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Supernatural Season 12 Photos

Supernatural Season 12 Photos: Mary Joins the Fight, Sam Is Tortured

The Impala has a new backseat passenger in the first photos from Supernatural‘s Season 12 premiere.

After being resurrected by The Darkness, Mary Winchester is adjusting to all that life on Earth entails, like riding in the car alongside son Dean and angel Castiel. While she appears shaken by her new surroundings, the former hunter still looks comfortable with a blade. Good thing, too, because it’s not long before the trio are attacked, leaving them battered and bloodied.

Elsewhere, the Men of Letters’ British chapter has captured Sam and — sorry, Jared Padalecki — are torturing him with a blowtorch.

In addition to the returns of Samantha Smith and Elizabeth Blackmore as Mary and Lady Toni, respectively, Season 12 will also welcome guest star Rick Springfield as Lucifer’s new vessel.

Supernatural returns on its new night, Thursday, Oct. 13 at 9/8c on The CW.

Click through the gallery below (or right here for direct access), then hit the comments with your guesses on who dares point a gun at Dean.

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  1. Been with this show since Season 2 and I love it

  2. Wordsmith says:

    Oh look… A Winchester, tied to a chair and tortured. What a stunning and unexpected development…

  3. Joe says:

    How the hell can that human woman overpower an angel of the Lord? I thought they said Castiel would be in his season 4 form again this season. Doesn’t look that way to me. Also, can they maybe stop tying up and torturing Sam? It’s getting a bit old.

    • Rob Horine says:

      That woman knew to draw the Angle Banishing Sigle. Who says the British chapter doesn’t have a bullet to harm Angles. You can draw a devil’s trap into a bullet and can mess them up some.

      • Dave says:

        He’s not talking about the banishing sigil. One of the women of letters was able to effortlessly overpower both Dean and Castiel at the same time in physical combat. She was able to disarm Dean’s gun while beating the crap out of him, and did the same with Cas’ angel blade while simultaneously throwing him to the ground. She would’ve easily killed both of them (Cas with the angel blade) had it not been for Mary stepping in. I mean, Cas could’ve used telekinesis or white light or something, but still. To answer the OP, the only reason she was able to hurt Cas was because of the brass knuckles — they were enchanted and inscribed with sigils, though what they are fully capable of doing I have no idea but I’m sure that will be explained.

        Still just bad writing though, because in season 4-5+ they made angels seem so strong, they effortlessly overpower demons who can easily overpower any humans. And even with a weapon that can hurt them, it seems very unlikely that any human or demon would be able to physically best an Angel in hand-to-hand combat. Also find it odd that Sam and Dean haven’t found any weapons like that. As a side note, I feel like they could’ve done a lot more with the Men of Letters story arc. I mean, these British ones are much more advanced than the hunters we’ve seen so far, it would be nice if Sam and Dean used the knowledge and magic from their bunker, and you would think there would be some weapons similar to those brass knuckles. Would make the show more interesting in my opinion.

  4. Ninamags says:

    Ugh, why the hell isn’t Mary riding shotgun??? Epic fail right there.

    It looks good otherwise. Poor Sammy.

    • Julie says:

      I laughed at this too hehe. Maybe she was passed out in the backseat and just woke up. Man… Misha is doing serious Cas in shotgun.

  5. Andrew Hass says:

    It makes sense that Mary spends time with just Dean first before she spends time with Sam.That her relationship with each of her sons could be different.

  6. Kara says:

    So Sam is tied to a chair and beat on, again.
    Mary is brought back, only to take a back seat, literally, meh.
    Cass is there, for reasons?
    Dean I guess gets to reunite with Mary.

    Other than that, I think I’ll wait it out to see if this season picks up at all. Disappointing start, same old recycled story. :/

  7. Ines says:

    Is the lady from photo 5 the same as in photo 8? I’m curious if it is.
    And does anyone know how many episodes the brothers are apart?

  8. WhoMe says:

    Gosh, that lady better not be too mean to Padalecki or he’ll post her picture all over his social media page to complain with enough inform for his psychotic fans to track her down and then act oh-so-surprised! that his crazed minons went all BatCrapAvengingAngel.

  9. Rob Horine says:

    Can’t wait for the episode of when Mary finds Edmond Carver’s Supernatural books. It’ll be the best clip show ever.

    • Amulya Chintaluri says:

      I hope this actually happens…. It could be like an episode or two where she is reading the books and she keeps asking like “WHAT. This happened?”… It’d be so fun to watch!! :’)

  10. sassyangel says:

    Sam is always tortured, so what?

  11. sassyangel says:

    I can see right now what the set-up for S12 will be: It’s the Season of Sam.

    First part: Poor Sammy is tortured by those dastardly British MoL.

    See Jared Padalecki flare his nostrils and try to act.

    See Jensen as Dean stand around looking worried, handsome and concerned.

    Second part: Poor Sammy recovers from the torture.

    See Jared Padalecki furrow his brow and try to act.

    See Jensen as Dean stand around looking worried, handsome and concerned.

    Same old, same old.

  12. Cyndi says:

    ooooooooooooh!!!! I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!! But wait, where’s dad?

  13. chadcronin says:

    So excited to get new episodes of Supernatural! Can’t wait to see how long they have their mom back for

    • sassyangel says:

      Not for very long, as she had great chemistry with Jensen and not with Jared, and Jared will feel that takes a way from his story lines and he will complain and she will be gone.

      • DIB says:

        In which episode did Sam Smith and Jensen have great chemistry? I must have missed it.

        • “What Is and What Should Never Be”, season 2, episode 20. Dean is attacked by a Djinn and he wakes up in a fake world where Mary and Jessica (Sam’s girlfriend) are still alive. He and Sam are both civilians and all the people they saved in the real world are dead because the Winchesters never became hunters. Dean has a very touching scene with Mary. She even makes him a sandwich lol.
          For other Dean and Mary scenes, there’s also “Home” and “Dark Side of the Moon”, although the Mary in DSOTM wasn’t the real Mary, just like the one Sam hallucinated in “When the Levee Breaks”.

        • I’m happy to see new pics of the boys but I have low expectations for the premiere. Between Sam getting tortured (again), and the brothers being separated, all I’m looking forward to is the Dean and Mary reunion.

      • Amulya Chintaluri says:

        HUH I don’t think that’s gonna happen :3

  14. Cheryl Jones says:

    They are starting to ruin Supernatural, Do not add a bunch of women to this show that will stay for a long time, Sam and Dean needs to get back to being Sam and Dean. Have watched this show since the first trailer came out. So. please do not start ruining it.

  15. Sylls says:

    I’m absolutely sure that SEASON 12 will be FANTASTIC !!!…..like the others !!
    DEAN is always very hunk !!

  16. cyndi b says:

    I love, the, show supernatural wondering, how many more seasons can we expect.