Feed The Beast Cancelled

Feed the Beast Cancelled at AMC

AMC shall Feed the Beast no longer.

The network on Friday confirmed the cancellation of its David Schwimmer-led drama after just one season.

Based on the Danish series Bankerot, AMC’s Beast followed Tommy (Schwimmer) and Dion (Jim Sturgess), a pair of best friends who open a Greek eatery in the Bronx, thrusting them into the seedy underbelly of New York City’s restaurant scene. The 10-episode first (and final) season wrapped on Aug. 2.

Here’s AMC’s official statement in full:

We have great respect and admiration for the entire team associated with Feed the Beast, starting with Clyde Phillips, David Schwimmer, Jim Sturgess and our studio partner, Lionsgate. We are thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with them and appreciative of their talents, dedication and care. Unfortunately, the show simply didn’t achieve the results needed to move forward with a second season.

Are you bummed by the Beast’s demise? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. George says:

    Confession: I watched the entire series and it wasn’t good.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      LOL, same here but I liked it. But I knew it wasn’t going to make it.

      • Daniel snow says:


        • Jude Stendahl says:

          I initially tuned in to the pilot because I consider myself a foodie, AND I WAS DRAWN IN.
          I was not especially a David Schwimmer fan,BUT HE DREW ME IN.
          I watched the first season through the finale, AND IT BLEW ME AWAY!
          I cannot believe comments like the one where a person taped the whole season, then read some negative comments and deleted the whole series unwatched. That is how some great series never stand a chance. I do hope a smarter channel
          picks it up.

          Jude S.

          • Anna Theresia Martinsson says:

            Totally Agree! A Shame it’s been thrown away! Greatest TV production and Acting I ever saw on Netflix! And I’m a proffessional in this business!

          • Joel McHaffie says:

            Yes me too!

      • TV Gord says:

        That’s my thought, too. It grew on me as the season progressed, but I figured by that time, the audience had dwindled to unrenewable proportions. Without social media buzz, it was doomed.

        • Anna Theresia Martinsson says:

          Absolutely!!! One of the greatest TV prodction We’ve seen on Netflix, A REAL SHAME….such GREAT ACTING such great production over ALL !! CAN NOT BELIEVE it’s been stopped! I feel sorry for these great actors! But I guess it was Too Great for people and amateur Critics to understand it’s greatness! Greetings from proffessionals in Sweden! Just spent one night f watching season 1. Such Shame it’ll end here!

    • Weezy says:

      I’m with you George. Once I start, I find it hard to stop a show. Feed the Beast was just about horrible enough for that to happen, but the season was almost over by then. Thank goodness they are putting this show out of its misery. Not sure how it made it to series to begin with.

  2. Leslie W. says:

    Oh please say it isn’t so! This was seriously one of the best shows on cable! The best thing Schimmer had ever done. I am very sorry it won’t get another shot. RIP Feed the Beast.

  3. HAP says:

    I guess Schwimmer holds the title of being the least successful of the cast of Friends.

    • Shaun says:

      They are all about even,he was good on that OJ limited series.

      • Sam says:

        They are definitely not even. Four of them (Cox, Perry, Kudrow and LeBlanc) have had fruitful television careers as leads. Jennifer Aniston is Jennifer Aniston. Schwimmer disappeared for a decade (except for a decent 30 Rock drop-by) and resurfaced in a miniseries where he was either the first or second weakest link depending on how you felt about Gooding Jr.

        So no, he’s definitely at the bottom of the pole.

        • Joey says:

          Incorrect on one note. Travolta was the weakest link in that miniseries.

        • Erin B says:

          Just because he wasn’t in front of the camera doesn’t mean he disappeared. He got into voice work, directing, & theater.

        • The Beach says:

          I’m still upset that they wasted an Emmy nomination on Cuba Gooding, Jr. He was awful and completely miscast.

        • Jim says:

          Schwimmer went behind camera instead of in front of it by choice. I mean, so he says, but it seems true. Now he’s getting back in front. And doing pretty well at it. Not everything hits but he’s getting lead roles and good critical notices.

        • Anna Theresia Martinsson says:

          You don’t know anything about acting! It’s obvious when reading your comment!
          Why not try to act your self! I did for many years, and I tell you, this is definately genuine Great Shining Breath taking Acting! Both from Schwimmer and ofcourse Sturgess and others…in this Breath taking drama, Great acting, Directing, Photo, Scenery…over all One of the Best productions for years! Reminding about Really Great Theatre hold back passion-Acting* We Adored watching season one in Europe! Sweden!

    • TV Gord says:

      I think I would give that to Matthew Perry, who has a string of failed shows under his belt since Friends ended. I include The Odd Couple, which may be coming back, but it’s both limping and limp.

  4. Jason says:

    A show that no one asked for in the first place

  5. lisasride says:

    It had the potential of being really good and Schwimmer was great. But the story kind of dragged out.

  6. Manuel says:

    The kid not talking was boring.. ross was always depressed or getting punked and jim character had all the ladies.. i hope they would redeem themselves in season 2 but i guess not

  7. knd24 says:

    I’m honestly not surprised. I wanted it to be better. The whole tooth fairy element was kind of ridiculous. David Schwimmer was the only good part.

  8. MMD says:

    I asked for comments on this show on the summer winners and losers article because I had dvr’d the entire series but had not watched it. Didn’t get anything positive feedback so deleted the entire series so no, not surprised or bummed.

  9. Cannot believe the show is cancelled. Great acting and such a wonderful cast and story line…do not get it…

  10. Kyle says:

    The show was just not good. It had so many plot holes and ridiculous storylines (yeah, Tooth Fairy, I’m looking at you). I gave it up half-way through the season

  11. Fred says:

    Dang, it was a great show… Hope someone else will pick it up for season 2.

  12. ComeOn says:

    Both David and Jim deserve better than this show.

  13. Kevin In CT says:

    Sorry to see it go, as a former health inspector I enjoyed the behind the scenes restaurant stuff.

  14. ChrisShut says:

    It was OK — I started watching when Jenn Colella became a recurring actress (the blonde in Dion’s kitchen crew) and got mildly interested in it. But I’m pissed that it ended on a huge cliffhanger and we’ll never get any answers.

    • Debbie says:

      Exactly, You can see the drama was set for season 2. They pulled the plug way to early

      • Louise Durocher says:

        I agree. It should have bee given another season at least. If we recall, Breaking Bad which was a top, top hit had a very slow and relatively boring season one. But from season two on, it was crazy good! And sometimes, the inverse happens. Most TV series should be given a season two before pulling the plug. ABC did the same thing with “Off The Map” which, I thought, was a refreshing story line as opposed to all the
        franchises that are basically all the same from one to another. I do watch a few of them but it gets very repetitive. I also started watching “This Is Us” which is fun because it switches generations throughout the episodes. They’ll probably pull the plug on that one also.

  15. Britt says:

    I loved it but I knew it wasn’t going to make it. It wasn’t American enough.
    (I’m not American either, I just watch a lot of stuff and this wasn’t for an American audience. Don’t ask me why.)

  16. Debbie says:

    I am hoping Netflix picks this up!

  17. Betsy says:

    Big mistake! With tons of crap on tv, i.e.: Mistresses, 2 broke girls, housewives bs and tons of others.
    Feed the Beast was well directed, acted & just really good tv! Not crap. Please bring it back!!!!!!

  18. Pam Clark says:

    Please bring this back!!!!!

  19. Jeanette says:

    I’m so upset I loved the show…. I think they should give it another chance! Maybe it came on at a different time it would make a difference.

  20. Lesli Bourbonais says:

    I loved this show and sorry to hear about it’s cancellation. As a sometime ‘gourmet’ home cook I looked forward to it’s developments. I tried to talk my husband into watching it. I thought it was entertaining, dark and edgy and creative with the interactions of the characters. Too bad, maybe another station or venue could pick it up.

  21. Sharon J. says:

    I loved the show and the characters. I just thought they tried to cram too much in the plot of each show. I’m not surprised it was cancelled because that happens to every new show I like, so I wasn’t getting my hopes up!

  22. Diane says:

    It just started getting good!! So pissed. 😣

  23. Janet says:

    I have watched shows worse than feed the beast and they got a second series, so I am very disappointed

  24. roger says:

    had they put a fcking zombie in the season finale it would have got renewed

  25. Diane B says:

    What a shame! I really enjoyed the show and would have loved to see at least a second season or a few more shows to wrap it up. Shows are canceled so fast, I hate to invest in a new one.

  26. susan1859 says:

    I really got into the show, and now the braintrusts at AMC end the show with a serious cliffhanger and no resolution. I’m sick to death of the networks doing this.

  27. Darryl Campbell says:

    My family really liked feed the beast, except for the commercials! We really got vested in the characters, and were hoping David Scwimmer’s character would finally have something good happen to him. Very disappointmented!

  28. Debra Blanchard says:

    Just got done binge watching Season 1 and loved it. So sorry to hear that Feed the Beast was not renewed for a second season. Perhaps they should shop for another network. I think it was a great show.

  29. MARY WHYTE says:

    I really did like the show and was sorry to hear it has been cancelled. Everyone I know also liked it. I think David Schwimmer is a terrific actor. I liked all the actors. I hope enough people write in to bring it back on.

  30. Richard says:

    It was a series that grew on you for a summer on.

  31. Judith Saltzman says:

    I am really disappointed that Feed the Beast is no longer. My husband and I looked forward to watching each episode and loved the hot/cold friendship between David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess. The whole cast was great and the show will truly be missed!

  32. jeffl says:

    This was a great show and so many people talked about it. It would of been nice to see how every story line with the restaurant and if Gekko and Toothfairy would end their relationship. Didn’t think the Toothfairy made a good tough guy. Gekko was more the part.

  33. Dawn Hacken says:

    Absolutely loved feed the Beast, so sorry it was cancelled.

  34. Cathy trammell says:

    Please bring it back!!! My husband and I love this show!!!!!!! I’m sick!!!

  35. Heather says:

    I am very upset! This was a great show and you left us with a cliff hanger that made the fans want more. Who’s dead who’s alive I’ll never know! It’s like giving me a great book but leaving out the end. Sadsadsad

  36. IKD says:

    I really enjoyed the show, found out about it half way through the season, I was looking forward to finding out the outcome. Sad that it was cancelled.

  37. Jacqueline says:

    That really sucks!! This is a great show. Not to many good ones on. This caught my eye and kept my attention. DVR the whole series and watched it all at one time. Is a shame your canceling it. The whole cast was amazing. Terrible lost of something finally with watching. SMH

  38. SLK says:

    Maybe Netflix could pick it up?

  39. Leah Obrien says:

    wtf bring the series back you obvious don’t know what a good show is what’s wrong with you

  40. Matt says:

    The show definitely had some flaws but would have liked to see it progress to Season 2. I think they could have worked out some of the kinks

  41. Bonnie says:

    I watched and loved the whole season, was it the best show ever? No but I really liked it. I’m so dissapointed😔

  42. Toni Molden says:

    I am so bummed 😢I thought this was a great show. Can’t believe you’re not going to try ATLEAST one more year.

  43. Rachel says:

    The fact that this show isn’t coming back is freaking sad!! Seriously after u blow up the restaurant you cancel the show!!!!

  44. K says:

    Great show. Too bad I was the only one watching it.

  45. Julie Bertrand says:

    so disappointed to hear this has been cancelled. please bring it back!! this is one of only a few best new shows I have seen in a long time. there is so much other crap on TV that is allowed to continue. I thought David Schwimmer was brilliant as Tommy and did a great job of leaving his character Ross behind. too often we see actors playing the same part over and over. not so with this one – kudos! more Feed the Beast please!!!

  46. Priscilla Ormiston says:

    Super bummed. I loved Feed the Beast. I love James Sturgis.

  47. Krystle says:

    Make a season two and put it on Netflix!! I want to know what happens after house explosion.

  48. Kat says:

    I can’t believe “Feed the Beast” has been cancelled. What a great, interesting show. Now we are just left hanging as to what will happen. Please, please, please … bring back!!!

  49. Dorothy says:

    My husband and I have been waiting and waiting for the new season and checking every week for the new season. We are very disappointed to hear that Feed the Beast was cancelled. Think it was the best new show on all the channels ! Is it too late to bring it back?

  50. Janet Hoover says:

    Sorry to see it go. I liked it maybe netflix will pick it up