Mr. Robot Recap Season 2 Episode 10

Mr. Robot Recap: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Whew… have we all caught our breath yet?

This second season of USA’s Mr. Robot has been, let’s face it, a little meandering at times. (We criticize because we love.) But this week’s episode made up for all of that with a rush of massive plot developments and some truly dazzling filmmaking from creator/director Sam Esmail. Hands down, it’s the most satisfying episode so far this season.

We picked up where we left off last week, with Joanna accosting Elliot/”Ollie” on the street. Back in her lavish apartment, Joanna stared directly into Elliot’s soul (Elliot, to us: “I still feel like she can hear us”) before finally asking him to help her find Tyrell. Elliot, of course, thinks he killed Tyrell — though I’m still not sure we can trust him on that — but he played along to avoid arousing her suspicion. Because Joanna is, after all, a scary woman.

Case in point: She recounted to Elliot the very romantic tale of her first date with Tyrell. She saw some earrings she liked on a beautiful woman, and so he seduced the woman to get the earrings for Joanna. (She still has them, too: “These are the cheapest things I own. And yet they’re my favorite.”) That was all to tell Elliot how far Tyrell would go for her… and how far she’d go for him.

Tyrell actually called Joanna the night before, she said, showing Elliot the phone Tyrell sent her. But Elliot still didn’t want to help, and tried to escape before Joanna’s burly chauffeur Mr. Sutherland stood in his way. That’s when Joanna sealed the deal by slinking over to Elliot, tenderly pulling back his hoodie, grabbing his face and getting intimately close, and instead of kissing him, whispering in his ear: “Do you really want to say no to me?” Ummm… no, ma’am?

So Elliot and Mr. Robot headed to their local Micro Center (a Best Buy clone) to gear up for an epic hack, picking up a fresh laptop and a bunch of burner phones for the task at hand. And it’s a clever one: Elliot hacked into the NYPD database and impersonated a cop to get the phone company to ping Tyrell’s cell phone, thanks to an antiquated fax system. (Elliot: “No one in the world uses fax anymore… except for cops.” Ha!)

Mr. Robot Recap Season 2 Episode 10

He used the ping to pinpoint the address Tyrell’s calls are originating from — 92 East 82nd Street, for those keeping score at home — but Mr. Sutherland couldn’t believe it: “Trust me, he wouldn’t be calling from that house.” Why? We never got an answer. Add that to the pile of “unsolved Mr. Robot mysteries.” (It’s a big pile, I know.)

Meanwhile, Darlene and Cisco were stuck dealing with a badly injured guy, Vincent, who helped Darlene with the Five/Nine hack. She had zero sympathy for the poor guy, though; she didn’t want him confessing to the feds after an IV full of morphine. But Cisco was fed up with her April Ludgate routine and insisted they get the guy to a hospital, and Darlene surprised us all by relenting. She has a heart after all!

Turns out her paranoia was pretty well-founded, though: Dom and her FBI friends were quickly closing in on Cisco after witnesses reported seeing him outside the safehouse. She begged her superiors to hold off on going public, because if they did, Cisco would become a target for Dark Army assassins. But they did it anyway, plastering a sketch of Cisco all over the news just as Dom tracked him to the hospital they took Vincent to.

And that led to maybe the most exhilarating 20 minutes in Mr. Robot history: With Mac Quayle’s moody EDM score ebbing and flowing underneath, the episode’s various plot threads started to overlap and come together. After receiving urgent texts from Angela, Elliot met her in an empty subway car. She pointedly asked him, “Why did you start fsociety?” Sensing a trap, Elliot danced around the subject, but Angela cut him off, informing him that she’s turning herself into the authorities. She’s given up trying to fight E Corp: “No matter what we do, we will always lose to them.”

She swore she wouldn’t implicate Elliot, though, and the two childhood friends shared a tender goodbye hug — and a kiss! (This isn’t really a ‘shipper-friendly show, but: Yay, Anglliot!) Once Elliot left the subway car, Angela turned around and was confronted by two people we couldn’t see. Her face fell. Were these federal agents, using Angela as bait to nab Elliot? Or someone more sinister?

Speaking of “more sinister”: Darlene and Cisco learned that Vincent needs a CT scan and decided to stick around to hear the results, killing time in a nearby diner. A regrettable decision, to be sure, because Dom caught up with them there and called for backup… just as a pair of Dark Army assassins rode up on a motorbike and one sprayed gunfire all over the diner. Dom managed to wing the assassin with a bullet, and just like her last run-in with them, the assassin offed himself before he could be questioned. Sirens. Credits.

First of all: Holy @*&#(*&(*@&! Secondly: Are Darlene and Cisco alive? In the final scene’s masterfully composed wide shot, we could see Dom duck for cover, but Darlene and Cisco were right in the line of fire, unfortunately. Is Elliot’s sister really dead? And if so, will that send him reeling into another cycle of dangerous delusions?

One thing’s for sure: Mr. Robot is back in top form. And, with just two episodes left this season, not a moment too soon.

Mr. Robot Recap Season 2 Episode 10Bits and Bytes:

* Can’t forget to mention that opening scene with former E Corp CTO Terry Colby schmoozing with CEO Phillip Price (and calling Donald Trump “a c–ksucker”). Price is trying to get the White House to look the other way while China seizes power in the Congo. It’s all like a very rich man’s game of real-life Risk, and Price’s monologue about being the most powerful man in the room was positively chilling. (Bravo, Michael Cristofer.)

* If this is Carly Chaikin’s last episode as Darlene (and I hope it’s not), she went out on a high note with Darlene’s monologue about being kidnapped by a creepy woman when she was a kid and wishing she could stay with her because her home life was so messed up. Sigh. We’re still just seeing the tip of the iceberg that is the Alderson family dysfunction, aren’t we?

* Loved, LOVED, Elliot using an empty Pringles can and some metal clamps to create a high-powered Wi-Fi antenna for his NYPD hack. Forget CBS’ new MacGyver reboot; just give me a spinoff of Elliot fashioning new tech gadgets out of everyday household items.

* More fallout from the Five/Nine hack glimpsed in the background: a long line of people waiting to access an ATM with a $50 withdrawal limit, and a TV commentator ranting about the incessant brownouts.

* So why did Mr. Robot vanish when Elliot got that heavy-breathing call from Tyrell’s phone? We never saw him during the NYPD hack, either. Elliot mentioned that Mr. Robot wanted to go back to Elliot’s apartment — and even invited us to look around for what Mr. Robot could be seeking. Did you see anything? If you caught a clue with your DVR, drop it in the comments so we can all analyze.

* I just realized “Ollie” is an anagram for Elliot, minus the T. Forgive me, guys; I’m a bit slow sometimes.

Was this week’s Mr. Robot the best of the season? And what (or who) do you expect to see in the final two episodes?

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  1. Hellenic78 says:

    It’s pretty obvious who those people in the subway are.

  2. d says:

    elliot backwards is toille minus the t is oille not ollie

  3. John Doe says:

    * I just realized “Ollie” is Elliot, backwards, minus the T. Forgive me, guys; I’m a bit slow sometimes. – Elliot backwards is still toille ;)

  4. VictorNYC says:

    I have a few real life observations that, I am purely speculating, could give an indication of the direction of the show:

    * in real life, China actually is seeking to invest billions in the Congo to mine it for its minerals. Could this actually be Philip Price’s motivation in his instructions to Colby at the beginning of the show? Would Evil Corp. somehow benefit from this?

    * also, conspiracy theorists have been claiming for years that one of the end goals of the so-called Illuminati (the elite who actually run the world) is to create a one-world currency and centralize its power. Given Philip’s Illuminati-ish diatribe and Mr. Robot’s description of E-coins as a global currency regulated by Evil Corp., could the 5/9 hack have been orchestrated by Evil Corp. and Dark Army to make this happen?

    * the brownout a on the show are eerily similar to the mysterious brown outs California suffered in the early 2000s, which were actually caused by corrupt Enron traders seeking to illegally manipulate energy prices. I’m not sure if this means anything, but Enron and Evil Corp. do have the same corporate logo.

    One more observation – 92 East 82nd St is Sharon and Scott Knowles address from season 1.

    My predictions – Dom ends up realizing that Evil Corp. is the true enemy (she did read the Washington Township files that Angela brought to the Nuclear Commission offices, and she has also stated that she is Jersey born and bred, so maybe she was affected by those scandals as well). She actually ends up working with Angela and maybe F-Society to bring Evil Corp. down.

    • Shaun says:

      who is Sharon and Scott?Was that the people Tyrell went to visit for dinner with Joanna?

    • Maureen says:

      Right on….Excellent points!!!!!!!!

    • Maureen says:

      i think ecorp kidnapped Angela. They may have gotten tipped off from sketchy lady in last ep when Angela decided to bring evidence in ecorp.
      I think Tyrell is still alive and mr robot is working with him and mr robot lied to Elliot about him killing Tyrell.
      I hope Darlene didn’t die, she’s my fav character aside from Christisn Slater and Elliot.
      Dark army and ecorp are def stroking each other.

    • MaryHadALittleLamb says:

      I really like your Illuminati theory….that really gels with the “top 1% of the top 1%” speech that Elliot gives at the beginning of the first episode.

      The interest of White Rose/Chinese Minister and Phillip Price were specifically in the Coltan mines in the Congo per the addendum to last year’s season finale. Coltan mines are incredibly valuable for their offerings, but the mining and refining conditions are hazardous and toxic, and produce a lot of toxic waste. My guess is that EvilCorp has been illegally importing and processing the mining products through their plants for years, specifically Washington Township, and that is what killed so many people (including Elliot & Angela’s parents) and why keeping that plan open and exempt from inspections is so critical to White Rose/Chinese Minister. To me, this seems like the bigger picture goal for the power players.

      I also think that White Rose/Price could be running a long con on Elliot, and that they all could have “met” or become aware of each other on the dark/invisible web long ago and exploited his illnesses/brain injuries and talent. We know that Elliot’s dad was a very talented engineer, and we don’t know if he ever attempted to get back at Evilcorp before he died, so White Rose/Price could have been keeping tabs on young Elliot for a very long time. I believe that Mobeley and Trenton could have also become acquainted with Elliot on the dark/invisible web, and that they both passed some “test” that Elliot set up long ago (remember Mr. Robot said that he tested folks to see if they could join F-society), along with his mission statement/ “top 1%” manifesto that Darlene told the two of them that she had to read per Elliot when she met them IRL at the “other” Ron’s coffee for the first time.

      Lastly, I wonder if Trenton has some 3rd-party fringe group ties and if she has her own game in play. We didn’t see her run away or actually get picked up by the FBI, we don’t know who showed up at the coffee shop when she was waiting for Mobeley, we have no information that she was killed or captured by the Dark Army or FBI, and I believe that Mobeley might have become suspicious of Trenton because he asked her to meet him at the Ron’s coffee and it appears that he stood her up and immediately skipped town. As of yet, we don’t have much backstory on Trenton and we have never learned her real name (we know everyone else’s real names now). Mr. Robot notes in the second episode of the first season that Elliot should not underestimate Trenton because she has some “Allah Akhbar” in her, and she knocked out that Susan lady whose house F-Society was using as headquarters.

      Lots of thoughts, lots of possibilities, but totally addicted to this show…..

  5. voyager529 says:

    Microcenter is not a Best Buy clone. They do not sell washer/dryers, and ‘getting a warranty’ is a simple yes/no affair. They sell actual RAID controllers and processors and motherboards and have staff that actually knows about their products.

    And no, I don’t work there…but I shop there (literally, in the store that scene was filmed in) a depressing amount. They’re nothing alike.


  6. Grim of Locksley says:

    Ok,ok,ok…what an episode. So I totally ran my dvr back and in slow motiin to check that ending scene out. Two things stood out to me. One, notice the gunman started his firing from right to left (you actually see Cisco’s head explode from bullet fire), dom ducks, and the glass in front of Darlene’s face spiderwebs over with cracks, but no blood spray. Two, when Dom runs out we get a close up of her face and body, and what do we see, blood and gore on the left side of her body. Her right side was surprisingly clean for the amount of blood that would have come from two heads. This is all speculation, however. I hope she really does survive. She is one of my favorite characters on the show.

    • Máté Varga says:

      I also checked in slow motion and you’re mostly right except that after the glass spiderwebs and breaks you can see red splashing out upwards around Darlene’s body’s location before Dom stands up. Definitely looks like blood, splashing similarly visually exaggerated like Cisco’s. Fatal or not, guess (hope) we’ll see next week.

      • aplusj2015 says:

        I know I should have rewatched Elliot’s apartment scene, but I too rewatched & rewatched the end. Anyone else notice that the crosswalk signal counted down to the moment the shots were fired, and that Dom ducked before the shooter even raised the gun? Just a thought – but the shooter was all in black, so was the gun – they were close to the window, but not *right* against it. Dom was pretty angry right before, but had the sense to see the shooter, outside the window, at night, and manages to shoot the shooter in the leg (like the last time). Could be nothing, but just an observation.

      • LeBeers says:

        If you watch it again, there is an explosion of yellow and then red from Darlene’s side of the table. There are ketchup and mustard containers visible towards the left side of the window before the shooting. So it could be the demise of Darlene, or it could be a red [condiment] herring.
        We could analyze how ketchup would explode in the scenario vs. blood, but even upon very close review it’s impossible to tell what really happened until next week. Nothing is accidental in this show!

    • MaryHadALittleLamb says:

      I really need HDTV and a bigger screen to see those details,so bummed I don’t have them! I believe you are correct about Cisco being killed though, because remember that we didn’t see him in Elliot’s fantasy dream dinner scene were all his “friends” were at the table, we only saw Darlene, even though Cisco was in an earlier shot shown proposing to Darlene with her actually accepting. I think that Darlene is shot but alive, and she will truly regret not accepting Cisco’s multiple proposals. The only thing I know for sure to be true on this show is that Cisco absolutely loved Darlene. On a related note, back to the fantasy dinner dream scene…..we saw Elliot’s old Allsafe coworker Lloyd, and we haven’t seen him at all in season 2 yet. Wonder if he will reappear, and if he has any ties to FBI, Dark Army, EvilCorp, Tyrell Wellick, or some other organization that have yet to be revealed…….

  7. Luke says:

    The opening scene felt really hacky, and that was with 2 of the best actors on this show. Every time they said “Obama” or “Trump” it made me wince a bit. For some reason showing clips of real politicians never felt too corny but mentioning them by name did.

    And the rest of the dialog was just as jarring. “Nice talking with you… I just had to ask, you do a lot of machiavellian things. Helping China annex a landlocked central African country- it’s almost like you’re playing risk.”

    “Well, my motivations…. as a powerful man… I’ve always wanted to be the most powerful man. I guess you could say that’s what motivates me, as the antagonist.”

  8. Someone says:

    I wish people would STOP posting spoilers in their website headline. I googled this season to find out how many episodes were in the season and I get a spoiler in my face. Amazon emailed me asking what I thought of season 2 so I thought it was over for the year, but another email proved this correct. I googled it and now I get a spoiler in my face. Please please put anything along the lines of “*SPOILER*” in your heading. Just saying… This happens way too much.

  9. Máté Varga says:

    I also checked in slow motion and you’re mostly right except that after the glass spiderwebs and breaks you can see red splashing out upwards around Darlene’s body’s location before Dom stands up. Definitely looks like blood, splashing similarly visually exaggerated like Cisco’s. Fatal or not, guess (hope) we’ll see next week.

    • jmny6411 says:

      Also no one mentions that he keeps shooting after the kill
      I don’t think the table she was hiding under was bullet proof

  10. Kayla E says:

    Nice recap :) I don’t think Ollie is anagram for Elliot (minus the T lol) I think he just used Ollie’s name when he first encountered Joanna cuz he didn’t wanna use his real name, and Ollie is, well, a dope. I hope the ppl that see Angela are not Dark Army and there to kill her. And I surely hope Darlene did not bite the big one! I enjoyed her characters evolution this season, and Im not ready for it to be over lol. As for Mr. Robot disappearing at the phone call… I don’t know! Is Elliot somehow making the calls? Did he set some kind of auto call thing? Who knows with this show! I have a feeling the house that showed up to track the phone was Scott Knowles house. And Mr. Bodyguard said “No way he would be calling from that house” because Scott KNOWS Tyrell killed his wife. So maybe he did kidnap Tyrell or something. Maybe Elliot as Mr. Robot made a deal with Scott and gave up Tyrell to him, after shooting and wounding, but not killing him. Can it be next Wednesday now??

  11. slayer_666 says:

    She calls him Ollie because a few episodes ago Elliot told her his name was Ollie when he went searching for Tyrell and met her.

  12. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I HOPE Darlene is still alive in the next ep that would suck for Elliot. I also feel bad for Angela to go and rat herself out, she caved in quick when that bitch Dom started asking ?s. Were those people on the train who confronted Angela from Dark Army?

  13. Toni says:

    Micro Center isn’t a Best Buy clone. It’s a real store that sells computers.

  14. it'stimetostop says:

    Please stop publishing spoilers as your main title. You’ve ruined it for many people, this episode.

  15. H0rus says:

    My thoughts on this is that Cisco is definitely dead. If you watch the shootout scene carefully you can see his head laying on the table and jumping away from the table indicating that he took another bullet to his head. Unfortunately you can see a blood splash on the left indicating that Darlene also got hit pretty badly. Hope she did not die.

    The calls are definitely coming from Scott’s house but I think that Sutherland would be rather rushing back to Joanna suspecting that Scott only wanted to lure him out so he can take revenge on Joanna. He did seem pretty broken up and bitterly unpredictable the last time we saw him.

    As for Mr robot being MIA maybe the mentioned clue is not in Elliot’s apartment but has something to do with Sheila’s apartment – maybe that’s where Tyrell is hiding or had been hidden ?

    Can’t wait for the next episode !!!

  16. D says:

    You are an idiot if you consider this EDM. What exactly constitutes dance music in his style of scoring? You are an absolute moron. Do you still use phrases from the 90’s? Or are you still figuring out what L and R stand for?

    • Joe says:

      Maybe Elliot is Tyrell ?

      • Joe says:

        He’s Elliot Tyrell mister robot because when you are schitzofrenik with more than two people you do not see the other person at the same time explaining the fact you don’t see robot ever in the same scene as Tyrell

        • H0rus says:

          On the contrary we did see a brief scene in season where Mr robot and tyrell sat in tyrell’s car and had a chat. You may be right , but it could be that tyrell is a schizophrenic disorder of Mr robot and not of Elliot himself

          • H0rus says:

            Season 1 episode 8. Tyrell and Mr Robot have a car meeting. It’s true that Elliot doesn’t see them both at once but maybe because when he does become Mr robot there is a slight chance that Mr robot becomes Tyrell – and when he sees Tyrell it could be Mr Robot who’s under control of his own schizophrenic manifestation. That could explain why Elliot never saw all of them together and Mr Robot wanted to hide him from Elliot so badly in the trunk of this odd episode

          • LeBeers says:

            Tyrell may also be manifesting as Elliot’s new alter after his death. Meaning–perhaps he was very real in Season 1, but was adopted as a new extension of Elliot’s identity/psyche/personalities after the trauma of shooting him

      • H0rus says:

        Don’t believe this theory though since Gideon was talking to Tyrell in the same episode

  17. Jasmin laster says:

    When the camera scans the apartment, it lands on the top corner of a bookshelf, on the gun.

    • MaryHadALittleLamb says:

      I didn’t see that, but I just complained in a previous comment that I need HDTV and a much larger screen to catch critical details of this show. It is difficult to get a good view of anything in Elliot’s apartment because the lighting is so sparse that things are not well-illuminated, echoing Elliot’s dim awareness of himself and his own actions….

  18. LJenzen says:

    When we were asked to look in Elliot’s apartment and asked if we could find anything that Mr. Robot might have wanted, I found it very interesting that the shots were from a high perspective, focusing on the upper walls and ceilings. My guess is that Mr. Robot used the hollow spaces in said walls and/or ceiling to hide things of value over time, including possibly the gun that he shot (that Darlene had stolen from her penthouse hook-up guy), and plastered/painted over it.

    In addition, last season when we saw Elliot in Tyrell’s SUV and he was looking for clues as to what happened over his 3-day blackout period, we saw sunglasses fall from the visor, and Elliot immediately pulls on the arms of said glasses to find that one of them is a USB drive. Most people do NOT have the instinct to pull apart handles, etc., looking for USB drives, so that tells me that Elliot was working even more covertly on a physical level all the time. That said, it is likely that he could have converted and/or bought special fixtures (like handles, pulls, doorknobs, frames, etc.) for his apartment that concealed additional USB drives, keys, or other items/information that he wanted to hide in plain sight.

  19. MaryHadALittleLamb says:

    I think Dom’s boss is part of the whole conspiracy, working with Dark Army and/or the Chinese Security Director and helping the Dark Army track Dom and eliminate F-society potential leaks. He was conveniently absent whent the shooting happened in China, he forced Dom to let Mobeley go after initial questioning, and he wanted to make sure Cisco was blown, which is why I believe he issued the BOLO, totally for the Dark Army’s benefit. The Dark Army must have been tracking/tailing Dom, and possibly also hacking/tracking Darlene and Cisco, because they would not have otherwise found them at that restaurant at such and opportune time.

  20. John says:

    you should notice in the ep.10 final shootout at the diner, the crossing lights gives us a countdown to the mayhem