Pretty Little Liars Spoilers

Pretty Little Liars: An 'Emison' Baby and More Hopes for the Final 10 Episodes

Considering that Pretty Little Liars has managed to stretch a single mystery over seven full seasons, it’s almost unfathomable to think that the Freeform drama has only 10 episodes with which to wrap it all up.

And yet, that’s the exact dilemma facing PLL upon its April 2017 return. With so many loose ends still untied, so many questions left unanswered and so many estranged characters unaccounted for, I’ve accepted that not every aspect of the series will be given closure — so I’ve narrowed my wish list down a bit.

My top 10 hopes for Season 7B range from simple requests (like seeing Spencer and Toby live out their days in the house he built for them) to admittedly more far-fetched desires (like discovering that A.D. used one of Emily’s eggs to make Alison’s baby), and I stand by them all 100 percent.

Browse our gallery of 7B dreams below, then drop a comment with your own.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. td says:

    My wish: Ezra Fitz gets thrown in jail for his “legally ambiguous” relationship with Aria so that the teen girls who watch this show learn that teachers who prey on their students isn’t acceptable or romantic.

    But somehow, that didn’t make this list.

    Go figure.

    • "A" says:

      Even though it’s wrong Wrong WRONG … Aria was 16 at the time ( she led him to believe she was in college ) and he was 21, as he had just graduated from college after a four year program.

      • Adam says:

        Didn’t it get revealed he knew who she was when he went in the bar because he was writing the book and knew a lot about Allison and all of her friends. That he was lying to them that whole time.

      • Cas says:

        Yeah and I believe 16 is the age of consent in most States.

      • gts says:

        Most students are 22 when they graduate from high school, so they have about a 5-6 year age gap (although the show has always been fuzzy in ages- shouldn’t he have a Masters to be a teacher, which would make him 26 at the show’s start?). But whatever, viewers have to decide if they care about the inappropriateness because he was her teacher and was writing the book about Ali and all that, or if they don’t care because #adorable.

  2. Marco Piazzo says:

    My wishes:

    1) Alison and Paige realize that Emily wants to have her cake(s) and eat it (or them) and give her what for.
    2) Ezria to end for good. This couple is not only the single worst, but it has dumbed Aria down for most of the show, isolated her from the rest of the characters/the show and killed the pace of every episode it appears in. It gas more victims than -A and A.D. (who are we kidding, this is -B) combined.
    3) Spoby to reunite somehow. They’re the best couple in the show, now that they managed to destroy Haleb with the disastrous handling of the Spaleb storyline.
    4) The Liars to show some basic competence and/or intelligence, especially now that they’re supposed to be adults. Every episode you see these morons leaving fingerprints everywhere, getting important pieces of evidence yet letting them be somewhere just so they can lose them/have them stolen from them and NOT MAKING A ZILLION OF COPIES, or just behave dumbly
    5) Aria to be evil. It would seriously be glorious, and it would give Lucy Hale a chance to do what the show mostly tried to prevent her from doing, aka ACT.
    6) Stop the general nonsense in the writing (like the Sydney cameo that was the definition of Big Lipped Alligator Moment).

    • Shru says:

      Yes! To everything. Aria and Ezra need to end. There is no way that a show should support a relationship where the guy stalked an underage girl and started a relationship with her KNOWING her age. I’m sorry, but that isn’t acceptable.

      The fact that Alison is basically poison to Emily doesn’t seem to get through in people’s minds. Also the writer is okay with a man forcing pregnancy on a woman? Wow.

      Yes for Spencer and Toby. They’re the only couple on the show I’ve rooted for (early Haleb too).

      Haleb has become too tainted now. I mean I don’t care that they’ll end up together but Hanna deserved better TBH.

    • QueenB says:

      Lucy can’t act. Aria was favorite character and Lucy was my favorite actress until the scene with Ezra on the ski lift!

    • srs says:

      I couldn’t agree more.specially about number 2.hahaha!nice one! :)))

    • Michelle says:

      I agree with you so much and wish more people did. I feel like the show was totally trying to appeal to the fans too much instead of writing a good story when they did the whole Spaleb thing and took it back. And their dumbness–couldn’t agree more… makes this show so difficult to watch geez.

  3. Jess says:

    Here’s my wishlist, which is much different than this one;

    1) I want Emily to discover that Alison really doesn’t care for her much at all and is just using her for her own selfish needs. I never bought that Alison would really be that in love with Emily and this could be the straw that breaks this camel’s back. Emily decides to move on with Paige because she sees how much Paige cares for her.
    2) Ezra/Aria end things because the Nicole situation gets too confusing. I never liked this couple anyway. Aria also discovers that Jason is a much better choice and they get married instead. Ezra goes off with Nicole to Columbia, where he mysteriously disappears and never comes back.
    3) Hanna decides that Caleb is too much of a jerk for his actions since the time jump and her and Spencer choose each other’s friendship over Caleb. They definitely made Caleb as much of a jerk as any other guy on this show, which I never thought possible. They ruined it too much. Sorry show, but jumping back into Haleb right after Spaleb may work on the general fangirl, but not for others.
    4) Toby is found dead in the car crash. No stupid Spoby reunion. Yvonne survives and moves far, far away because she did nothing wrong but get caught up in this drama. Spencer remains single for a while (at least until post-series, where she finds a nice lawyer to get married to).
    5) Mona figures out who A.D is and stops them herself because the Liars are too incompetent and stupid to do it themselves. It’s been seven years in your world, girls. If you don’t know how to wear gloves and to copy files, then I don’t know what to tell you.
    6) A.D is Wren, who was supposed to be the real A the entire time before Marlene decided that a twist was far more important than logic. His partner is Melissa, because why not?

    Or, an alternate choice if the above can’t happen: A.D burns down the entirety of Rosewood and nobody survives, except for Mona, who is conveniently out of town.

    • Guess says:

      I’m on board with your wish list

    • Matt says:

      This would also conveniently demonstrate the writers new what they were doing the whole time.

    • Adam says:

      Can we just get Emily either ending up with the girlfriend she currently has or no one. Because Paige is not that much better than Alison. She tried to drown her, she’s gone behind her back multiple times. Most recently she pretended she didn’t know Emily had a girlfriend, even though she had been staring at them through the window. Then continued to pretend to not know much about Emily and her girlfriend, while staring at her kind of creepily in the coffee shop. I don’t really like either Alison or Paige for Emily. But i can’t let Emily completely off the hook, she is currently dating one person, sleeping with another and maybe trying to get back together with a third. So, not great either.

    • Scarlett says:

      Yes I completely agree. It would be so great!

    • Cameron Rodreges says:

      That’s the worst wish list sorry but it’s true.

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  5. Imk says:

    That Ezra Fitz makes it onto the sex offender registry!!!!!

  6. Guess says:

    1. Reveal of A.D
    2. All questions will be answered
    3. Yvonne turns out to be alive and moves far far away, seriously the poor girl has done nothing wrong.
    4. That Emily reunites with Sabrina or finds a new love interest, she makes terrible desicions regarding her love life.
    5. The baby won’t be Emily’s sperm.
    6. That Ezra goes to jail and he and Aria ends things for good, seriously it’s like he’s the only thing on her mind.
    7. That Spencer moves away to a Big City and maybe marries a lawyer or Marco can go with her, Small towns are too small for her.
    8. For Mona to reveal exactly what side she’s on and Reveals A.D
    9. That Aria turns out to be on the a team.
    10. For the Hastings family to return, we need to know for sure who’s Spencer’s dad and her backstory.
    11. That Ashley and Ted will finally get married.
    12. For Rosewood to burn up in flames and everyone moves away.

  7. Paula says:

    Beautiful weddings and happily ever afters for Ezria, Haleb and Spoby! And at least some glimmer of hope for a Paily future. Definitely no Emison baby! Allison can take her evil spawn and disappear off the face of the earth (along with the rest of her dullard family). Will never understand the Ezria hate… they were the first and remain the very best/most appealing PLL couple! And Haleb? They had me at ‘The Cat in the Hat and The Girl with Poor Judgment.’ Love Hanna and Caleb! Will really miss this show, the characters and actors.

    • Cassie says:

      You don’t understand why people hate a ‘couple’ consisting of a sexual predator and his victim? Really?

      • Paula says:

        I certainly do not consider Ezra a sexual predator in any sense of the word. Never have and never will. So kindly spare me from the holier than thou ‘morality police.’ And Aria is a victim? Oh, please, none of these girls are innocent little lambs. I am so going to enjoy Ezria’s happy ending!

        • Shru says:

          Right because stalking an underage girl and her underage friends for a book is a sign of a man with great morals and not a sexual predator at all!

          • Pamela says:

            I wish the ezra stalking them for his book storyline never happened, it tainted ezria and all they overcame to be together and gave the haters huge ammunition to hate on them even more.

        • Plllover says:

          I’m sorry but Ezra knew exactly what he was doing, by law he is an offender. With that said if this was a UK version where 16 is an age of consent then it wouldn’t matter…by law that is. There’s still the icky factor. Who am I to judge though, I used to be a mgr in a hotel where one of my 40ish employees from Ethiopia admitted she had been married since she was 14. Apparently with no court systems involved.

          • Ws says:

            Its not just the age thing but the student/teacher thing.. and that he was stalking them… its just icky all around.

  8. TAB says:

    I just want the show to make sense in the end. I could do without the weddings and all other filler. Just build up the suspense and then give me a good ending to the mystery. I’ve accepted that all the answers won’t be given. After Marlene’s “It’s No Lie” parade leading up to the 6A finale and promising *SO* many answers…I can’t trust that woman to say that the answers will be given. But I am in it till the end and really look forward to seeing how the show ends, whatever that turns out to be.

  9. Jess says:

    Nothing can save this show.

  10. Nikki says:

    Unpopular opinion but I don’t want a Haleb finale. I was a fan of Spaleb but I don’t mind if Spencer ends up with Toby, Marco, or someone else. However it felt like Hanna didn’t really grow up much in the time jump, and Caleb did. Plus after all the things Caleb said to Spencer and how his kiss with Hanna didn’t mean anything, it was ridiculous that a few episodes later he was telling Hanna he didn’t want to spend another day without her.

    I don’t care about Ezria, and I’d like to see Emily with anyone other than Alison. I don’t believe Alison ever really cared romantically for Emily. Sabrina, Paige, Maya is alive again, anyone else. Actually I wouldn’t mind Jaria, maybe.

    Otherwise my wish is just to have things really neatly wrapped up as much as possible. There’s so many red herrings and unanswered questions in this show. It’s probably unrealistic to hope they answer everything, especially when I want those answers to make me go, “Woah!” but also make me feel like there was hints all alone.

    • Radha says:

      He said it didn’t mean anything because HANNA told him it was a mistake. Hanna and Caleb never should have broken up in the first place as it was just her job keeping her too busy for a relationship and you saw how she raced back to apologize to Caleb for neglecting him. We saw how he tried to be patient but it was a LOT of missed dates etc. that finally got him pissed enough to leave. And he purposely left his phone behind so she could not reach him. If she had come back and he still be at their apartment, they would STILL be together. I don’t care what the writers did with this misguided Spaleb crap. You don’t hook up with your friend’s ex. The ony way you do that is if you guys aren’t friends anymore. These girls are way too close and they have gone through way too much life and death crap with their boyfriends for any of them to just “call it quits” in a five year time jump. That kind of stuff BONDS people. You want realism where everybody breaks up? Enjoy real life. I went through too much with Haleb for writers to destroy it so people could see him hook up with Spencer. He cared about Spencer, but when she said she ‘loved him’, Caleb never said it back. That’s not him being an a**, but just being human. You can date someone and care about them a LOT, but that doesn’t mean they will be in love. His true love is with Hanna and he never stopped loving her. How is that so hard to understand?

    • Cas says:

      This is what I agree with too. And I’m sorry about all the Haleb fans but I honestly think most of them are high schoolers who think they will end up happily ever after with their hs sweethearts. And let it be known that I was a die hard haleb fan until the time jump. Hanna just never grew up. Spencer and caleb had a real relationship. But I do like Toby and Spencer still so I am okay with that. Also hate Alison and Emily. Alison who has never ever shown any interest in Emily unless she was manipulating her for something. So dumb.

  11. patienceholguin says:

    Omg Spencer is okay right and Toby was cute too but did he die or no

  12. trev says:

    This article and list is a thousand times better than that half-a**ed click-bait list EW posted. Good job!

  13. Radha says:

    My wishes for the series finale?

    1. We find out who A.D. is and it actually be plausible and shocking. I’m talking about jaw dropping, complete villainry, and me sitting there and actually being spooked. After all A should be this creepy psycho running around tormenting people for YEARS. I want to see this villain unmasked and not just be sitting there like I was when CeCe was revealed and practically yawning.

    2. Alison to actually go away. Alison was portrayed as a budding sociopath when the show first started and we saw how she treated people and blackmailed them. I’m sorry. I was hugely annoyed to find out she wasn’t actually dead. For the past few seasons, they are trying to make her a sympathetic character and I’m just not buying it. Stay far away from Emily

    3. For Emily to stop being thrown around to EVERY SINGLE WOMAN like a piece of indecisive meat. Lord. Pick a love interest and STAY WITH THEM.

    4. For Hanna and Caleb and Spencer and Toby to tie the knot.

    5. For Aria or Lucas to be revealed as the TRUE A.

    6. Didn’t care about Yvonne when she first appeared, don’t care about her now. The actress is annoying and can’t act. Get her off my screen. I don’t understand how a character we barely see is getting everyone all up in arms and hoping for her survival. If I got to know her and care about the character, sure. She was on for what? five episodes?

    7. For Spencer’s and Alison’s complicated family situation to be explained.

    8. For Rosewood to acknowledge they have a huge slew of inappropriate relationships going on in their town. re: Aria and Ezra, Jenna and Garrett, Alison and Ian, Spencer and Wren, Wren and Hanna, That one detective played by Sean Faris and some girl, can’t remember who now, that painter guy living in Spencer’s barn who almost got arrested and Spencer, the British guy living at her sister’s flat in London and Spencer, and so on and so on. Jesus Christ! Why are all of these older men hooking up with teenage girls? Now it’s a moot point since they are all around 23 or so, but at the time they were still in high school it was alarming.

    9. For every strange occurrence or strange behavior exhibited by all of the characters to be explained in a satisfactory manner by the end of the series–or at least have a special afterwards that addresses the loose ends. I know this is asking a LOT but don’t you guys also want the A moments explained at the end of the episodes? I remember Marlene King saying that not all those end teasers were all done by A. What about that Andrew dude that got arrested? Why was he listening in on phone calls? So many weird red herring-ish acts that I want explained? Were these people blackmailed into working with A? Were they just being total tools that day? I want answers.

  14. Melissa says:

    I’d love for Toby and Spencer to be together and live in the house that he started building for them, I’m thinking she bought the house. I wish Paige would for once not be obsessed with Emily and her life. I don’t see Emison as a couple but if the theory of Emily’s eggs be implanted into Alison they will definitely be bonding alot more. I want to believe Mona has good motives towards the girls,I’d hate to see her be AD. How is it that Jenna smelled Spencer’s blood but couldn’t smell the blood of Noel’s decapitated head she walked right by?

  15. QZ says:

    How about….Ashley and Ezra hook up because she’s a major cougar. Then, Toby decides he likes Caleb most of all because those Rosewood women are nothing but trouble lately. Finally, Spencer is A because the apple doesn’t fall far from the weird Mary Drake tree. No? Then I got nothin’ till I see the actual finale. :-)

  16. Braden barnett says:

    Carnt do that to all the pretty little lier fans making them wait now till next year to find out who killed who

  17. Inersi says:

    For god’s sake just kill Alison or something.
    I never understood why the show is always about Alison’s mess ups?
    And I really hope that ezria break up ’cause I have the feeling that Ezra kinda was forced to be with Aria.
    Hanna is STILL a spoilt girl who NEVER listens to any one and just does stupid things.I think Caleb is too good for her.Spaleb made more sense but I still think Spoby is way better.
    I don’t like Aria to be A.I don’t like her but the idea of her being A kinda breaks my heart.
    A.D should be the person that nobody thought of and not a character who has only been in 1 episode,but a main character that we always thought was pure and good.
    I really think Mona is better than all of them.they are TOO idiot.I mean,who leaves an important flash drive on the table for A.D to take it?I would’ve made 10000 copies of the file. -.-
    And at the end,I like the Idea of Paige and Emily ’cause they really care about each other.

    • Kay says:

      To be honest, the whole reason why the show is about Alison’s mess ups is because, without her mistakes, there really wouldn’t be a show to watch. The girls were brought into this mess because of Alison so….

  18. Carrie says:

    I really hope Toby and Spencer gets back together I hope they both pull threw. And I hope Ezra and Aria end up together but I really hope Toby and Spencer gets back together because they are meant to be. That’s what I hope really happens if not I will really be upset and you don’t wanna let down your fans 🙂🙃

  19. Km says:

    Wish list 👌

    – ezria

    -Yvonne & Toby
    (I like her…shes a good person…and she deserves 100% true love.
    And it’s kinda obvious that she still takes a back seat to spencer in tobys heart👎)

    -Allison (for real this time!)
    But everyone already knows y’all killed Toby off. Which is ridiculous. But I’m sure spencer bought his at least she will have that 😑

    -Lucas, Mrs. Hastings, or
    Possibly Jason.
    (If it has to be one of the liars, make it Emily….
    She’s been to sweet and innocent through out the series. Throw some good old crazy up in her mix 🙃)

  20. Bonnie says:

    OK, Ya’ll are Gonna Hate Me, But, I Want Ezria to Get Married! He is NOT A Predator OR Paedophile, ARIA Was FULLY Consenting, Lying, & Doing Everything She Could To Keep Him! Also, Ladies, Gentleman & PARENTS, If You are So Naive to THINK That MOST High Schoolers are NOT Having Sex, Ya’ll Are Idiots! I Am OK with Haleb Being Together, Wish I had Never Seen Spaleb, They Were Ok Together, But I Agree, Friends DON’T Do Friends Ex’s!
    It Would Be Nice For Spoby To Happen, But I’d Settle for the Cute DETECTIVE & Her to Stay Together! I Think Emily Should End Up With Newest Partner, NOT Alison OR Paige, I’ve Never Trusted Paige, And Alison Has NEVER Been Innocent! Baby Should Be Her “Husbands” And Turn Out Like HER! I Think LUCAS Should be AD, With Jenna, Noah, (Dead Now), And Maybe Even MELISSA Working With Him!! Thats My 2 Cents Worth, Love it Or Leave it, But DON’T Be A HATER!

  21. Julie Goodman says:

    My wishes for the show are:
    1. We find out for real who killed Mrs. D, and why.
    2. Jason and Aria get married, leave town and have kids, live happily ever after.
    3. We find out for real who A.D. Is, and why he, she, they, did what they did.
    4. Toby is alive, Spencer is alive, Toby and Spencer are together, dating or married. Yvonne is alive, and leaves town.
    5. Ezra marries someone else besides Aria, leaves town.
    6. We also find out for real if anyone else died, and who killed them.
    7. Hanna and Caleb get married, leaves town.
    8. Allison is not pregnant with Emily’s eggs. Emily and Paige get back together.
    9. Everything else we haven’t been told about, example- how the moms got out of the basement?, is answered for real.

  22. Jemixote says:

    Emison forever

  23. -A says: