Mistresses Karen Kim dead alive

Mistresses Season 4 Finale Recap: No Beddings and a Funeral

Like a mid-’80s Sade jam, Mistresses has reliably given us the “sweetest taboo” for four straight* consecutive seasons. (*Come now, let’s not use adjectives that suggest raging heterosexuality, given Joss’ sexy, sapphic affair with Japanese bondage-rope afficionado Alex, or that time Karen and Vivian smoked a doobie and binge-watched Extreme Makeover: Sexual Orientation Edition, mmmkay?)

Still, despite a brief Clorox Bleachable Moment (TM) between Kate and a guy she doesn’t realize is her nephew, Mistresses‘ Season 4 finale seems more interested in adorable babies, tear-jerking goodbyes and “Did I just partake in some Elizabeth Grey-style blackout drinking?!” plot twists than it does in “slap it up, flip it, rub it down“** prurience. (**Yes, we’re breaking out the best of my high-school music memories tonight… don’t judge!)

While you ponder future summer Mondays without the only woman to earn a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Hot Mess at Gurrrl, Please — and fret about whether Tuesday’s other cliffhangers will get resolved with a Season 5 order from our friends at ABC — let me recap the action from Episode 13, “The Show Must Go On.”

MISTRESSES IS PULLING A DALLAS ON US, RIGHT? | I fully expect that next June, the real Karen Kim (played by Yunjin Kim) will wake up in the middle of a magnificent orgy (research for her next memoir, of course) and we’ll realize her death was just a dream. As it stands for now, though, we’ve seen her actual funeral — attended by still smokin’ hot Jacob and Karen’s former receptionist whose name I ought to remember. Joss gives a poignant, funny eulogy — describing her friend as “a superhero without the cape… wigs, maybe, but not the cape” — and then erupts in tears, telling the folks who’ve gathered that she’s “having a hard time finding the justice in this.” I sure hope she’s looking at Lydia when she says it, too. OK, that’s unkind, but I mean… Savi’s not there, though, but only because she’s more than eight months pregnant and in Malaysia, so a hat tip to the show’s writers for not conveniently forgetting their MIA character’s deep connection with the dearly (but hopefully not entirely) departed.

Back at Karen’s apartment, we see Kate’s shallowness (focusing only on the clothing), and April’s realization that she can’t keep the truth about her pregnancy from Marc any longer. “Dads don’t tour,” he tells her, ecstatic about the baby on its way and excited about reuniting with his estranged ex. Joss forgives Kate, too, claiming her now sister-in-law’s tantrums are equal to “water that could not be further under the bridge.” Joss proposes a toast to Karen — on the premise that her deceased pal wouldn’t want an opened bottle go to waste — and then hands a framed photo to Karen’s late arriving beau Adam. That love affair didn’t really have enough time to resonate, but Joss’ “Bye, lady” as she closes the door has me reaching for the Puffs. Jes Macallan, if this show doesn’t return next summer, I think I’ll miss you most of all.

BABIES IN ARMS | With something akin to a 13-month flash-forward, Joss gives birth to a baby girl, Lorelai, who’ll mos def be BFFs with April’s four-month old Stella and (if Alec doesn’t decide to reapply for America’s Next Top Douche-Doc) Karen’s daughter Vivian, too. If there’s a Season 5, I’m not sure how Joss and April will be able to realistically press pause on diaper changes and trips to Costco to participate in sordid story arcs, but that’s a question for another day, eh?

On the April front, we find Marc in freakout mode — peppering their pediatrician with questions about “sensory processing disorder” and haranguing April about swaddling as a means to suffocation. But it’s Lucy — and her knowledge of April’s poop diary from when she was a baby — who helps Marc unclench. She points out that her mom can finally relax because Marc “has got the crazy covered” when it comes to Stella. Still, I wonder what became of his musical partnership with That Ex Who Was Simply Too Blank to Have Her Name Recalled in This Recap. Does dude have no resentment about dreams deferred?

THE FATHER AND CHILD REUNION | With Joss-Harry and April-Marc in a great place, it makes sense that the show’s writers might look for a next generation of single-and-ready-to-mingle characters to lead out of Bachelor in Paradise next summer. Thus, we meet Gabe, the son Harry unknowingly fathered in his early 20s, via an affair with a married woman during an apprenticeship in New York. Harry being tempremental and reactionary, he accuses Gabe of cooking up the paternity story to take advantage of Harry’s newfound fame. But once the DNA results are in, the main Mister of Mistresses softens, invites the young man to live with he and Joss, and inadvertently saddles Kate with a lifetime of embarrassment for attempting to Mrs. Robinson the kid during a job interview for Harry’s new beachfront bistro.

Harry’s bigger issue, though, is his unavailability to Joss and Baby Lorelai. I mean, dude attempts to justify a 5:45am call to his contractor to avoid a diaper change? Honey, no. Joss finally detonates some truth bombs — “babies are crazy boring and they’re crazy hard,” she cries, while wondering why her husband is sitting on the sidelines — and Harry admits that thanks to his crappy childhood, he has “no idea how to be a dad.”

“What do I do?” Harry asks. “Just hold her,” says Joss. And in a single scene, we feel the very honest heartbeat of ABC’s sudsy summer treat pulse its way to the surface.

THIS WAS NOT THE GAY CHARACTER WE WERE DEMANDING, WAS IT? | So Kate’s apparently been accessing her inner Carrie Bradshaw. But while that’s all well and good, why is she all of the sudden BFFs with Wilson Cruz’s wardrobe consultant rather than the guy who she just became roommates with in Episode 12 (aka Season 4’s secret saucy weapon Randy)? #BringBackRandy

KAREN (KAAAAAREN!) DEAD OR ALIVE | A year after Karen’s funeral, April sees a shadowy figure at Maison Sur Mer – again, where’s Randy? — wearing one of Karen’s old ensembles. At the coffee shop, the barista mentions she saw April’s old BFF after a long absence, and even produces a receipt in Karen’s cursiff, with the ominious signature of “Karen Kim.” Joss notes that April does tend to think “dead people aren’t dead — that’s your thing,” but even she gets in on the conspiracy theory when she recalls how no one in their circle ID’s Karen’s body — and learns that Karen’s ashes never arrived at her brother’s house in Korea. It all seems too far-fetched for a show not titled The X-Files, but in the final scene of Season 4, a woman with shiny black hair enters Maison Sur Mer (please, corporate America, make this a real chain) and walks up to April, who’s blinded by the (sun)light. “Can I help you?” April finally asks. “I hope so,” says the stranger, whose face we’ve never seen. “I’m Karen Kim.”

What did you think of the Mistresses Season 4 finale? Who is this mysterious “Karen Kim”? Grade the episode in our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Beth says:

    I wish last night was the finale.. this was a mess!!

    • KayCeeCee says:

      Agreed, they should have ended it with yesterday’s episode.

      • Nancy says:

        I completely agree!!! I was so confused for most of the episode.

        • KayCeeCee says:

          If they come back next summer, they should just ignore that this episode happened and start back from penultimate episode. No explanations needed.

          • Christina L Atteridge says:

            Oh yea… It would most likely be someone’s dream… Like someone had a dream of it, and wakes up… And as for Karen, I’d say, if they did, what they did on Melrose Place, with Kimberly’s character (everyone thought, she died, from that car accident, but then returned a few episodes, later, and shocked everyone), that could bring a lot of viewers!

      • Beth M. says:

        I wish they didn’t killed off Yunjin Kim’s character “Dr Karen Kim”! She was one of my favorite character. ☹️😟😔😥. Please bring her back?!

    • Sarah says:

      Agreed, but I am glad that April and Marc got back together.

    • Coconuts says:

      I agree and I actually really didn’t like it, Harry’s son randomly popping up and Karen’s “death”, a huge time jump.. Eww! Harry went from having fertility problems to having 2 kids. Jocelyn isn’t a baby/kid person last I checked. I really thought one of the reasons their relationship made sense was because Harry couldn’t have kids and Jocelyn didn’t want any kids. I actually like Karen so I’ll be pissed if she’s really dead. In other words, i wish that the finale didn’t exist.

      • Jenny90 says:

        I agree. I thought joss and harry will be the only without kids. joss isnt a baby person at all. All season finished so babyly, I knew that without savanah this tv show would not be the as good as before.

        • Jackie Schatell says:

          Funny, while I LOVE Alyssa Milano, I have not missed her at all. I was just thinking on the day prior to the finale about how much I love the friendship and dynamic between the three girls. So, I was shocked at Karen’s “death” the very next day. (I don’t think having part 2 the very next day help ratings, as at least to me, it was unexpected). Had I not watched the First episode on Wed. during the day, I would have missed the finale and would have been disappointed. Was this even advertised? My first reaction was that it was a dream…but it just kept on going… I like that they added a son, who, tho quite short compared to Harry, really resembles him, as it enables the show to bring on younger characters with his peers. However, wasn’t Harry quite infertile and isn’t this part of why he and Savy broke up??? I am glad the stuff with Joss and the woman’s group is over!! I was excited to see Karen in a healthy relationship–or crazy one, if that is where it was headed. The writers had to give us endings-tho rushed bc they were not sure if they were being renewed…and a few cliff hangers if not. With the cancellation of The Family and the almost one of Nashville, I really hope Mistresses is not canceled –esp bc the choices of what to watch this particular summer were awful as there were so few to choose from. I look forward to my Mistresses friends each summer and hope to see them next summer!

          • libby says:

            I totaly agree, i thoroughly enjoy the show Mistresses I love the relationship between all the girls.. It makes viewing summertime enjoyable! Although I do not watch any other show on ABC in the summer but this one I will be very disappointed if they cancel

    • ellybevents says:


    • karen Wilson says:

      Yes I agree with Beth it was a lot going on

  2. William says:

    Horrible…I’m hoping it’s cancelled because the way they handled all this is ridiculous and made little sense. Jumped the shark officially.

  3. Melissa Gallier says:

    Please don’t cancel this show!! One our favorite shows! !!

  4. Luc says:

    I stopped watching halfway through this season. Thank god I stopped when I did….

  5. Cher H says:

    Not sure why the original Karen Kim was killed off and why have a 2nd one?? Just not going to be the same without her!! Also, didn’t like all the time hopping.

    • Rums says:

      I think the second one is Lydia, the suicidal nanny. I’d assume she’s behind the whole mystery regarding Karen’s death.

  6. Claire says:

    Sounds like they didn’t expect another season and tried to write as many endings as they could into one episode.

  7. GeoDiva says:

    God, I miss the days of Elizabeth Grey!

  8. Joann macedonio says:

    Disappointed in the entire season. The finale has me wondering if I’ll even return next season

    • ellybevents says:

      I actually pray it gets canceled for wasting so many hours of my life. It has never been the same since Savvy left.

  9. Keiondra says:

    I love this show but I hope Karen isn’t dead. Lastnight episode was better bc I am lost to why they jumped the gun to the babies not unless the show does not return. Whixh I hope it does.

  10. TvPeong says:

    I was so confused… I felt like I missed something. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

  11. It feels liek a crossover with The Catch si coming for Next Season.
    WTH wa sthat finale? Was our Karen never real?, was it a dream? was it all lies for 4 freaking years?

  12. Rosanna morehead says:

    Very upset they killed Karen off the shoe

  13. Heidi says:

    WTF? Really no Randy? The fact that Kate had that scene with Wilson Cruz makes no effen sense!?

  14. Karen Verdun says:

    So glad that April and Marc got together. Don’t like the idea of Karen being dead!! She was a great asset to the show. I like how Joss and Harry finally git married and I will be devastated if there is not a season 5!!!!

  15. Sharpie says:

    I’m so confused. Last night when they teased a mysterious “return” I assumed it would be Savvy, not a different Karen….. and how the crap is Karen dead when she’s been one of the main characters this whole time, even Savvy isn’t dead, she’s just out of the country… whole thing is so disappointing. Glad Marc and April are back together tho. But still, bluh. Whole thing was frustrating.

  16. Kevin says:

    Why would they not have Randy in the Finale is beyond lazy.

  17. Leigh says:

    Who is this Karen kim? And why b dies she drink the same coffee and have the sane signature. It’s creepy. Please don’t tell me this will be Lydia after plastic surgery…again creepy

  18. Alli says:

    I’m a casual viewer of Mistresses so not really emotionally involved in the show or Karen’s death but her death made no sense. How did she fall over the balcony when Lydia was standing at the balcony in front of her? Did Lydia move out of the way and watch Karen tumble over it? If we’re to believe that Karen tripped and fell towards the balcony they both should have fallen over.

    • Christina L Atteridge says:

      Well, when Karen saw Lydia, going to climb the balcony, Karen, runs after her, and u see her heel, break, so, maybe she fell off the balcony, trying to save Lydia

  19. Ronnie says:

    Seems much more like the ladies of Mistresses won’t be adorning our TVs next summer. Most important storylines were tied up. Futures shown.

  20. Caryl says:

    I think the new Karen is Lydia, who has taken Karen’s identity. I liked this episode.

    • Nancy Camp-Nelson says:

      Lydia was at the funeral, so she is still “herself” and not Karen…although that could have been an interesting spin.

      • Guest says:

        It is Lydia. The new “Karen” showed up over a year after the funeral which is enough time to do a face swap. Her crazy a r s s probably used Karen’s account or opened a line of credit cards to fund the surgery. Recall that Joss wasn’t even pregnant during the funeral and she already had a baby when this Karen showed up.

      • Sheila says:

        I agree ! It cannot end like that. With out answer about Karen trapping out door and.who has her baby. Alot of un answer ??????

    • D Lind says:

      Me too. Small resemblance there.

      • Jeanine says:

        Voice is the same as Lydia’s ( although trying to be as sophisticated as Karen). I wasn’t convinced last night cause I wasn’t sure if I’d seen her at the funeral, but watched bits again this morning and totally convinced.

  21. C Nyer says:

    How is it that Harry was sterile for Savi but had a child before (Gabe) and now one with her sister! ?? It doesn’t work that way! Savi was able to get preggo with Dom but lost that baby and is now supposedly preggers again.. So Harry has a sperm valve??
    Also did Karen resign or get written out of the series? Please renew for next season.. Been a fan from day 1 !!!!!

  22. Mickey says:

    Don’t cancel the show!
    That nut has taken over her identity and likeness

  23. I loved the show but not quite sure of how I’m feeling!! All of these changes were brought on so fast that it doesn’t give you enough time to get over one change before the next thing occurs. I loved that it wasn’t predictable but at the same time I just feel lost!! I don’t know if I should be excited about the possibility of what the new season will bring or just be sad that the ride is over!! I hope you bring the show back!!!! A devoted fan!!!

  24. Lori M says:

    Did anyone think that Lydia might have taken Karen’s identity? I mean, she was at the funeral. I have a feeling that if Karen’s brother never got the ashes, then Lydia must have taken them, got plastic surgery, and took Karen’s identity.

    • Kirsten says:

      My thoughts Exactly!!!!

      • Tommie M Stoneburner says:

        What if Lydia was working for Vivian’s dad and he wanted to get rid of Karen for good so he could have ther daughter.jilust a thought.

        • Angel says:

          I said the exact same thing. Alex had Lydia put up the fake dating profile & that backfired so the next way to get 100% custody of Vivian was by Karen’s death. 2.0 Karen does look Indian, so is Lydia. A year is possible to change your entire body if you have something to really motivate you.

    • Jordana says:

      I thought the same thing too! Especially since they showed that she survived in the funeral (she didn’t even look that remorseful).

  25. Lisa says:

    MAybe Karen did fall on a truck or feathers ( she told this in a session with Josh) and then Had amnesia -and finds herself waking up in a hospital or maybe next season they have Karen waking up from a bad dream ( after her fall and banging her head on the railing) and set up this sequence ( should the show does not get renewed -they tightened up the ending ) and if it does get renewed -they could make it look like Karen’s un-conscious dream …of what life would be like without her if she did in deed pass away – then she wakes up from this aweful dream- this way the writers have any option to go forward should mistresses gets renewed for another year. I sure hope they bring it back for another year and bring Karen back to make sense of the show- after all – she is the only one besides Kate who is not married and can be considered a mistress as Both April and Josh are both in a Comintern relationship – she is the only way to bring the sexiness back to the show as that’s the way the show had started to be and somehow lost its direction ;-( I want Katen back! Pls bring her back Next season!

  26. Daniel snow says:

    Well I didn’t see Karen dying. That was a shock and then afterwords it was just the same Old lackluster boring non scandalous mistresses season. The first five minutes was the only jarring part. What the heck are you doing Mistresses writers?

    I used to wait anxiously for ABC to renew the show every year. But now I’m not gonna do that. I was hoping for something but I got nothing.

  27. Lisa Fong says:

    MAybe Karen did fall on a truck or feathers ( she told this in a session with Josh) and then Had amnesia -and finds herself waking up in a hospital or maybe next season they have Karen waking up from a bad dream ( after her fall and banging her head on the railing) and set up this sequence ( should the show does not get renewed -they tightened up the ending ) and if it does get renewed -they could make it look like Karen’s un-conscious dream …of what life would be like without her if she did in deed pass away – then she wakes up from this aweful dream- this way the writers have any option to go forward should mistresses gets renewed for another year. I sure hope they bring it back for another year and bring Karen back to make sense of the show- after all – she is the only one besides Kate who is not married and can be considered a mistress as Both April and Josh are both in a Comintern relationship – she is the only way to bring the sexiness back to the show as that’s the way the show had started to be and somehow lost its direction ;-( I want Katen back! Pls bring her back Next season!

  28. DJ says:

    I’m pretty sure this Karen is Lydia. She took on Karen’s identity and I’m sure Karen isn’t dead…I mean, no body? Come on! Better Renew for season 5!

  29. Jackie Schatell says:

    That was Lydia, who was transformed into Karen over the year. Lydia lied about Karen dying and has her locked in a room like the movie Misery! Next season, if there is one, the girls will be friends with the new Karen Kim and then suspicious and will find her in Lydia’s very nice apartment (way to big and nice for a girl on Lydia’s salary, who has no help from parents and family who gave up on her.) they gave up on her bc she is crazy — hence the Misery storyline to come!

    • Jackie Schatell says:

      I do hope it is renewed, but it seemed like the writers tried to end everything nicely in case it isn’t renewed. They added the son and Karen/Misery twist in case of renewal. No body? she isn’t dead!

    • Guest says:

      If they renew it, I really hope it is with your idea of the real Karen being held hostage and not dead. I really like that actress and I do not see myself watching this show if she’s really gone.

  30. Bob says:

    wow that finale sucked. it felt as if the writers was like oh screw the audience and lets drop random storylines into the finale. i was hoping that it would be a good ep after a slow season. super disappointed.

    so lets talk about this finale.

    WTF at them killing karen then having another random character come in to be her? fyi you can’t replace an another asian character with another asian actor. i seriously wonder wth they were thinking. at first i thought that the fake karen was the real karen with plastic surgery but why fake her death when she had everything she wanted and was happy???

    still dont get the crazy nanny storyline. why was she at the funeral of the person’s death that she cause?? april and joss should had ban her at the funeral.

    while i like the idea of april and joss have daughters that will grow up to probably be bffs, i thought joss didnt want kids.i was hoping april had a boy tho. i thought it was cute to see marc freak out about his baby (dont like the idea of him being a crazy father, i thought he would be prepare cause didnt he help raise paul’s son?? ) but what is he doing with his life? what happen to the music career? how did april’s mom react to them having a kid and getting marry? (she probably dead tho lol) but lol at april keeping a poo diary and the is it me or does my baby have a red head?

    dont care for harry’s long lost son. dude doesnt look 23 at all lol.

    the only thing i like about kate this season was her hitting on her nephew. lol there was no need to have her this season at all. she did nothing but be an annoying.brat.

    idk if i even want to see another season.

  31. Sugarlynn says:

    I don’t know what you all were watching. I LOVED it. I’m left so curious about what happened to the real Karen and who this other person is. I had no trouble following it and I tend to get lost pretty easily lol. I can’t wait til next season (if there is one)

    • Ram510 says:

      I would feel a lot more like you if it wasn’t for the fact that it took them all this time to finally bring us something interesting. They waited until literally the last episode and then threw everything and the kitchen sink at us after being so sleepy and pedestrian all season. It just was odd. Especially when I’m sure they knew there was a good chance that thier wouldn’t be a season 5 they should’ve been bringing the crazy all season, going out with a bang. If they do get a season 5 I hope they don’t waste any time

  32. gogogun says:

    WTF!?! I’ve watched this show since the beginning and it’s always been crazy but this finale was too much. Killing the most interesting character, Karen? Doesn’t make any sense. I’m trying to wrap my head around the death and sudden jump. Also what about Randy?! I get that Wilson Cruz is bigger name and awfully attractive but I love that the guy who plays Randy is the closest I’ve seen to a real homosexual being portrayed on a network show. I agree with most here that the pervious episode should’ve been the finale.

  33. Danielle says:

    I’m thinking now maybe Karen was using thr real Karen Kim as and alias name and nobody knew about it

    • Sarah says:

      I was thinking this too!! The lady who walked in could be the real Karen Kim and the other “Karen Kim” had used her identity for years as a way to get into & stay in America? Didn’t she “not have family”? So they either could have set her up with that alias when she was younger to give her a better life, or she could have just done it on her own? And then the ashes could have been under her real name and that’s why they “never showed up”? Hmmm…

  34. Misty says:

    Its Lydia, ladies! She became so obsessed, she thinks she is Karen

  35. Me says:

    Well written article. Bang on. Karen’s not dead either. Liking the misery idea.

  36. Dawn says:

    My husband very distressed about dramatic changel in story timeline , tempo and lack of usual drama. Did not like loss of a major .character . The only good point was new addition of Joss’s stepson. Want to c how things progress next Season. Hope they find the missing chemistry this episode displayed. Love this show but was disappointed in this episode. Will definitely be looking to c if the y can rekindle the passion of Misstress for season 5!

  37. Mm208 says:

    Karen Kim is Lydia! She has the real KK locked up in her apartment and has slowly transformed herself over the past year.

  38. shantell bos says:

    Weirdest season finale ever, all the jumping forward and people having babies that couldn’t have babies. How do they go from 4 mistresses to 2 and make the shiw work, why did they kill off Karen she wasn’t close enough to fall unless her nanny pushed her and then bringing someone
    to the store similar to her with the same name just weird, and Kate doesn’t fit in anywhere she is so boring, not looking forward to next season now.

  39. Sandy says:

    Why was Karen killed off?

  40. Ally Peterson says:

    It wasn’t that confusing. I’m hoping Karen is still alive too and I’m thinking that this new “Karen Kim” stole Karen’s identity. With Karen being an author it wouldn’t be hard finding her signature but people have seen the real Karen’s face on the books and such so I don’t know how well that would work for her. There’s a bunch of unresolved cliffhangers. I do know they didn’t replace Karen Kim because if they had she wouldnt be introducing her self to her friend….duh! Anyway for those of you saying they should cancel shut the hell up and stop trying to ruin it for those who still want to watch. You don’t have to watch it.

  41. Daryl says:

    Season 4 , we saw Karen Kim try to save someone from falling of the balcony. Karen runs to save the person, the heel on her shoe broke
    and some how Karen fell forward off the balcony.
    We’ve all seen people come back to life.

  42. Susan Binns says:

    Very disappointed they killed off Karen Kim. If show returns for 5th season, it will not be the same without her.

  43. karen Wilson says:

    I was a bit confused at first to much happened in the first 10 mins. I really love this show was a bit boring at the beginning of the season but without Karen not gone be the same took me a while to adjust to savvy being gone so please don’t take Karen please let the mystery lady be Karen and you could bring Savvy back also

  44. Tee says:

    Come back please…say it was all some crazy dream…bring Savi back…

  45. Jan Carlson says:

    They made it like a SERIES finale to jump to all the things that would not happen if they stood by the way the cast was all this time. Also how did Karen fall UP over the rail that Lydia had to climb UP on!!! Do they think we are idiots!! Do they need new writers if so the fans could do a better job. What a slap in the face for the loyal fans. Will not watch anymore if it comes back… They made me feel like the fans do not matter. Feels like Dallas all over again from years ago!!

  46. Monique says:

    So is the new Karen Kim we saw at the end of the show, the new Lydia?……What did that crazy Lydia girl do with my favorite character?

  47. Monica says:

    I felt the same way many of you did…. At first, confused?! Frustrated?! Feeling as if I missed something…. Then I stared to think about the “cliff hanger” as most season finales have…. Since Karen’s remains have not been found…. What if she is not dead?! What if the crazy babysitter lady is holding her hostage? Since the babysitter was obsessed with her… What if she is keeping her locked away, faked her deal and is trying to become her…. Dun dun dun!!! I don’t know! My frustration quickly turned to curiosity about next season….

  48. Lynne Prestwood says:

    I love the show but was highly disappointed and shocked when Karen died! and everything after that happened so fast like April and Joss having babies already. I scrolled down to see everyone’s comments and the theories people had made sense. It could go several different ways like Lydia could have stolen Karen’s identity and have her locked away somewhere so she can take over her life, after all, she is mentally ill. Or, Karen could wake up from this nightmare. Curious to see what happens next season, and there better be one, please don’t leave us hanging!