Zoo Recap Season 2 Finale

Zoo Season 2 Finale Recap: Baby Stops — Plus, What a Wiiiild Final [Spoiler]!

As CBS’ Zoo closed Season 2 on Tuesday night, one of our heroes aimed to take one for the team, in the name of the greater good.

Arriving on Pangaea, Robert Oz introduced Jackson, Abe and Dariela to the scientists running the super-secret Shepherd facility, which for a very long time has been working to develop a cure for the returned animal mutation.

Mitch and Jamie meanwhile aimed to steal the stash of “clean” DNA that General Davies aimed to use to repopulate the animals — and got an unexpected assist from Logan, who amazingly survived his unconscious plunge from the jet. Intercepted by Davies, Jamie and Logan destroyed the DNA, after which a Sgt. Mansdale killed the general, in the name of getting Mitch & Co. to their friends in Pangaea.

With everyone reunited in Pangaea, Mitch and Robert teamed to complete the cure, but were stymied by a lack of success. Ultimately — and I’m admittedly fuzzy on WTF exactly transpired! — a transfusion from Robert to his son generated enough “compound” to serve as the cure. Jackson’s father, however, expectedly died during the process.

Birds were then given the cure, to disseminate across the globe. But just as they were set loose, Jamie realized that the Noah Objective had been launched after all, even though it would kill all the animals, which now can’t be restocked, as well as any human with the ghost gene  — Mitch’s daughter Clementine included. Turns out, the Shepherd scientists were actually complicit with the Noah Objective…?!

Mansdale resurfaced at Pangaea to lock up the heroes in a cage that served as a “food bowl” for the “Section K” mistakes created by the Shepherds over the years. Mitch & Co. managed to escape the super-feral, spiky-backed, wolf-like beasts and return to the jet, only to realize that the bad guys had looted their lab of everything, the fossil genome included. Mitch and the others bravely returned to the island bunker to retrieve the last bit of cure, but when the Section K beasts started surrounding the place and compromising the fences, Mitch sent the others back to safety in the jet, while he stayed behind “for a minute.”

Mitch would not, however, rejoin them as promised, but instead called Abraham to reveal his intention all along — to sacrifice himself while keeping the fences powered up, so the jet could safely take off and get the cure to, among others, Clementine.

Mitch Jackson and Jamie Zootracked down Clem at a Portland evacuation shelter, where the masses were convinced that the animals were still wild. But as Abe demonstrated to them after befriending a wittle puppy, the animals had returned to normal — a twist for which the IADG took credit, hmmph.

Mitch Jackson and Jamie broke the news to Clem that her father died, but not before he set in motion the cure for the animals. Back on the jet, Jamie pressed Logan for his true name and backstory (Edward is a Wolverine fan!), while Jackson hacked into his father’s email to discover that the final TX gas formula Robert sent Davies contained the same element that sterilized the mutated animals back in 1895. Except that since the animals were now protected from it, the dispersed gas had sterilized humankind!

Flash forward 10 years… and proud Abe and Dariela’s son Isaac is graduating from a grade school that will now shutter its doors because there are no more young children left. Jamie, we learn, is now an author, while Jackson is apparently working to solve the hybrid animal problem (or at least sending inappropriate gifts for a 10-year-old). Outside the school, Abe meets a young woman, who notes that hybrid attacks are getting worse — and there’s only one person who can help solve the problem.

But Mitch Morgan is dead, Abe notes.

No, he isn’t, grown Clementine reveals — “and I know just where to find him.”

See you next summer for Zoo Season 3!

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  1. kirads09 says:

    Holy Crap!!! I spent the rest of the show mad as all get out that they just “killed” my favorite character. Then Zoo pulls off the craziest death fake out ever and holds it till the end. The only thing I could think is it wasn’t one of the hybrids pulling Mitch back in that one scene but the Shepherds – thereby saving his life. Bring on crazy bananas S3

    • ameraleigh says:

      I was so pissed when that happened and I had to look it up to find out if he was in fact dead, I wasn’t going to finish watching the episode until I knew.

      This show is so insane but I can’t help but love it and if they had of killed Mitch and therefore any chance of Mitch and Jamie, I would have been so annoyed.

      They still might not happen with that time jump though, season 3 is too far away.

      • FaTaL says:

        Did exactly the same.. stopped watching til I read he was alive ;)

        • Sharleen says:

          Make me the third one who also stopped watching because no way could Mitch be dead. We already lost Chloe and no way did I want to lose Mitch. Is it summer 2017 yet? I love this show!!!

          • debbie tomes says:

            I had to laugh, I came across this article for the same reason! I stopped watching after Mitch was killed to find out if he really died. So happy to know I am not the only one who did this :)

          • Christine says:

            Me too. Reading this because I paused it. I’m just watching though, because it was recorded.

    • Chris says:

      That sounds like a good scenario, I take that as what happened I just wish this was a fall show and not a short summer one.

    • Baykay123 says:

      this is so true! Mitch Morgan is easily the best character in the entire show i cant wait for season 3 in the summer of 2017.

  2. Mare says:

    Guys, didn’t your recap use the name “Mitch” when you really meant “Jackson?”

  3. Joey Padron says:

    Season finale was good, crazy, and emotional. So glad Mitch didn’t die like I thought. Surprised about the a couple of years later time jump at the end. Can’t wait for season 3!

  4. Pamela says:

    This show is going to be the death of me. I mean, a person’s heart can only take so much, you know?

  5. tina says:

    A ten-year time jump? It is going to be hilarious when all the characters look the same. That is a lot of age to put on the characters. I’m thinking in season 3 they are going to do a thing with Jackson and Clem, or Jackson and Jamie.

  6. Narf says:

    I really miss Chloe & now Mitch😕

  7. Phil says:

    will not watch again after killing of Mitch – no matter what the teaser said. The writers blew it!

  8. Stephanie says:

    Hokey…hokey…hokey. I’m done and I’ve watched only this finale.

  9. Ray jones jr says:

    Great show better than book

  10. Patty Hughes says:

    Billy Burke, Mitch, boo killing him off!! Last thing I expected and he will be missed. Plus he was the only Real and honest scientist!!

  11. EvanMarie Rodriguez says:

    Best series ever. Best season finale. I love all the main characters.
    Sorry Jackson lost his dad a second time. Wow..lots of tears. I want Mitch to come back.
    (We didn’t really see him die)
    I so want Jamie and Mitch to get together. Hope Clem really will take us to her dad.
    I love the idea that next season will be 10 years later with Dariela, Abe and their cute son.
    Please keep all the main characters.
    Thank you for a great production.

  12. Daniel says:

    “Mitch and Jamie broke the news to Clem that her father died”

    Ehm so her own father told her that he died? I know this show can be quite crazy, but that is the craziest of all Matt ;)

  13. Ryan says:

    I love the the zoo!!!! But I am dumb founded that you killed Chloe…but to Kill mitch you guys got to be kidding me. 2 stars in a matter of a few episodes. Where go we from here with out our main sciencitist. I mean come on…..

  14. brenna says:

    I doubt I will watch next season. I was hoping they would somehow bring Chloe back and they didn’t. I also dislike a 10 year time jump. I don’t mind a time jump, but not that long. When you enjoy the characters, it’s jarring to miss out on ten years.

  15. J.M says:

    Great and exciting series. Cant wait for its return in 2017.

  16. leona bohannon says:

    I love this show I love sci fi. Will be waiting for it to return.

  17. Ray says:

    Bring back Chloe! If you can turn Jackson’s mom into a beast you can figure a legit reason Chloe lived. Maybe her and Mitch have been forced to work together by some new bad guys and we’re not allowed to contact the team. It’s a stretch but the fans want it so make it happen.

  18. dan says:

    This wackadoodle show did it to me again. As the end of the first hour came to a close (after the birds were set free and they all thought it was a happy ending), I looked at the clock and realized there as bad news ahead because we still had over an hour to go in the finale. Rarely does a plot-driven show take viewers on such an emotional roller coaster. I knew that my emotions were being manipulated by the music and cinematography, but I was “all in” for this finale! I also suspected that Mitch wasn’t dead because of the way they showed the attack (we don’t know who or what was pulling him out of camera range). I thought it was obvious that Clementine was the mystery blond standing in the doorway during the graduation ceremony, so I suspected Mitch was still alive. I’m wondering if season 3 will do any flashbacks to the 10 year gap or just move forward. Can’t wait for next summer when this bananas show is back! I hope they still have their Scooby plane to solve all the mysteries (maybe they’ll get a Scooby van as well).

  19. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I FREAKIN LOVE this show!!!!! That was a Damn good finale, I really thought Mitch is gone for good but that crazy twist of grown up Clemetine telling Abe he’s still alive I was like whuuut?!!!!! Jackson’s dad ending the world wasn’t a surprise I felt like he did do something…..Anyways the finale and season overall gets a A++++++ that SH*T was awesome.

  20. Yola says:

    Logan should have sacrificed himself. What a pointless character!

  21. Dotty says:

    GREAT SHOW AND GREAT SEASON ENDING. A nail biting ending. Clementine grown up and says her dad is not dead. OH SO HAPPY to hear that. Season 3 is too far away. Bring everyone back. I have to watch it again !!!!!

  22. Lisa says:

    I do really like this show but did anyone else think that is was weird that you save the daughter of one of your best friends who now has no parents and that ten years later, you don’t know what she looks like. Wasn’t Abe, Jackson and Jamie supposed to take care of Clem? With FaceTime and Skype I would think that all those characters would stay in touch with Clem, in fact I would have thought that Abe and Dariela would have taken Clem to live with them. Maybe that is being too picky but I really didn’t like the 10 year leap in time but if Mitch really is alive, then that’s great. Looking forward to next season.

    • kirads09 says:

      Good point. Maybe she (Clem) didn’t want that contact with them – feeling they were responsible for it all perhaps?

    • Morisot says:

      I’m with you Lisa. 10 years later — I knew it was Clem right away. And I thought exactly the same thing you did about Abe — he promised he was going to watch after her! C’mon.

  23. Kathleen says:

    This show is so weird…but fun for the summer. Will watch next season if only to find out what happened to Mitch…wheelchair? Beast? Probably still grumpy. Heh.

  24. Zooette says:

    My question now is. Since the animals and humans are cured now. What Season 3 is going to be about__

  25. texmike says:

    I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Chloe or Mitch!

    • Zooette says:

      What if Mitch when Chloe died and was on the plane laying on the lab table, doing exams to her, to some sample of her ADN Cells, and he manage to save some Chole cells so she could be cloned? I mean since this show sometimes exxagerates in their plots, maybe Chloe was cloned to be resurrected in the future? HEHE

  26. Pat says:

    I thought it was awesome. When I thought Mitch died I was really sad that they were going to lose this character but the ending revealed that he is alive. I am just hoping that this is for real and his daughter isn’t being duped by someone who told her that her father is alive and also was told where he could be located but then I started to wonder if she is just saying that her father is alive, in order to get the team back together to help her with the problem of the hybrid animals. I just do not want to be duped, so I will stay neutral and hope for the best, meaning Mitch is alive, but not knowing for 10 years????? Hmmm.

  27. Bosco says:

    I have a feeling after 10 years all of the characters will not be back next season, like Jamie, even Jackson, and maybe even Mitch. It could be a diversion of some kind, especially since killing off Chloe was a mistake, and the producers may not want people to bail on the show again because Mitch is dead too. I came THIS close to bailing after Chloe, but I can’t seem to look away. But, it is a ridiculous show. Just good summer fun.

  28. Amrusanie says:

    Mitch dead??? My heart stopped! Thank you, thank you the “daughter” said he isn’t. Looking forward to see how he was saved.

  29. Ramona snead says:

    I 💘 this Zoo.. and the author is Awsome….

  30. EE says:

    I don’t remember ever crying over a character’s death…who is actually alive.Bravo Zoo!! Amazing 2 hours and now I can’t wait for the next season.

  31. Chris quirk says:

    Love this show but was sad Chloe died happy Mitch us still alive. He is my fav character

  32. Rose says:

    Can’t wait for season 3.

  33. Star Jones says:

    Can’t wait for summer 2017. Hope Mitchell is alive.

  34. Abby says:

    I was over it when they killed Chloe. It felt like all her development was a waste. But I kept watching because I like to see things through. And now they’ve “killed” Mitch, though he’s supposedly out there somewhere. I liked Clementine fine enough, but as a young adult searching for him? Ehh, not really into it. The time jump feels unsatisfying. Dariela killed Chloe, so she can take a seat forever. Sorry. I’m trying for Abe, but I still don’t like Dariela. Season 1 was so good compared to this. Though unrealistic, it kept from crossing that silly line.

  35. MB says:

    Kept thinking Jackson would go to Paris. There was only a mention that they’d shipped Chloe’s body off to France. I also don’t like the time jump. I thought the series was coming to a close with all that wrapping up they were doing.

  36. MAui MACK says:

    Please show season 3, love Zoo, bring it back for more seasons. You guys can’t leave us with this episode 13 with opening for more. Thanks

  37. CC says:

    Just a thought – post 10 year period: Since Jamie has been rarely seen by Abe, could she be with Mitch because Jamie may have turned into Clem’s foster parent and therefore, would know about Mitch’s whereabouts from Clem????

  38. Tara Ragni says:

    Too sad that Mitch died. I liked his character. Chloe and Mitch will be missed in season 3!

  39. Rebecca says:

    So here’s what I don’t get. The TX Gas used the compound that previously made the animal carriers of the ghost gene sterile. If Mitch and his team had not gotten the cure together in time, the animal apocalypse would have been resolved by sterilizing all those animals. But only 2M of the humans have the ghost gene. How could that compound have sterilized everyone? And how did the hybrids get off Pangea? Were the clinging to the bottom of the plane? Swimming to the mainland? What am I missing here?

    • Katie says:

      Oh, that confused me, too. Why did the Shephards want to release the TX gas anyway? That plan was set into motion by General Davies’ killer before the cure was made & released. And the question is whether the Shephards knew it was a sterilazation gas, not the killing gas. I loved the finale, but I’m still confused.

  40. TERRY Rutledge says:

    We can’t wait to watch Zoo every time it’s on. We love all the main characters and especially Mitch and Jackson. We always watch a series anytime one or both of those characters are are on. They bring great viewing to the screen

  41. Maureen says:

    I looooove Zoo !!!! I look forward to Tuesday nights !!!

  42. Diane Oakes says:

    So glad that Mitch survived! Would not have wanted to watch ithe next season if he had not!

  43. Kathy says:

    I hope that Mitch somehow makes it for Season 3. We love the show and the whole cast!

  44. BRING BACK CHLOE!#!#!!!!!!!!

  45. Donna says:

    OMG!!! I was So devastated when Mitch died, I had to look to see if it was a series finale! I would’ve been so heartbroken, I read the book and as soon as I found it was going to be a series I was thrilled! Excellent book, and an Amazing show. I look forward to season three!!! Thank You!

  46. Craig Freedman says:

    I bet that season 3 will at least partially recap the 10 year time jump..
    I really enjoyed the show, looking forward to seeing season 3.

  47. Charmaine says:

    Love Billy Burke as Mitch! So glad he is staying in the series!

  48. Ann Dowling says:

    I stopped watching when Chloe died and Jackson became infected. Too bad you couldn’t think of other characters to introduce to expand the story and instead heap chaos on the characters we have become invested in. I will not be watching in the future.

  49. Jay Reynolds says:

    Just got around to watching this last night, then came to read recap and comments… my word there are a lot of stupid people out there… the minute Mitch “died” I said, “yeah right, star of the show”. Rarely, rarely happens. This guy has been burned by shows getting cancelled on him, he’s not leaving the show. Sure enough, alive again by show’s end.

  50. Debbie says:

    I hope Mitch is not dead, will not watch it if he does not return. He was the reason we started watching Zoo