Devious Maids Cancelled

Devious Maids Cancelled

The next time there’s a mess at the Powell household, Evelyn will have to clean it up her damn self.

Lifetime has chosen not to renew Devious Maids for a fifth season, our sister site Deadline reports, just weeks after the Marc Cherry soap ended Season 4 on a bloody good cliffhanger.

As fans will recall, the finale revealed Gail Fleming to be the season’s big murderer, Evelyn and Adrian got a divorce, Rosie revealed her pregnancy (while concealing the truth about Tucker’s paternity), Carmen and Dani reconciled, Zoila got her old job back and Genevieve found new love… with a woman.

The finale then jumped one year into the future, where Marisol suddenly went missing — or was she kidnapped? — during her wedding to Peter.

“We have many thoughts of what it all means,” executive producer Sabrina Wind told TVLine of Marisol’s disappearance. “It will be a completely new story.” (Sadly, that story was not to be.)

For now, drop a comment with your thoughts on this Devious cancellation below.


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  1. Donna Salvi says:

    Really disappointing

  2. Romi says:

    This was one of my favorite shows. Very sad to hear this.

    • GLO says:

      Sooooo disappointed to hear Maids is cancelled. Looked forward to it each season. Some of the best acting from this cast of talented actors. And now we won’t get to see what was hinted at in the finale, darn it! Must not have had the ratings I guess. ;(

  3. Becky says:


  4. Diane says:

    Not surprised, but I will still miss it.

  5. abz says:

    This sucks. This season was hilarious. I hate when networks do this. I know all they care about is money but come on, why do they always cancel at the last minute right after cliffhangers. Give the writers advance notice to write a proper ending.

    • Gin says:

      Totally agree with you

    • Caty says:

      I totally agree. It is incredibly annoying when networks do this. Maybe we should ban the network and see how they like it when nobody watches there shows. Instead of them cancelling our favorite show we should cancel them!

      • Tylyn says:

        I love this idea!!

      • nana says:

        Your damn right!

      • Taylor Hunt says:

        Love this idea! See how they like those appples! Give them a taste of their own medicine for a change!!

      • Lori Frazier says:

        I’ve already banned Lifetime network. This was the final straw. Had enough of repetitive, BS shows I’ve no interest in and repeats of those same bs shows. Devious Maids was the best original show Lifetime ever put out and they go and cancel it!! Who the heck is in charge of these decisions? You are over paid and maybe should consider putting ON a part somewhere(ie:a factory) rather than ending so many well acted parts. I’m so through with Lifetime…And to think it used to be my favorite network to watch. Well, at least I’ve got ID channel and Hallmark channel to fill those many hours of my time which I’ll no longer waste on their network. Also, I’m no longer even gonna watch LMN. THAT’S how through I am with Lifetime. After all, the only really good show on there anymore are reruns of Grey’s Anatomy. Which I believe is on the third full re-run through. I really don’t believe lifetime could afford to cancel Devious Maids. You aren’t the only cable network. Ok…I feel a lil better now. Not much tho. Just UGHHHH!!

    • Taylor Hunt says:

      Totally agree with you! This is ridiculous!!

    • Kris Marie says:

      Totally thinks this stinks and bring back devious maids was a great show and it was hilarious too

    • James says:

      I don’t think it was a money thing they were getting 900k+ viewers but it is very sad to see it end especially on a cliffhanger

  6. LADY_in_MD says:

    Nooooooo! I was hoping this wouldn’t happen!!!

  7. rod says:

    Lifetime is doing the same thing they did with Drop Dead Diva, they cancelled it just to make headlines and are gonna bring it back, just wait a couple of weeks

  8. Yolanda says:

    Maybe Lifetime can give us a TV movie to wrap things up just like HBO did with Looking? Or another network could take it and give us one last season? Possibly El Rey Network, TLC or VH1.

  9. Jakay says:

    Nooooooooooooo! I loved it.

  10. Jake L. says:

    I can’t say I’m terribly surprised either, but I will miss it. I just wish they could have come to this decision in time for the finale to scrap the cliffhanger. I was perfectly fine with how it ended before the flash forward, but now we have something unresolved. Ugh.

  11. Ann says:

    Another good show bites the dust. What a shame. They could of at least wrapped up the storyline instead of leaving it with a juicy cliffhanger. It doesn’t pay to get invested in these shows they only cut then off right in the middle anyway.

  12. Michael says:

    Lifetime sucks, creatively and acting wise this was the best season yet

  13. GeoDiva says:

    Noooooooooooooo! Can Adrian and Evelyn get their own spinoff, please?

  14. Tvfan says:

    Aw no but season 4 was rubbish suspense but had some great one liners

  15. ncmacasl says:

    I loved that show!! It was hilarious!! Hope someone else picks it up!!! (NETFLIX?!?! HULU?!?)

  16. Nophan O'yours says:

    Lifetime cancelled Devious Maids – I have cancelled Lifetime. Done with that channel.

  17. Nydia says:

    This sucks Lifetime!! This was one of the few shpws that I enjoyed and laughed with, especially Adrian, Evelyn and Carmen characters! Please bring it back and at least let us know what happened to Marisol!!!!!!

    • jo says:

      All these networks keep doing it to good shows… Longmire went to netflix The Glades was cancelled on a cliffhanger….. Anymore these networks suck….

  18. Jay says:

    How sad. Unreal has creatively imploded and has worse ratings yet it gets renewed. Was this the bind item?

  19. Jake L. says:

    Can you at least get a wrap-up interview with the producers so we can find out how the cliffhanger would’ve been resolved?

  20. tallsy says:

    Creatively, it was the right decision to drop Valentina, but the 18-34 ratings sank like a stone.. On a soap, very difficult to sustain ratings without someone under 35 on the canvas.

  21. Ian says:

    This show made it 4 seasons, but Witches of EastEnd only got 2. That’s the real crime.

  22. this is total……maybe if they bothered to release season 2 up on DVD more money would have come in and this could have been avoided
    great show will be missed

  23. terithecook says:

    That stinks big time. I loved that show.

  24. Diana says:

    Are u kidding me devious maids is such a good show . Great cast and great writing.

  25. MJ says:

    Lifetime did the same to Witches of East end and The Client List cancelling them with cliffhangers. They truly do not care about the people watching the show.

    • johnhelvete says:

      Why does the network always get the blame for cancellations of series that end on cliffhangers, while the writers get a pass? At a minimum, the writers are just as responsible as the network, the writers are the ones that decide to end the series on a cliffhanger without a guarantee of another season.

      • rinaex says:

        Agreed. For whatever reasons, showrunners continue to make the mistake of thinking a cliffhanger is going to beat a network’s bottom line when it comes time to make these type of decisionsl

      • Vanessa says:

        Because the network decides if and when to pull the plug.

        Wanting to put together the best storyline and episodes, not the best storyline and episodes in case we get cancelled, is more understandable for many. And for shows that aren’t a top ratings hit and often fly under the radar or shows where mystery plays a role, season finales with cliffhangers or untied ends make sense. It goes with the setup of the show and leaves a carrot dangling for the small audience they do have to come back.

        • johnhelvete says:

          Why do the best story lines have to contain a cliffhanger or two at the end of the season? Why cant each season be about the characters and what happens in that season, and the next season involve the same characters but a different story line? Why do some writers feel that they need to use the gimmick of a cliffhanger or two to “trick” the audience to return to the show the following season instead of writing a compelling show that the audience wants to continue watching?

          • Mike M says:

            Ask yourself this: why do movies have preview trailers… there, you have your answer. Or if you prefer in one word; advertising. Only in TV it’s like sometimes the movie never makes it to the big screen at all…

  26. C.C. says:

    Was this the blind item about the cast already looking for series regular gigs?

    Also…. NNNOOO!!! I thought season 5 would be its last because the show keeps flying under the radar, so I can’t accept its even earlier demise. It’s such a consistent soapy dramedy too with unexpected twists exactly like how Desperate Housewives ran.

    • Mike M says:

      +10 This was DH but condensed – so there was no filler – it was one great episode after another. I can’t even begin to imagine what the network is thinking cancelling their BEST show. It’s quite crazy.

  27. Irene Traska says:

    That is sad I loved watching.

  28. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m very disappointed by this news.However maybe Lifetime will do a Devious Maids wrap up movie sometime in the future or maybe they’ll change their minds and bring the series back if there’s enough pressure for them to do it.

    • Jonathan Mwangi says:

      I agree with you on the latter…. Enough pressure to bring it back! I’m still battling with the reality of not meeting the crazy Carmen, Genevieve, Zoila and my all-time actor, Adrian Powell in the 5th season. They should renew it for goodness sake!!!!

  29. Pat says:

    Devious Maids was just a good joyable show to watch Susan Lucci ,and the rest of of the cast was hilarious .I don’t know why they’re keeping the other show unreal. What could we do as viewers to keep the show on?

  30. MK says:

    Devious Maids is one of my favorite shows. Bad move, Lifetime!

  31. Brenda says:

    please don’t do it amazing and great show love it put it on a different net work thank you

  32. Mari Johnson says:

    Too bad. A funny, entertaining show.

  33. Me says:

    My life is going to be so much sadder without Evelyn, Adrian and Genevieve…:(

  34. dan says:

    The show was frothy, soapy, summer fun. It wasn’t going to win any Emmys (although Rebecca Wisocky and Susan Lucci had some supporting-actress moments over the four seasons). I didn’t care for all the storylines (Carmen hasn’t had a good plot since her “husband” the gay heartthrob was killed) and some of the acting was mediocre (the actress who played Rosie needed voice lessons to stop whining), but I enjoyed the show over the last four summers. I’ll miss Adrian and Evelyn’s playful banter and seeing Genvieve dating a woman, but I won’t miss hearing “Mr. Spence” every again. RIP Devious Maids. Now somebody needs to hire Rebecca Wisocky and Susan Lucci asap!

  35. Yes, Lifetime, better to keep shows like Dance Moms because that it is thoroughly entertaining and enriching television.

  36. Ruth Steele says:

    I am in shock and my heart is broken. How many times can Marc Cherry do this to us?

  37. Phillip says:

    That’s some bull. Devious Maids pull in double the ratings as UnReal. Ridiculous!

  38. I cant believe, the network crazies are cancelling the only fun show left to watch. Am so sick of all the reality shows. I guess I can just ship my T.V to TRASH now.

  39. RH says:


  40. AnonTVAddict says:

    PAGING NETFLIX & HULU!!!! I hope to GOD ABC Studios gets their butt in gear and shops this awesome show around! Even if whomever picks it up does it for a year. The fans DESERVE happy ending!!

  41. ZinniQ says:

    Not surprised, it was awful.

  42. auntiemm says:

    My guess they’ll say it’s would be getting too expensive to produce especially for a network like Lifetime. Sad to see it go though. Kind of a guilty pleasure.

  43. Louis says:

    Worst birthday present ever!!!!! Please reconsider!!! This show is the best!!!!

  44. Marge says:

    Huge disappointment. The biggest one for me, since Lifetime cancelled “Army Wives” several years ago. Hopefully they will at least give Marc Cherry the option of doing a movie to wrap things up. Maybe ABC will reconsider and pick up the series since it was first offered to them..Every one I know loves the show.

  45. BrookeBS says:

    This totally sucks!! I’m gonna miss this show. I really wish it didn’t end with a cliffhanger. UGH!!!

  46. Erica says:

    That’s disappointing news

  47. Monique Jackson says:

    NOT FAIR!! Such an awesome show great cast and writing. Ooh SO FLIPPING MAD!!

  48. I loved Devious Maids!!!! We need another season!!!!

  49. Jean says:

    So upset this wonderful show has been cancelled. Every time we finally get a show we really like, the network says NO, NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE 18 TO 35 YEAR OLDS. WELL MAYBE WE WILL JUST STOP WATCHING TELEVISION ANYMORE AND IT WILL BECOME EXTINCT.

  50. Diane says:

    Such an entertaining well written with great cast. I always looked forward to seeing it. Why. Are the great shows cancelled? Doesn’t make sense!