Major Crimes Renewed Season 6

Was Major Death a Small Price to Pay? Is Suits Guilty of Fashion Crime? The Wildest Time Jump? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Major Crimes, Mistresses, Zoo and Tyrant!

1 | Regardless of your loyalty to Killjoys‘ Pawter (R.I.P.), did you jump for joy a bit when that spunky Swiss Army knife Clara resurfaced in the finale, to accompany Johnny?

| Wouldn’t it have been fun for Narcos to swap in Nick Offerman for one scene as Pablo Escobar, without comment, to see if anyone noticed?

| On Chesapeake Shores, what was Mick thinking, telling the family that something happened to Kevin in Afghanistan in front of his young grandchildren? Couldn’t he have sent the rugrats outside to play, rather than worrying a 10- and three-year-old?

| Can more shows follow in BrainDead‘s footsteps and do random “Previously On” segments for long-gone dramas, a la the CBS series’ musical Gunsmoke recap?

5 | Tell us, Ann Coulter — in the end, was the promise of some book promotion worth subjecting yourself to being ripped apart by vicious comedians (and Jewel!) at Comedy Central’s Rob Lowe roast?

| Can we agree that this week’s Major Crimes death, while tragic, was a modest price to pay after 12 total seasons of nearly unscathed MCD team members? Also, did Dwight Darnell give anyone else Ricky Schroder vibes?

American Ninja Warrior| Is American Ninja Warrior‘s new Broken Bridge obstacle a blatant recipe for faceplants?

| Did Bachelor in Paradise producers really expect us to care even a little bit about Nick Viall’s relationship with Jen, when we already know he’s the next Bachelor?

9 | TVLine reader Minn Beef asks: “Didn’t anyone else wonder how Mistresses‘ Lydia is able to afford a top-floor, corner-unit apartment in L.A. on a nanny’s salary?” We meanwhile ask: How did Karen manage to  fall up and over Lydia’s balcony without taking her suicidal nanny alongHINA ABDULLAH for the deadly ride? And if an existing character is going to replace the dearly departed shrink as the fourth “mistress,” who should it be: Randy? Wilson Cruz’s Dante? Harry’s agent Ari? A fresh-out-of-prison Elizabeth Grey? Or mystery woman Karen Kim 2.0 (pictured right)? Speaking of….

10 | Which was the most bananapants season-ending time jump: Mistresses’ one-year leap and reveal of a “new” Karen Kim, or Zoo’s 10-year fast-forward, in which children are becoming extinct?

11 | Did the sheer volume of Kevin Spacey-centric takedowns during the Difficult People finale seem a tad bit excessive even by the show’s cutthroat standards? (What do we think the House of Cards actor did to piss off creator Julie Klausner?)

12 | On a scale of 1 to 10, how shameless was Live With Kelly‘s touting of a “big,” “mind-blowing” announcement on Wednesday’s show… only to not reveal a new cohost but some silly viewer contest? Also, Kelly Ripa had no idea Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were dating? Really?!

Tyrant13 | Hey, Tyrant‘s Ahmed — nice gesture, but maybe next time have the painter not give Barry a crooked tie? And with Barry now rather unlikeable, Molly very out of love with him and Jamal long dead, is anyone really clamoring for a Season 4 on some other channel?

14 | Was Jane the Virgin‘s Brett Dier the most game CW guest star yet on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

15 | Why is You’re the Worst’s Paul relying on old-fashioned DVDs for his stab-rehab entertainment? Has this guy never heard of streaming?

Suits16 | Suits fans, what’s the verdict on Jessica’s unique, asymmetrical white blouse? Yea or nay?

17 | On a scale of 1-10, how happy must Ann Curry have been to read the reactions to Matt Lauer’s poor performance as moderator of NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum? And how exactly did Lauer earn the gig over reported contenders Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell and Rachel Maddow? And since it seems NBC’s #LaueringTheBar backlash shows no signs of dying down, perhaps it’s time for him to quietly follow Natalie Morales over to Access Hollywood?

18 | Should Cigna have waited to unite the TV docs for a Super Bowl commercial?

19 | For a show that’s only be on four seasons, did Beauty and the Beast‘s blast of flashbacks surprise you with just how young Jay Ryan looked in the beginning? Also, was Cat’s “VinCat4Ever” password a fun, final nod to ‘shippers?

20 | Gay men of the world, how many of you considered running back into the closet after watching the Finding Prince Charming premiere? Also, could there be any more awkward/clumsy rose substitute than a freakin’ tie?

21 | Is it hard to stay mad at Louis C.K. for the extended Louie hiatus when he’s producing the likes of Baskets, Horace and Pete and now Better Things and One Mississippi?

22 | Should Comedy Central opt to keep @Midnight at 11:30 pm instead of finding a replacement for Larry Wilmore, or are you OK with Chris Hardwick’s reasoning that a winner is still chosen at 11:59:59, thus justifying its title in an earlier time slot?

23 | Sorry, we’re once again back to the hugely disturbing KFC ad campaign: Any word on if it has made a dent in sales…? Or has it scared people away?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kevin K says:

    #12 – 8 because Live with Kelly still needs a big name co-host. #17 – 5 even though I still miss Ann Curry :-(

  2. LADY_in_MD says:

    I thought the guy who played Dwight could have been Ricky’s younger brother or even kid he looks very much like him
    As shocked as I was with that cold opening I understand why they did it for the storyline and the future of the show looking forward to next week’s finale

    Also no Rizzoli & Isles finale questions?
    Mine would be how long did it take for anyone who watched it to start crying… For me it was when they showed Frost’s robot I just lost it from there through out the rest of the show also I was hoping for a little flash forward to Frankie and Nina’s wedding

  3. Marco Piazzo says:

    16. I wouldn’t know, but she’s got a good start on her Cure Scarlet cosplay.

  4. Wordsmith says:

    5) The answer is an emphatic no. No amount of free book publicity would justify the savage (and some would argue, justified) treatment that Ann Coulter got at that roast.
    And then to stand up there and bomb with her own set? I don’t think she came away with any new fans or Trump converts.

    • maggie says:

      I can’t stand Ann Coulter, but that was horrible, particularly considering that she wasn’t the subject of the roast. I don’t understand why they asked her to be there, as she’s not a comedian and has no connection to Lowe. I understand that Coulter needs to publicize her book, but why did she think that this was a good audience for that?

    • maggie says:

      I know that some people say that Coulter deserved it because she has been vile in speaking about certain racial and religious groups. While I can’t argue that Coulter deserves to be called out for her ugly remarks, this was not the way to do it.

  5. tallsy says:

    8. Bachelor TPTB announced Nick last week to undercut Jen and wouldn’t ask her any questions of After Paradise.
    20. The tie ceremony on Finding Prince Charming is terrible. I’m amazed they didn’t change it before airing.

  6. Ange says:

    16. I loved Jessica’s blouse. It was a much needed change from her form fitting skirts and dresses.

  7. Daisy says:

    I still watch DVD’s. I have a lot of movies that can almost never be found (legally) online.

  8. Shar says:

    #17 – Is it time for Katie Couric to interview both candidates?

    • Temperance says:

      Lauer and any show he’s on are now persona non grata at my house. Forever.

      • Rob Horine says:

        Why? He’s not allowed to ask Queen Hillary any hard questions? Was he to ask questions like “how awesome are you?” or “How evil Trump is?”. All while making goo-goo eyes at Dem candidate?

        • fiberlicious says:

          ML not only phoned it in, he left the earpiece at home. Letting The Not-So-Great Pumpkin lie like his bad combover about Iraq – when it was LAUER he was talking to supporting the invasion back then – was not journalism.

        • maggie says:

          The topic was supposed to be about being Commander In Chief, which means the military, veterans, war, etc. ML kept asking Hillary about emails, and not really about the topic of the forum. It was a disservice to the veterans there to focus on the emails which have been discussed many other places. ML needed to stick to the topic with Clinton.

          ML also let Trump keep up his lie about opposing the war in Iraq, and should have mentioned his Howard Stern interview supporting the war. Also when Trump said to look at his 2004 Esquire interview as proof of his being against the war before it happened, ML should have said that the war started in 2003. ML didn’t press Trump about his “take the oil” & “to the victor go the spoils” comments. (It’s a war crime, as pillaging or taking of property of an individual, group, or state is prohibited by international law.) ML should have also told Trump that rape in the military isn’t just of women, but of men as well, when he asked Trump about his comment that putting women in the military causes rape.

          ML failed with both of the candidates, and failed the veterans who sponsored this town hall.

      • I agree about Lauer and felt that way before his deplorable performance at the Commander in Chief forum. Shame on NBC.

    • CityDiva says:

      REAL journalists need to ask the candidates questions. Not the likes of Matt Lauer.

  9. cathms says:

    16. I really liked Jessica asymmetrical shirt. I was more concerned about the white bikini Donna wore to go mudding with Louis.

  10. Leeann... :) says:

    16: This jury’s still out. One minute I like it, the next I don’t.

    18: Check TV Line’s original post’s comments. I’m pretty sure me and the rest of the commenters made out the list for the Super Bowl commercial. I’m sure there’s a couple of TV doc’s/shows that we missed.

  11. Luis Roman says:

    !. i totally jumped when I saw Stephanie Leonidas was a guest star on the finale. She’s immediately become my second favorite Clara on a sci-fi TV show!
    5. They could still be ripping Coultergeist new ones and I would be blissfully happy.
    9. Never watched “Mistresses,” but I followed the updates. Here;s my theory – Yunjin Kim’s “Karen Kim” is an identity thief who stole the original’s identity and was living as “Karen Kim” for four years. The original arrives and much of season 5 gets devoted to unraveling the mystery of who the other “Karen Kim” really was.
    23. Which part of the KFC campaign do you find hugely disturbing, because I think the man or woman who first uttered the words “George Hamilton as the extra-crispy Colonel” should get a yea’s paid vacation, since they are not going to have a better idea in the next twelve months.

  12. kate says:

    1. Yes, I was like torn sitting on my own couch. It was actually a complicated set of feelings, first I was already sitting there thinking, wait, he’s not actually leaving the show, right? I like Dutch and Da’avn well enough and it looks like Fancy and Pree might fully be joining up, but, um, the show would be lost with Johnny. Then I was like, aww, Lucy, that was so nice of you. Then, I was like, but Pawter literally just died, and based on the time frame it was like at most three days before that. But then also, well, Dutch can’t really conduct her war without basically the two of them, so they will be chasing them down (I also don’t see Lucy being as, well, helpful without Johnny around, like she’ll do everything she is told, but she will sink more into rote computer mode because she doesn’t have Johnny’s influence or the computer version of a crush on him). I’m also kind of curious since the Raza crew is still trying to basically figure out what the eff is going on around them if they are still in the same universe. As Killjoys was making it very clear that there was this Quad and that the plasma was elsewhere and we know the Nine seems to act like one of the corporations that the Raza deals with, but we have only met two of them, and then that I swear I’ve heard the Killjoys mention the GA, which on Dark Matter is the Galactic Authority.

  13. Katrinka says:

    6) I definitely can see the Rick Schroeder comparison to Brett Davern aka Dwight Darnell on Major Crimes. But that evil smirk he flashed right before he shot up the courtroom looked exactly like the Grinch.

  14. KLS says:

    #6 I thought it was Jesse McCartney. But then I realized he was on an earlier episode.

  15. Hollie says:

    4- if BrainDead is a One-and-done, as I suspect, it will be one of the most memorable in recent years, and unlike what I would’ve said after watching the pilot, I think it’s a good memorable.

    21- Not to mention crushing Power Players Jeopardy this week.

  16. HAP says:

    #5- Coulter has proven time and again how she earn the scorn she got. But she was just pimping her wretched book about the orange orangutan.

    #17- There have been items posted that Lauer got a condo from Trump. That said, I always thought that Maddow or Mitchell should have done the show instead of a guy that narrates the Macy’s parade.

  17. ljd213 says:

    #18 Love the docs in the box, maybe the Super Bowl ad rates are too high.

    #6 I thought Dr. Joe would be the goner, Taylor was a well kept secret. Anyone else think that Dwight’s mom is more evil than we thought as she shook off Amy’s offer to walk her out. I think “Mom” stayed in the bullpen to listen and pick up what info she could. Cue the sinister music….

  18. cuius says:

    Coulter, like Trump, revels in the media assaults – you can’t afford to buy that sort of publicity. There’s going to be some long faces amongst the left side of the aisle on the night of November 8th

  19. Jennifer says:

    10 | Which was the most bananapants season-ending time jump: Mistresses’ one-year leap and reveal of a “new” Karen Kim, or Zoo’s 10-year fast-forward, in which children are becoming extinct?

    Wasn’t that a TV show? Lifetime or WGN or something?

    • Katherine215 says:

      Yes, on Lifetime – The Lottery. I actually kind of liked that show even though it tried way too hard to be mysterious and the acting/writing was cringeworthy at times.

  20. Jennifer says:

    18 | Should Cigna have waited to unite the TV docs for a Super Bowl commercial?

    OMG Yes. Or maybe they’re planning a BIGGER one for the Superbowl, depending on the public’s reaction to this one?

  21. Amy says:

    16) Nope, did not like. However I did notice, either last week or the week before (when Jessica and Rachel were in court together), that Jessica Pearson and Olivia Pope have the same clothes lol.

  22. Barbara Lowenkopf says:

    i watched the insurance commercial w/ the doctors 4 times in a row…couldn’t believe my eyes, and w/ a dvr, i hate hate commercial! yes, super bowl, definitely. ya know, hillary/trump sucked too, but ann curry’s gotta be smilin’ from somewhere! and YES on Chesapeake shores. your questions are amazing and spot on, may i say!

  23. Max says:

    #24 – MasterChef
    How obvious is it that the producers are keeping David in the top 3 solely for dramatic purposes? He should’ve been eliminated against Dan then again against Tanorria. Any other contestant would have been let go for throwing a temper tantrum and walking out or for serving an incomplete dish.

    • skrable2 says:

      He should have been eliminated after throwing the champagne bottle on the floor in the vicinity of his partner. That should have been an automatic elimination. At least we no longer have to listen to Pee Wee Nathan

    • Laura says:

      This! They outright disqualified Andrea for significantly less, yet they beg David to come back even after he’d been warned about his temper and he obviously can’t take criticism well at all.

    • Big Cheddar says:

      Oh absolutely! They wanted a finale showdown between David and Shawn anyway they could get it. Tanorria didn’t stand a chance.

    • KLS says:

      Why would you even cook the sides if the judges weren’t even going to taste them or care if they made it to the plate? Tanorria is the better cook than David, no question. I questioned the producers motives after the champagne fit as well. That was dangerous and he should have been tossed out.

  24. Rahajicho says:

    I like Clara and look forward to seeing what they do with Aneela, but they won’t replace Pawter and Delle Seyah.

  25. skrable2 says:

    6) I know Provenza properly headslapped some sense into “It’s all about me” Rusty, and Fritz addressed the press and the squad, but it sure seemed as though Taylor got short-shrift for a guy who’d been there since Day One. Maybe they’ll get back to him by the end of the three-parter.

  26. arial2 says:

    6 – Of all the characters on the show, Taylor has always been the one you love to hate, so I won’t miss him that much. My biggest WTF moment came near the end, when Raydor noticed the killer’s mother hanging around outside her door, obviously listening to Provenza and Raydor talking, and she did NOTHING to detain her. Given her attitude toward Sykes, you just know the woman is one of the bad guys. She’ll warn them and all the guns will have been removed by the time the raid started.
    23 – As scary as the KFC commercial is, I think CIGNA’s “doctors,” with all those generations of tv doctors is wonderful and more than makes up for KFC’s debacle.

  27. Boiler says:

    You missed the biggest question in light of the Rizzoli and Isles cancellation….why is TNT so inept that they would cancel its most popular show???

  28. Kate says:

    Chesapeake Shores: those kids aren’t 10 and 3. I think they’re 10 and 8. And the real biggest question about that show comes from a few episodes ago: WHY did no one in this tight-knit family bother to come see one son off on his deployment??? He was standing around by himself waiting for a cab while everyone was asleep. Totally bizarre.

  29. TAB says:

    9. Karen falling from the balcony didn’t make any sense. Of all the ways to kill her off they chose the dumbest option. Her heel broke off her shoe. At worst she would have slammed into the railing, not over the edge.

    10. Zoo’s 10 year jump annoyed me. I wish it had been a series finale. What will the show even be like next season? Will the name Zoo as the title even make sense anymore?

  30. Tom says:

    19 | For a show that’s only be on four seasons, did Beauty and the Beast‘s blast of flashbacks surprise you with just how young Jay Ryan looked in the beginning? Also, was Cat’s “VinCat4Ever” password a fun, final nod to ‘shippers?
    All I know is they lost me from the start when it was revealed the dude would be nothing like Ron Pearlman’s Vincent
    22 | Should Comedy Central opt to keep @Midnight at 11:30 pm instead of finding a replacement for Larry Wilmore, or are you OK with Chris Hardwick’s reasoning that a winner is still chosen at 11:59:59, thus justifying its title in an earlier time slot?
    My biggest gripe is him saying “It’s 11:59 and 59 seconds” when the show has always started at 12:01 AM for me. Anyway, I feel guilty for saying this because I have nothing but respect for Larry Wilmore and enjoyed The Nightly Show, but part of me does like only having two shows to watch. I don’t know. Maybe give a shot at a show hosted by a woman? Preferably a non white woman, like a Latina or an Indian woman, and bonus points if she’s not straight. Nothing against Hardwick, dude’s one of the people I wouldn’t mind being aside from his sobriety, but I think yeah there should be a gay noncaucausian woman in late night somewhere

  31. flowerduh says:

    16. Love! Love! Love the blouse that Jessica that was wearing!
    18. Yeah, they should have waited until the Superbowl. Even thought it’s funny I bet you if they waited until the Superbowl it would be even funnier.

  32. Kim R says:

    16. In all honesty, I question a lot of Jessica’s clothing choices.

  33. ScottJ says:

    Well I won’t be watching Zoo at all now. I’ve had it with time jumps. And cliffhangers, 24-hours-earlier, flashbacks, and unresolved endings.

    These sorts of tricks are an insult to the audience, and there are now plenty of options that don’t use them. I’ll stick to the shows that don’t treat us like idiots who don’t know how to change the channel.

  34. ScottJ says:

    I no longer watch shows that use time jumps. Its sloppy writing and an insult to the audience. So goodbye Zoo.

  35. Jason says:

    17) Matt Lauer’s fail as a moderator really has no correlation to the Today Show. The entire morning NBC bloc, up through Access Hollywood is pretty lightweight in general. And that’s not a complaint because I like to start my day on an upbeat note. It’s always cheerful and full of good spirit, which is a breath of fresh air compared to everyone else’s doom and gloom
    23) I’ve got to say, I always enjoy those bizarre KFC commercials. Especially the Norm MacDonald ones. But I’ve rarely seen any commercial that had an effect on whether I would buy something or not.

  36. Avery says:

    16. Yay. Surprising, but yay. Gina Torres must be an absolute joy to dress.

  37. Mommaknowsbest says:

    16. A big, fat YAY!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!

  38. Rheinmeister says:

    Didn’t love Jessica’s top – looked way too long and not very well fitted in the front and I love her wardrobe of all the ladies….until last Wednesday.

    Not sorry about Tyrants cancellation…in particular Molly’s 180 after her daughter died and this whole Lady MacBeth routine was just annoying.

    Not sure I understand how Trump has gotten this far but poor journalism across the networks and not helped the situation.

    That Mistresses finale was just horrible from start to finish. Had they ended on Monday’s episode it might have been a more fitting way to finish the season but can’t say I’m too sorry to hear that it’s done. One summer show that I hope survives is The Night Shift…that was a good finale for a summer show.

  39. Temperance says:

    Lauer just reduced his entire (mediocre) career to being a partisan hack (or a true sexist). either way, our viewing of anything he’s involved with is over.

  40. PatriciaLee says:

    1. Not a hop, other than to hope she will be a plot device to bring back Pawter in the future. 10. Zoo’s zinger for sure. Can time travel not be far behind for the next season’s cliffhanger? 16. Yae, because her hair makes it symmetrical, and I was blubbering with gratitude it was something with sleeves. The energy bill must be astronomical in those modern suit offices. 22. The 91-year old mother is still bummed about his cancellation, and I’m kicking myself that I put off watching it, however, they can redeem themselves by having a rotating Comedy Central with Wilmore on one of the five days. It would be fun to get different takes on the premise. 22. 50-50, some are charmed, and some are gasping at the bad joke of age, earth, and photoshopped youthful tan.

  41. quinquin says:

    #6 – I think, it was a small price to pay. Except for an occasional villain (and the victims, of course), it was the first time the show ever killed off a main character. Sure, Taylor will be missed BUT he leaves a lot of room for new developments and character-driven story-lines, exactly the things that make this show so special among the myriads of crime procedurals out there.

  42. Liz985 says:

    #5 – Realizing that the politics of the writing team here is probably decidedly center-left, how unfair is it that you’re criticizing Ann Coulter for being piled on at a roast for Rob Lowe? She was told to kill herself and got called a c*nt by one of the “comedians.” In any other forum this would be tantamount to sexism and bullying, but because you don’t like her politics it’s all OK. Anything’s permissable under the decidedly illogical rules of civility of the Left as long *your* hate is seen as justified and morally superior.

  43. fiberlicious says:

    5: Vicious gets what vicious gives. AC deserved every slam.

  44. I disagree about the tie. Lots of sexy ways “Prince Charming” (Lance says that too often!) Robert can put on (or yank) that tie.

  45. Rich H. says:

    How come shows like Suits and Major Crimes are never nominated for awards? They are terrific shows that should be rewarded for excellence.

  46. Alichat says:

    19) I have been re-watching the seasons, and I noted that when I started season 1. It was startling. Also I had forgotten about his floppy hair and scar. I kinda miss the scar. I don’t miss the crappy writing that took over season 2 and made it so ridiculous. Yeesh.

  47. Mark in DC says:

    16: I liked the idea of her tunic top, but between the skewed neckline, bell sleeve and oddly placed seam lines, it was just a bit of a mess for the normally impeccable Jessica.

  48. tjchurch2001 says:

    They should either return “@Midnight” to its original air-time, or at least change its title. (Perhaps something to reflect the fact it simultaneously happens on TV & online… “Hashtag Wars” has/have severely limited the amount of time I am able to spend posting &/or reading on Twitter.)

  49. Ella says:

    I really liked Jessica’s white blouse!