Bachelor Season 21 Nick Viall

The Bachelor: Nick Viall, Two-Time Runner-Up, Is Your Season 21 Suitor

Third time is the charm…?

ABC announced on Tuesday night during its summertime shtupfest Bachelor in Paradise that two-time Bachelorette runner-up Nick Viall will be The Bachelor for the upcoming Season 21, premiering at midseason.

A 35-year-old software salesman and model, Milwaukee native Nick vied for the hands of both Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe during Seasons 10 and 11 of The Bachelorette, and was featured on this season of Bachelor in Paradise — where he was poised for Happily Ever After with beachmate Jen?

“I can’t talk spoilers…. Jen is an amazing woman….. but we don’t end up together,” Viall shared Tuesday during his After Paradise unveiling.

What do you think about two-time Bachelorette castoff Nick getting put in the driver’s seat this time around?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Z says:

    I feel like he’s more interesting to watch than Luke

  2. tallsy says:

    What happened to Luke? I don’t want to watch this smug jerk for the fourth time.

    • Greg says:

      Luke is as interesting and expressive as a bag of flour, that is what happened.

    • Bobbi says:

      Luke didn’t say no. He has given interviews saying he was packed and ready to go. Got a call late Sunday night telling him about the change in plans. I am glad they went with Nick. Should be an interesting season!

  3. Mark says:

    He’s the absolute worst. Why is he getting the Bachelor spot?

    • Ski says:

      I totally agree with you!! He is such a jerk and desperate for the lime light…he already has his 15 minutes of fame which was too much then.

  4. Elena says:

    So Nick and not Luke, ok…

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Way to go Nick!!!

  6. Greg says:

    The right decision, thank god they realized it was time to break the relentless formula of picking one of the previous season losers. The crop from the last season left them with no viable option, so this makes sense.

    • tallsy says:

      So they picked a guy who has lost twice before? That makes no sense.

    • Beth says:

      So they pick a two-time (no make that 3 if you count BIP) loser. There’s a reason that neither Andi or Kaitlyn didn’t pick him.

      • Elizabeth Heydary says:

        He has seemed very likeable, friendly and gives good advice to everyone on Bachelor in Paradise. I didn’t like him much at all with Andi or Kaitlyn, but he’s 35 now and very possible that he has matured and grown past the annoying villain of those seasons. After the favorable response, I think Mike Fleiss decided to go with Nick instead of Luke or Chase, who people liked OK during Jojo’s season but ultimately didn’t have much of a following. The 2 time loser story is better. And to be fair BIP isn’t the same There’s a lot of competition for a few people and it’s only 3 weeks of time so at some point there’s literally no more chance of finding a match. Nick and Jen don’t seem to have very strong chemistry and it’s a bit silly that BIP relationships are expected to end in engagements when they are so brief. Jade and Tanner last season were a very special case that seems to have worked out so far.

  7. Natalie says:

    I hate this guy… I may never watch The Bachelor ever again because of this Choice. Nick is the same guy that went on TV and embarrassed Andi Dorfman by telling everybody they had sex! He does nothing but sneak around behind everybody’s back and cause problems. Bachelor franchise you really got this one wrong!!!

    • Max says:

      Couldn’t agree more! This fame HO is starved for attention. He proved how classless he is by his behavior with Andi and loves to create drama and trouble while batting his eyes and acting innocent. He has no desire to find love … he just wants more air time and a chance to sleep with women who are seeking the same spotlight. Why must every Bachelor now be a previous contestant? Will not watch a second of Nicks season.

    • Ski says:

      I know I won’t be watching the Bachelor – this IS the worst choice they have made for the Bachelor….

    • Ski says:

      I don’t plan on watching this season – Nick is the worst choice they have ever made.

    • joey says:

      I agree, bad mistake. Won’t watch this season at all!

  8. Suzi says:

    Yay! At least it won’t be boring. I’m pulling for Nick!

  9. Darlene says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me! Isn’t there another man in this country that’s worthy? This guy is used up. Too bad, I’ve enjoyed watching The Bachelor. But, I won’t be watching this time around. It’s just turned into a circus of complete losers. .

  10. jimmy says:

    Worst idea ever. I cannot watch another season of him.

  11. Amy L says:

    This is the best! People who are not feeling Nick clearly haven’t watched Bachelor in Paradise where he has been a breath of fresh air. So excited to see him have his turn!

  12. A says:

    Should have been James Taylor

  13. Karen Womack says:

    Choose someone fresh. Tired of seeing Nick. He bores me!

  14. Timmah says:

    Yes! I was all ready to skip the next season because I thought they were going to choose one of those dumb bores in JoJo’s final four. But now I’ll have to watch.

  15. Jessy says:

    I was surprised! But we should have seen this coming…he has been on a redemption tour all summer. Regardless, I think it’ll be good and fun. I think Luke would have been boring, Chase wasn’t bright enough.

  16. katsssblog says:

    Mixed feelings about this, but I like that he is older, when I say older I mean not 25 years old boy, he is a man. I hope it’s going to be interesting. They needed change, maybe this is the right one.

  17. sarah t says:

    Definitely won’t watch this. I was really pulling for Luke and I found Nick to be annoying (at best) on BIP. I don’t know why it didn’t end up being Luke but count me out.

  18. KLS says:

    So, do they just keep casting the same people for these shows (The Bachelor & -ette)? I am confused, but they continue to get good ratings, so I guess that’s what people want to see. Doesn’t it get repetitive? (I am just curious)

  19. iakovos says:

    Really? This once-entertaining (at the very least) and at-times romantic show has become a platform for posers. Am no fan of a Bachelor Nation with the endless parade of perennials. The joy of the show for me is in having new people each turn. Perhaps the premise is old. (Everyone seems to be playing a role now. Why else would some of these people act so badly?) I am surely in the minority and accept that, but this is my opinion.

  20. Suzy says:

    I don’t even want to watch anymore. Can’t stand Nick at all. He’s not even remotely attractive and he’s a whiny little tattle tail. Why bothers me the most is the annoying way he talks! I can’t imagine 25 (ish?) women lining up to date someone who’s been rejected 4 times on national television. What is bachelor nation thinking?? Definitely not gonna be watching this season

  21. Amy J says:

    While I agree that Luke wasn’t really suited to be the next Bachelor, I’m pretty shocked they went with Nick. True it’s good for the drama factor. But man. No. I don’t want to watch a season about the town bike (where everyone has had a ride).

  22. Ann says:

    Third time on this show? Someone needs to get a life.

  23. I have nothing personal against Nick and don’t want to sound mean, but he does not have a nice personality. I will not be watching season 21, disappointed, oh well I am sure Netflix will have a good series to watch, or maybe I will simply read.

  24. any mous says:

    How much longer is ABC going to be the “No Morals Channel”? 25 girls more or less”whoring” themselves for a tv show, and then there is the Mistresses and How to get away with Murder shows. We’re really teaching our younger people the worst ways to live!

  25. Denny says:

    I won’t be watching the whole season because I can’t stand him! First of all he looks like a Werewolf ewww and secondly he has the most unattractive personality! What woman would want him for a partner? Disgusting! ewwwwww!

  26. joey says:

    Cannot stand Nick…A troublemaker…Will not watch at all, could’ve done so much better!!!!!

  27. Joanne says:

    I’ve watched this show with a group since the beginning and nick does not deserve to have 6 chances. There’s a reason he doesn’t find love he’s a sneaky liar and I can’t watch one minute of his season😒😔

  28. Katie says:

    I think Nick is a phony. He’s just looking for sex and him being the bachelor over other quality men makes me think twice about watching.

  29. He comes across as either a manipulator or clueless. Either way he will be uninteresting to watch as the next batchelor. The upside is I’ll get a lot more done at home on Monday nights.

  30. Karen says:

    Always liked show but will not watch . He was a tattling wimp of a guy .. not a man. Hate you did this.. Was always fun chatting with friends about show. You lost a fan forever. An outsider would have been best. Also hate descriptions you give like “erectile dysfunction specialist ” or farmer. State profession like original shows . Changes& places you go not as exciting as once was ! And the Chad thing.. way overdone . Is there a new producer ???? Sad scenes

  31. Lydia W says:

    Nick Viall was an incredible choice!! His personality is incredibly unique! Love the combination of intelligence, wit and sincerity–All wrapped up in one! Excellent decision, ABC!!! I believe he will be the best bachelor there has ever been!! We WILL be watching!!! Every single episode!!!

  32. Carren says:

    I love this guy!!! I hope he finds a good woman for him. He is truly a great catch.

  33. RACHEL says:

    Is casting over and are the girls picked already? I see they started filming his intro but nothing about the girls.

  34. 2D says:

    AW COME ON SPONSORS OF THIS SEASON………Are the ratings so low this season with Nick that it has started out as a PORN show? Give us a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody wants to see a young woman bare her breasts. Come on This show has lost all it’s credibility FOR GOODNESS SAKE GET A GIRL ON THERE WHO SHOWS SOME DECENCY AND RESPECT FOR HERSELF. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! GET THAT GIRL INTO COUCELLING

  35. Myrna Crawford says:

    Hope he marries Rachel

  36. Myrna Crawford says:

    Hope marries Rachel