged that zombie kid only for Travis instead of waiting for Alicia, giving her only bargaining chip away for her bf. She was already leaving her captive daughter sailing away on the motor boat with only Travis when she saw Alicia on the boat roof and she had to save herself. She said nothing to Strand when he cut the raft plane girl and the injured boy from the Abigail, just stood there expressionless. I dunno, man, Madison is just too weird, like heartless or something. All she cares about is Nick.
      Unlike Rick, who we all know will burn down the friggin Earth to get back anyone from his group, not only Lori or Carl. Anyone. And this is something I see in Alicia, not Maddie sadly who is supposedly the main. Madison bosses people around when it’s convenient for her, but I don’t feel she actually cares, if that makes sense?
      I am all for this show making Alicia the Rick of FTWD.

      • Fear Should Fear Itself says:

        Ewww, Alicia as the new Rick?! I don’t think so!!! Lots of hardcore WD fans would be so mad for even considering comparing the two!! No, Alicia really sucks on this show and it’s kinda bad that you guys think she’s good on this when you have seen NOTHING in terms of the actors true capabilities. Just watch her on the 100, you will see what I mean. After seeing her on that, even her ‘best’ moments on this show have been grossly overrated and over exaggerated. So she managed the functionality of a knife all in one scene? Big deal, when she was Lexa she friggin had a sword fight with some dude and shot a spear through some chick’s chest, now that was quality action and acting, not this slop you’re so desperate to love.

        • Jeremy P. says:

          Can you stop commenting to hate on Alicia under different names? You are so transparent. Go watch TWD and stop hating on Fear, which if you don’t like, why are you even watching?! I’ve been a hardcore TWD fan since day one and I don’t try and pretend to talk for everyone else. I doubt you even watch TWD, you sound more like a disgruntled The 100 fan bad talking the show in the hopes its failure will result in her return to that awful show. Hint: it won’t, she’s said it herself. I actually have seen her on the 100 too and while her character was amazing and the only thing good about that horrendous excuse of a show, she’s gone from it and that’s not going to change. Fear is not the best thing around but it has improved leaps and bounds in the last 3 episodes. If you did in fact like her in her previous show, then you should be happy her character is finally being developed on Fear and quickly becoming a favorite, and the show is getting better. If you are just a hater, then just take a chill pill and go to bed, child.

          • Abbey says:

            Wow, that was really rude. You shouldn’t be allowed to be so mean to other people on this thing, I’m surprised they let you post that. I’m actually a fan of the 100 myself and I totally get it, she was so much better on that. That’s why I think Fear was such an anticlimax, I was expecting something great from her and it just isn’t happening and I’m bored waiting. ‘Leaps and bounds’ is a bit of an exaggerating as is comparing her to Rick since the two have little in common. Oh and I don’t know if you watched all of the 100 but in the end she was briefly resurrected so it’s possible it could happen again, it is sci-fi after all. And btw at comic con the 100 writers said they would kindly be willing to alter plot lines if the actress wanted to return. I hope she will too because I am really disappointed with this show and her character on it I won’t lie. Long term, the future may be bleak for this show but I do think Strand is slightly intriguing, I wish they gave him more lines. All I ask is that people like you please be a bit more respectful towards others because it is coming across as borderline bullying and aggressive.

          • Abbey says:

            Oh and ps, I personally don’t think her character is developing on Fear much at all, sadly for me she is getting worse. I don’t believe she will ever manage to be as good as Lexa or the 100 on Fear, not truly. :-(

  11. KenBud says:

    Why do you people continue to watch this show and then leave negative comments about it here? Recognizing the same names over and over. Stop watching if you don’t like it. It’s quite simple.

    I really enjoy the show and thought this episode was great. Thought the suspense of will it work/will it not work of leading the zombies out on to the pier was awesome!

    Also enjoy the notion of Chris turning bad. As much as Travis wants to love that kid, Chris has a cold heart.

    And where is Ofelia???

    • LaDonna says:

      Didn’t Chris Hardwick say the Ofelia actress (sorry, terrible with actor’s names) is going to be on Talking Dead next week? I’m guessing that means we’ll find out where she is in the next episode! I’ve been wondering too.

  12. doreen daggett says:

    I am liking this show more and more. Agree with people you can’t compare with TWD it is in a class all by itself. This season of Fear is pretty good so far.

  13. Brenda says:

    I don’t see what the problem is if u don’t like the show don’t watch. But there are some of us who really like this show. I think the story has got to talk about somebody first. Why does Nick have run off by himself all the time?

  14. erik says:

    Alicia is holding the show up single-handidly.. Followed by Strand and madison. The hotel location is great… but the show LITERALLY stops dead whenever they cut back to Nick. It’s like the same scene over and over with him. They literally ruined his character when the writers made the decision to have him go off on his own with the dead at the end of the season 2A and abandon his family.

    Travis is ok, his son is the WORST. They have ruined his character this year. And it still makes no sense why he went into his step mom and sister’s room and picked up a knife (other than lazy writing to give the show shock value and an excuse for him to run away). Other than Alicia, these have to be the worst kids ever.

    Let’s hope they hurry up and turn the brat into a villain and have either Travis or Alicia kill him off. And then move Nick to a supporting character, reunite him with his family, and then work on building him back up. This whole weird addiction with the dead isn’t working.

    Also, bring back the asian girl from the plane. She was much more interesting than 1/2 the “regular” cast.

    • Jeremy P. says:

      I agree 100% with every single word.

    • Jenna says:

      Ugghhh, no wayyyyyy, I hate her so much!!! If she is the new Captain, this show is the Titanic. Newsflash btw, she was always weak. She was so horrible to her brother when he was having a seizure in season 1 and nearly gets her family KILLED by flirting with unknown strangers on radios!! I agree with the others. I can’t stand her. She is self-centred and moody and horrible and I am still rooting for the zombies and that they will eat her. If anyone should be leader, it should be Strand or Nick. If not, I’m out. This thing is a car crash anyway.

  15. erik says:

    I do think the show feels fresher than TWD proper, but the characters arent as good and its not as tense.

  16. Alley says:

    I just wanted to thank you for providing these recaps. I love both shows. I’m visually impaired and sometimes it’s very difficult to follow the story because it’s so visual. Until someone get’s these shows connected with descriptive videos, the recaps will help fill in those gaps. Thanks again.

  17. Johnny R says:

    I want to like FTWD but it’s just disappointing. The actor who plays Travis is great but his character is boring. Chris is… well, he’s Chris and needs to die. I dont like Madisson either. Just the look in her eyes when she’s trying to be a badass… ew. And Alicia? Come on. In real life she would never be a leader. She is not strong or smart enough. In an apocalytic world the only way a young girl like that could handle herself is when she has a really big gun and a lot of ammo. If not, she would be zombiemeat or worse. Strand is oke and so is Nick but he gets way to much airtime. He’s not interesting enough. Still I hope the show continues and gets the chance to get better because it still has a lot of potential.

    • Abbey says:

      Yes I agree with you Johnny. As I said, I don’t really like Alicia much or Madison or Chris for that matter but some people are so aggressively defending everything and everyone on it that it would make you afraid to say anything. I for one understand that there elements of it that need work (and people, oh gosh the people) so yes, I get you and I respect that.